Epic: “Piracy Killed PC Gaming” “Only Facebook Will Save It”


Epic Games, makers of such manly shooters as Unreal and Gears of War, claim piracy forced them to abandon the PC, and that Facebook based gaming may be the only viable future the platform has.

In an interview with a gaming rag, Epic Games president Mike Capps spoke about the reason the company abandoned the PC:

“If you walked into [Epic’s offices] six years ago, Epic was a PC company. We did one PS2 launch title, and everything else was PC. And now, people are saying ‘Why do you hate the PC? You’re a console-only company.’

We still do PC, we still love the PC, but we already saw the impact of piracy: it killed a lot of great independent developers and completely changed our business model.

And guess what? It’s because the money’s on console.

Although many will attempt to dismiss this as hyperbole, it may well be supported by the facts – traditional US PC gaming shrank from a $1.6 billion market in 2001 to a $538 million market in 2009, whilst console markets grew substantially in the same period.

He goes on to laud the successes of micropayment based Facebook game Farmville, the “biggest game of all right now”:

“So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming, but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”

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  • that’s such a crock… piracy didn’t kill pc games, piracy was on the ps2 and it didn’t kill it, what did is either overpriced games, crap games or no games.

    companies allways blame “piracy” for falling sales -.-

  • Anonymous says:

    If they love PC then why be ignorant and completely ignore the fact that Blizzard is ruling the PC market at the moment.

    I’m pretty sure everyone will BUY starcraft II, Diablo 3 and Cataclysm…

    Because they are online games and are actually WORTH the money. Game Developers recently have been flooding the market with poor ports or not bothering to do ports at all. SINGLE PLAYER games for PC are dead because they just aren’t worth buying.

    • thunderlord says:

      its the same way with consoles, best exp fable 2 and 3, there not worth 60 us bucks more like 20 even thats pricey. and i played new games 60 bucks worth and they where just crap like call of duty modern war fag and the western game witch was a rip off of gears 2 but the controls sucked ass and lack of auto saves.

      i played bad 360 games. i rather a PC game anyday and mod the F out of it (ether fix alot or improve the fun

  • Hakufu1021 says:

    EDIT: Sorry if this is a double post.

    1 platform says the state of PC gaming : Steam. If anyone knows what steam is, that is 100% proof Epic are BSing.

    The only reason why PC gaming is shrinking is the direct result of consoles. It’s cheaper and more affordable because the systems are locked down. You don’t have to pay for upgrades.

    Piracy has existed since the old amiga days on the PC. But yet it has flourished into a giant and then shrank. So why is that? It’s not because of piracy. When piracy has been on the PC platform since 1985 at least.

    I don’t think anyone has to do the math to figure out Epic is full of BS. They went to consoles because people can afford consoles more then full gaming PC’s.

    But PC gaming is still alive and well. All the sales reports don’t report on the UK, or any other country besides the US. Plus they don’t report on digital distribution. Which is the best way to release a PC title in today’s world. That’s to much trouble for Epic games. Look at steam. 2 million concurrent users daily. Battlefield Bad Company 2 has at least a million users online daily. That’s not even looking at direct 2 drive. EA downloader. Or any other form of Digital distribution.

    So if at least 2 million concurrent users on one form of gaming is PC dieing. Then I guess it has been dead for years and will be dead for years.

    Epic are just spewing it because they want more people to follow them into the console generation. But what people don’t realize, including developers and publishers, is that when PC gaming dies.

    So does consoles. Who gives Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo the hardware for the consoles? PC hardware manufacturers like Intel, Amd, ATI, Nvidia. If PC gaming dies. That’s billions of dollars each year taken away from those manufacturers. Which means bye bye consoles.

    TL:DR Epic games are full of BS. PC gaming is alive and well. Consoles are the only reason for PC gaming slowing down. Not piracy.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only reason why PC gaming is shrinking is the direct result of consoles. It’s cheaper and more affordable because the systems are locked down. You don’t have to pay for upgrades.

    Piracy has existed since the old amiga days on the PC. But yet it has flourished into a giant and then shrank. So why is that? It’s not because of piracy. When piracy has been on the PC platform since 1985 at least.

    I don’t think anyone has to do the math to figure out Epic is full of BS. They went to consoles because people can afford consoles more then full gaming PC’s.

    But PC gaming is still alive and well. All the sales reports don’t report on the UK, or any other country besides the US. Plus they don’t report on digital distribution. Which is the best way to release a PC title in today’s world. That’s to much trouble for Epic games. Look at steam. 2 million concurrent users daily. Battlefield Bad Company 2 has at least a million users online daily. That’s not even looking at direct 2 drive. EA downloader. Or any other form of Digital distribution.

    So if at least 2 million concurrent users on one form of gaming is PC dieing. Then I guess it has been dead for years and will be dead for years.

    Epic are just spewing it because they want more people to follow them into the console generation. But what people don’t realize, including developers and publishers, is that when PC gaming dies.

    So does consoles. Who gives Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo the hardware for the consoles? PC hardware manufacturers like Intel, Amd, ATI, Nvidia. If PC gaming dies. That’s billions of dollars each year taken away from those manufacturers. Which means bye bye consoles.

    TL:DR Epic games are full of BS. PC gaming is alive and well. Consoles are the only reason for PC gaming slowing down. Not piracy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Agree with Epic Games. If you work in any business – you work should be paid.
    PC = loosing money
    Console = profit
    nuff said

    PC-version of GTA4 was cracked in two weeks. The years of work nd million dollars and just two weeks.
    I’ve buyed PC-version Assasin’s Creed II and what i got? A truly pervert game validation system with authenication on Ubisoft’s servers. Just two weeks, and this crap has ended.

    Today we need to find a something new to prevent piracy on PC.

  • Anonymous says:

    LOL What?! Farmville?? Are you SERIOUS?? Okay, so.. it wasn’t all the latest and greatest upgrades that were needed to keep pc games running optimally, it was piracy that killed the PC gaming industry.. yeah okay.. sure. I guess the fact that people can’t afford to spend 1000 dollars on PC upgrades in a year had nothing to do with it..

    Oh wait, and you expect FACEBOOK to save the PC gaming industry?! No wonder why Epic lost so much money, lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    The major thing PC market suffers are the lack of high quality SINGLE player games compared to the past. To counter piracy, more and more new PC titles have the majority of gameplay centred around multiplayer whilst having average single-player gameplay.

    A dedicated pirate can get around it and play online (hamachi), but most pirates are lazy.

    Don’t worry people, in the near future, technological advances will make piracy much harder and the cycle shifts back to the PC. Of course — everyone will have already grown out of gaming.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only reason Unreal Tournament 3 was pirated is because it’s god awful. I definitely do regret buying it for the PS3, and do not think it’s worth more than $10. Epic thinks that making things shiny makes up for the lack of content.. all of the stuff that was cut that 2004 had. Good going Epic.

    And what’s the point of playing ignorant. The Xbox has pirating issues just as much as the PC.

    Epic should stick to making engines instead of games.

  • Anonymous says:

    Meh it’s fine, Epic hasn’t made anything really that good and/or that popular aside from the UT series and GoW series.

    Who gives a fuck about these lamers? The only reason it suffers is because they don’t have anything worth buying.

  • Anonymous says:

    What are they on about? Everyone buy Unreal games because you can’t play online without a legit key (sure there are cracked servers, but they suck). Pirates are not the ones to blame for UT3’s failure.

    Have fun making casual flash games, I guess.

    • Anonymous says:

      UT3’s failure was because of EPIC!

      They totally dropped the ball on that game. It looks and plays very good. But they didn’t learn from UT2003/2004.

      The game came with about 32 maps in which only 2-3 maps were good per game type. The rest SUCKED ASS! I mean, two teams can spend two hours trying to score a single point to END the match.

      The menu sucked and it took them a good year to makes it mostly usable.

      They removed the ability to ZOOM your view when you’re in a vehicle! Something that UT2004 did. So you can SEE your fellow team-mates hitching rides and see what you’re shooting at!! There is a MOD to add that feature to UT3 and it made the GAME FUN, again!

      So, here’s a game with 20 boring / crappy maps that LOOK great. Lame story concept. By the time the hard-core gamers and clans learned how to make GOOD maps, most people got bored and moved on.

