USA: No Trial Needed for Lolicon Life Imprisonment


The US Supreme Court has ruled that a law which allows “sexually dangerous” prisoners to be jailed forever without trial does not violate the Constitution.

The case centres on Graydon Comstock, who was convicted of possessing child pornography and sentenced to three years imprisonment. Immediately prior to this sentence he served a separate sentence for engaging in lewd acts with a minor.

Six days prior to the end of his sentence, the government branded him a “sexually dangerous” paedophile who might reoffend, and denied him release, placing him into indefinite “civil commitment” in a federal prison.

He has since spent nearly three years in prison despite having been convicted of no further crime, and having served his sentence.

Release of such “committed” prisoners is possible only if they are deemed to be no longer dangerous – without a treatment program recognised as being capable of this, their imprisonment effectively becomes indefinite.

The law responsible for extending this practice to the federal level, the 2006 Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, was soon challenged by prisoners now being denied release indefinitely, eventually reaching the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court justices finally ruled 7 to 2 in favour of the law:

“It is necessary and proper for Congress to provide for the civil commitment of dangerous federal prisoners.”

Democrats are delighted by the victory – Obama even recently promoted the lady who argued for indefinite sentences on behalf of the federal government, Elena Kagan, to the Supreme Court herself.

She is on record as having argued that the government should be able to restrict any speech it considers “harmful,” irrespective of the First Amendment

A Democratic senator holds forth in support of the decision:

“The process to enact this law to protect our children from those who would do them harm was difficult. I am heartened to see an overwhelming majority of the Supreme Court uphold this important child protection law.”

Some states already operate similar laws, but this decision ensures the federal government can now freely override sentences throughout the land.

The solicitor general for Kansas, Stephen McAllister, a supporter of the law, suggests that allowing indefinite civil commitment for all kinds of criminals might now be possible:

“Constitutionally, it might be possible. I don’t have a constitutionally limiting line for what kinds of mental disorders might be permissible and what [might] not. If they lead to danger to others, potentially, they could be covered under such a law.”

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  • I don’t know every detail of the U.S. constitution, but if it doesn’t cover fair trials for EVERYONE, then that needs to be worked on. Too bad some politicians are working on ways to make the constitution even worse, like those against freedom of marriage. Putting restrictions on free speech based on what the government considers harmful? I thought democrats were supposed to be against this crap!

    • The democratic party is the go-to party for say one thing, do another, and talk out of both sides of your face. EVERYTHING they do is based on advancing their own political goals.

      Republicans had been moving in that direction, they’re wedged between wanting to play the same game because of how well it works, but holding back because they’re getting elected by having a more stable and honest image.

  • “…the government should be able to restrict any speech it considers ‘harmful’, irrespective of the First Amendment”

    Who the hell decides the definition of ‘harmful’? If I call the Supreme Court a ‘bunch of jackasses’, I have harmed their dignity. Should I be arrested for it? This is totalitarian crap, People!

  • There was this law that they can keep sexual offenders indefinitely in prison in Germany, too. Then, some weeks ago, the European Parliament ruled it unconstitutional and it had to be abolished. Some Bavarian politicians’ reaction: “We have to pass another law that allows it without violating the European constitution.”

    Some politicians don’t even get it when pushed in their faces… Where’s the good old “your country’s servant” mentality instead of vote hunting and populism?

  • Anonymous says:

    Make a law that says any sex offender must either serve life in prison or cut their dick off. Also castrate them as that is where man juice is produced. Castration will weaken them.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a good thing the childpornography law where I live (Holland) specifically states that it’s only childpornography if the images are REAL children or LOOK LIKE REAL children. So, me having a thing for Lolicon is perfectly legal, albeit, on the edge of illegal.

  • Anonymous says:

    having sex with a child of at least 11 or 12 is no bid deal. all these people saying it fucks with the kids head are are right “ONLY IF THERE TALKING ABOUT FORCED SEX OR SEXUAL CONDUCT” if the boy or girl is consenting then who the fuck care’s. i started having sex at 11, AN don’t say “you were to young to know better” that BS i had a natural drive to do it. yes sec with someone younger the 11ish is bad, only because of possible internal injury to the female. YOU people also say kids need to grow an learn, wht better way then A FREE choice to have sex or sexual conduct. I’ve read evey comment an the only argument the none pedo’s have is FORCED SEX, not freedom of choice. hell if i was 18 an a 13 year old came to me an asked for sex, is that wrong? F no. AS LONG AS ITS NOT FORCED, WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve read every comment? Then you should’ve read that there are more arguments than “FORCED SEX”. Like responsibility for what happens afterward, whether emotionally or physically. You know what’s the price of having freedom of choice? It’s being responsible enough to accept the consequences of such choices. And you’re telling us that the majority of 11 and 12 year olds are already mature enough to accept the repercussions of such responsibility? Fuck you!

      tl;dr Stop promoting pedophilia and destroying a child’s moral and mental development because you can’t rein in your fucking libido. Moron.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s quite obvious, since a long time ago. USA goverment wants to get rid of all the pedophiles in its country. No matter if they are really criminals or not, they couldn’t care less. The just want them out, and the best way to do that is to make the country completely inhabitable by pedophiles, forcing them to eventualy leave.

  • Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile policemen can pay real lolis for strip and sexservices and walk out free and dandy and keep even their job if caught.
    While someone with some random lolipic from a website in his cache gets lifetime without a trial.

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    Not so if you're a serial hardcore basket case, like a lotta lolicons are these days. Especially the ones who can't see the difference between 2D & 3D & whose margins of self-restraint is gradually crumbling away because they aren't gettin any other than from their calloused slimey paws, its a concern for the parents of any potential victims in the neighborhood where that particular lolicon may be lurking.
    So they get picked up and their collections are impounded & burned or shredded.
    After appearing before a judge, they get hauled off thrown into a hole and forgotten.
    So be more careful of what you're doing and mindful that big brother is looking over your shoulder, especially if you fit the profile.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a strange move for Democrats. I still think the fear of pedophilia in this country is quite an irrational one, considering the stupid police and their sting operations that entice people who would not normally have committed a crime had they not been caught.

    Don’t they know that paranoia is also a mental disease? Just because everyone is doesn’t mean it’s right.

    Ironically, homosexuality used to be considered a mental disease. What if it had never been stricken from the American psychology books as a mental disease??

    People like me would be facing prison in life, like in the Holocaust.

    Not saying what some of these pedo whackos do isn’t bad or dangerous, but it certainly does not constitute life imprisonment.

    America FAILS, as always.

  • Unicogirl says:

    So are you commenters saying that reoffenders and violent rapist should be let go?

    hell if it were China, you’d be publicly executed.

    but I have to remember that American is treated as the Worlds scapegoat, even though every place has its own set of problems.

    • Anonymous says:

      In China, you can bribe the police officers for some offenses.

      America is a world’s scapegoat because it has too much influence around the world.

      Americans are devils with human bodies.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not to sound too viral markety …

    I live in the UK, and plan on writing a letter to the PM and Deputy PM to see if I can get the lolicon ban repealed.

    I’m going to make a petition to accompany it, so, would anyone here sign it when I do? (Regardless of where you live?)

  • Anonymous says:

    How can this ever be possible? So if someone wants to ruin my life randomly, he only has to point in my general direction and scream “pedo!” and I’ll be arrested (indefinitely) without any kind of trial to allow me to prove my innocence?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sankaku comments miss the point again!

    While you are all correct that this law is terrifyingly unconstitutional, the supreme court decision upholding it is not. For some reason, the lawyers for the inmates did not choose to attack this law based on its violations of due process and the myriad other civil rights issues it creates, but instead challenged congress’s ability to make such a law on a Federal level. The decision handed down explicitly states that the inmates maintain the right to challenge this idiotic law on the basis of due process violations.

    But yeah, USA fail.

  • Anonymous says:

    They should look at the bright side at least Rape is not bad because your still alive.
    I could just put a bullet in ya and erased you from this world.
    Then that would call for a nice sentence.

