Matador Loses Mouth to Bull


A stunning photograph captures the moment in which a Spanish bullfighter is dealt horrific injuries by his bovine victim to be.

The 41-year-old matador stumbled whilst attempting to artfully torture the bull to death in a Madrid bullfight, giving the beast the chance to gore him, piercing the matador’s neck with his horn.

The horn smashed through the unfortunate man’s jaw and emerged from his mouth, after which he was thrown into the air and the bull was persuaded to disengage by attendants.

The matador was hospitalised with devastating injuries – doctors report they had to perform a tracheotomy, and struggled to repair some of the damage dealt to the man’s throat, jaw, tongue and mouth.

His father, also a bullfighter, reports his life is not in danger, but explains that the extent of the injuries may preclude much in the way of a recovery:

“It was a serious goring. Almost his entire mouth was destroyed. It’s too early to talk of recovery, we must wait and see.”

Spain’s bullfighting tradition has long since been immaculately choreographed to ensure risks to bullfighters are minimised, but the intrinsic danger of the bloody sport remains.

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  • Anonymous says:

    In bullfighting, the bullfighter or “torero” stabs the bull with “banderillas”, little spears that remain in the bull’s back, what makes a great blood loss.
    The bull slowly weakens, and finally the “torero” kills him with his sword. Then, her ears are usually cut as a trophy.
    I’m Spanish and I think it’s a pity that foreign people thinks Spain = bullfighting. Actually, every time it’s less and less popular, and there are lots of people against it.

  • Ryoma_Saegami says:

    God you people are all so fucking lame.

    Anybody who gets off to loli porn is in no position to preach about ethics.

    Whats right and wrong who really cares. theyve been doing this for decades, but who really cares.

    Ranting on here wont do any good.

    your words and your anger, its all useless.

    in fact you are just useless humans, so go back to beating it to kiddy porn an im sure you will all forget about it before you have the chance to come.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let me start by saying that reading over all the comments took a while. That being said, i laughed my ass off to most of them.

    Lets make this really simple, instead of trying to throw in a bunch of bullshit that doesn’t matter. Forget words like “tradition” and “sport”, and even “pride”. The bulls are tortured (don’t kid yourself saying they aren’t) by stabbing them with spears to weaken them. Then they are allowed to go in the ring to play with the matador.

    Now if you are one of the people who believe other cultures have “traditions” set in place and have been for a very long time….i get that. However in this case bull fighting is about the respect you have for an animal that can kill you in a second. Taking it on in a ring , taunting it and surviving to tell about it. However the way it is done, they are not only disrespecting the animal but also themselves and their culture. Fighting an animal which has already been tortured and weakend is a fucking cowards game and there is no pride in that kind of tradition. Ignorance is the same thing no matter what you try to call it.

    Do i hope every matador dies or is hurt horribly? No, however i do find it amusing that people are suprised when it happens…’s an animal of great strength and size….you then stabbed it….then taunted it…. what the fuck did you think was gonna hapen….LMAO

    /end rant

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for both sides, really. It’s a blood sport. No matter which side “win” there’s really no true winner. No matter who the combatants are it’s just a really sad thing.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well is a very retarded sport specially considering the bull doesn`t have actual chances of winning most of the time. Even if seen from a pro-bullfighting view nowadays bullfighting is bullshit. The bulls are tired starved and drugged before the show,the bullfighter has like 10 assistants throwing banderillas like there is no tomorrow, and i very much doubt this bulls raised in captivity are given any training whatsoever.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im spanish and i think that the 70 % more or less we are anti bull fighters .
    But the politics are blind in front of justice.
    Is a stupididuty cruel, and more thing that i dont know how to say in english xd

  • It’s not only a tradition, is an entertainment.

    There’s people that love watching football filling their blood vessels with beer and high cholesterol snacks, and there’re other people that enjoy watching bullfighting.


    And you know how many cows are killed to manufacture football balls?

    But who fucking cares?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but those cows are not killed for the morbid pleasure an entertainment of vicious onlookers.