      There are now about 300~500 UT3 maps, more than half are FUN an well designed. But the servers are empty and people don’t want to wait 5minutes to DL a map.

      Everything wrong with UT3 is fixable. ADD the ZOOM by default, a normal PC usable menu system. Hey, HAWXs & Crysis have excellent menus, duh.

      Include at least 125~150 maps so that the end-user doesn’t have to wait so long to DL maps and won’t get bored. Then there will be populated servers for people to have fun.

      There are very few servers for UT3 and most of them are stock maps which are BORING.

      Back in 2000, the original UT had about 500+ active servers that were full of people. best gaming experience ever.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe if epic learned from ID and let people make mods they wouldn’t have this problem. Then again the most people who cave in and stop mod servers are chicken shits anyway..

  • Anonymous says:

    I own ALL the Unreal series of games for PC. I paid for them all, didn’t pirate them & I still play them. Now that I think about I might have 1 or 2 Unreal console games too, but 99% of my gaming is on PC (same as most people I know).

  • panaghoy88 says:

    Epic gave up. Just look at Bioware, Blizzard and other gaming companies these figures don’t let them down. Mike Capps even says the money’s on the console. Which means it’s all about the money. I know they need money to keep making games but as others have posted before me their recent games on the PC weren’t that great. Maybe that’s the reason why their not making any profit. Fuck you Epic for turning your backs on us PC gamers!

  • Anonymous says:

    Tell that to Blizzard.

    Dear Epic, instead of crying in public because your shitty games you should try to develop better ones.

    Oh wait! you can’t compete with Blizzard! nevermind… keep weeping

  • Anonymous says:

    everything is pirated not just pcs. hell my friend has a modded wii that lets him download any game he pleases.

    and yet a pc only game the witcher sold over a million copies pc only AND

  • Really facebook games are pure fail if they don’t want to make games for the PC someone else will.

    Game studios come and go but the personal computer will always be a viable gaming platform it has been since the 70s.

    Valve,Blizzard and CCP to name a few are doing very well.

    Consoles can’t really replace PC gaming because of the mods that make games more interesting.

    As Yoda would say “Bullshit this story is.”

    • It’s also easier to program for as the hardware specs are constant and the OS versions are constant.

      There is no making sure it’ll run with this cpu or that video card or under XP,Vista, and Seven.

      As for piracy it’s not all that hard to play backups on many consoles.

      The only thing they have been able to stop is piracy of online games.

      The wii is stupid easy to pirate yet it’s the only console that is officially sold with a profit and the games still make a good profit.

      I do suspect Sony pulls an Apple on the PS3 now and sells it for much more then it costs to make as the chips should be a lot cheaper now then they were on release date.
      Once cell was taken to 45nm the number of devices per wafer would have been nearly doubled over the original 90nm version.
      Yield is slightly lower on the newer process.

  • Anonymous says:

    Nah, it killed it for Epic, not others. They’re just kind of sore that Gears of War PC underperformed while not keeping in mind that it might’ve been just that no one really cared about that particular game on the platform.

    I still do the absolute majority of my gaming on PC, and Steam’s convenience is partly responsible for that.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of idiots, oh wow epic games have been making awesome games since 1991 a lot of them happen to be pinball games. UT has been dying for quite a while, and I didn’t like gears of war, but that’s just me. You can take a look at epic games, epic lineup here http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/company/1949.html

    PC gaming has been dying since the floppy days apparently.

    I think we can all agree the DS and Wii are one of the easiest console and handheld you can play “backups” on. Yet nintendo seems to be doing pretty well for themselves these days compared to recent years.

    Yes piracy has killed PC gaming, it’s dead. But if you want to be like that, PC gaming has always been “dead”. A majority of the best titles have always come out on console first or only on console.

    And facebook is nothing but a fad until the next social network comes out. Remember myspace? A lot of people left myspace for facebook or have both, and they’ll do the same for the next big network.

    The money has ALWAYS been on console, nothing has changed, epic games, stop crying and grow up.

  • Meltyblood says:

    Ok how could you shy away from PC’s lol when half the games developed were made on pc’s in the first place than ported to a console?
    First of all how is shying away from PC going to help you curb piracy? I mean come on people are just as smart to crack these new consoles using any type of hack/mod chip and burned boot disks?
    And there are so many patches to tinker with the networks?
    Why would you want to develop on a console when the hardware cant even be upgraded?
    Its all about money.
    Selling all these stupid addons.
    Any way a game is made there will always be piracy.
    And facebook whos going to say it will go belly up just like myspace. then your games will die too.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is total BS since the “so called” figures don’t even include online distribution like Steam so you can’t even trust those figures at all. The real reason they abandoned the PC is the money. The amount of people that can buy a game console compared to the amount of people that can afford a gaming PC is very large so in general there are far more people on consoles. This means that the console industry is bigger which means a larger potential in sales. Instead of making $1 million on a game they can make $3 million on a game so greedy companies look at that and abandon the PC market or make their games for all systems to make the maximum profit. Piracy is just an excuse to be greedy.

    PS. Most independant developers got absorbed into the big game companies like EA and most of that happened before Piracy became popular.

  • Anonymous says:

    Sad to see how piracy killed PC games like it killed Microsoft Windows. O wait.
    This is a stupid argument since it was used first when vinyl records started and musicians were afraid no one would buy tickets to their concerts.
    Plenty of other software is pirated every moment, piracy is only used as a lame excuse.
    Valve, to name one, continues making and selling PC games to their leisure and as seen in the lax use of deadlines for their own games, understands much better that the creative process should not be forced if you want a quality product in the end.

  • Anonymous says:

    Actual Article:

    Capps discusses the rise of free-to-play microtransaction based games, like Farmville, the “biggest game of all right now.”

    “So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming,” he concludes, “but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”

    Sankaku version:

    He goes on to laud the successes of micropayment based Facebook game Farmville, the “biggest game of all right now”:

    “So, maybe Facebook will save PC gaming,” he concludes, “but it’s not going to look like Gears of War.”

    Internet Spin-Doctoring FTW

    discusses the rise =/= laud the successes

  • Frankly, I wish companies would find a different cause for their lose of sales in some area or another. I can see choosing console over PC a choice caused by economics. Why spend money on upgrading a computer to play a new game when the console you’ve had for so many years is still compatible?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sales dropped because they console-ified games, less indepth, stupid menu systems that only work well with gamepads. Flash games are not real games!

    Lately ive just been playing WoW because at $15 USD a month its cheaper then buying crappy games that I could finish in 7 hours or less.

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Yep…Money’s pretty tight right now, and if you can get it for free, why the hell not..?

      Besides, I spend all my cash on Anime PVC figures, Nendoroids, and various, uh, anime memorabilia of Rika Fuurude…

  • Anonymous says:

    What do they expect? With the burst of f2p online games and apps, of course they won’t see as much profit. [http://socaltech.webs.com/apps/blog/].

    With emulators/online stores like Steam and download-able MMOs(rpgs, shooters, f2p) it speaks for itself. My suggestion is they need to get with the times and find a new , more profitable and secure way to launch their products instead of crying foul play and running to Facebook.

  • Anonymous says:

    I finds it kindas stupids that this dudes don’ts realizez that Blizzard Entertainment is the causes of all PC Gaming Fails. Even if Epic is geared towards FPS, their own financial fail is because of shit games like Unreal Tournament 3 (Yes, I loved UT2k3).

    Fuckin’ World of Warcraft killed all other MMos, and with Starcraft 2 and Cataclysm on the horizon.. not to mention Diablo 3.. who the fuck is going to compete? Dragon Age was good, but all I did in that game was get my male toon romantically involved with Zevran.

  • Oh wow, so much bullshit I don’t know where to begin!

    No, consoles took over. Piracy haven’t killed anything. Piracy is probably not a large part of the it at all. Consoles are relatively cheap for consumers compared to computers with the same capacity, and developing for a console means that devs need only to bother about 2-3 hardware types – not countless as with computers.