    Rape=Alive and OK
    Murder=Take someones life?

    Which would you rather have?

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn US, I thought you were cool.

    What the fuck is the point of trials or even laws for that matter if we’re just supposed to “send forever anyone for doing anything someone might somehow find wrong” now?
    Shit is truly anarchy there now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, it’s the exact OPPOSITE of anarchy. It’s people using ‘da law’ as a bludgeoning stick in order to smack down anyone who would dare to stand against “THE GREAT AND ALL KNOWING SOCIETY!”

      Yeah, load of crap, but that’s actually what some people think today.

      • Anonymous says:

        They are using an unclear and open law that almost says ” do whatever the fuck you want, disregard all other laws and normal procedures” as an excuse to do whatever the fuck they want.
        You are right they are still adhering to what a law says but not the spirit of the rule of law and the entire point of having a regulated non arbitrary system.
        Thats why I see it more as anarchy, because it makes all legal mechanisms irrelevant and violates basic human rights. The real kind, not the drawing kind.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think that was the idea of The First Amendment and a constitution, a law above all the others. But now they’re adding so many bullshit exceptions soon the first won’t matter.

        • Anonymous says:

          The ‘spirit of law’ is too damned viewpoint based, just like ‘morality’ outside of the big 4 morals that I personally adhere to.

          Way too viewpoint to even be adhered to, that is why the Constitution should be taken in it’s most STRICT form…. which basically means that the First Amendment should be seen as allowing any form of expression as long as you are not physically harming someone else without their permission, etc.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe I am mistaken, but I really don’t like the use of lolicon by SC. Loli and Lolicon are terms I use to describe fictional depictions of children whether or not they depict erotica. They are not connected to real life children in anyway, at least for me, even though the terms originates from lolita and lolita complex.

  • Anonymous says:

    This… does not compute. I’m not trying to be cute or funny about this. I literally cannot comprehend what just took place in this article! I’m sitting here (in a wicker chair) holding my head and all I can get out is “no, no, this isn’t right.” I understand the charges but there’s still something wrong here. Maybe I’m overworked =(

  • America sure loves a good witch hunt… be they witches, communists, terrorists, or the “sexually dangerous?” ??? (“Get back, Bob! He’s brandishing a floppy dildo! You never know what a maniac like this might do with it!”)

    They never seem to go long without some bogeyman to unify against. How… Orwellian.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, America DOES love a good witch hunt. Unfortunately, that is what this whole stuff against pedosexuals is really about: a witchhunt of the highest order, perpetrated by those who are not trying to protect children, but instead to keep children ‘lesser’ than adults.

      • What’s sadder than assuming a whole sexual preference group (or even not preference) are rapists is the fact that you need only introduce the suspicion on someone and they’re ruined.

  • Anonymous says:

    Solution: Ban children. 🙂

    Think about it. They bring nothing to the world and suck of all our resources up.

    More problems then they cause. They are whiny evil little things.

    We always have to arrest people for violating them. If we are gonna ban media for being a bad influence, we should ban kids for tempting pedos.

    This post is tongue in cheek. Get your mouse off the Rate Down button.

  • Anonymous says:

    Don’t most law schools have a statue out front of a blindfolded woman with a tablet and a set of scales? I think they called that the artistic interpretation of justice. It was meant to represent that the law had no place for passion and bias, only sound reason and evidence.

    We might as well replace those statues with Uncle Ruckus.

    “Guilty! That nigga is guilty! Hang that nigga now! I got the rope right here!”

  • Anonymous said:So people here are up in arms because of a ruling that allows truly dangerous sexual predators – i.e. the ones most likely to reoffend – to be kept from being a threat to society? Really? Did anyone even bother to look at the facts involved in the ruling, like how the "sexually dangerous" label applies to only 0.7% of all sex offenders in federal custody? That means your typical child pornographer convicted under interstate commerce provisions would have to do something truly egregious for this ruling, and the law it supports, to impact him. (The law, BTW, is aimed at those who have engaged in "sexually violent conduct," amongst other requirements.)

    Don't know where you get your information that "sexually violent conduct" requires violence. It doesn't. Sex with a child is deemed by the law to be sexually violent even if no violence is present. Number two: under the law there need be no determination that someone is likely to "re-offend" because even an "attempt" is considered sufficient for civil incarceration, and no conviction is needed anyway. Under the law you could be acquitted and as long as a federal judge thought you probably committed the crime – even if the jury thought otherwise – you can be incarcerated for life. Then there is what is known as "uncharged" conduct – acts which the government says it has evidence of, but which was never tested in a court of law.

    The standard of proof for civil incarceration is not "beyond a reasonable doubt," but simply "clear and convincing" to a federal judge.

    You can see what happens when you trust your government and give it the power to permanently incarcerate and execute people. You get Guantanamo Bay (which was supposed to have only the "worst of the worst" – supposed to according to who?) and you get innocent people executed. So people aren't actually overreacting, but using their common sense, informed by experience about how life actually works.

    Civil incarceration is in every case vengeance. Vengeance is incompatible with justice.

    • Anonymous says:

      otto117, this is NOT about trusting the government. This is about people who have agendas getting into the government, and then bending things to their will by ‘stacking’ the odds in their favor.

      That is basically what the conservatives have been trying to do for YEARS. As to this being about Obama? Nope. The fact is that this dates back to when Bush was in office, and Obama had no choice but to see the case through.

  • Welcome to the United States of Vengeance.

    Vengeance, of course, incompatible with Justice. Like the war on terrorism or the death penalty, some of the people who will go down will be the ‘worst of the worst’ while there will be many not-so-bad and even innocent people whose lives are taken (and in the case of the death penalty, literally).

    The majority decision by Alito is just a classic case of intellectual dishonesty in order to reach a political result. But this isn’t anything new. The Supreme Court of the USV ALREADY upheld state laws for “civil” incarceration, and ALL 50 states have them. This is just icing on the cake.

    The case was not about cruelty in punishment, but what theory the Court could allow federal jurisdiction. This is why Thomas and Scalia were the only dissenters. They’re the only ones who stick to the notion that the Constitution limits federal jurisdiction to matters which have an economic impact on interstate commerce or interstate matters.

    Obama’s new appointee to the Supreme Court made the argument on behalf of the government, so now you know what Obama’s legacy is going to be…

  • Anonymous says:

    and to think that this was a country where everyone could get treatment and help for issues such as this. i can already imagine the sheer amount of false claims on the horizon.

  • Anonymous says:

    O cool so i get less time Murdering someone than looking up little child porn? Cool lets go kill people now sounds more logic.
    Maybe the US government should change its rules and rethink about it?

  • Anonymous says:

    ‘Democrats are delighted by the victory – Obama even recently promoted the lady who argued for indefinite sentences on behalf of the federal government, Elena Kagan, to the Supreme Court herself.’
    And here I thought Barack Obama was just as bad as George Bush. I was wrong – he’s a lot worse. How is that when the Democrats win the election we get a Republican on steroids for president? Well, at least we got ‘change’ all right.

  • savantique says:

    Artefact, quote a source for your material in this article. I would especially like to see a reputable source explicitly state that Obama backed this decision being a constitutional law professor.

  • Anonymous says:

    This isn’t really news; the U.S.A. has had, far and away, the largest incarcerated population of any non-totalitarian nation in the world.

    It is, of course, bullshit, but it’s the type of bullshit that’s been foisted on us for quite some time now with three strikes programs, mandatory sentences, etc, etc. The fact that the individuals in question are generally poor and unable to make even the most basic of attempts to fight the process is why you never hear about it on the news.

  • g0dslay3r says:

    whats the point in locking them up forever if they are never going to be freed.might as well just kill them so we can stop wasting our tax money keeping pieces of trash alive

  • Wow 19 pages in mere hours.

    Remember people, if you would fuck kiddies, or even THINK of fucking kiddies, with pictures or even just with drawings, you might wish to get something else to get off with if you live in the US land of the free.

