LO: “Every Time You Download a Manga, You Kill a Loli!”

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    Since they put it that way, I feel a little bad for the poor lolis.

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    All this talk about 'pirates' and 'piracy' is irritating. All 'pirates' are potential consumers if companies package their product a certain way and charge a reasonable price point. The music industry is still learning from their mistakes in the late 90's by turning on the consumer for their inability to read the market. People are not waiting years for mangas to be licensed in their country anymore. The internet is here and people are going to use it. Japan needs to read the market find a way to make money off of us 'dirty foreigners' who are willing the pay for manga online rather than wait for bookstore releases.

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    Why do many people never read the article properly?

    From ever and ever only artifact have been calling western dirty gaijin and yet many people never notice

    And ever and ever, is it not correct to say that most of the censorship issue originated from the west(read: Mostly USA). The locals in short are just the one pick up following the trend.

    Prove to me that all my sentences are not correct at all.

    you can say they are many ways and yes there really are many ways to solve the on going propose to banned this and that.

    Guess what. One of the ways is to prevent outside influence of their own industry which is targeted to serving their own domestic consumption.
    Yet many people dont seems to want to understand that.

    you know what? "you people are the ones who wants to pirate our stuffs and yet you people are also the one who want to destroy our industry." And yet the same people get so worked up that the creators are stopping them from accessing and viewing their work.

    you meant that the creators dont have rights? and only the people pirating and trying to destroy their work have?

    Oh yeah this is what having freedom is like. Only My Own

    Comment by Anonymous
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    None of what you have said changes the fact that the japanese aren't fighting against censorship in their own country, instead they blame foreign influence which in this case is ultimately irrelevant. I say that because illegal downloads aren't going to change the laws being pushed for, only they can do that, but instead they remain complacent and blame everyone but themselves for the encroaching censorship . When these laws pass they will be the ones to blame for not fighting it.

    Comment by Anonymous

    Maybe you should read things more thoroughly before you speck.

    They are asking their own country people not to upload all these stuff, let them stay in their OWN country (read: Japan). And are you missing mangaka and such people against the loli and similar banned being propose?

    Selective oblivious?

    Or are you still saying that if not for foreign influence will things have gotten to this stage?

    They are tying to fix their problem and ONE of them is to ask international party (read: THE USA) to in kind ways: hands off or in rude ways: fuck off of they policy. If such things never gotten to the hands of foreigner will things become these way?

    They are tying to fix and yet the foreign people like you are not willing to let them.

    Foreigner like you are one of the problems and the one problem they will want to solve. By restricting works that was never meant for you.

    And what are you doing then? Why arent you fixing the fire thats in your own backyard and yet giving excuses the way other people trying to fix is wrong only because it will affect you negatively.

    I say again:
    Oh yeah this is what having freedom is like. Only My Own

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    "illegal downloads aren't going to change the laws being pushed for, only they can do that, but instead they remain complacent and blame everyone but themselves for the encroaching censorship . When these laws pass they will be the ones to blame for not fighting it."

    Just in case you missed it and I did say "their own country" I never said anything about the retarded laws in the US or whatever country it is you automatically assume I am from, which BTW is irrelevant. Lets not kid ourselves that Japan would be free from censorship if not for those lousy foreign influences, surely you have seen the mosaiced porn? and these laws where getting ready to go into place before rapelay, they have been on and off about it for years.

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    "They are tying to fix and yet the foreign people like you are not willing to let them."

    Who says we aren't willing to let them? I never did. I do however take issue with the blame completely being placed on foreigners.

    "Or are you still saying that if not for foreign influence will things have gotten to this stage? "

    They have been pushing the censorship issues on and off for years before anyone stuck their nose into it. So yeah it would/will hapeen eventually if the don't do anything about it except pass the blame, and fight.

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    Mr Anon 15:55 and 16:03

    I presume you are the same person. Even if you are not, you two are on the same wavelength.

    Oh come on. you want to get technical? I never know there are retarded LAWS in the US or whatever country that can have an effect on JAPAN.

    In fact if you read my post I nv once mention that I presume you are from the US. Its you who presume I do. As long as you are not in Japan as their citizen, you are the international and foreigner Im referring to.
    Or if you feel so sure of yourself, point to me where is it im wrong.