    For consumers, it’s far more convenient and acessible to buy 1 console (+ 1 controller) and 1 game, and just play, than a computer. For the “masses”, convenience usually wins. People don’t want the hassle of buying computers, making sure all parts fit and are up to date, getting drivers, updating OSes, and all peripheral hardware that’s needed. They want to pick up and play, usually. Those who don’t? Well, they’re still on the PC side, which is NOT dead.

    Dead to MTV-generation AAA-publishers, perhaps, who literally NEED to get tens or hundreds of millions dollars in return. Are these the only publishers? Hardly.

    Sure there are some cons with developing for consoles, such as licencing fees and all that, but those are relatively small compared to the potential income, especially for huge publishers.

    But, saying “piracy is to blame” is easy. It’s a scapegoat. And it sounds so much better than “we have abandoned you, PC consumers, because consoles are so much more easier to sell games for”.

    It’s sad how so many people just swallow the load of rancid garbage publishers spew.

    // game developer

  • Anonymous says:

    It might also have something to do with the recession and the increase in invasive DRM… Not to mention the spike in costs for cutting-edge PC equipment.

    PC Gaming has, put bluntly, just continued to get more expensive, has evil DRM, and has not adapted to the fact that cutting edge graphics aren’t the marketing tool that they once were.

    Sure, the technophiles will still do it, but we reached the point where games weren’t really limited by technology when we hit the PS2 era. People looked like people, draw distances were a reasonable distance away, and the only real limitation on games was the imagination of the developer. As computing continues to grow more and more powerful, the difference between a console and a PC will lessen even more.

    It’s the fault of the PC developers for kitting out their games with stupidly advanced minimum required settings and developing for a platform where the user’s setup might be incompatible with the game.

    An Xbox 360 game is an Xbox 360 game. Remove it from the case, put it in the console. Done. It doesn’t matter if my Xbox 360 is four years old, it can run games coming out in a week.

    With a PC, you have to update drivers, install the game, make sure you have the space for the game, make sure that the game engine can play nice with your video card, oh shit, my video card is eight months out of date, I have to get a new one to play…

    And let’s face it, new PC games are a bit prettier than Xbox 360 games or even PS3 games. But they’re not even close to the sort of improvement which happened from SNES to PSX, PSX to PS2, or PS2 to PS3. We’ve reached the point where a computer isn’t really a definite advantage to the developer’s ability to make a game, it’s just an option.

    • Anonymous says:

      “With a PC, you have to update drivers, install the game, make sure you have the space for the game, make sure that the game engine can play nice with your video card, oh shit, my video card is eight months out of date, I have to get a new one to play…”

      Oh dear, it takes couple of minutes to update drivers. Also if your hard disk is full, go and buy new one. Hard disks are cheap as milk nowdays.

      Also I’m happy to tell you, that all this thing about updating your hardware is bullshit. I have 2 years old computer and I don’t need to update any components before next console generation.

  • Anonymous says:

    I haven’t stopped buying pc games, but I haven’t bought any new single player at home ones only pay to play MMO’s. That means all my time is going to leveling the characters on my accounts, I do not have time to play games that don’t affect my MMO’s. Besides like some have said 50 to 70 bucks per game only to find out its crap you quit playing soon anyway. I also have probably 2 feet in the grave already since I been playing computer video games since 1979 which means apart from dying there isn’t much energy left to go at it like a high schooler.

    Release come quality like Master of Orion 2 re done in hard mode or Heros of Might and Magic 2 re done in hard mode. Civilization 4 which I bought was not fun, also bought civ 1 civ 2 civ 3, ect fix the games.

  • Anonymous says:

    The reason why they saw the impacts of piracy is because UT3 looked and felt like a shitty console port, and Gear of War really was a shitty console port full of gamebreaking bugs. These stupid faggots didn’t even bother releasing timely patches to fix the plethora of problems both games had and then complain about piracy. No, piracy isn’t killing PC gaming, releasing shitty ports months and months after the game comes out on consoles is what will kill PC gaming. In other words, game devs themselves are killing the industry.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is such utter bullshit its not even funny.

    Epic is just butthurt because UT3 didn’t get popular. It didn’t get popular because compared to UTk4, it sucked. Unfortunately this hurt their fragile ego, and they blamed it on piracy.

    That was when they switched to consoles and made GoW. Of course, when they released it for PC, PC players didn’t take their bullshit, since it was buggy and such a shitty port it was unplayable. Also I don’t think the game was that great, that might be another factor. Obviously it didn’t sell well, and once again they blamed it on piracy.

    These guys are the very definition of what’s wrong with gaming today. They blame everything on piracy instead of honestly looking at their own games and trying to improve.

    It is a fact that if a game is good, it sells well despite piracy. Unfortunately, Epic isn’t entirely wrong either. Piracy for PC is steadily growing out of control by people who pirate just because they can.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eh, this may or may not be relevant, but I have found that I can spend almost twice as long on a pc game when compared to a console game. They’re better, and a lot of them are made to last longer.

  • Seems good ol’ Mike is a bit bitter that PC customers refuse to buy any more of Epic’s consolised shit (look at UT3). Here’s the cold shower for you buddy, piracy didn’t kill PC gaming, YOUR shitty games + piracy killed YOUR PC gaming.

    So Mike, be a dear and hop over and talk to your gaming market co-workers at Valve, Bioware and Blizzard and ask them how much they are struggling with the mean old PC piracy.

  • Anonymous says:

    piracy is a BULLSHIT issue the stats prove that less then 5% of gamers pirate

    thought since the copy protection has made games more and more unplayable this % has increased

    if they really wanted user friendly anti piracy sytems they could just do what companies like Quark have done for there publishing software

    IT”S CALLED A HARDWARE KEY YOU FREAKING MORONS THEY COST #&$ING 50 cents to make and are next to impossible to clone

  • I think if they made more games that can be played on an average computer PC gaming would be quite larger. My computer is almost 5 years old now. Plus not very many interesting games have been released on PC that aren’t already on consoles. Interesting in terms of what the current gaming market wants, not by what I think.

  • Anonymous says:

    If someone didn’t make MW2 PC a shitty excuse of a PC game then maybe we’d actually see some improvement. But that’s not the point… the point is… a lot of games these days ARE getting made for multi-platforms but most of them fall short of the mark on the PC.

    MW2 on the PS3/360 was great, till they got to the PC and botched it with listen servers only.

    Wolfenstein didn’t get such a rave review. And it was a much awaited for game too.

    Plenty of console ports have shitty/sluggish controls, lack of customization, weak modding tools etc.

    Something all game developers out there should take note of… it’s alright to make a multi-platform game… it’s NOT ALRIGHT to make a shitty excuse of a multi-platform game.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well damn. I guess I shouldn’t be buying all of my games on Steam since they’ll be going out of business in 1 year. :3

    P.S. : Are you sure it wasn’t huge guys in powered armor and shitty Unreal Tournament sequels that killed PC gaming?

  • Anonymous says:

    Epic fail. Of course people buy games for consoles because most of the games today are nothing but dumbed down multiplatform games that are a pain to play on PC. Epic is just in it for the cash nowadays. I’m actually waiting for the day streaming games becomes sensible and consoles die away.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm… looks like I’m one of the few people that’s willing to defend the position of Epic games. Oh well, here I go:


    The above link has an article about PC game piracy that addresses practically EVERY comment made so far at says piracy is just a “scapegoat”.

    Here’s a brief summary that covers the most common arguments for those too lazy to read the entire article:

    1. Every pirated game is not a lost sale – The argument is straightforward and both intuitively and logically sound: for every pirated copy of a product, there is some potential loss of income to the producer of that product. This is not the same as saying that every pirated copy is a lost sale. What it actually means is that firstly some proportion of the people who are pirating a game would have bought it in the absence of piracy. Equally as important however is the fact that even those who would never have paid the full purchase price for one reason or another may still have paid some lower amount to purchase and play the game which they pirated. This is because by the very act of obtaining and playing a game, they’ve clearly demonstrated that they place some value on that game. After all, if something is truly ‘worthless’, consumers won’t bother to obtain or use it in the first place, regardless of whether it’s free or not.

    2. Piracy helps because of free publicity – This argument is logically sound, in that there is indeed a great deal of power in the way in which widespread positive word of mouth can influence the perceptions and decisions of the general public, and propel an otherwise unknown or underrated game to greater popularity.