    Because it isn't necessarily the land of the free for everyone.

    • erochichi says:

      Not my hentai. I lean towards big, well endowed, wide hipped milfs! See Tetrotodoxin, Nagi Project, Reoparudo, Jeanne DAck etc.
      I am aware one day this can be considered as criminal too, if this hysteria about different sexual leanings doesn`t end.

  • Anonymous says:

    America fail yet again.
    I live in america.
    I view and own loli material.
    I find actual children repulsive little bastard that I can’t stand to be around and would never do anything to them and I only like drawn loli.
    Gov. would never believe me and would destroy my life over drawings of fake girls that is art.
    I rot in jail for an undetermined amount of time, and if I get out I am still considered a “sex offender”.
    Gov. tramples all over our basic rights yet again, boasts about it, and gets away with it worry free.
    My hope and what little respect I have for my gov. dies.
    Solution: I need to get the fuck out of this shit hole fast.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, no, it isn’t. It is LEGAL in the United States under federal and state law, unless you are talking about the obscenity laws, which are unconstitutional in and of themselves.

        Sweden hasn’t banned loli material, neither has Russia, China, etc.

        You are dramatically overstating the ‘bannedness’ of it, and frankly those laws are in violation of human rights in the first place (the right to view what you wish as long as it is not physically harming a REAL LIVING PERSON).

    • Yeah, too similar to thought-crime to be of comfort to me. I also am not cool with indefinite sentences with NO trial, that can swiftly spiral out of control.

      Plus, once these kinds of things become codified, then if you’re a person in a high place, or have friends in high places, you can just use stuff like this to eliminate people you don’t like through false accusation and evidence implantation.

      Just gotta find a hacker, some false witnesses, and a crooked law enforcement officer official or two, and poof! Instant fake pedophile! Who gets locked up “indefinitely” to protect “the children”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Anyone who still thinks the good ol’ USA isn’t in decline had better think again.This is a very slippery slope that WILL lead to innocent people having (what’s left of), their constitutuinal rights violated.

    The US is going to more ressemble a Socialist country after the Obama addministration is said and done with it.Why is it they are so fast to limit/take away rights of legal US citizens, but let illegals almost literally get away with everything they do illegally, including existing here illegally.

  • Anonymous says:

    Man, this is pretty out of hand for the US. I know that the law sees that loli/shouta can promote pedophilia, but this is too far. Then again, look at it from their perspective, they just want the children to be safe from pedophiles; would you want your child to be molested or raped by some crook? They’re not taking any chances to let that happen, but I do think it is bad to throw one in jail just because of a difference in opinion or sexual preference.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey this is cool we can make all terrorist go to jail permanently since we can brand them as sexually dangerous since if we trial them for terrorism it would take too much time and money since no trial is needed if we brand them under it

  • erochichi says:

    I have not read any of other comments yet, but i guess there is many raging against Democrats, left and “liberals” about this issue. Do they really think conservative religious right or Republican Party would be any milder in this kind of cases? Of course i myself question the sanity of these laws and even constitution. Who were in power when Adam Walsh Child protection and Safety Act was introduced in 2006?
    Answer that and continue your ranting, if you still feel like it.
    This is a big mistake by Obama & Co.

  • Smiling Jack says:

    “She is on record as having argued that the government should be able to restrict any speech it considers “harmful,” irrespective of the First Amendment”

    The country’s in no danger at all… after all who needs human rights.

  • Anonymous says:

    They are just sacrificing the few for the votes of many. It operates on the same principle of gaybashing. Doesn’t do anyone much good but sacrifices few votes to do the ‘in’ thing of that time.

  • Anonymous says:

    At least the USSR used nuthouses to get rid of dissidents, no matter whether they’re indeed lunatic (Novodvorskaya) or not (Brodsky). I fail to see what the US as a state gains by doing this.

  • Anonymous says:

    Victory for the LORD ENKI! Die loli fuckers in prison forever… logical step to death sentence you. For what life you are worth if you like this shit? None I say for children are not to be violated and your friends should receive the right punishment whether it is drawing or not matters no more! 😀

  • Anonymous says:

    Way to post a misleading headline, Artefact.

    This only applies for cases of people who have already been tried and sentenced – ie, people found guilty of a crime. They have already had a trial, and are being held for that reason.

    However, that said, I am of very mixed opinions on this. On one hand, the number of criminals who repeat their crimes after being released from prison is disturbingly high, and if this helps bring that number down, I approve. On the other hand, there is no way to know with 100% certainty if someone is likely to repeat their crimes, so holding them is, in a way, declaring them guilty without trial for future crimes, which is most definitely against one of our most basic rights.

    I may have to actually go read the opinions released by the Supreme Court this time. Dammit, my sister’s the lawyer, not me… -_-

    • Anonymous says:

      america and a lot of other countries in the world don’t distinguish between drawn and real children. i’d suggest people buy 2 laptops, one for official work and other for *con purposes and don’t take the latter out of the country. now they have no-knock warrants to check houses so can’t activate encryption or something. and encryption is illegal – if you don’t hand over your pass key, you can be punished.

      shit. a lot of yaoi has highschool boys – and they consider anything under 18 as punishable. i wonder what the fujoshi will do.

      and japan moral brigade is also pushing for making drawn *con illegal – – in japan, once you go to jail, your life is done for.

      i’m against real kids being abused in anyway. but if they’re over zealous about drawn stuff, how can people get release? it’s wrong to do thought crime now? it’s safer to hurt real kids (derppriestsderp)than to fap to imaginary ones…

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome. USA: land of the weak and home of the bound. And yes, I DO live here and no, I do not understand where these people are coming from when no crime was done to a living, real person by convicted, said person.

    • Anonymous says:


      Child pornography involves the abuse of actual, live children.

      His procuring of said child porn is helping to create a demand for it, which results in the continuation of its production and the further sexual abuse of children. He’s a part of the system.

      Now if only we could see some form of consistency here… such as imposing life sentences on ALL pedophiles rather than releasing them back into society after two years.

      tldr; Don’t defend pedophiles. They’re sick freaks.

  • Anonymous says:

    This makes me picture a funeral for the symbols of justice and freedom (heck add superheroes too)

    The land of the free has now truly have forsook freedom and justice.

    RIP – Constitution
    Mercilessly trampled by politics whose country’s slogan was to be “The land of the free”.

    But I cant help but picture a storm in the future over this.

    “For land has become not of the free… I believe it is time for the brave to rise up for their home!”

      • Anonymous says:

        That video isn’t sickening. What is sickening is that some people like it, and yet they say “I’m not a pedo!”

        The fact is that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, period and done with!

        The sooner society realizes that, the sooner we can move on and put the TRUE people in prison who deserve it: those who try to force their sexual morality on other through fiat of law!

        • Anonymous says:

          >>To be blunt and FINAL… pedosexuality is a normal sexuality, and there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘deviant’ sexuality at all.

          Right, so by your definition, getting off on snuffing people (because there are such people), fucking a llama, or fucking dead people is totally normal? Because, you know, last time I checked, deviance is still deviating from what is normal.

        • Anonymous says:

          >> Children are also smarter than you take them for, with all the sexual matter displayed on your idiot box, radio, and internet, these children know quite a lot about sex. I knew about sex at 6 years old because of the combination of the first 2(internet wasn’t that popular when i was growing up, and i had no computer). Guess what, kids are curious and make choices whether you like it or not. I know kids when i was going to elementary school that had sex with each other and even teachers, knowing full well what they were doing (and they were only 10-12).

          And this is precisely why children still need guidance. Knowing something doesn’t necessarily mean they already have the capability to know if it’s right or wrong. Whether or not you agree with it, there is still the issue of morality that every sane and mature person needs to know and simply put, children are NOT mature enough for those kinds of decisions.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, they said the same thing about heterosexuality outside of marriage, blacks having sex with whites and homosexuality. The fact is that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, period and done with.

