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Teacher: “My Pupil Made Me His Sex Slave”


A female teacher is alleging she was cowed into submission and then sexually enslaved by one of her students.

The teacher, in her forties and working at a Chiba prefecture high school, claims she was the victim of a male first year pupil.

It is alleged that for three months in 2009 she exchanged 657 emails with the boy, as well as giving him lifts in her car and taking him out to dinner.

She also reports late night meetings with the boy, in which he requested she kiss him – she obliged.

The boy withdrew from the school for unrelated reasons, and she was later to claim that he had enslaved her:

“I was controlled by my student, I didn’t know what he’d do to me if I didn’t go along with his demands. I’m the victim of indecent assault!”

The prefectural board of education disagreed and punished her for abuse of trust with a disciplinary pay cut, though only 10% for 6 months.

Just whether this is a genuine case of a schoolboy sexually enslaving his teacher or merely one of a teacher trying to get herself off the hook by claiming she was being raped is an interesting question.

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