    However the argument deliberately ignores one fundamental problem: there’s no evidence to suggest that positive word of mouth from pirates results in anything other than more people pirating a particularly popular game. After all, if a person can tell others about a pirated game he likes, he can just as easily tell them how and where to obtain it illegally, or give them a copy for example. So it’s unclear as to how much this additional positive word of mouth due to piracy actually results in increased sales rather than simply increased piracy. Looking at the data in the next two sections, we can see that the more popular a game, the significantly higher the number of people pirating it, though sales may also benefit as well. So the net effect of this claim is unclear.

    3. It’s okay to pirate as long as there are enough legitimate purchasers – If for some reason you don’t accept that there is some economic loss associated with piracy, there’s an equally important economic concept worth considering: the Free Rider Problem. This is a general problem facing a range of goods and services, not necessarily related to piracy, and essentially it states that those who actually pay for a good or service are bearing all the costs of production while those who get the good or service for free are not contributing at all.

    In the case of PC games which can often cost tens of millions of dollars to develop, distribute and support, the costs are first borne solely by the developer and/or publisher, typically over several years during development, and then eventually only passed on to those consumers who actually purchase the game. Pirates who illegally obtain the game for free receive exactly the same benefits without contributing anything at all to the game’s developers. This results in two issues: the first is an obvious lack of equity in the distribution of the costs; the second is that if the number of people who legitimately purchase a game is not high enough, developers will not be able to justify the costs of PC game development, and will attempt to adjust how they conduct their business to make development viable again. This can include measures ranging from simply cutting development and support costs which can lower game quality, through to completely shifting their focus to a new audience and/or new platform on which development is viable. Piracy can also result in higher prices for those who are legitimate purchasers, based on the well-known concept of Economies of Scale: the less copies of a game which can be sold, the higher the unit cost and thus the higher the likely sale price. While digital distribution can help reduce production and distribution costs, the major fixed cost of developing the game remains the same and must be covered from sales revenue. The less copies of a game are sold (or are predicted to be sold), the less room the publisher has to lower the retail price of a game. So escalating piracy creates a vicious circle, because less legitimate sales mean prices typically start off high and remain high, with less scope for discounts, which in turn makes it much more likely that a game will be pirated under the excuse that games are too expensive. As we’ll see in the following sections however, games which are lower in price are still pirated heavily, so simply reducing the price is not necessarily a viable solution to this problem for games companies.

    4. On all other miscellaneous arguments – As an indication that not only is the scale of piracy generally high across all types of games, but more importantly, that it seems to have little to do with DRM, big greedy game companies, or the high price of games, let’s take a look at a game called World of Goo, recently released by a small independent developer called 2D Boy consisting of a team of 3 people. It’s available as a digital download, selling for less than $20 on Steam, it has no intrusive DRM, and it’s received nothing but praise, reflected in a Metacritic Score of 90%/95%. This should be precisely the recipe for preventing piracy according to some, but unfortunately the truth is less convenient: the developer of the game has stated that World of Goo has an approximate piracy rate of 90%. Regardless of the precise level of piracy, the key point to consider is that World of Goo addresses every single item on the checklist of excuses which people usually present for pirating games – yet it is still being pirated quite heavily.

    Read the entire article for more information.

    • Want to know why you’re one of the only ones willing to defend them? Simply put they are wrong.

      How is it all the current player big and small manage to continue producing PC games? Epic is a big player too and they can’t manage because of piracy? Ha, laughable.

      Love the World of Goo bit there. Yeah it got pirated. So uhm what? It sold bucket loads and made the developers a hefty some of monies.

      “oh buts it should stop the piracy”

      You can’t stop it but what you can do is create a game people will buy. 2D Boy did this. Stop focusing on pirates and focus on making a good game. Epic is incapable of doing this.

      • Anonymous says:

        “How is it all the current player big and small manage to continue producing PC games?”

        – simply put, they’re not. The fact that many ‘exclusive’ PC developers are moving towards consoles should have been a warning sign to everyone. Crytek, Epic Games, Gas Powered Games and Infinity Ward, (to name a few) were considered the most successful and prominent PC developers, yet many of them have blames their move to consoles squarely on piracy. Its doubtful that any of them would suddenly start abandoning PC development based only on flimsy information and false perceptions. Greed? Maybe. But so what? Just like any business, they’re there to make money. And if they’re not making enough, they have to change their business model. And if a console game outsells it’s PC counterpart 4:1, why wouldn’t you move to consoles?

        “Stop focusing on pirates and focus on making a good game.”

        – Do you mean that a good game would be pirated less because it’s good? You might be surprised to hear this but: the better the game is, the more it’s pirated!

        I know that there’s no way to completely stop piracy and we’ll just have to accept it. But I find it disturbing how many people think it’s okay to pirate games.

        I’d personally prefer people just admit they pirate games simply because they can, rather than rationalize it as their right to do so (I want to play a game that takes millions to make, but I don’t want to contribute to the development!).

        Do you really have to have a degree in Economics to realize how piracy can be damaging?

  • Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that future Eroge games will be put on Facebook?!! Oh yes! I mean oh no…(Feminists will find eroges easier)

    Oh wait, upload Rapelay to shove it in their faces!

  • I'm fucking sick and tired actually, of PC and Console being referred to as different.

    They're not.

    They are both games that are digital and played on a machine.

    Now a board game like one of my wargames such as Advanced Squad Leader or a role game like Dungeons and Dragons, THAT is different.

    I can download any fucking game you make regardless of what machine it is made for all because it's just digital data.
    You either make the data to run on a bulky machine stuck on a desk, or a machine plugged into a TV, or potentially something you can carry around with you. In the end they are all electronic games, and I can copy every last fucking one of them…. if I want.

    Good luck making a print out of my ASL game. Cheaper to by the real product.

    The flaw is in how they sell them.
    The flaw is in how retailers will buy em used for peanuts and immediately sell em almost full price and not give a fucking cent of THAT sale to the industry.

    Stop blaming pirates for all the loss. Maybe if they made it illegal to sell em used it might be more piracy's fault. Maybe.
    Maybe if they just got better at selling them in a 21st century style it might help too.
    I don't buy my games in a store any more. No retail shelf at all. Fuck EB Games or Gamestop or whatever the place is called.

    Maybe if a game was ONLY a cheap digital download it might help sales.
    Hard to say. Kids will always be whiny brats crying they haven't enough money to buy every last thing they want.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let’s see on the 7/27/10 just how fail the PC is. Yes, that’s the release date for Starcraft 2. And yes I’m gonna be lining up at the nearest game store to get my copy.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Frankly, I haven’t bought many PC games for years and I used to be wild about them.

    In recent years, I’ve only bought for my PC games from independents, like “Aquaria”, “Gish”, “World of Goo” etc. I’m tempted to get Fallout 3 or Borderlands, but they are still pricey. And I’m busy, working on my own projects.

    There hasn’t been that much good stuff I really wanted to buy. I’m not going “There’s no good games” just saying nothing that appealed to me that I wanted to buy. I will vote with my dollars for what I want to buy, for what appeals to me.

    I would have got “World of Conan” but I’m worried about online game addiction. Rather that I’ll get into it and it’ll take too much of my free time. The same thing’s been holding me back from getting into “L.O.V.E.”

    Now, in the 90s I was wild about games for the PC.
    Magic Carpet
    Tomb Raider
    Total Distortion
    Dungeon Keeper
    Die By the Sword
    American McGee’s Alice

    To name a few. Problem is, lots you can’t play on newer PCs even with the supposed ability to backtrack. Magic Carpet, for instance, can crash a PC so bad it won’t start, even a “Full System Restore” will be problematic. The reason for this is it was revolutionary when it came out and had to do tons of machine language ‘tricks’ to get it to even work. A decade of “Upgrades” by the 900lb gorilla on Vi-gra ended up making it a recipe for disaster.

    So, most of my games are “Console” ones. However, my “Hack” for their system is near-unbeatable…

    It’s called “Wait a while”. After a few months, a year, two years, the price drops from premium to cheap. So cheap it’s not really worth my time ‘hacking’ it.

    The only counter is the “Limited time” availability game. I simply will not ‘support’ this format in any way.