    I really wonder if you are the one trying to kid your own selves that international pressure have NO effect AT ALL in all those Cases of the Ban and the ones been in propose.

    Things have been on and off for years. Yes right, but when did things start to become serious and in place? When the international parties gotten involved. Are you so damned sure to tell me that International parties do not even have the slightest effect that pushed those bans and propose ban?
    Theres a limit to selective oblivious you know?

    Whether they COMPLETELY put the Blame on just foreign parties I dont know and wont comment. Lets face it, they are not wrong to say international and foreign party are one source of problem. So whats wrong with them fixing them? Just trying to put out one fire at a time. Just because it affect you?

    You even point out that things have been going on and off for years (which I dont know about that, I PRESUME you know that better) and yet you still saying that nothing is been doing domestically to fight? Hello? Are you contradicting yourself?

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Dear, Japanese manga creators:

    How about pressuring the US government to fully embrace lolicon and shotacon. Block the US embassy (or do some S&M bondages onto the American diplomats, I don't know) in Tokyo to voice your monetary concerns.

    Thank you.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Dear residents of the USA

    How about you yourself go pressure the government (maybe like you said do some S&M bondage onto your own president) you yourself elected to voice your concerns so you can buy/pirate them as legal as possible.

    Why must you push the problem to other people?

    Comment by Anonymous
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    HA! Take that, you dirty foreigners! You've just been called out while us greasy foreigners have "slipped" under the radar.

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    Well the reason I don't buy it is because it's illegal here in the US ti import it. I don't want a postal worker going through my shit without my say so and landing my ass in prison! Maybe Comic LO should seriously consider doing online subscriptions where you pay for a magazine subscription and download it when it becomes available in Japan. Problem solved: no getting caught by the moral police in the postal service and not having to pay import fees.

    Comment by Dark Mage
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    The postal inspectors seem to have completely forgotten about this little thing called right to privacy and free speech.

    The founding fathers would have them dragged out into the street and shot for what they do.

    Loli is not my thing but I feel it should be defended under free speech as it does not harm anyone.

    The KKK and various religious conservative groups are allowed to preach their messages of hate.

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    I'd say "ThoughtCrime is NOTcrime!"...

    On almost anything else it would be, but they rave "Think of the Children!" and it gives those who despise our freedom (and I don't mean Islamic Fundies) a stepping stone to other freedoms.

    My analogy is that if someone thinks someone who reads "Loli Manga" should go to jail as if they were at least a perv with REAL "Captain Planet" they should also be for jailing all these kids playing "Grand Theft Auto"...

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    Did you just use 'perv' as a pejorative there Barb?

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    I must had kill dozens of loli's already! lol
    Since i known the series from Internet and bough several merchandise from Comic LO!
    Comic Lo market is only for JP the rest countries just download! simple no? jailess free no?

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    I love how far they're trying to go with this.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    This anon wishes for Kei to untwist his panties and grow a pair. Let us join arms and raze the bastard who would deny us loli!

    -anon gods of the new world

    Comment by Anonymous
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    so, i went to japan and bought comic LO 6, that's good even though i'm a foreigner right?

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    "This is why we can't have nice things!"
    Also apparently "one bad apple spoils the bunch."

    Comment by Anonymous
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    "More sinisterly, they tell fans that illegal uploads allow even dirty foreigners to get their hands on Japan’s arts, ..."

    YEEEES! I'm a dirty foreigner, a filthy gaijin! Hate me, HATE ME MORE! It's fun!

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    Why are people worried about minors seeing stuff they want to see? I can understand worrying about accidental exposure, but I don't think that's very likely to happen with loli manga.

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    This is basically at the fault of feminazis and nutjob overzealous moms. They refuse to take the blame of taking precautions against these sort of things themselves, so they conveniently blame the producers of the content. Just like they blamed TV show creators cause they showed something that was considered "bad" instead of teaching their children not to watch the show and teaching them why not to watch it.

    Right down to it, its bullshit political correctness at its worst. I'm proud to say i've told every self-absorbed overzealous mom that shes a shit parent for trying to shift the blame onto someone else when its hers. Perhaps if we all started to get in their faces a bit more, maybe they would back down after being intimidated by actual common decency.