      It’s like justifying that you killed a jew in live TV by saying “So, what, Hitler rounded them up and killed them by millions!!”

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel horrible seeing matador fights and if people are willing to throw insults and name calling to the Chinese for eating and killing animals cruelly… Well, this is the same thing. If these matadors don’t even eat the bull… Really, that bull died for nothing, slowly too.

    I didn’t feel any horror seeing this pic, I just thought, “Wow… this bull showed that man who’s boss”. I don’t feel bad for the matador, it’s part of his job. He stepped in with a bull in the ring. I never feel bad about an idiot who got mauled at the zoo because he climbed into the tiger’s cage. I don’t think anyone should feel bad about this matador, he didn’t even die.

  • This is hilarious for me to read, because I’m imagining Human Rights activists going in an uproar over “Manpoaching”, “Smash TV”, or “Rebirth of the Colosseum”, and the governments will heed their every whim.

    This fighting bull doesn’t even have so much as a flea advocating for bovine rights.

    So my conclusion to this logic is: If a living being has no human-recognized rights advocacy group comprising of their own kind, they get no say.

    Of course, there’s animal rights groups (excluding PETA), but that’s a man-made organization advocating rights to creatures that aren’t humans. And even they get ignored as often.

    Gosh, we’re such brilliant assholes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I have to say that I’m spanish, and a lot of people (I think more than my half country) hates this “fight” or “performance” and we’re trying to cancel it, but, you know, there’s ever people who likes it…

  • Ehmm.. well if you ask that question, then why not ask about the other articles in this page.. suck as the “Chinese style” posts, or some girl got her virginity taken 6times and almost died of it, man penis gets bitten by a snake..?? ask your self that dude..

    and tbh.. the bullfighting thing.. is well kind of a game/event/crazy spanish culture!/animal torture or what ever ppl names that kind of thing now a day

    and my last comment: HAH! SERVES HIM RIGHT! PWNED FOR LIFE!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll repeat.

      There was a time in which beating your wife, torturing your negro slave, and burning witches on stake were also perfectly cool traditions.

      Those who cling on to traditions that defy modern values and ethics are the enemies of progress.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m from Spain and also disagree with this ‘tradition’, a remain from the Roman Empire.

    I just want to point out some things:

    The bull lives most his life in prairies in a semi-wild state, with food and freedom of movement and stress free. Their contact with humans is limited to the minimum, only receiving periodical veterinary checks.

    The purpose of this is to make sure that the bull would develop the most wild as possible.

    Compare this to those animals who are destined for human comsumption. How are their lives before they are killed without any chance of defending themselves? Completely confined, forced to eat and stressed.

    Then the bull, who had a relatively bucolic life, has the chance to defend himself from the man who is going to kill it (a chance denied to any other farm animal).

    There’s also THE FACT that if the bull proves to be specially good it could be reprieved and spend the rest of his days as a stud and siring future generations of bulls who will spend most their lifes in a bucolic state until their time in the plaza.

    As I said I don’t defend this tradition but I think that those who criticize it should know all details about bullfighting before making an opinion of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, yeah… they’re totally cool with the bull.

      Right until the moment they torture, drug, starve and beat him half to dead, so that a man in a silly outfit can fuck him up for the sake of entertainment, you mean.

      How they go around doing it is irrelevant. The fact is that this is still a crime against an innocent animal that should be criminalized as what it is. Blatant animal torture.

  • Anonymous says:

    About the stupidest sport ever!
    And then the people get shocked and surprised when the bull gores them to death.
    HELLO~~!! Your in a ring with a animal that only known to be angry and gore people.
    When will humans learn?

    • Anonymous says:

      touché, can’t agreed more, Karma’s there for a reason. Animal cruelty is everywhere, United States- illegal dog fights, cruel animal farms. China- cat and dog stock. Japan – Dolphine slaughter. Australia – Kangaroo meat (chicken ain’t good enough?) Spain- Bull fighting. Hey at least its not a machine gun vs bull. blade vs bull, bull Wins one.