    So, any computer companies reading this?

    Want to counter my “Hack” in a way you’ll get my money, my free online promotion (website, help with the hype, good reviews if done good, etc.) and immediate versus later sales? And, last but not least, I’ll love you for countering my “Hack”:-)

    Here’s what I’ll pay for, and I mean new, on the PC.

    “Magic Carpet”- I want this game SO bad I’m tempted to try to rig something up with some modified engines. Please just make a new one, kind of combine it with the quest/play mechanics of “Drakkun” but make sure the flight game play has a very similar feel to the original game. Also include a “Retro” mode that IS the original game. For bonus points ($20 on the price) make the engine usable for “Machinima”, lots of “Arabian Nights” fans out there:-)

    Don’t commit on my account alone, but I promise that if this game becomes available I will plunk down the money for it on release. $60 for the first two parts, $80 for the “Includes Machinima option” part.

    Other games:

    1. Die by the Sword. This has lots of potential in modern PC’s. First, make sure it’s “WASD + VISM” controllable. But second, make it “Open” to alternative controls. This is one game, above even “Magic Carpet” I’d buy one of those headsets for and rig up some “Motion tracking” stuff. You could work with “MAKE” magazine to help people rig up their old “VR Gear”…

    —To clarify
    A. (expensive part) Motion tracking VR specs, still available.
    B. Handheld keypad for the left hand, like strapped at the waist.
    C. Toy sword with rigged “Motion Tracking” circuitry for the VISM.

    Just re-do the game with modern graphics, the new mode has more enemies, adventures, etc. some of the glitches fixed… And have that option. Again a “Machinima” option would be wild.

    This again is something I’d readily plunk down “New” prices of $60 or $80 with Machinima friendly option.

    Alternatively, you could make it for the Wii. I’d buy one sooner than later for that game alone. The Wii’s Nunchuck controller could handle the movement and Vism with the sword controller.

    2. “Sacrifice” – This needs a re-do and facelift. Frankly, in the single player mode they only did one story for one character when there were so many other mages.

    This you should put out for $40, just buy up the rights, hire some of the same team and finish/perfect it.

    3. Total Distortion…
    No, serious… And I don’t mean a “Port” of that early CD-Rom “Multimedia” oddball game, though a nostalgia “Old School” option would be a nice after touch.

    If I re-did it, I’d have it appeal to the “Alternative” neo music that is both breaking from the companies that tried to swallow it like a vore monster in the 90s but also staking out alone on the net, getting a ‘tip economy’ from the ‘sharing economy’. So the game would be about being a “CyberBusker” in a world where the “Real World” and the “Distortion Dimension” merged;-) It’d tackle things like the original “Recording is theft!” argument as much as “Intellectual Property” and the competition of musicians versus big companies. If I understand right, gaming companies are still at often bitter odds with music companies, GH was more of a legal/negotiation accomplishment than a technological one. So this game’s main heroes would be the “Totally Free” new musicians facing the “Evil Corporations” (who hired all the Guitar warriors) and their slave “Old School” ones…

    But the game wouldn’t just be a “Heavy Metal” reject fantasy, it’d also be about making music for real, both with lessons on notes, scales, timing, rhythm, etc. and it would also work as a basic synthesizer/recording studio. You could plug in MIDI keyboards for controllers, Guitar Hero Guitars (with Synth options using them) or REAL “Guitar to Midi”, the Mike for voice could be used… Again, the notes would correspond to real notation, so in the matching/combat thing would be a good ‘training’ exercise be it keyboard, geet-box or voice training. And, for those already into digital music, the thing would have it’s own “VST Synth” that’d come with the package so you could use (royalty free, long as you bought the software!) Total Distortion sounds and mods on those sounds in your projects!

    Again, I would slap down $60 to $80 on that!

    • “Problem is, lots you can’t play on newer PCs even with the supposed ability to backtrack. Magic Carpet, for instance, can crash a PC so bad it won’t start,”

      There is absolutely no way you can manage that by attempting to run some random application. You can’t do it short of some deadly worm/trojan/virus/thing/rootkit/insert user stupidity here.

      And hey trying to play Magic Carpet is like trying to play a Nes game on the 360. Not going to work.

      “”Magic Carpet”- I want this game SO bad I’m tempted to try to rig something up with some modified engines. Please just make a new one”


      Use those and you should be able to easily play it.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        I’ve actually researched this, guy.

        Magic Carpet DOES “Lock Up” a PC so bad often even a “System Restore” doesn’t work.

        The “Infinity Engine” used for many RPGs such as the immortal “Planescape: Torment” causes crashes with it’s “Particle” system, so devotees running it on a modern PC have to special boot with the graphics card restricted.

        I want Magic Carpet.
        I figure, I’ll give them another year.

        Then, I’ll just devote the time and make my own “Arabian Nights” game with some 3D software. Won’t make a “Free” knock off, just a “Cheap but Indie” game that’s a fantasy adventure quest where the characters (except maybe a Djinn) use magic carpets to fly from place to place. But I’d let him land and explore cities, caves, etc. A nice little “Orientalism” bit of fantasy adventure

        Oh, and BTW- ever use Emulators, like MAME and others? A modern PC can emulate most/all arcade games made until 2002 easily, and quite a number of the home systems up to the CD rom era. “Death Race” is the only one not easily done, due to it being a TTL (guess what that is, smarty) technology base.

        What the “Killer” is is that the “Cutting Edge” PC games were essentially knitted together with a wing and a prayer, they were intricate webs of machine language that exploited every trick in the proverbial book never written to do what they did. So, while a newer PC can run your old “I maded my own Minesweeper Clone” or behind the times later coming project, the “Cutting Edge” really dies off fast. By contrast, the arcades ran a fixed number of “Chip-sets” even among different companies and for a lot longer than people would imagine.

        Now that computers have grown much more powerful we’ll see this level off. Many software apps are written well within a comptuer’s capabilities, so no “Tricks” needed. It’s to the point where there are ‘free’ and minimal priced ‘kits’ to make your own game with little real programming needed.

        I don’t care about games so much for “Wow! Look what this can do!” as for storytelling/fun/exploration entertainment.

        And, I want “Magic Carpet”. Even some “Arty” 3DCG animations I’ve concepted I realized it was just my subconscious going “I want Magic Carpet!”

  • Klingengeist says:

    Hm so this tells us “pirate more console games so developers will go back to PC gaming”? lol

    Btw who will buy all this expensive new hardware if PC gaming would die? Dont need a GTX480 to write letters or for browsing the net.

  • Anonymous says:

    Are you retarder what makes you think pc gaming is dead? facebook gaming what the fuck is that thats just an engine to kill time its not even considered gaming. even with ps3 and xbox a pc is still the best when it comes to gaming experience and graphics. any enthusiast will know that

  • Anonymous says:

    Castle Wolfenstein Enemy Territories, the game was completed to a point to where it was financially no longer viable to work on by it’s developer and producer and in a last ditch effort of good faith to gamers made it F2P with only online content available cause they had to scrap the other parts. Then later on on there next project got amazing amounts of support from their fan base.

    I’m just going to say Game companies have drastically changed from what they were to what they are now. the players and Pirates have never really changed regardless of what they say it’s the companies attitudes towards game making that have drastically changed. when they were first starting out they wanted to put out a quality product everyone can enjoy now it’s lets see what piece of shit we can cram down your throat to see if we can get money out of you.

  • Anonymous says:

    The problem with these “facts” for supporting a decline in reduced PC gaming sales is that they completely disregard digital distribution. The NPD sales figures for example, do not include any sales from the likes of Direct2Drive, GamersGate, Impluse, Steam or any of the other digital distributors which are entering the games distribution market.

    Retailers may no longer be giving shelf space to PC games, but this is not due to a declining market, it’s due to their inability to compete with the digital distributors.

    Also consider the fact that none of the above distributors make their sales figures public. Knowing that, it’s impossible to claim that PC gaming is “dead” simply because it’s moved onto a new distribution model.

  • Anonymous says:

    Consoles mostly only popular in Japan, North America and some of Europe like the UK. Everywhere else computer gaming sales pretty much dominate, that includes the rest of Asia and the other half of Europe like Sweden and Germany.