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    Minors can also see porn with adults, aren't both supposed to be soul-shatteringly harmful that it ruins their souls to a tortured existence for the rest of existence where the release of death is a mercy, if they catch a second's glimpse of a nipple or clit?

    Comment by Anonymous
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    I'm okay with this.

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    comic lo produces probably some of the best loli material there is but like all businesses they just want to protect their property and make money.

    too bad for them that they publish loli content, it's not exactly something you want to talk about or be seen proudly buying in a store, hence the majority of those interested, download it, a bit more safer i would expect.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Outside of Japan, hell yes it is safer! One business here has/had lolicon stuff for sale.... they were harassed so they stopped having it.

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    Comment by Bronxdragon
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    How is my comment racist dumbass. Go take your serious self and shove it up your dads ass you douch swab.

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    Comment by sosoueme8th
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    LO didn't say "dirty foreigner" by the way.
    they only said don't upload to avoid international problem.

    it's the sankaku author who wrote "dirty foreigner" lol.
    you seems to be mentally retarted.

    now you, dirty American bronxdragon. go die with nuke. NewYork and Washington should be bomb to erase all the feminatiz and politic pigs dirts.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    looks like 9/11 didn't give them a single bit of modesty after all...

    stupid me who was feeling some sympathy for the US that time

    Comment by otto117
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    Simon Jones said:
    Comic LO is just an imprint of Akaneshinsha.

    Manga released under the LO imprint are unsuitable for publication in the US. Stores would not carry them. Distributors would refuse to do business with the publisher. Every state with obscenity laws would initiate criminal proceedings, as well as the federal government under the Patriot and Walsh acts. I kid you not.

    I'm glad you say that, as there are quite a few people on this site that persist in thinking that Comic LO could win an obscenity prosecution. Of course they're sadly mistaken.

    Don't get me wrong, Comic LO is a great publication. It certainly SHOULD be legal and if people in the US, UK, Australia, etc. had any brains, it would be. Akaneshinsha is an exemplary company with its 'no touch' admonishments in the pages of Comic LO.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Share and share alike is the best thing to do. Greedy people money grubbers.

    Comment by otto117
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    >It's their moral duty.

    No, it isn't. Even if it were, the international ero manga reading community has not lived up anywhere close to its end of the theoretical bargain. It amuses me that so many are readily willing to participate in something like a draw Muhammad day to troll people who live half a world away, yet no one takes up pencils to challenge the injustices and legal quackery in their own back yard. If the otaku of the western world want to change their own laws, they need to risk their own liberties to preserve them. That means being creative, drawing comics, developing your own artistic community that can stand by the Japanese mangaka shoulder to shoulder. Complaining anonymously on the net, when it is the livelihoods of mangaka at risk, is far from heroic.

    I agree with you on the failure of the otaku of the western world and while complaining anonymously on the net is INDEED far from heroic, the penalties (at least in the US) are so horrendous that no one SHOULD risk their freedom with a direct challenge. (In case you didn't follow my posting earlier today, US sentences for "obscene" lolicon follow the same guidelines as for real child porn.) In a very real sense, this kind of art isn't defensible in much of the West. One artist, who did not use any depictions of real minors to make his art (it all came from his head) was "civilly" confined as a direct consequence of that art. (You can see two examples of his drawings on my blog.)

    But the situation is far more nuanced than you suggest. Neil Gaiman took a public stance on his blog to defend lolicon manga in the Handley case (which consisted of mangas by Nekogen, among others). Moreover, the fact that, post-Handley, there are still hundreds of US-based blogs and sites that offer lolicon is defiance of a sort. I don't think they're online out of sheer ignorance, but I could be wrong.

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    Comment by tyciol
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    I think some could remain ignorant, but it has been a while and various controversies so I think maybe a lot perhaps the majority are informed. I think we're awaiting people to take a stand instead of taking a plea bargain like Handley did against Gaiman's recommendations.

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    Comment by tyciol
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    Some may remain ignorant but I do think many (perhaps possibly the majority) could be informed.