          ALL the -philias, in fact, are normal sexualities.

          You don’t choose to be heterosexual or homosexual either, you are just BORN AS THAT! So are pedosexuals.

          The only reason that pedosexuality looks ‘abnormal’ is because people have ‘guilt’ over it… well, so did homosexuals when people were bashing on their sexuality back in the day!

          To be blunt and FINAL… pedosexuality is a normal sexuality, and there is NO SUCH THING as a ‘deviant’ sexuality at all.

          A sexuality that someone else might dislike, and has NO RIGHT to force their like or dislike on other people, but not a deviant one.

        • Anonymous says:

          “nobody chooses to be a pedophile”…can i buy some crack from you? Or are you just that stupid to actually believe that. Any and all choices you make, you’ve made. Its not like some other person grabbed your arms/legs/penis and forces you to rape someone. Your just like a politicion, whenever the finger gets pointed at you, you just blame it on someone else.

          Children are also smarter than you take them for, with all the sexual matter displayed on your idiot box, radio, and internet, these children know quite a lot about sex. I knew about sex at 6 years old because of the combination of the first 2(internet wasn’t that popular when i was growing up, and i had no computer). Guess what, kids are curious and make choices whether you like it or not. I know kids when i was going to elementary school that had sex with each other and even teachers, knowing full well what they were doing (and they were only 10-12).

          By pushing these laws, your just forcing it to go underground, where it will happen even more *cough* US Prohibition of Alcohol *cough*. Just because you turn a blind eye or demonize something doesn’t mean it still wont happen. Besides, i’m willing to bet that all these politicions/judges/lawyers/general gov’t officials are all closet pedophiles.

        • Anonymous says:

          pedophilia isn’t a normal sexuality, more kind of a mental disorder.
          nobody chooses to be a pedophile.
          that means that it’s something that needs treatment, not making that person an outcast from society and imprisoning him for the rest of his life.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think SC is a haven for 2d followers but i gotta admit, in today’s society in the USA the moment you start watching that on youtube people will look at you funny and have a good chance of ending up in jail (yes people are just THAT dumb)

        ITS A TRAP! (not in the trappish good way)

  • Anonymous says:

    So what happens to priest child molesters? I gurantee this will be all about politics. There is no way they will toss abunch of dirty old men in the slammer with a collar around their neck?

    And this is just to turn attention away from Obama’s horriable job at being a president. The people that get off looking at hardcore BDSM arien’t being targeted(Potential future rapists.) I mean, I rub one out every now and then to Lesbians but that doesn’t mean I’m going to “act” on it, get a sex change, get my “outie turned into an innie” and then go have lesbian orgys.(Which according to pychologists, Will then cause me to go postal and eat the hearts of conservatives(librals give me indegestian.) to gain thier powers.)


      • AmericanOtaku83 says:

        You said it, Anon.

        The USA: Failing since July 4, 1776. Maybe we should’ve let the British win after all?

        However, it looks like this guy possessed porn involving actual children and engaged in sexual acts with a minor. That’s a different story.

        While I have pics of anime lolis, I’m not an actual pedophile who goes on the hunt for real kids. I have 2 nephews and 3 nieces who are young and I would beat the shit out of someone who did something sick like that. As long as the Supreme Court doesn’t outlaw anime altogether, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

        • Anonymous says:

          Bullplop. The fact is that if you like anime loli’s, you DO like real life loli’s….. you just aren’t MAN ENOUGH, like I am, to admit that, because you have been brainwashed with the idea that it is ‘wrong’ to do so.

  • Anonymous says:

    I remember the liberals bleating about how, under the Evil BusHitler and his fascist government, all sorts of laws depriving people of their rights would get passed. Guantanamo Bay would stay open, the war in Afghanistan would go on, people would be held in prison without charge, freedom of speech would be curtailed, and so on. So they elected Obama.

    How’s that working out for you?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks to you guys that:

    1. Watching hentai became a crime.
    2. Reading of ero manga also became a crime.
    3. Having loli ecchi manga also also became a crime.

    so what’s next?


    • Heh

      That’s what I was thinking all afternoon, but then I remembered that instead of just getting it cut off I could go through with a full sex change and infultrate the femnazis to destroy them from within.

      Meh, it’s almost a plan, but not quite.

      Any better ideas?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well if your a man, your automatically dangerous to feminazis, so you may just want to kill yourself now…sadly. We need to learn how to colonize other planets and live in space, that way these bullshit laws cannot be enforced so easily. Long live Cowboy Bebop heh.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you want to jail sex offenders longer, why not revise existing laws to give them harsher penalties?

    For that matter, why sentence someone to three years if you thought they were too dangerous to go free after three years?

    The answer, my friends, is that the people in the legal system screwed up. And once they do that, they will never admit it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, no. The people in this case didn’t ‘screw up’, the judge looked at the facts and said “Not dangerous person, 3 years!”

      The fact is that pedosexuals are becoming an ‘underclass’ like homosexuals and heterosexuals outside of marriage were at one point.

      The sad fact is that a good bit of society think that what they see on Law & Order: SVU is reality…. it is not!

        • Anonymous says:

          My point is that a kid still does not have the full set of knowledge to make an informed decision based on morality, or right or wrong as the world functions as a whole. Their set of decision-making knowledge is only up to their limited views and knowledge of the world. That is why they need to be given the time to grow up and mature.

        • Anonymous says:

          That kids can whore for candy? Because that’s what your point sounds like. I do get what you mean, but maybe you didn’t quite think it through this time.

          If adult/child sex would ever become legalized, people probably wouldn’t even be allowed to pay for it, as that would make the kid a child prostitute.

        • Anonymous says:

          I applaud your wise words.

          It’s ridiculous how stupid children are considered by adults.

          Then there are the ass-backwards laws…Sure, you’re old enough to own a dozen guns and drive a pick up, but you can’t decide if you want to have sex.

          But the biggest problem with pedosexuality is that many adults would probably not play by the child’s rules.

          A child can give consent to sex, sometimes even initiate a sexual encounter, but can just the same express his/her disposition to it, or pain and discomfort during the act. If at this point the adult doesn’t desist, then his/her actions are punishable by law.

          Sure, the child (depending on age) probably doesn’t comprehend all about sex, but then again, most adults most likely don’t know half of what it does to the human body either. For example, it’s incredibly healthy, both mentally and physically (as long as it’s not done in a harmful manner and both participants are clear of STDs), or how you can tell for sure if a chick isn’t faking an orgasm. (Area around the top of the breastbone turns red (like blushing).
          That doesn’t mean a child can’t enjoy it.

          If there is no harm done (physical trauma, mental abuse), both parties give consent and receive pleasure through it, then…where’s the harm?

          Like said above, problem is that adults can force themselves on the child. That is rape just like forcing sex on another adult, which should never be acceptable.

          If both enjoy it, what’s wrong with it?

          (Pardon my possibly poor spelling, not my native language)

        • Anonymous says:

          >>Adults believe that children can’t decide for themselves, but I believe that, if you play by the child’s rules, having sex with one is not only doable, but will not give the child any sort of trauma either.

          Children can decide for themselves, but only up to what they understand (and being kids, theeir concept of what should and shouldn’t, and what is acceptable or not is very limited). Give the child a never-ending supply of sweets and they’ll eat it non-stop without care for getting a stomachache or cavities. Give the child a priceless artifact or item and they’ll just as trade it for candy or something they fancy without care of its worth. Do you get my point, or are you still daydreaming about fucking that little schoolgirl you saw earlier?

        • Anonymous says:

          Children are curious by nature and smarter than you take them for.

          I’ve read several stories about elementary school children who’ve had sex in class when the teacher was away, because they were curious and wanted to see what it was like.

          Adults believe that children can’t decide for themselves, but I believe that, if you play by the child’s rules, having sex with one is not only doable, but will not give the child any sort of trauma either.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they would. Seriously. US law allows them to charge you under US law even if you committed the crime in another country. They just extradited a guy from Thailand and will be trying him in the US for crimes committed in Thailand. That was just last week.