  • yuriphoria says:

    But all consoles are already cracked by now (except 360+Live last time I checked) yet console games haven’t died yet. I have an alternate theory.

    Firstly, I’m pretty sure the rise of netbooks, ipads and the longevity of old hardware has a lot to do with it as well as the disparagingly diverse platform even if you restrict yourself to windows, there’s 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

    Economic, 5 or more years old computers are more than enough to run office software, read the web and write emails and netbooks and other *pads simply aren’t gaming stations.

    I’m also sure that a lot of people prefer to play on a big TV sitting in a comfortable couch than playing at their desk in an utilitarian chair. This is specially true in modern times, the more time we spend at the computer the more time we’d like to relax away from it.

    Actually you’d have to ask the question in reverse, why would someone want to play at the computer?

    Net play used to be *the* reason, but todays consoles are networked too.

    Accessibility of development used to be another reason but this is changing too, for instance MS released a Xbox Development Kit and the XNA Game Studio.

    But why think when you can blame everything on piracy.

  • RaspberryKisses says:

    well i agree. i don’t play PC anymore, consoles are completely had taken over gaming industry maybe because pirates maybe there are some other reasons i don’t know. all i know that my xbox and ps3 is all i need for my gaming needs.

  • Ah yes piracy that amazing force which somehow turns everyone away from buying your products. What I typically see is people refusing to buy a product after they have sampled it. You don’t buy a car unless you’ve inspected it and taken it for a test drive. Like wise I wouldn’t buy a PC game short of a demo/beta/pirate copy.

    Epic’s problem is they’ve fallen into the trap of producing games that only console players like. None of their recent products interest me in the slightest. The rest of Epic is busy pimping their game engine to companies that are more than happy to produce PC only or multi platform titles.

    On the one hand you have Epic whining like a little girl about Piracy and on the other you have companies utilising Epic technology to sell games on the PC.

    Piracy is nothing more than a scapegoat. In this instance you have some guy who obviously is being pressured by someone, I.E. those with vested interests in Epic making monies asking why they stopped producing PC titles.

    Piracy didn’t kill Epic’s PC sales. Epic’s games killed Epic’s PC sales.

  • Anonymous says:

    Piracy is here to stay till humanity stops making games or develops an ultimate and feasible countermeasure…,besides most scene releases have this on their .nfo: “Support the game developers,If you like the game buy it!”

  • Anonymous says:

    FarmVille* > Gears of War

    There’s your problem you produce games like Gears. What self respecting PC gamer wants to play a mindless third person shooter like Gears?

    *Farmville is utter crap.

      • You’ll have to explain how exactly I was trolling (that’s my post before I got off my arse and reset my password to this site).

        No really both games are garbage but I’d rate Farmville higher than Gears any day. Your entitled to your own opinion and I’m entitled to mine.

        Who bought Gears on PC? Oh right no one because it was released moons after it came out on the Xbox and everyone had time to make a judgement on whether they’d want to buy it on PC.

        • Gears on windows failed because it was a buggy port. Epic blamed it failing on piracy. See what I’m getting at here? The fault revolves entirely around Epic Games being lazy bastards.

          They bitch and moan about piracy on multiple occasions but the truth is they put no effort, absolutely no effort in trying to curb that piracy by making a game people actually want.

          Epic has proven they don’t give a damn about the PC. They’ve abandoned a decent profit stream in seek of a short term boon for their own games division. But hey what do they care? They’ve still got engine tech that nigh everyone buys.

          Does being a PC gamer make me elite? Of course not. Does being good make me elite? Maybe but I’m not a competitive player (only play competitively at LANs).

          Funny that my local Lan scene has gotten into consoles and there are quite a few competitions….all for fighting games or Guitar Hero. People really aren’t interested in playing games where you have to fight the control scheme.

          I’ve obviously hit a nerve somewhere. I hate on one series so I must be a fanboy. No that doesn’t make any sense. I’d call you a console fag but quite frankly I’m above that. You on the other hand seem keen to try and degrade my opinion because of your love of some meaningless game.

        • I’m confused as to where you think I’m trying to prove superiority in any of this. I’m merely saying that Gears is a bad series. How exactly does my loathing of one game series relate to anything?

          Why would a PC owner go and buy an xbox to play Gears when they have a perfectly good platform to play other games on? PC gears performed badly because it was late, it was a PORT and, used GFWL (afaik) and was buggy as all hell.

          Epic games complained piracy was the problem it tanked on PC. No the problem was Epic games being lazy bastards.

        • RaspberryKisses says:

          game sells like crazy on consoles and it tells something. Only reason i can find for low PC sales (i don’t know how much so i’m not entirely trusting you) that game was too late and majority of those who were looking forward for this game just went and bought xbox. and one more thing. Do you think that being a PC gamer makes you an elite and console gamers are trash? if so than you mister are PC_fanboy_troll. troll harder im enjoying it, cheers.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yea, its “killing” PC gaming in the contex that they see how many people pirate and think they are ALL lost sales.

    The main problem with thinking like that is that 90% of the people who pirate and dont buy the game are the people who would never buy it.


  • Haven’t had the need to pirate any game’s in a while, be it for my 360, pc, wii or psp.

    I did actually bug Monster hunter Tri for my Wii.
    Releasing really epic games makes me buy them. But I ain’t gonna throw away 50bucks or so for a game which offers me 7 hours of gameplay and a freaking bad online experience (COD6).
    The postive thing about piracy is /at least I think/ the fact that you can judge games yourself without first throwing in big cash. If you really do like it after that, you will just buy it. But I’ve had enough of games which I just threw away after +/- 2 hours of playing, just because they were boring, linear and had nothing which clung me to the screen.

    • Anonymous says:

      I downloaded Assassin’s Creed, a month later I had bought 2 copies of it, one for me, and one for my brother. Won’t touch AC2, that online checking isn’t something I’m gonna encourage. Only Blizzard games are worth buying without checking, and after WoW I’m not even sure about that.

  • Anonymous says:

    Piracy didn’t kill Epics production of PC games. Epic killed Epic’s production of PC games.

    Go look at the garbage that UT3 is (Console menu, console server browser, console everything) and then come to your own conclusions.

    People aren’t buying Epics games on PC because they aren’t worth it. Console fags will buy anything on the other hand.

  • Anonymous says:

    The other thing to consider is that monetarily, it’s a lot easier to afford console games. With my PS3, I can play games with the latest graphics and the console will last me probably 7-10 years before I buy a new one. A gaming PC will probably cost at least twice as much as a console and be outdated in two years. It’s a lot easier for the casual gamer as well because you don’t have to worry about updating hardware, drivers, installs, errors, compatibility issues and all kinds of stuff.

    • Anonymous says:

      Consoles don’t have the “latest” graphics. The PS3 has a 4 year old GPU and the 360 has a 5 year old GPU. God knows how old the Wii GPU is.

      The PC will always have the latest hardware because it’s upgradeable. But that is also a problem because everyone has different hardware and software configurations, PC games need to be adaptable and optimized for different configurations.

      The average user doesn’t want to know if they have enough RAM, a good enough CPU or GPU, etc.

      With consoles, developers are developing for a specific set of hardware. There’s no “alternate” hardware configurations. Users don’t need to worry about compatibility, they just plug it in and play.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, they’ll last longer than you think. If you want to stay at super high definition for everything maybe, but, contrary to popular belief, PCs designed for gaming can last longer than consoles. Also with the price of consoles, it is generally cheaper to buy a graphics card than it is to spend money on a whole new system.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess the massive increase in sales for cheap, but underpowered, laptop and netbook computers and massive decrease in the sales of overpowered desktop machines has nothing to do with the similar decrease in PC gaming.

      • And your point is?

        The article makes a claim (with plenty of evidence to back it up) that piracy doesn’t hurt the game industry the way we’re told and that other factors are more likely to be involved, most of which caused by the industry itself.

        Two years later, nothing seems to have changed all that much and I seriously doubt it ever will.