  • Anonymous says:

    lol fail…hey, i dont particularly care…as long as its a fair fight there could be to voluntary people out there…this bull got his chance…and took it! lol

    grab life by the horns…errr…face?…jaw?…throat-jaw area…

  • Anonymous says:

    I live in Spain and is a lie that has tradition of bullfighting, only a small part of Spain (Andalucia) the rest of Spain is not interested at all.

    Let’s say one who only cares 3% percent of people in Spain and who are concentrated in four regions and there are 20 in Spain.

    It is “tradition” that has been done for many years and is sold internationally as a culture, but almost nobody sees it except the family matador and those who work in it.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Wow! That’s gotta hurt!

    I salute both him and the bull.
    I hope they didn’t kill that bull, but made sure it survived and put it to stud. It would have earned it;-)

    There’s a concept a lot of people don’t understand. The need for “Ritual” and “Sacrifice”.

    I could type books on this subject and most of my posts here are quite long, but I’ll try to keep this one short.

    Ritual is what we do to mark the passing of the day, of the seasons, and of life, life’s stages. It becomes boring and oppressive when it’s done without understanding or believing Why it is important. The modern world is almost entirely devoid of such, and so there is something lacking, an energy the companies try to turn into a “Need” to “Fill” capitalism style. Sadly, they only care about making money, not helping society save how they define it by enshrining themselves as “Capitalists”.

    The second part, “Sacrifice” is another thing that’s now devoid and rather misunderstood. Why, after all, outside of bad old-school religion, would a person unnecessarily “Sundry” anything, except in the form of entertainment and raw pleasure? Well, if you think “Sacrifice” is just slitting a beast’s throat because some bogeyman in the sky will send a plague of locusts if you don’t, you think a skyscraper is just a framework to show off a lot of windows.

    Ritual marks the passage of time, Sacrifice accepts it. Over time, these things can become dry and meaningless, but because of the ‘bad religion/dry expectations’ not worth it, but doing away with them altogether with no replacement just makes things worse in the long run. It is, IMO, a big source of insanities and neuroses.

    I’d suggest looking up “Burning Man”. IMO, it is in no small part a way of a society trying to re-fill a ‘need’ it didn’t know it had. I’ve never been there, too busy, but I want to go:-) It’s officially more a reaction against consumer society (and in a way also becoming part of it) but it’s essentially doing what the big companies and government never did or even tried to stop.

    So, though I do feel the “Weight of Years” might be taking from it, Bullfighting should continue. Having no bullfighting will cause an increase in crime, lower productivity, more ‘crazy’ behavior. With respect, macho Latin men and their women are already a bit excitable…

    Likewise, I am a bit miffed that the governments in the USA and Europe are going so out of their way to stop “Dogfighting”. Yeah, dodges pile of “Boos!” and rotten fruit thrown. There is a social need for such “Edge” spectacle, it should be “illegal but tolerated” at worst though making it fully legal with “officials” the dogs would suffer a lot less.

    Look at the UK. It has successively banned, one after another, all sorts of deadly games, and “bloodsports” and their law goes out like mad to enforce it. They are becoming an increasingly weak society with no direction or spirit and the “Moneymen” are robbing them blind because they don’t even stand up and riot that much anymore. It’s child, the USA is falling right in its footsteps.

    While having a different take on life, their “Immigrant” populations, legal and otherwise, and “magrinalized/Minorities” hold on for dear life their “Ritual/Sacrifice” traditions. They are admired by the “Mainstream” for it as much as possible. Look at how popular “Gangsta Rap” is, for instance. It revels in squalor, but at the same time it’s free and macho. Likewise, except to devout Catholics, Mexicans are seen as “Cool” for holding onto “Santa Muerte” aka “Saint Death” despite that she’s obviously an Aztec diety;-) Islam is getting more followers and some “outlaw Cred”…