  • Anonymous says:

    Democrats are as socially conservative as Republicans. They are all old Christian men who apply their ugly moral justice to all the people of the world. We shouldn’t let them! Fuck them all!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, no, they aren’t. A lot of my liberal friends are looking at stuff like this and being HORRIFIED at what is going on here!

      They are seeing that this is basically putting sexual morality on people at the tip of a gun, just like was done to homosexuals and heterosexuals outside of marriage years ago.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you’re a lolicon then you should buy a gun today. If you’re ever ‘busted’ then you should use that gun. With this ruling in place, you’ve literally got nothing left to lose once you’ve been caught. Being a convicted lolicon is now basically the same as being a convicted murderer – save only that the lolicon is perhaps even more reviled. If you’re going do the time, you might as well do the crime. I’m not going to tell you who to shoot first, but, I will suggest you save the last bullet for yourself.

  • No freedom of speech? wtf am I doing here then? I need to GTFO asap. Now where in the whole fucking world is there a place that makes AT LEAST ONE OUNCE OF SENSE?

    Seriously, these dictators getting into our political system and doing whatever the hell they want ignoring our rights need to gather up so we can send them all together to the moon or some shit.

  • Anonymous says:

    you guys are blowing this out of proportion. first of all, sexual predators and the like are being released all the time, all they have to do is receive treatment and promise or pretend not to do it again (my dad works in a state psychiatric ward). second of all, child porn is a huge issue here in the states. the vast majority of the country does not tolerate it, so the laws passed will reflect that. welcome to a democracy. here you can be put to death because a jury of randomly selected people thinks you are a bad person.

    don’t act as if your rights are being trampled on. if there was real true freedom of speech you could potentially see a bunch of people freely parading in KKK uniforms in the streets of new york, but you dont see that do you. get a clue.

    • Anonymous says:

      Democracy is shit because it reinforces the stupid, baseless beliefs of the population instead of what’s actually best for people. USA is actually a republic, since the laws are decided by a small class of representatives, but they’re as dumb and small-minded as everybody else.

      I support a Philosopher King state.

  • Anonymous says:

    The highlander is on right now…

    How can they be so irresponsible as to show the highlander to america’s impressionable populace.

    Next thing you know half of america will be convinced they’re immortal scotsmen and decapitate each other until theres only one…

    Wait…that’d solve a lot of problems.


  • Anonymous says:

    ‘nice’ logic….

    -this kid play GTA, and killing virtual people while laughing.
    -this kid surely got mental illness because he laugh while killing virtual people.
    -this kid is a dangerous kid who will grow up and kill people…
    -before he start killing real people and to protect societies from killers, throw him to jail.
    -sentence their parents for giving birth to a potential killer.
    -sentence his relatives cousins as well since probably they still share the same traits as they’re from the same ancestor.
    -convict all his friends since probably they got influenced and became a potential killer as well.
    -convict all his friends’ family for giving birth to a potentially influenced killer.

  • MasterX25 says:

    OMG, I am soo fucking pissed at America right now. The freaking country was built around freedom, and yet government just takes them away from them like China, and I bet it won’t be long till the become China(not that what China is doing is wrong, America is being a hypocrite).
    Argh laws are so fucked up these days, you wonder the people who made them are high on drugs or something, cause their only encouraging them to kill the children than to rape them(their dead, so less evidence to find the killer).

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. Iraq and Afganistan wars, bank and car company bailouts, Arizona’s anti-Mexican law, and this… America is really f@#$ing up big time as of late. I’mm all for putting a bullet in the head of serious serial criminals, but when I say that, I’m talking about guys who have been convicted of serious crimes on multiple occasions, like serial rapists and serial murders. You can’t jail punks and one time law breakers/benders for life just because they might with no proof become repeat criminals. Why is it minor criminals get their asses handed to them while muti-murdering drug dealing child raping beheading criminals get half their light sentence and are set loose, repeatedly? USA fails. I hate this country, and I hate the state of Illinois the most.

  • Anonymous says:

    People rage without even understanding the rationale or functioning of the law. I am not from the USA so I don’t really care but I am sure the Act leaves room for the courts to interpret in light of the particular circumstances of each case in order to avoid any gross injustice. People forgot that the majority of pedophiles don’t fap to Tenshi but kidnap little boys and make shrines out of their skin. If you don’t want laws then move to Africa.

    • Excuse me, NO! That is the most abject LIE in history. The fact is that pedosexuals who do those things in question are EXCEEDINGLY rare!

      To the point that saying that people like Ted Bundy are the mean for homosexuals!

      It’s a lie! The only people who can say what you just said with a straight face: habitual liars.

  • LanceRayne says:

    i’m more terrified that our US politicians and Christian anal prob experts are better terrorists then the ones that blow themselves and ppl up…
    they die on the first try (lest they are achmed the dead terrorist, then it’s premature explosion) however, a politician/lobbyist keep on coming back to haunt us.
    time to commit a real offense so i have a better date to the hangman’s noose as opposed to life incarceration… kill me plz
    politicians/lobbyists need to realize that the populace doesn’t quite think on the high and mighty, more of “where’s mah next check”?

  • Anonymous says:

    Pedophiles needs help not jail… I don’t know much about a pedophile’s mentality so I’m just guessing that they are miserable creatures who wants to share their feelings with a child. Why on Earth can’t those pedophiles having child porn on their PC if it’s photoshopped without violating any personal rights? Wouldn’t it be better for them to get a little salvation by watching it in front of a PC rather than in front of a schoolyard? Does the USA have pedophile prevention at all? There is call centers for suicidals or old people who can’t talk to anyone, can’t those pedophiles just call for help and treat them in a hospital or something?
    Tbh I fantasies about becoming a warlord and put to flames the neighbouring countries, does it mean if I have a picture in my PC from Attila or Hannibal then I will start a war? Omg I needz help please arrest me!
    Of course there are the other type of pedophiles who doesn’t deserve mercy: those who just wants to rape childs after watching the new anime episode and between getting home from the supermarket with the new manga. Also they must be punished for participating in 9/11 and selling mustard gas materials for Saddam Hussein… don’t forget they are killing the whales and steal the aid from Ethiopians! :PPPP
    Srsly nowadays people are less and less humans when it comes to solve a problem, you can punish a rapist as you please, not someone who just happened to have bizarre fantasies.

    ps.: My friend used to say: Let’s smoke something illegal…a child porn videotape!

    • Anonymous says:

      No, they don’t need help or jail. They need idiots like you to realize that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality like any other, and that since we are born with genitals, it’s pretty obvious that we are supposed to be using them from birth or soon afterwards.

      It’s time to realize that children have the right to sexual encounters, and adults have the right to ask them if they can have sex with them.

      • It’s time to realize that children have the right to sexual encounters, and adults have the right to ask them if they can have sex with them.

        And you, Sir, have the right to remain silent….

    • Anonymous says:

      No, we don’t need ‘help’…. what we need is for asshats like you to realize, that just like heterosexuals outside of marriage and homosexuals, that pedoSEXUALITY is a NORMAL sexuality, and that there is nothing wrong with making love with children.

      That is PERIOD, DONE WITH, OVER!

      I like having sex with adults as a child, and when I see this abject BULLCRAP going on….. I get angry….. SEEING RED ANGRY!

      It takes quite a bit to get me that angry, but this bullcrap has gotten to that point…. and 500 miles past it!

      Pedosexuals are just the new ‘boogie man’ now that homosexuals and heterosexuality outside of marriage are accepted by 98% of Americans.

      • Anonymous says:

        >> No, we don’t need ‘help’…. what we need is for asshats like you to realize, that just like heterosexuals outside of marriage and homosexuals, that pedoSEXUALITY is a NORMAL sexuality, and that there is nothing wrong with making love with children.

        >> That is PERIOD, DONE WITH, OVER!

