Ore no Yome: “An Eroge for the Xbox 360”



The raunchiness of Japanese Xbox 360 continues to progress, with the latest title to come to the attention of erogamers, “Ore no Yome – Anata-dake no Hanayome,” featuring nude bathing scenes and Rie Kugimiya.


The game, due in August for $80, includes the usual harem setup, with a token loli voiced by Rie Kugimiya, an “oneesan,” “childhood friend,” “tsundere” and several other archetypes – that is to say it is entirely unremarkable.


Although sure to excite otaku buyers, such games are looking increasingly juvenile considering what else gets released onto the platform; the recently released Red Dead Redemption manages a topless sex scene with female pubic hair plainly visible – certainly too much for puritanical Japanese, and likely to be completely removed in the eventual Japanese release.

For some reason Sony sees fit to maintain Victorian standards of decency on its platform in Japan, although with eroge based solely on the scripting features Blu-ray Disc offers starting to be released (including older titles by such non-household names as Tony) this may yet become an irrelevance.

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