    I think a lot of people are waiting for the next case, the one where someone chooses to fight.

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    Dirty foreigners? Maybe Nagasaki and Hiroshima wasn't enough maybe they needed Tokoyo and Okinawa hit as well. They better stfu and keep drawning more manga.

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    Comment by Kei-chan
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    Stupid racist, your not helping the situation with these kinds of comments, your only perpetuating it. Go crawl back under your rock.

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    Comment by QuirkZ
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    there is some truth behind this... but I'm still offended by the way they adress foreiners. Their stuff wouldn't be as out there or well known worldwide lately if it wasn't for streaming and file sharing. True fans end up buying what they like as a way of saying thank you. I buy visual novels and dvds for instance

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Comment by Anonymous
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    Good thing to know that I have no lolis on my conscience.

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    Comment by chicogrande
    02:37 07/07/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    Bwa Ha HA! Sure, they are serious and I think they have a point. But, it is a funny warning.

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    Comment by Ota-Kool
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    Comment by Anonymous
    13:43 16/01/2011 # ! Neutral (0)

    Wow...you guys are f***in sick.

    Comment by Anonymous
    04:18 18/11/2017 # ! Neutral (0)

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    Comment by Anonymous
    09:54 24/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    Oh yes, there you are. Masking insult for people not agreeing with you. Just because I wrote simple and straightforward answer, you brand me someone with a limited "Glasp of Engrish"

    Name calling? thats what childish people do. Are you one? Or do you not understand why so many people dont take you seriously. Apparently you live in an area where people like me are only consider having a limited "Glasp of Engrish". Elitist attitude much?

    Do you write so much just so the people you are writing to brush it off as just another childish rant or do you really want to be taken seriously?

    You like the way im talking to you? Or should I just call you a troll? Im sure with your NOT so limited "Glasp of Engrish", you know better.


    In short your logic and sense of economy have serious flaw off them.

    Donation doesnt work this way.In order to pay for the bandwidth of hosting a download site donation doesnt work. Go do some research please, theres plenty of famous DL sites out there. Relying on these non confirm and non steady income flow will NOT worked.

    Those that can worked? SEE what kind of ads are they associated with. No good company will be willing to do that. Even then do you really think they can generate good profits from it?
    Are the advertisers so stupid that they dont do their own research, paying them reasonable yet still as low as possible so as the advertisers maximise their own profit? Guess what, I sure hope they are. This solve so many things. Huge funds, what can people do with them.

    Why so you think many Non-profit Organisation have donation drive? you think they can survive with just "Tip Economy" and a tip jar and a P.O. box.

    And here we are talking about an actual company who goal is to maximise profit. Just like you who want to earn more.


    Lets get a bit specific.
    I never know many musician doesnt wish to get contacts, why dont you tell me who are they?

    Basking in streets, you never know who will come, who will give, you cant advertise, cant really ensure base amount of income. Limited fame to use to earn other source of income. Hell you are even subjected to weathers, rain, humidity, thunder, storm, snow and so on. Great way to earn good money for all the worth of their talents.

    Tipping is NOT a good way to earn.

    On the other side of the fences, you have the company. The image of artist, advertisement, booking of venue, improvement classes, gigs etc. Are all these free or cost minimum?

    How about the primal donna, their attitude, their terms, their working hours, their breakdown. Do you know much is one successful artiste going to support the many others who fail?

    I have no doubt that the company are going to suck as much out of artist as possible, it also work both ways, we are all going to maximise our income all the same.

    Sending/tipping/donating money anonymous. Let assume that is very good money to be made.

    That is one of the most ridiculous methods I can ever hear. Why do payment sites ask for lots of personal Information?
    How the hell can a legal company explain where did such funds comes from? They are not a Non profit organisation. How the hell are the accounts going to reflect that? Money laundering? Yakuza black money? Why since theres no way to check.

    "Plenty. And I did before the recession."

    Oh so that means you are not donating now. Time to close down the company. its already uncertain before, now all is just lost. Who is the one playing other people lifehood? the contract or people like YOU.

    I can go on and on about your other points. guess that be too long and too much.