        >> I like having sex with adults as a child, and when I see this abject BULLCRAP going on….. I get angry….. SEEING RED ANGRY!

        >> It takes quite a bit to get me that angry, but this bullcrap has gotten to that point…. and 500 miles past it!

        >> Pedosexuals are just the new ‘boogie man’ now that homosexuals and heterosexuality outside of marriage are accepted by 98% of Americans.

        Do you even fucking read and understand what you write?! There is nothing wrong with fucking children?! God, I hope someone tracks down your IP and beats you bloody senseless with a bat.

        And you know what I don’t understand? How some sane posts defending why pedophilia is not normal and should be treated gets downvoted while posts like this do not. It almost seems like all of you are enabling this lunatic.

        Yet another proof that SanCom users are kiddy fuckers.

        • Honestly? I’m more apathetic to that issue than anything else. I don’t agree with pedophilia….. but so long as no actual children were harmed in the making of doujins or hentai, I don’t care.

          Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I may not see eye-to-eye with you, but I won’t necessarily downvote you to shut you up.

        • Anonymous says:

          And like what I said, I’ve noticed that most anti-pedophilia posts here are being downvoted while most pro-pedophilia posts are either maintained neutral or being upvoted. From what I understand on this site, only registered users (like you) can downvote/upvote posts. So what does that say about the users? Probably, that at worst, you guys are apathetic to pedophilia and at best, tolerate or maybe even encourage it. And don’t even deny that, Miroku. You only need to read the posts here to realize that.

        • Anonymous says:

          >> Nice job stereotyping the rest of us. Now, learn to differentiate between lolicons and actual child predators, or gb2 4chan. The other trolls miss you there.

          And like I said, I see posts where pedophilia is being criticized and yet they’re not downvoted, while those which are obviously pedophiliac in nature are left alone and even upvoted. From what I understand of this site, only registered users (like you) can downvote/upvote replies, so clearly its either at worst you guys are apathetic to those pro-pedophilia replies (but get butthurt at anti-pedophilia) or at best, enabling them. Now tell me, why is that so? Unless you people are in agreement with what they said.

  • I have to agree with the spirit of this law. There are many of criminals in prisons that have no hope of living honest lives if released, so they should just be kept in there. Naturally the law will be used needlessly sometimes, but that’s unavoidable.

    USA would do well to reduce the length of normal sentences though, or they will have a big problem in their hands when this indefinite imprisonment is applied to all dangerous prisoners

  • Anonymous says:

    This isn’t about anything but increasing the power of the government to do anything it wants to the people (or to a specific person who is on a powerful person’s shit-list).

    “Due process of law” does not necessarily mean fairness.

    Officer: “You’re under arrest.”
    Citizen: “What… what for?!”
    Officer: “It doesn’t matter.”

  • Anonymous says:

    Life imprisonment for thought crimes. Lesser sentence for actually killing people. You have got to be shitting me.

    It’s the government heads that have the mental illness, and need to be imprisoned according to their reasoning.

  • chronomaster says:

    How much longer until USA is just one giant prison? :V

    I mean, come on. It’s not hard to see why we have one of the highest prison populations in the world when we come up with more ways to not only detain people, but also keep them indefinitely.

  • Anonymous says:

    So the guy was “committed” as in crazy as a loon and is been held for both his and the public’s safety. While I do not care for nut-houses I understand the need to keep truly crazy people off the streets and away from people’s kids.

  • Anonymous says:

    the problem is 99% of peoples will not complain about this law so this is the reality … Soon or later they also start to jail all possible terro’s or killers in the jail too :p

  • Anonymous says:

    I bought some hentai a while back…It’s not lolicon but I’m seriously considering destroying it since I’m foreseeing this law being used on someone owning comics. I wonder if the hentai says that “everyone portrayed in this is over 18” constitutes a legal defense, and I wonder if the hentai DOESN’T say it then prosecutors can use that against you.

      • There is an organization for PROTECTING the makers of erotic comics.

        They were going to get involved in a case not too long ago, but the idiot involved folded before they could.

    • Anonymous says:

      There’s no way in fuck they can possibly say a character is underage, when the artist specifies that they’re not. In before “All characters depicted are 300 year old robots” in every h-manga.

      • Anonymous says:

        see, thats the simple way of defeating this bullshit against anime/manga characters. Just declare them non-human characters of legal age. Whos to say an alien that looks like a human 10 year old isn’t 700 years old? Till humankind has met every kind of alien in the universe and can prove us wrong, that should hold up…or not, its not like the justice system gives a shit about whos guilty or innocent anymore, its all about whos making money, so if they make money by putting your ass in jail, your probably gonna go to jail.

        Welcome to Terrorist Dictatorship, the oldest government system in existance, Oppressing the people of the world for over 10000 years.

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, we all say this country/planet is fucked at this right, but maybe it’s better that way. Maybe things have gotten so fucked up, that the only thing left to do is let this shit run it’s course, wait for everything to self destruct and implode on itself, and then rebuild anew.

    Will innocent people get caught up? Of course. All we can do is try to help as many as we can and prepare for the worst, and be ready to rebuild when the time comes.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guarantee most people bitching and moaning here will bitch about it now, sleep it off, and go back to their regularly scheduled lives without doing anything about this or making any kind of noise.

    My 2 cents? Don’t bother pouring your heart on soul on here unless you plan to do something, ANYTHING about it. All you’d be doing is preaching to the choir.

    • Anonymous says:

      Damn right, sista. We should get together. All of us. We might be small alone, but together we have just as much power as any big lobbying company or whatever the hell. Plus we actually care about this shit. Let’s get the fuck down to Washington and start protesting – let’s write to and MEET our fucking representatives and explain how this is problematic – let’s all chip in and even bribe them fuckers to get this law repealed.

  • Anonymous says:

    anyone appose to the fascist government like July4patriot who the government pull some strings to make his wife accuse him of sexually abusing his own daughter. July4patroit was freed and proven innocent. Now they just pass a no trail no jury and boom anyone appose their rule will be carted away forever. Can’t anyone see this?!?!?!

  • how is it you can kill people and get out of jail without life sentence

    then all you have to do is have look at CP and you get life sentence…..

    USA keeps giving me more reasons wanting to leave

    • Anonymous says:

      Easy answer…it’s an unjust law and since it’s better to die in a firefight guns blazing than rotting in jail until you’re 80, it’ll encourage them to stop whining about the first amendment, embrace the second, and use all of the legal automatic weaponry they can get their hands on in the most epic of endings a life can ever get.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well this is just another example of the Supreme Court getting it wrong, and the Democrats applauding this is even worse.

    The Bill of Rights and the Constitution are nothing but worthless pieces of paper once again in the eyes of the Court.

    • They’ve been using the Bill of Rights and Constitution as toilet paper for a while now. Rather expensive toilet paper, paid for in the blood, sweat, and tears of people who fought the good fight (violent or non-) for those rights.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    See why I call it “AmeriKKKa”?

    Nice country it used to be, but now is a decaying insult to what it was and is a sickening mutant of the failure of all it’s potential.

    It was a long time killing, taking at least 50 years. 50 years of the prosperity being squeezed out a penny at a time. 50 years of every act of true progress being subverted. 50 years of it’s media being bought out and all the protections against monopoly being eroded. 50 years of it’s public growing more and more complacent.

    I could go on, but it was a long slow death and no one complained as long as they weren’t the person being oppressed by it. They didn’t care about it forcing produce dumped on Haiti, nor the death squads that murdered farmers. They didn’t care about the man who lost his position at the shoe factory when the whole thing moved overseas. They didn’t care about the increasing illegals because as long as they had that computer degree they were fine, till the internet got speedy and people from India and China could scab and do a half-arsed job quicker and cheaper.

