“Nichijou” Anime Announced – A Bridge Too Far for KyoAni?


An anime adaptation of slice-of-life gag manga Nichijou (“Everyday”) is to be handled by Kyoto Animation, but fans are wondering just whether Kyoto Animation will be able to work its magic on the source material in question.

The manga, harshly described by some as “degraded Azumanga,” looks to have character designs and material even Kyoto Animation would be hard pressed to turn into top selling moeblobs:



There are doubts about the manga’s idiosyncratic sense of humour:



The manga is however much more popular than K-ON! ever was prior to being turned into an anime, though amongst fans respect for the original work seems only to translate into scepticism as to what Kyoto Animation will do with the series, especially with regards to its art.

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