    Guess what. I never even mention Comic LO. Why is that so? Because We are seriously out of topic.
    Their point is simple, your feminist action are hurting our industry indirectly, why do we want to sell you our things that are meant only for ourselves when YOU are the people that is trying to destroy our lifehood?

    How about stopping the issue at your own backyard before asking them to open business for you.

    Comment by Anonymous
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    Why is my post here?

    I though i replied to Mr Barbarian of Gor up there.

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    Comment by Barbarian of Gor
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    Take note also, assuming this thread will connect...

    I'm often attacked right out of hand, the usual "Ad Homenim" attack on the speaker when one simply doesn't like what he's saying. I say "ThoughtCrime is NOTCrime" on the "LOLI" issue, I'm almost called "Chester the Molester"... Then I make a joke back and I'm every name imaginable? Did you really check out your initial response to me? You really did "Mangre yuh Engrish" a bit and I'm certainly no "Grammar Nazi" myself;-)

    But I'll say again, in case this connects to this rant;

    ALL music, literature, art, acting IS a form of "Busking".

    Think my tip economy is a bad idea? Try singing for your supper through centuries of the Dark ages, one generation after another, but loving every minute of it:-) I'm of the "Bardic" roots, a profession made virtually 'extinct' by the "Muzik Industry". I want it to die for that alone.

    You see, unlike the "Industry Insiders" I couldn't care less about a gold plated swimming pool full of cocaine and now that computer technology has matured the "Tools" that used to be available only to the biggest corporations are within almost casual reach. Lots of DJ's (not my scene, but the beat/rhythm is cool) operate off a laptop.

    I want the industry to die, so those with the "Muse" can carve out with an axe from it's maggoty corpse some tiny "Niche" for themselves, "Outsider" or no. However, in my hate, I truly love them, they've done most of the work for me with their complacency. Their last gasp is suing their fanbase, costing far more in future sales (and making the pirates more careful) than any fees their lawyers eat. Even some "Insiders" are counter suing the RIAA, as read in a WIRED mag a while back, claiming their actions damaged their fan base and showed a loss in sales with none of the money extorted going to them, even in lawsuits showing their names on the paperwork.

    Comment by Anonymous
    13:21 26/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    After answering above, here i am again below

    "Glasp of Engrish", "Mangre yuh Engrish", "Engrish is easy tu lealn but vely hald tu speck..."

    you know what all these have in common? Nonsense english words, misspelling.

    In case you still dont get it. This is what I ask "I dont see serious misspell of words like you implied. So POINT out to ME."

    So now CAN I make up words and nonsense english that reflect about your reading ability, intelligent and wisdom and lack of self-awareness?

    Im sure it be fun and funny to you. And while here how about a little lack of EQ too?

    On a more serious note, and yet its you who take offense to others when they reply to you that made a little "fun" and "joke" of you when they disagree with your opinion. And yet now when its the other way round that you deem i should take it like a joke and not be serious.
    Answer me this: And I ask why?

    In case you still dont get things I dont aim to type perfect english like writing official papers. I dont get graded on how perfect my english is in a casual forum, I write to get my point across in the way i intended it.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:01 26/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)


    I have no idea at all with my limited "Glasp of Engrish" what you trying to say about your tipping attitude, so I will use an older post.

    I said "Guess what, it doesnt work. It doesnt work! Ask yourself have you donate yourself?"

    you answer
    "Plenty. And I did before the recession."

    It still doesnt change that you dont "tip and donate" now yet still continue to enjoy all the entertainment.

    So what do they do now? Close down shop? Poor times, I still want and will enjoy your hard work but too bad no money for you.

    And then you move off from your tip and donation economy to one with a fix price plus tip and donation.

    See? your Tipping economy just got destroyed by yourself.

    Without advertisement, how are people going to know what is out and what is good? with millions of music out there. Most greatest hits have some one the BIGGEST advertisement budget too.

    Quality music are not easily just made with a computer. then what? Not good enough you dont deserved my money and Im in every way right to pirate it.

    If there are no backers will people even know about their music for them to sell? will they even have the funds to make quality music?

    Not with standing download bandwidth cost money to host.

    So where does all this money comes from?

    Go and research on many famous websites. they dont get significant donation if at all. they keep asking yet only that few people will give that few little peanuts.