    I’ll close by reccomending…
    Well, “The Golden Bough” or even Campbell’s books might be long for some here. How about, to whet your appetite, do a search for “Slaine: The Horned God” a neat comic series that capped off/restarted a comic series that was meant to be “Another Conan” but the writers were good and instead mythologized the life of the first High King of Ireland;-)

    A neat “Fan Trailer” of a movie made of it though it wasn’t mad but which hopefully will be someday:

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah you go bull, to bad it was just his mouth, to bad there aren’t more off these kinds of thing during those bull “fight”. It could really use some more human sufering

  • Anonymous says:

    You can argue all you want about survival of the fittest and how we eat other animals, etc. Fact remains this ‘sport’ involves TORTURING an animal in the cruelest fashion.

    I suppose it’d have to take a stronger, more cruel species than humans to teach us that we wouldn’t be spouting ‘survival of the fittest’ if we had to be put through this misery and torture.

    This guy got what he deserved and anybody else that participates in this cruelty certainly needs a taste.

  • I have a couple of things to say.

    One, for the people wondering why an article on Bullfighting is here on sancom, it is most likely because most of the time the Matador wins. It’s not all that often that the bull wins, nor is it all that common that the bull deals such a “picture-perfect” and devastating injury. Least thats what I think.

    Second, for those speaking out against Bullfighting, there is one key thing you are forgetting. That bull is going to die anyway. Not only be killed, but it will also be used for food (which I believe that killing an animal is always justified if it is going to be eaten). Beyond my own opinions on the matter, even if the bull is drugged, this gives the chance for the bull to die fighting, to go down in a blaze of fire, instead of being killed like a dog (or in this case, like a cow). I know this maybe appealing to a rather old-fashioned sense of an “honorable death”, but if it were me I rather go down fighting in a blaze of glory rather than being impaled on an inch thick steel rod in the back of my head while I don’t even notice. Also, even the Spanish who are in favor of Bullfighting have a great deal of respect for the bull, and will applaud the bull for putting up a good fight. This applies even to the Matadors themselves. And even though I hope for the best when it comes to the Matador, I applaud the bull for dealing such a blow to the Matador before his inevitable death. And something I like somewhat about Bullfights is that it reminds all us meat eaters (such as myself) that every time you eat meat, every time you eat a burger or a hot dog or a baby back rib, you have brought about the death of an animal. You may decry this act as heinous, but if you enjoy a steak from time to time, you are a part of this. You may not be eating Spanish Beef, but spiritually, you are still a part of this.

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      I agree totally. I made a longer comment on “Ritual” and “Sacrifice” which hasn’t appeared yet…

      But, the bulls in these matches live as free as any such animal can in this modern age. Beats living barely able to turn around in packed feedlot being fed corn, shit, steroids, meat -1- and any junk to make you as fat as quick as possible.

      1-They stopped “Ruminant” feed, of forcing cattle to be “Corporo Necro Autophagic” that is self shit and dead and cannibalistic, but they still let them be forced to eat that from other animals, even though they are a herbivore.

      Buddy of mine, and we live out in a rural area, did this awesome prank on some people he knew during the height of a “MadCow” scare. He had them all come for a dinner and it was all meat, and he had the TV on with the fear mongering on, and he did a “Meat meat meat…” like Monty Python’s “Spam” joke:-) Then he said, “Oh, by the way, this cow I got from my Dad. It’s eaten nothing but the grass in his front yard for it’s life…” They fell on the meal like rampaging wolves!

      Likewise, a bull from bullfighting is probably the best meat. They start out on ranches, getting to run around butting each other for fun, eating the grass as much as feed. Then they are at least killed in a manner not really more traumatic than “Natural” predation though man IS a “Natural” predator on Cattle, Deer, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can babble about preferring an honorable death or whatever weeaboo bullshit you’ve gotten in your head from watching too much anime AFTER you spend three days being drugged, starved, and stabbed with spears to bleed you out in order to give your opponent a better chance of winning.

      • Maybe I should clear a couple of things up.

