Idol Complex


Idol Complex has been launched – a 3D counterpart to Sankaku Channel, offering a place for sharing photographic images of idols and cosplayers in various states of decency.

Those impatient to pay the site a visit can do so here.

The site is similar to Sankaku Channel (itself recently updated), and so will likely be familiar to visitors to that site; it also shares the same log in system, so account holders on that site will find themselves seamlessly logged in to both sites.

The site has been populated with over 150,000 images to start with, and will continue to receive injections of images from the main site whilst the site is getting established – regular visits to the site might be advisable.

The rules as to what can be posted are as follows:

Definitely acceptable:

1. Idols, including seiyuu, models and so on.

2. High quality cosplay of all kinds

3. Non-Asian cosplay, or non-Asian “idol” or “gravure” material

Pictures of males are acceptable if they fit the spirit of the above categories.

Probably acceptable:

1. Mild or incidental fetish material (shibari and so on)

2. Heavily Photoshopped images (high quality and clearly marked only)

Definitely unacceptable:

1. Underage material:
This includes “junior idols” or similar, though cosplaying minors are acceptable

2. “Obscene” material:
This includes extreme fetishes such as bestiality, coprophagia, etc.

3. Low quality images:
Heavily compressed images (obtrusive JPG artefacts)
Low resolution images
Images which are of decidedly little merit with no redeeming qualities

4. Images watermarked by a third party or subjected to a “macro” or otherwise


Anything fully clothed and decent, including standard gravure

Nudity or highly provocative material

Sexually explicit or fetishistic material

Tagging guidelines are expected to develop as the site grows.

Those interested in participating will find plenty to involve themselves with – uploading and tagging pictures, rating them, updating idol wiki pages, etc.

Those concerned about their browsing experience being interrupted by material they might not wish to see are encouraged to use the blacklist functionality or to use advanced searching (such as -rating:e to exclude explicit images).

Comments and suggestions are encouraged, as always.

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