    In the end what you are saying is current price of music is too expensive and want it cheaper/free. You tipping and donation and without big players are only going to make things worst then it currently is with all the piracy around.

    Humble Indie Bundle works only because it doesnt happen everyday and cost they link to charity. You dont see this kind of things constantly if even once in a blue moon.

    Comment by Anonymous
    15:23 26/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    continue' 2

    ok so again with the language stuff. We dont normally speak to people the same way we write formal essay etc. So yeah. Just as you dont judge a person proficiency in language base on their everyday casual speech.

    you dont start calling people names and expect to not be taken as tying to insult people. Know what? you are one of them.

    Coming back on topic. Legal company cant accept anonymous "donation" IF it even was significant enough, (i gone through so much to state its not even worth) Setting up oversea stores are just waiting to be destroy by the laws and groups waiting. So? clear up your own backyard mess before asking them do be willing to do business with you. If not? cutting outsiders off is one of the best way.

    Question. Why does it matters where Im from to point out the flaws in your ideas?

    Lastly, I said I will be kinder a bit.
    Well I failed,
    Im sorry.

    Comment by Anonymous
    01:39 25/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    Yes it is a connected thread. Its Me again Mister limited "Glasp of Engrish

    And yet your are doing the same things to others (note: me) and yet you want to NOT be look at the same way as the trolls you speck of. So.... yeah.

    Oh yes. I made a 5 sentence respond and just by that you call me someone with a limited "Glasp of Engrish and now theres even a new term to call me: "Mangre yuh Engrish"

    So show me then that I really wrote things so bad. its only 5 sentences, I see one common misuse of words, I dont see serious misspell of words like you implied. So POINT out to ME.

    Yes I do and still think your tipping economy is bad. In fact very very bad. In dark age i can rape and kill a woman and will be known as a great hero because of that. Guess what, dont be shock: time changes, cant do that now.

    Loving your art can only bring you so far without money to improve and be better and so able to love your art even more. Artiste are also human, if they are worried that they cant get their next meal, can they preform their best or upgrade to give better performance?

    And yet the very same famous DJ release their remix through company, why is that so then?

    and next is your personal ranting. Is there any value in it to our discussion here?

    I brought up many other points and is this the only one you can point out to me?
    look, you dont even tip now.

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    Comment by Barbarian of Gor
    14:00 25/05/2010 # ! Neutral (0)

    Hokay, as requested here's a breakdown of your first reply rant that prompted me to make a joke that you take so seriously...

    I've added numbers to help

    1. Yeah like donation really works.

    2. How many manga sites can relay on donation to run?

    3. How many have sell off to advertiser rules in the recent banned hammer

    4. Im talking about sites that have all kind of genes, not recounting sites of only XXX.

    5. Guess what, it doesnt work. It doesnt work! Ask yourself have you donate yourself?


    1. By itself it'd work and only a "Grammar Nazi" would find fault, which I certainly am not. I'd have never made that remark if you left it at that sentence, but I certainly type long screeds myself so I cant cast stones there either... In light of your further statements, it added to the "Engrish" effect.

    2. "Can relay on donation to run"? Perhaps a typo, and again I wouldn't have pounced for that one. The funny part, while I get what you are trying to say, is that "Run" is a physcial activity related to "a race" (not skin color, I mean athletics) and a "Relay" is a type of athletic race.

    Now, we get to #3:
    3. How many have sell off to advertiser rules in the recent banned hammer

    Seriously, this is "LOL WTF!?" territory here. I'm having trouble understanding what you are meaning here.

    4. Im talking about sites that have all kind of genes, not recounting sites of only XXX.

    A sudden change of subject, note that it's a frequent "Argument" tactic of the right wingers. I was making a suggestion hoping to help Tenma/LO.

    The errors are: "Im" versus "I'm" The comma is for "Posessive" but meaning a person, or intelligent entity. Fred's house. But unless its Fred's furniture its "House furniture". No biggie here, some people really struggle over making this decision.