        First off, I mistakenly said that the bull will be killed off for food regardless of weather or not it won, which is not true. If a bull does manage to win, it is made into a stud animal. So it adds a whole new dimension “fighting to decide your fate” as it were. However, the odds are rigged in the Matador’s favor. That is undeniable.

        Second, while I still do maintain the “going out in a blaze of glory”, what I more spacifically meant was for the chance to take your assailant with you. Most of the time of course, it doesn’t happen. It almost did happen this time however.

        Third, and most importaintly, is a moral crossroads. While I am for Conservation and I’m against Animal Cruelty, I’m having a very hard time trying to decry this. The most importaint factors to this are that I eat meat, and the fact that if the bull losses it is used as food. As I said before, I think that the killing of any animal is justified if it is going to be eaten. There are some animals that I would have a hard time eating however (Dolphins/Whales, Monkeys/Apes, Elephants, etc…). Mainly intelligent animals, because they are sentient. They have a sense of self-preservation that comes from a source outside of just instinct. When a member of their group dies, they have been shown to mourn, therefore they understand the concept of death. Cows on the other hand, don’t. Their sense of self-preservation is driven by nothing more than instinct. That is why I feel absolutely no gilt in having a steak or a hamburger. However, I do feel that an animal, even a domesticated one destined for nothing more than to end up on a stovetop, should be treated with kindness and be given the enviornmental requirements it is needed to live a happy life, even if it can’t really apreciate it. Because it makes me as a Human happy that this creature lived a happy life before it’s dead body ended up on my plate (this is why I have a MAJOR problem with the way food is processed in America). However, despite all that, I still have a hard time objecting to this. Mainly because of the fact that if the bull losses, it gets eaten, and if it wins, it gets to impregnate cows for the rest of it’s life. Plus, the fact that cows are not intelligent animals, and you can argue over weather that cow holds the concept of death (which I think it doesn’t). But, even a cow knows the concept of pain, not of torture per say, but definetly of pain. And I do believe that an animal should be put to death quickly. However, I also believe that ultimately in the grand scheme of things, I am a part of this as a meat eater. Even if this animal is being tortured by being put to death so slowly, one of the options for the fate of the bull still involves it being eaten. To which I could never object to. By eating meat I cause the death of countless animals, to which under normal circumstances I can reconcile, but this is a special case, because of the nature of the death itself.

        So to put it simply, because of my beliefs on the matter heavily contradicting, Bullfighting is a practice I disagree with, but one that I can’t fully object to at the same time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well think of it this way, the bull was probably killed and stopped suffering. That’s the end for the bull, however the matador will have a messed up looking face and will suffer emotionally until he dies.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m Spanish and for all the people who only konw this tradicion form Spain I have to say that in here only a little number of people like this horrifinf game of dead. We have much more interesting tradicions like football, for example.

  • Anonymous says:

    Poor matador. We shall eat a delicious steak in your honor.

    Anyone who cries animal cruelty, I’d like to see what they have to say say after a lion eats their family. We’re on the same level as they are. Stop discriminating.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It’s too early to talk of recovery, we must wait and see.”

    Speaking of irony.
    No offense towards traditions intended, but at least the bull understands that wearing such tights in front of a crowd totally justifies a goring.
    And the idea that somewhere on earth, someone freaks out everytime he gets served steak.

  • Bazzyrick says:

    Whilst I am not party to any kind of animal killing for anything other than food and necessity (ie: hunter gatherer tribes), I dont think anyone should be saying the guy deserves to die either. Its a tradition of theirs going back over 1000 years and the bull is given plenty of chance to strike back and I am sure they often do.

    Dont turn into extremists who demand their own way or the offenders must die. We all know to what I am referring.

  • Anonymous says:

    You people are crazy. A bull is faster, stronger and bigger than any normal human. The disadvantage is completely on the human side. These fights are generally to the death though so I am glad the bull died in the end. One more point for the good guys.

  • Anonymous says:

    At least did they set the Bull Free ?
    He won sincerely and square while starting at huge disadvantage! This bull is like some anime superhero in real life.