  • Anonymous says:

    First RTS as mentioned is only good on the PC. Second Dragon Age is shit on console. PC version MUCH better. Mass effect has a PC version also and its pretty damn good. Pirates are everywhere and they pirate pretty damn much everything. That won’t change anytime soon but I don’t think PC games are going to up and disappear because of it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t buy games too often. Or DVD\BD, and so on. I only spend money on the best of the best, the rest I “acquire” through some other means. There’s just not much out there worth supporting by purchasing it, sadly. If you want people to spend money, make sure it’s a GOOD PRODUCT. Haha.

      On that note, among other things, I’ve bought every Bioware title–they have proven themselves. I also bought Trigun box set back in the day. 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes Bioware games tend to always vary from good to great but I have yet to play a single one that was bad. That’s why I own every Bioware game ever released with the exception of Shattered Steel as I have yet to find a place to purchase it. I even own The MDK 2 and sonic games they released. Though they mostly just gather dust. Kinda scared of that MMO though…

    • Anonymous says:

      As long as the pirates have dignity, they will distribute to the games they like. Some day download just to see if it worth their money or not.
      Command and Conquer series used to be a good game and I buy that game like many before and believe in the developer and their videos so far. It’s turn out to be a terrible game which was modify to fit the console graphic. From a PC game, it’s turn out to be a pussy console to PC game. Epic fail for me.

  • Shimikami says:

    Farmville is a shitty fucking game, if you can even call it a game that is. I seriously can’t see why so many people play it. It’s an abomination to games in general and to say that “maybe Facebook will save PC gaming” makes me have nightmares. If that were to happen I wouldn’t want to play PC games anymore!

  • Anonymous says:

    A *lot* of these market research things still don’t count online sales.

    Steam is a great example of how PC gaming is still very much alive.

    Pity steam don’t have any h-titles huh?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not a console gamer, on the contrary I’ve been a PC guy since the c64, but let’s face it: the guy is right, downloading and cracking a PC game nowadays is so simple there’s just no reason to pay for it. It’s often faster, more convenient and obviously A LOT cheaper.

      Me, and most of my friends I know, haven’t bought more than 10 computer games each in over 15+ years of PC gaming – and guess which ones we bought? The ones that you had to buy to get access to online play.

  • Anonymous says:

    Naa? Here’s an idea I had that I can’t possibly implement myself, so feel free to steal it: make the computer itself a console platform. As it is, games run through a very cumbersome OS that requires most of the computer’s resources to keep running. It is why lightweight machines like the PS3 (pathetic by PC standards) can run such amazing games, because its OS is entirely geared towards gaming.

    So make a PC OS entirely for running games. Make every PC into a console, just by running a cheap program. Suddenly even ordinary computers can play state of the art 3D shooters at max quality.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you turn PC into a console it’s no longer a PC.

      Besides a gaming OS would not be so successful as most of PC owners use their computer mainly for working and for other stuff. Even though I play many games on PC but that’s not why I bought it in the first place.

      And the main reason why PS3 runs HQ games is because of it’s well built hardware.

      • Anonymous says:

        Linux? Are you joking? I’m not sure why my comment is rated so bad – it would work for sure. Linux is made for like servers and programming, so it’s even more useless than Windows that at least has things like Direct X developed for it natively, and software engines like that thingy Valve uses

        • Anonymous says:

          You sure spit a lot of bullshit about Linux. For a OS that is only useful for servers and programming, I sure have little problems browsing the internet. In fact, the only problems I’ve ever had with Linux is the lack of some commercial software (namely games), because big corporations don’t wana.

          Now, for your idea, there are several problems.

          First: OS like this already exists. It’s called (wait for it!) GNU/Linux. Yes, it’s completely possible to make a Linux platform consume say… 100-200Mb (XP-level) and still roll a full desktop. Problem is, that dealing with OS installations is crumblesome, and nobody, save for us non-windows users has any intrest in making it any simpler. Combine that with the paranoia most people have from Linux and you have a stalemate.

          Second: DirectX is property to Microsoft, and games cannot be ported to OpenGL without rewriting them from scratch. The same applies to all rendering engines who were not written with renderer abstraction in mind.

          Third: Microsoft aren’t interested in making a lesser OS, because they’d have to charge you less for it. That’s why they will never create an alternative that’s useful for gaming.

          And finally, the only advantages the PC has over consoles is being multi functional and open (and a few other self-imposed, but that’s another story).
          Remove the first, and there is zero incentive (for corporation) to develop for PC instead of PS/RRoDBox.

  • yes, Piracy killed PC gamming it has nothing to do with the constant need for upgrades to systems or the need for patches to fix these shitty half broken games, or consoles having better selections. it’s piracy.

    • Anonymous says:

      My PC is ~3 years old. Right now, I can run all the newest games at max settings and they run flawlessly. How long do you suppose I can roll with it until I can’t run games even on low? If I had to guess from my previous P4 machine, there will be at least another 2-3 years for it.

      That’s a good run for my money if you ask me. Unlike consoles, Besides, I get far greater value from my PC, and I get to keep all my programs during the next upgrade, unlike… say PS2 games an XBox games. Oh, my PC actually runs PS2 games pretty well, even if I have to [s]steal[s] copy the BIOS illegally.

      And as for games being shitty or requiring patches, that’s not the platform’s fault. And there are shitty console games that require patches too.

      • Anonymous says:

        Note to self: never forget to close the tags. That stroked text should have been:

        [u]steal[/u] copy the BIOS illegally.

        And as for games being shitty or requiring patches, that’s not the platform’s fault. And there are shitty console games that require patches too.

    • Fix:
      PC = MMOs and TOUHOU! 😛

      Well I myself also have PS3 so it’s not SO bad at least for me. The reason why I favor PC though is the easy modability of games. Titles like Fallout 3 become boring after a while, but with good mods you get MUCH, MUCH more extra hours of fun.

      Also, good titles which are going to stay with PC are all Source based games like HL2, CSS, TF2, L4D and all the free multiplayer mods you get with them. Steam is the future of PC gaming.

      +PC is more like a multimedia center. You can play games, chat with people, surf the interwebs, watch movies ect.

  • ‘He goes on to laud the successes of micropayment based Facebook game Farmville, the “biggest game of all right now”’
    Yeah sure! that little game will make an expert farmer!
    Get real, whichever thing any company produce, there will always be guys that pirate that stuff, is like a non written law. But seriously, that would ruin most of the gaming companies in due time.

    • BaltazarDZ says:

      And it absolutely has nothing to do with the fact that there are simply no interesting title on PC to play compared to heaps of games at consoles. I mean people don’t care how good the game is right? Why would they?

      • No one wants to spend lots of money creating a title, just for it to be pirated and thus, never recoup the development costs. That’s bad business. It’s probably why I see so many free-to-play mmos these days…

      • Firetribe says:

        And it absolutely has nothing to with game developers not wanting to put good games on PC for fear of piracy. I mean no developer cares if their games get distributed for free amirite? Why would they? :V

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s not piracy, you make me laugh. By the way I am a pirate and there are games that I bought only because I pirated them first to see if they were any good, if PC developers released good games not shit and released demos that give you a look at the actual game then sales would increase and incidents of piracy would go down. also, it also doesn’t help the majority of ‘gamers’ are not gamers they are just normal people who just want something they can buy without having to know how to keep it working or even keep it updated, i.e. consoles. In short the reason PC gaming is dying is because consoles “It’s because the money’s on console” but it’s because of a demographic shift and therefore a focus shift on behalf of the companies, not because of piracy.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, luckily I got emulators. And for almost on any platform. Sadly, I don’t see any reason to buy games for emulators. I mean, for purely PC, yes (as a matter of fact I think I’ve used too much on the indie games on steam), but since I got a virtual platform, that I wouldn’t have the leagel bios anyways (well, what do you need an emulator for, if you got the actual console), I think it woul be all the same to pay for the games then, right?

          I see it sad that one can tell if the game is designed to console, since that commonly ends up being rather sticky (except for those games that uses the potentiality of the console pad, like Katamary Damacy), in comparison to keyb+mouse, and I’ve downloaded i.e. Dark Void to see if the game is worth buying for PC (since I regret buying Dead Space before trying), since it was for sale in the shop. It wasn’t it was a console game, and as a PC gamer, I do prefer PC.

