What Kind of Sex Do The Japanese Get Up To?


A large scale scientific survey of Japanese sexual proclivities indicates just what kinky sexual antics they get up to.

The results come from the 2009 SOD Sex Survey, and incorporate responses from a stratified random sample of 1,000 Japanese aged 16-59 living in the vicinity of Tokyo who indicated they had at least one sexual partner (741 in total).

The results include homosexual pairings, but other questions indicate only 4% of both men and women surveyed admitted to any bisexual sexual activity, so the results are essentially overwhelmingly heterosexual. Additionally, half of overall respondents were married, 31% cohabiting and only 15% single.

It should be noted that the activities listed are exclusively considered in a sexual context, i.e. using drugs whilst having sex.

As might be expected, the sex Japanese get up to, such as it is, bears little resemblance to the fantasy sex presented in pornography, with 40% of Japanese apparently having sexual relationships not actually involving sex at all – little wonder birth rates are so low, as even Japanese with partners seemingly shun actual sex.

And of course the notion that Japan is a nation of perverts is a total fallacy…

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