    As for Matador… well, if you are going to kill someone, you are putting your life on the line.
    Sore dake da.

    By Niktesla

  • Anonymous says:

    How is this even still legal? I don’t find torturing an animal entertaining at all. But who cares right? It’s only a bull and not a cat or something important. < major sarcasm.

    This isn't sport, it's just legal snuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s legal because it is a S P O R T dating back in Spain and other countries (it’s just predominant in Spain) nearly 1000 years.

      This isn’t ‘torture of an animal’ in the slightest.

      This is the same thing as the old ‘bear fights’ where a man fights a bear to see who would win.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, you know there was a time when beating your wife was also legal. There was a time when torturing your negro slave was legal too. There was even a time when “Killing Pagans” was not only LEGAL but also encouraged by the establishment.

        If we’ve evolved past this crap, why can’t we evolve past this so called “tradition”. Where a stupid human decides to endanger himself and torture an already broken bull head on for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT.

        As a Mexican I feel ashamed my country allows this crap.

  • Anonymous says:

    He totally deserved it. At least the bull got to get one hit in since it was doomed to be killed regardless of the winner. More matador’s need to have this happen to them for taking part in that bullshit (har har) excuse of ‘sport’.

  • We also have this kind of “sport” here in Portugal, but we have a special variant, that is called the “Frocados”.

    In that variant a man teases a bull with his waist and just and just takes the ram head on (well waist on). Nedless is to say that alot of them are injured.

    I think it´s pretty stupid even tough the bull was created for this kind of thing.

  • lol what a jackass. rule of thumb if it is bigger than you dont mess with it. xD if it is smaller than you dont mess with it as seen in jurassic park lol. Personally I think he got what was coming

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not really a big Corridas enthusiast but i’ve heard that there are ways for the bull to win, more than killing the Matador. It is said that if the bull gives a good fight, it is spared and then becomes a “Padrote” (big father would be the translation? anyway, that means it’ll live till it’s death for reproductive purposes)

      Also, i repeat, i’m not exactly a bullfighting enthusiast, but i don’t criticize it either because as i see it, bulls at least have a chance to die with honor, in battle while cows are just killed with a hammer or electroshock or whatever on slaughterhouses.

      • erochichi says:

        The story of good bull is allowed to live and reproduce is pure bullshit. He`s slaughtered in secret and some other similar looking bull is said to be him, if somebody cares to ask.
        He may have done his reproduction duties before final fight.
        Do you want to die “in honor” as bull in bullfight? No? You don`t like being tortured?

  • At least he didn’t lose his jaw..
    Bullfighting is not really a fight but a performance. I’ll say give the bulls an equal chance by letting them fight free from the effects of hunger and drugs.

    • Anonymous says:

      Serves him right.
      I’m spanish, and I have to live these muerders everyfucking day on TV. And they won’t fucking get rid of it because it’s a ‘turistic atraction, tradition Idunnowhatcrap’.
      Plus, they use the ‘yeah, well, african tribes injure themselfs very badly in rituals, and nobody says anything!’.

    • erochichi says:

      Matador should have died, if there is any justice in this world. Remember, he has tortured and killed numerous bulls in his career. Considering his injuries, he probably wish to die quite soon.
      EU should ban bullfighting, or throw Spain out. I like many things in Spain, like their architecture, painters, music, sports like soccer, etc.
      Bullfighting is one thing in Spain i don`t like, as well as many other traditional animal torture customs & games in too many other countries.

    • Totally agree with you here.

      Those performances are a total bullshit and people who enjoy them are dumbfucks. If they cant defeat a bull fair and square (which is totally normal) they shouldnt attempt it at all. I say those matadors should be left to die in case of defeat.

    • Anonymous says:

      And I quote, “The 41-year-old matador stumbled whilst attempting to artfully torture the bull to death in a Madrid bullfight…”

      But, no, yer right, its definitely a performance. I mean, who DOESN’T love the torture of animals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullfighting is not a fight nor a performance.

      It is vile animal torture.