    It’s a disgusting failed dream now. It’s sad really, it was meant to be the “Great work of Alchemy”… Any of you read Alchemy beyond that Anime? A centuries long work meant to elevate mankind not just out of the dark ages but to a level that surpassed Ancient Rome. It worked for a while, but the spell that was in place was corrupted, subverted by other ones, black magicians. Just look up the “Conspiracy” sites for the proof. All the hidden symbols everywhere.

    But we got a good media to distract us. With “Reality” shows. Moral outrage, oh “Think of the CHILDREN!!!”….

    BTW-the 80s/early 90s “Satanic Panic” in the media was almost a perfect cover for the “S&L scandal”.

    In theory, this could be averted…

    If people could go on jury duty and be informed enough to know they can “Nullify” a law if unjust. Say “This guy only had naughty pictures. The penalty he faces is unjust. Not guilty. Go chase an employer who hires illegals or an oil company that chokes an ocean…”

  • bad.

    under the circumstances at which it presented itself, it opens the gateway to allowing both more severe and petty crimes to constitute permanent lock up in prison.

    the man didn’t have a second chance, you just don’t lock a guy up forever based on the “potential” or “possibility” that he might rape a kid in the future. Once you start giving sentences based on assumptions or preconceptions, the judicial system becomes a farce no better than the minority report or simple McCarthyism.

    in many ways, it was impossible to prevent. who would argue against it? Fight for the rights of a man who might one day rape your kid? It would be political suicide.

  • Anonymous says:

    looool good old america … to conclude some reasoning on the first posts in the article about the politics, people just dont get that as time goes by the mentality of people come to change because of contact with another culture.

    They just dont get that people from now on ill have other needs that doesnt suit this square of rules and principles they call society …


  • Anonymous says:

    I had faith in the Supreme Court with several of their decisions. Brandenburg v. Ohio, Engel v. Vitale, Abington School District v. Schempp, Miranda, Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, the separation of church and state… etc. But I guess I’m rooting for them less an less.

    The difference between what’s distasteful, and what can be proved to be harmful was made clear in Ashcroft. Sooner or later people might have proposed games to banned for killing cops, or shows to banned for insulting religion. That’s why virtual child pron was declared legal in the U.S.

    The only thing I can say is that it seems the guy had real child pron, but the punishment is still ridiculous. “Punishing people for crimes that they may commit.”

    But some people here seem to bash U.S. for the hell of it. America’s multi-faceted, and much more complicated than people make it out to be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Great. Now that one’s prison sentence can be overruled without parole, why don’t they make the US into one big giant penal colony then? Build a wall along the borders and then announce that everyone is on life sentence because “you’re going to commit crime anyway sometime” kind of thinking.

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, isn’t this mean you have a chance of life sentence for only stealing 5 cent?

    wow, I bet many people will be thinking, “If I will be imprisoned for stealing few cents, why not stealing some thousand, and have a taste of killing the cashier,it will be the same punishment anyway right?”

    • seems to me they entity known as the government has just found a way to make their own sentencing system. now no matter what law is broken, you look at facing life…. and all this time i thought it was the government that should fear it’s people, not the other way around.

      they haven’t even put restrictions on what crimes they can apply this to. also who decides whos sentence should be extended. is it voted on?

      a smile cracked across my face when an american crashed a plane into the IRS building. I’m waiting on another couragous one to do something about this. maybe that’s what’s wrong with this country. too many people like me waiting on someone else to fix their problems.

      i suppose i just need a plan…

  • Anonymous says:

    wow, life sentence for CP but never actually have sex with children?

    man, if I was that guy and I know things will become like this, I’ll rape some real loli(many, even).

    I mean, you’re going to spend life in jail right either way right? why not making some nice memory to hold on with?

  • Neutral_Eyes says:

    “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” – Adolph Hitler (Mein Kampf)

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, most of that quote isn’t by Hitler at all. It was dreamed up and attributed to Hitler in 2004 by a Rabbi called Daniel Lapin. Now of course, why would a Rabbit want to make Hitler sound bad?

      • Anonymous says:

        “In this field the People’s State will have to repair the damage that arises from the fact that the problem is at present neglected by all the
        various parties concerned. It will be the task of the People’s State to make the race the centre of the life of the community. It must make sure
        that the purity of the racial strain will be preserved. It must proclaim the truth that the child is the most valuable possession a people can
        have. It must see to it that only those who are healthy shall beget children; that there is only one infamy, namely, for parents that are ill or show hereditary defects to bring children into the world and that in such cases it is a high honour to refrain from doing so.” — actual quote from Mein Kampf,

        The exact words are not present and the context was that of racial purity and sterilization of “undesirables”. However, in concept it is similar to what is currently happening. Both are exploiting the inherent mammalian protectionism of offspring. Think in this way, “Kill or sterilize all Jews, Homos and feeble minded as they are the filth” will invoke feeling of disgust. Now rephrase it as “Kill or sterilize all Jews, Homos and feeble minded to protect children from suffering!” will invoke feeling of support from masses.

  • Remarkable! Now there is no reason to release terrorists in Guantanamo! This ruling provides precedence for holding them indefinitely until government psychologists conclude they are “cured” of their violent behavior!

    AND THE LIBERAL JUSTICES VOTED FOR THIS! …only two strict constructionists objected.

    When corruption reigns, “justice” depends upon who’s ox is gored. A liberal woman will put a violent sex offender away for good, even though she thinks a violent terrorist needs his day in court to explain why his “beliefs” excuse the violence.

    Certainly the executive department has all the power it needs to protect the people from violent death, but the legislature should write into the law the criteria for mental illness exceptions, NOT a handful of “Supremes”.

    • we all know that the LAW is above the law. i don’t like the thought of pedophiles roaming free. i do want to have children eventually. but if you examine the way the government has blinded the people, you start to appreciate the gravity of their decisions. in example.

      say i’m downloading illegal porn on a p2p program. now it is not my intention to download child pornography, but because of mass renaming i accidentially acquire some. it is immediately deleted from my computer, however not before the FBI has a chance to track the IP adress of the original provider and all who downloaded from him.

      before i know it i’m in court being charged with pedophile charges and all i wanted to see was a MILF get fucked in the ass.

      the uninformed jury decides that even though i never decided to download kiddy porn, i was still downloading illegally and they decide on a guilty verdict with a slap on the wrist sentence. 6 months in prison and being labeled a sex offender.

      now my sentence is rounding out and i’m prospected with living the rest of my life labeled as a sex offender. because of a computer mistake.

      one week before my release this law passes. my entire life is ruined and predecided to be spent behind bars. say i was just old enough to be tried as an adult. from my teens 17 to my twenties-thirties-forties long after those who voted for the law are dead and into my seventies. all behind bars and no JUSTICE of america to set me free.

      suddenly i’m living in a facist country and the soul of america is dead. it was snuffed out by a virus. the one that made the anti-virus (the constituion) no longer effective.

      i would like to revolt, but we still need to increase numbers and mobilize.

      to quote benjamin franklin “join or die”

      • Anonymous says:

        TheBeast, as I keep on saying… IT’S PEDO-SEXUALITY! It’s a totally normal sexuality that a bunch of people bash upon because they have been raised with the BULLCRAP that children ‘cannot tell an adult not to do something sexual to them’…. LIE!

        The fact is that children are VERY able to do that thing in question and do it on a regular basis, by running to another adult….. when a child DOESN’T do that, as in the case of myself in childhood, you should assume that they LIKE the sexual encounters and leave them alone.

        That is the truth, coming from my own experiences as a child.

  • Anonymous says:

    Maybe if he was shown to be having sex with lolis before imprisonment and then while in prison foamed at the sight of children, sure; but just for having child porn? What the fuck. What shows that the fetish will lead to something more?

  • Anonymous says:

    Even as someone generally against actual pedophiles, the thoughts behind this are pretty disturbing. My problem with it is that it makes no mention of oversight for the accused. It’s just a case of “Hey, you had child pornography on your computer! Rot forever!”

    Speaking as a regular denizen of 4chan, I’m pretty sure that my cache always has a few actual 3D child pornography pictures thanks to fucktards who post them on /b/ and the fact that there’s not much the mods can do besides killing the posts as they come.