          And might the sales on PC be sinking because all the Epic has nowdays, seems to be the “New and improved Unreal -engine”, that never comes with an actual content, as I just last weekend enjoyed the beautiful 2D of Jazz2 (as I came to the conclusion that it is also more of a console game rather than a PC due it is far easier to control via proper pad).

          And as said, I do not gamble 70$ on a game if I hadn’t tried it first, as I have done with the 5-15$ indie games. And mostly with the indie my disliking is of limited content and unused potentiality, rather than the game itself being a bad clone.

  • Can you even call Farmville a game? From what I last heard, it’s just another chore to waste your time on. :/

    Also, for some reason I doubt that PC-gaming is about to go extinct. For one, I’m fairly sure the RTS genre will remain on the PC for most part. The few attempts at console-based RTSes have been far from effective or even enjoyable from what I’ve seen.

    • Anonymous says:

      well easily RTS, needs perfect chain timings or your base buildup is wrecked from the start… with no keyboard shortcuts plus no mouse to get there fast… it is screwed, now FPS needs you to look around 260 degrees all the time and always do headshots… the problem is that controllers are too slow or unprecise and a perfect balance is hard to achieve (only quake 3 on PS2 had good joystick settings) now one. PC has 101 keys, and an instant pointing device like a mouse, Consoles has non varying hardware hence every one has the same limitations and weaknesses, lag is also equal for every one, aiming speed/precision… (progamer mouse and pads V.S. my mouse in my bed sheets lol and yes i sleep with My PC in the bed…im no pro, im an addict!) consoles are extreemely efficient in bringing games to houses… and i admit i don’t know any one who ever bought a game before valve’s new protections for HL2 and variants on the PC and people like me with OLD PC WILL download games simply cause old games are not sold, not even in our local pawnshop! and to say the truth, i have more fun playing “Super Meteroid” (3) than playing new games that are comming out… and games like crysis are rare, more like unique for now and yet it did not impress me more than that… it just feels like some one else has my ideas lol but just partially… so in the end the NEXT RTS to come out SHOULD let you conquer space in MMO style for FREE, other than that, if that is not you are working on, kill your self and give me your place!

    • Anonymous says:

      Before you say ANYTHING go through the list of games Epic Games has actually made..

      Unreal Tournament’s are the ONLY ones that had ANY success.. They may be blaming piracy but the real reason is because they made shitty games like “Jazz Jackrabbit” and “Extreme Pinball”

      • As of May 7 2009, the total franchise sales of Gears of War was over 11,000,000 copies.

        Even if they do put out some… less than innovative titles, they still can (apparently) put out more popular titles as well. (and not only Unreal)

      • Anonymous says:

        Halo wars, you serious?

        I completed the campaign in just over 4 hours.!

        Bag of shite, no replayability, boring multiplayer [ie build up best troops asap and cream oponent,]

        Some of the things that make RTS good is the user created stuff, like maps expansions and the like, Starcraft went on for years like this, any for Halo wars, apart from official ones?

        Halo wars was a HUGE cash in on the franchise of what is rapidly becoming a yawn game, with prequels and pre prequels won’t be long before “Halo – Prehistoric” comes out.

        Don’t get me wrong I thought Halo and Halo 2 were groundbreaking in the FPS genre, after that blahhh.

        Now when was starcraft II coming out??

    • Anonymous says:

      Fool doesn’t know that that consoles will die off in the future…

      Song and Nintendo claimed that consoles will die off in the future and games will be PC based.

      How they will do things is by programs like Steam and the use of CD keys.

      Company is just retarded

    • “Traditional US PC gaming shrank from a $1.6 billion market in 2001 to a $538 million market in 2009”
      This figures are a joke. They don’t even include digital distribution which has been rapidly growing in the past years.

      And the death of independent developers? Really? They seem to do quite right this days. Just recently, a “pay what you want” campaign have been a huge success.

      I guess Relic and the other developers/editors just want to do some easy money on console with overpriced games and shitty DLC. And lol at Facebook “gaming”.

      • Anonymous says:

        next on Facebook:
        “Gears of Facebook”
        “Asassin´s Facebook”
        “God of Facebook 4”
        “Splinter Cell: Facebook Tomorow”
        “Unreal Facebook Tournament 4”
        “Counter Facebook 1.6”
        “Facecraft 3”
        “World of Facecraft”

        …and many more fun games to come.

      • Anonymous says:

        Also: “traditional US PC gaming shrank from a $1.6 billion market in 2001 to a $538 million market in 2009, whilst console markets grew substantially in the same period.”

        It’s pretty natural IMO that, unless the amount of money spend on entertainment grows, increase in one area is gonna decrease the other.

      • Anonymous says:

        exactly, PC gaming actually had a 3% growth last year.

        “It’s because the money’s on console.”

        That’s why they abandoned PC, console games cost mroe and they have a larger userbase.

        I find it funny that piracy has killed so many things despite record profits being made constantly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, right… Big gamers buying 12″ netbooks because they wanted to play with it. The netbook market is exploding because a lot of people want a cheap netbook for simple multimedia and work and gaming isn’t their thing. Yes there’s little Flash games or, now, HTML5 games ( http://www.kesiev.com/akihabara/ ) but it’s like saying WiiFit and Nintendogs ruined the PS3 market.
          I don’t think it really matters.

          Now, over generalization is bad and trying to simplify an economical problem to “people are ripping us off, that’s why” shows some psycological anchoring and poor economical analysis.

        • Anonymous says:

          Probably doesn’t help that 90% of pc sold have intel turd of a gpu and with netbook/notebook non upgradeable graphics surpassing desktop sales it makes for a bad situation.

        • Thats because companies like to exacerbate small things, its just making a mountain out of a molehill. These companies can’t honestly compare the past 2 years with the global recession happening, to 2001. And yeah, all the money is now going to console games because they make far more money right now. When something becomes more popular than the other, the other tends not to do so well.

          Common sense – Its so rare its a superpower.

    • I quit playing farmville 2 months ago… I mean at first it was addicting I’m not gonna lie, however it just became boring and another chore to follow up on as you described… I still get notifications from my friends on farmville and I promptly delete them.

      • Ghost Dog says:

        I think these facebook games are based on manipulating you for 3 key reasons.

        1. They give achievements constantly to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something.
        2. They show you all your friend’s accomplishments to increase your jealousy.
        3. They give you the option of paying money to progress faster and surpass others.

        • Anonymous says:

          4. They steal all the data you thought ‘protected’ with your privacy settings. And it does the same thing to your friends who forgot to disable data-mining from their “friends”‘ applications.
          Some people think that only Zuckerberg will mine their data. Think again.

        • Anonymous says:

          Don’t forget that by not playing, you lose (as in, your crops die, etc).

          THIS is how they keep you playing – by holding all of your progress hostage unless you continue to play, whether you are having fun or not.

        • Isn’t that pretty much what most RPGs are like?

          Cheap online ones, that is coughfacebookhobowarsrunescapeworldofwarcraftcough. Ah, what I would give for a good ol’ RPG like Diablo II, where they actually discouraged spending money apart from what you’ve already paid for the game. They’d prefer you spend the time you could be working for that money on the game itself.

          And that’s the way it’s meant to be. And we can all look on the bright side, because Diablo 3’s coming out! Hopefully within the next century…

        • I haven’t even bothered to play farmville. I’d rather spend my time playing Dungeon Fighter Online. Oldschool beatemup combined with RPG spells and stats is big fun for me ^_^

      • At first it was cool, along with other games like restaurant and hotel city. But its just too troublesome to go back and forth, and worry about trash and stupid cockroaches in your hotel.
        To be honest, only reason I went back was because of the “Japan Week”, which ended too fast for me to get addicted again. =(

        • Anonymous says:

          Perhaps this guy missed the memo about self-fulfilling prophecies. People have been ranting and piracy since way back in Y2K. This causes mass migration of developers to consoles, leaving fewer games for the PC, and less things to buy mean less sales.

          Seriously, would Diablo, SC and WC franchise be purely on the PC platform and succeed if your argument had any validity at all?

      • Chore games are always addicting. 😐

        I still love F2P games like, though. I prefer PC over consoles anytime. I were dissappointed enough on consoles. Some titles are good, but a good number of titles isn’t worth caring. |:V