      If that idiot’s gonna be removed from arenas from good, I say good riddance, one less of those assholes torturing these poor creatures, and I’m only sorry the bastard didn’t die.

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on, guys! He isn’t torturing cute, little, squirrel with a chainsaw, he’s fighting a freakin’ bull! Bull is big, massive, have two sharp horns, simply putting he has nice chance to win against slow human. If it were me or you, this horn would penetrate arsehole, then jaw. Only because this guy has nice skills, he gets only with some jaw injuries. It’s not the first and not the last case, when the bull owned the matador and win the fight by K.O. It’s a beast, centuries ago people had serious trouble to deal with such a beautiful, innocent, poor beast like that.
        I have idea, lets bring back gladiators fight! The ecoguys versus some other fanatics like neonazi or other crap. Everybody will be happy, the bulls will be free, ecoguys can get revenge on people, who not pissing in the shower eat meat, and some other psychos will be gone. Oh, and what an entertaiment.

        To add only, I don’t hate animals and I think, that we should protect the planet and so on, but I hate fanatics, no matter of what kind.

        Regards, Narrowman

      • Anonymous says:

        amazing people care more about cattle they slaughter every day then they do about endangered species . Its a fucking cow , get over it . Millions are killed every year so you could get your stake , and their lives are not rosy plain of happiness .

      • Anonymous says:

        I´m spanish and I totally agree with you.
        I enjoy everytime I see news like that.
        Of course bullfight is a show, but is a cheated show.
        The night before the show, they make the bull running for hours, so the next day he will be so tired that he won´t be any danger for the bullfighter.
        I would love to see an equal fight.
        Without banderillas, drugs, or cheats like exhausting the animal.

        This kind of spectacle make me sick about beeing from Spain.

        • It’s also said they never allow a bull to appear in a second fight, should it be spared in one as happens occasionally – the bulls learn the tricks of the matadors, and all the matador tactics are predicated on the bull not knowing what is happening.

          Not very sporting…

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally agree.

        Matador isn’t a performer, is an idiot humain.

        Corrida isn’t a noble bullfighting or great performance, just bullshit spain barbarian tradition.

        This poor Matador wanna to fuck with mother nature ? AH AH AH, pwned, humain bastard.

        GG Bull ! 🙂

      • Come now, it’s nice a show where two combatant flirt with death while other watch in excitement , though the bull may seem to be at disadvantage but a single hit from it usually would end the fight, pretty much of a fighting change for an animal(at least it didn’t be shoot by a gun from distance).

        At the very least those animals that be used here is much safer than the whales, bulls can be breed in farm to be killed and eaten over and over while whale aren’t. Feel angry about someone killing an unendanger species which not even your pet is a waste of energy and ridiculous. What you are doing just like saying:” I wanna eat steak but I’m not allow you to slay any cow!!!”

        • Sandalphon says:

          “He was in it for fun, pride, money and fame.I sure hope that guy dies.”… “He was in it for fun, pride, money and fame.I sure hope that guy dies.”

          I’m not here to preach in favor of Bullfighting, but I do want to point out that there is probably no one that loves these bulls more than a Matador. I know it sounds stupid and unbelievable, but it is a philosophy that you learn only by being in contact with anyone involved in bullfighting.

          Money and Fame are not realistic reasons for bullfighting, as neither are abundant in this ‘tradition’. Fun is more of a rush or thrill of facing danger seldom found in modern societies. Pride is the same pride achieved by accomplishing anything that requires a method.

          Wishing for someone’s death now? Please do consider the alternative of preaching against bullfighting and making it die eventually instead instead of trying to make your problem just disappear. [If indeed it happens in your society, because otherwise it is not even your problem]

          That said, bullfighting is a tradition that doesn’t fit in modern societies’ values, and I wish it disappears by lack of adepts soon. If someone wants to do it I’ll try to convince him not to, but I won’t forcibly stop him.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nah. You forget the fans of the tradition that just sit on the sidelines. Eventually, they’ll tell their kids “look, there was this cool thing called bullfighting…” and the rtadition would be revived.