    Then "Genes". You mean "Genre" but you can usually get away with "Genres" though the first is plural also... (few know or care, but I'd advise the first)

    "Not recounting sites of only XXX". I understand, but the placement is funny. Let me re-write your setence as I'd try to say it, though again the placement of words isn't entirely "An island" the rest of the paragraph affects it:

    Suggestion----"I mean all online media, not just adult subject matter."

    5. The last one, this will really drive you crazy, you needed the comma in "Doesn't". The reason for this is it's not a "Posessive" issue, it's a "Gestalt" issue, the same as the "It is" I just typed. "Does Not" becomes doesn't even if the subject matter is or is not a person. "That Machine Doesn't work", "Uncle Fred is a slacker who doesn't work"...

    ---and, last but not least: Ask yourself have you donate yourself?

    Here's how to say it: "Ask yourself, have you donated yourself?"

    Note the comma, it's critical there. "It's" also because I probably should have said "It is" versus "the clock and its cogs" though some write that with the apostrophe because they might be "Personifying" the thing... Also, the "Donate" becomes "Donated".

    Alternative ways would be "Do you donate yourself?", "Do you yourself support this 'tip economy' you so enshrine?"

    Now, since then you've been saying at first I thought deliberately twisting my words that I said that I did in the past tense. That I tipped, but now the recession has come...or something.

    Actually, and let me clarify it for you, I totally support my "New Media" in that I seek out and strongly consider and often buy from people who do put their stuff out mostly for "Free" and want a donation for it. And I don't mean a trifle here and there, I "Vote with my dollars and support what I like". As I pass on to give others the idea, I do so myself.

    My projection of a new "Tip" economy is that people divy up an "Entertainment Budget" say they before spent at least $20 a month on a new CD... Well the new economy, an artist could put together their own CD with a computer digital studio program on their own computer. (Like I have) Note "CD" is just an old term, no need for plastic, it can be digital download entirely. So they can "Sell" it online for as much or as little as they can justify it for.

    This "New Economy" the artists for a CD could make a full CD available for $5. Not having to pay for plastic, middle men, the CEO and investors, advertising, would mean that they could still haul home many times more than a record company would let them keep. Some give it away all for free and hope for donations, others just sell with download links, and most are in-between. I'd suggest to most they make the older ones "Free" but with a "Suggested donation" then keep their new ones on affordable download $ links for up to about a year, and that's when they (asking nicely) ask their fans to not distribute or make a tribute (YouTube AMV) without talking with them first.

    The way I see it, that $20, instead of one CD that is likely very bad music when you open it, can buy (at least) four CD equivalents directly online from musicians that almost all let you listen and trust you to pay them and they don't have to make "Formulaic Tripe" to please a CEO and established formats.

    Yes, I buy music even when I can "Steal" it. And I am not alone.

    Here's an example: "The Humble Indie Bundle" - google it since posting hyperlinks here causes a real delay. They let people "Pay what they wanted" for some "Indie" but good games, then divy'd the money between them and charity. They went well past their goal of US$1 million. And they even released their source code so other "Indie" wanna-be's could learn from and emulate them.
    ---"Divy'd" - "Divided Up", not a good conjunction, or grammar, but used enough it's ok. Likewise "Google it" isn't good grammar, but used so often it's ok, though I should have said "Type the quotes into Google, if I post a direct hyperlink it'll take too long to show up here." and I checked with Google to make sure my instructions work. (English version!)

    Anyways, I corrected your grammar up thread and I do it in the sake of education. Except for the third, I understood you properly. Also, I have seen some "English" native speakers blurt out stuff as bad or worse typing, and emotion was a part of it as I expect it is with you, even before my non-PC joke.

    ----If I'm gathering you right, do you work in "The entertainment industry"? And if so, in what part, may I inquire? You don't have to be specific, because this alias of mine is also for privacy on my part.

    Upthread, as this thing is split a bit, I made a reply to you that just showed up, you might search for

    -Have you seen-
    "Fight Club"
    "Conan the Barbarian"

    to find it.

    I highlight more my motivations, and make refs to those films (some stuff in the 'mainstream' I do like, though it's very, very rare) and I hope you have/will watch them I'll say again:-)

    I "Corrected" your grammar at the end in one place, though, and please don't get mad. I'm totally willing to help you iron out stuff and in the interest of politeness and friendship.

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