          The only logical way is to teach people that bullfighting is wrong on many levels.

        • TehBoringOne says:

          Bullfighting is a stupid act in which three animals are involved. The bull, which is taken advantage of, the bullfighter, which is basically doing it for pride and the audience, which is in it only for the lulz.

          When the bullfighter wins, everyone cheers him (or her, there are female douches doing it too). When the bull wins, like this case, everyone makes a fuss.

          The guy got fucked.


          He was in it for fun, pride, money and fame.

          Too bad he didn’t die, but perhaps the trauma will haunt him for the rest of his life. At least that’s a consolation for me.

          Oh, and…

          I am a part of PETA

          People for the Eating of Tasty Animals. =P

        • Common Sense says:

          This isn’t survival of the fittest, ya genius. This isn’t necessary for us humans to live. We already have power over pretty much all of the organism on this planet, so there is no need torture them for simple fun.

        • Anonymous says:

          What are you like 8 years old and mommy doesn’t want you to hear bad words? If you’re offended with cursing, get off the internet, douche.

          Yeah, if some cunt is impaled for torturing animals, good. Serves him right, end of story.

        • And I bet the bull was put down afterward for endangering human life. This is meant to be an “exciting” thing? You might as well just watch them play a video game if they’re gonna use drugs and hunger. Just give the guy a few weapons and let them fight it out properly, wimps.

          It’s like those idiots who think hunting foxes using dogs and guns is fun.

        • Anonymous says:

          I olny have to had that FIESTA BRAVA (crudely called ‘bullfight’ in english) is a RESPECTED traditional form of art that had influenced classic music, opera, literature and painting. So, if intelectuals and artist can find it interesting and mentally challenged social outcast (like videogamers or otaku) find it disgusting it’s really not har to guess who is wrong…

        • Anonymous says:

          vulgarities doesn’t change the subject. More to the point, it was something that might have been considered a sport originally. That was, of course, back before they drugged them and the bull was used for food. It was something like close range hunting with spectators…even now it’s better than most hunters with a gun…

        • Anonymous says:

          What I actually meant is that I tend to ignore what people say when they use vulgarities. He was trying to point out how low the act is and in the process acted in a crude and base manner himself.

        • Anonymous says:

          They stab them with spears even before they enter the arena. Then the matador continues to hurt the bull before eventually killing it.

          I’d rather see some ladies doing it with a bull than this.

        • Anonymous says:

          Whether the anon above uses vulgarity or not you should be able to make a neutral statement to yourself. The fact that he is right and this isn’t a performance but human stupidity and vulgarity at its best. They just TOY with an organisms life. That is sick. At least put the damn animal out of its misery as fast as possible I’de say.

        • Anonymous says:

          I agree with 23:10 regardless, it’s a bit of a pathetic rebuke to comment on his manner of speech, the point he makes still remains. All you did was use his speech as a way to reverse insult him, to make it seems like his point was irrelevant… To even regard creulty to animals as a sport is contradictive to most of todays society as it is. I’m not one to agree with people like PETA either though, because they’re simply using in alot of cases creulty to humans, to get their point across with is just hypocrisy. I’m no avid animal protector, but anyone can see that bull fighting is cruel rather than art, as DFC pointed out above, it’s hardly a fair fight…

        • I am the 23:27 Anon. Disregard that, I suc… Wait… Nevermind.

          By the way, bullfighting is a spanish tradition, not a torture of animals. As a tradition of an other nation, you musn’t thrust yourself in. Tl;dr – Shaddap

        • Anonymous says:

          yes, if you look carefully at the photo, the bull has blood flowing down it’s leg from the wounds on it’s back. I don’t particularly care for bulls, but nothing should be tortured to death like this.

        • Anonymous says:

          I am the 23:19 23/05/2010 Anon.
          Let me retract my statement. I didn’t know that bulls are routinely killed in the fights. I always thought the matadors just tease the bull with red cloths. Sorry.