    The idea that some jackass posting CP behind a proxy leading me to an indefinite jail sentence because I forgot to clear my cache after surfing /b/ is scary. I mean, damn… If the post is far enough down, I might not even know that the picture was there!

  • So, hang on. A man who has never had sexual contact with a child is deemed a dangerous child predator, and left in jail without any hope of freedom, while those that actually do commit sexual violence against one or more children are let out after only several years of so called rehab?
    I have suddenly lost respect for my country’s justice system.

    • Anonymous says:

      People who have commited sexual violence against actual children are fair game for this law. It just happened to apply to someone who owned child porn, which does in fact exploit real children.

      • Anonymous says:

        And it’s only you who is saying that he exploited anyone. As I have said many times before, most cases of ‘child sexual abuse’ are actually consensual sexual encounters between adults and children.

        • People like you is what gives those freedom destroyers the weaponry to destroy what freedom already exist against us. Actually you may be a moralfag pretending of being the opposite opinion just so you can look disgusting and take us down with you.
          Stop posting as anon.

          Have you ever seen an 8 year old accepting sex? Stop your bullshit. Sure a 16 year old may be consensual but that doesn’t go for little kids. Kids don’t like those sort of staff. There is no fucking consensual.

    • Same here what respect I had for it died today.
      He NEVER had any sexual contact with a child.

      This sounds like a creepy yet harmless person not worth anymore effort and money then keeping a close eye on.

      I do not support Elena Kagan’s views that someone could be held indefinitely in an assumption.
      This includes being suspected of financing a terrorist organization.

      She also is not fit to be a supreme court justice in that she has no experience as a judge.

      As for Stephen McAllister he even looks like a creep.
      Take a look it’ll make you skin crawl.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. The USA has officially become a fascist police state with this.

    The government just decides someone is dangerous and can hold him for life? Sounds like what we fought against in WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc…

    BTW, I’m sure politicians from both sides of the aisle played a part in this travesty. The supreme court is populated from both ends of the political spectrum.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, we all saw this coming. This is the “ANY SEXUALITY EXCEPT HETEROSEXUALITY INSIDE OF MARRIAGE” idiots WET DREAM!

      I’m betting that pretty soon, we will see move to declare homosexuality a ‘deviant’ sexuality once again….. and have a civil war, if not GLOBAL war because of that!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, actually.
      Junkies only damage themselves long term.
      When you kill someone, you don’t go on killing them for the rest of their existance.
      I know several people who were abused as kids. they’re still suffering today, one of them is ridiculously screwed up, all because of some fucking 16 year old and his fucked up experimentation.
      You can bitch and moan bout how this shit ain’t real, but at the end of the day, it’s still sexualisation of children. you are being aroused by the child form. This is a dangerous mental disorder, and one that you need to be treated for, outside of society.
      Go fuck yourselves all you fucking paedophiles.

    • Anonymous says:

      This has no relation to that. They’ve already been judged guilty. This decision just says that if the government deems you ‘dangerous’ (and such a slippery slope that can lead to), they’re within their rights to keep you in prison forever.

  • SpideyPHL says:

    This is something I’d normally expect from Republicans…bipartisanship in only the worst places it seems. I hate the prospect of actually agreeing with Scalia on anything, but this is a pretty egregious power grab at the expense of lolis everywhere!

    • That law basically includes any convict.

      [quote]The solicitor general for Kansas, Stephen McAllister, a supporter of the law, suggests that allowing indefinite civil commitment for all kinds of criminals might now be possible[/quote]

      A guy stole some food in a store? Into the dungeons!

      • Anonymous says:

        Lolicon artwork, NOT CP, is defended under the constitution and has precedence with supreme court backing. However, it’s one of those “We don’t care, you’re convicted if you’re caught” sort of deals.

        A defense would be reference to the legal precedence set by the S.C., with the matter being more of an opinion of indecency or crudeness on the subject rather than the legality of it. Aside from that, so much for Constitutional Rights.

        • @apez.
          Well that was how the Nazis got started.
          They did not start throwing Jews into ovens on day one.
          They used various specters people feared to gain power.
          One of first things that had to go was free speech and due process and they got the people to sign them away.
          The Camel’s nose metaphor comes to mind.

          Let him get his nose in in the tent his body will soon follow.

          I suggest reading a history book on the Nazi’s rise to power before they get revised.

        • Anonymous says:

          The founding fathers probably had relatives that were married to children.

          It wouldn’t have been protected because they married young back then.

          America 2012: Building a bridge to Victorian Britain.

        • so your comparing genocide to imprisement in jail for thoes that the only option is execution or jail? REALY? next time u get a parking ticket tell the oficer that they are Nazis and should just kill you rather then a ticket

        • Anonymous says:

          The people behind these laws such as Elena Kagan and Stephen McAllister don’t care about free speech.
          They represent a type of scum we have not seen since the 1940s.

          People like them are the most dangerous type of person there is period they make Osama look like a teddy bear.
          The last time villains of this type got control of a country it resulted in what is remembered in history as the Holocaust.

          Another group of them caused the cold war which held the world hostage for 40 years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Incorrect. The Supreme Court is a gamble. While there are two conservative judges who are always conservative and one liberal judge (now) who is always liberal, the rest of them rule however they see fit, meaning you get some real head-scratching moments sometimes.

        Personally I want to meet the lawyers who argued this case for them. The district attorney must have been as charismatic as Jesus…

  • Depends on the kind of pornography… it IS pretty bad if it was 3D, but nothing justifies imprisonment without a fair trial. It’s a principle kind of thing.

    And a gross violation of human rights supported by the State.

  • Anonymous says:

    Another stupid law is inacted and only half the USA is happy? That isn’t fair at all. First that lame immigrant law AZ pulled and now another law that goes against the Constitution? What is the US coming to?

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re lack of U.S. knowledge astonishes me.

        The fifth amendment prevents individuals from being deprived of life, liberty, or property without “due process of law.” Because the individual in question was convicted this may not apply, but…

        The eighth amendment forbids cruel and unusual punishment:
        “A severe punishment that is clearly and totally rejected throughout society.”
        “A severe punishment that is patently unnecessary.”

        I believe the mass majority of americans would agree that extending a 3 year sentence for child pornography to lifetime in prison without another trial is cruel and unusual. If he had been a rapist it might have been a little different, but the fact is he never sexually assaulted anyone.

        The constitution is not decided by the supreme court. They are only allowed to “interpret” it. The constitution is decided by congress.
        To Propose Amendments
        Two-thirds of both houses of Congress vote to propose an amendment
        To Ratify Amendments
        Three-fourths of the state legislatures approve it

        Forgive me for the long message

        • Anonymous says:

          I don’t agree with that, Char. The fact is that most ‘rapists’ are people with extremely high libidos (to the point where they are simply not responsible for their actions) or their ‘victims’ were not so innocent, cockteasing them until they got what they were bucking for!

          My own cousin had to admit that after being raped by a man she had known for years, because she had been teasing him for quite a long time.

  • CaptainFawful says:

    Everyone is allowed the right to a trial, and last time i checked, everyone includes lolicon.

    So murderers have to go to trial, but people with child pornography go directly to jail? This isn’t monopoly people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I’m seeing a trend here with the government and I might have a “crazy” theory to explain it >_>.

      So people who look at such things as child pornography get life imprisonment and no trial. While people who commit acts of aggression against other people get released after so many years.

      It could be possible that the government “WANTS CRIME”, and are trying to get the “REAL” criminals back on the street as fast as possible so the people become scared and feel the need for the government to help them. (thus increasing the governments power). If they lock away these criminals for life, A) There would be less of them on the street and the public would feel naturally safer. And over time forget about government necessity B)People would be “less likely” to commit said act.

      People who are caught with child pornography however are deemed as the anti-christs on the news, and to make these crazy morality hungry masses happy they have to lock away these evils for all eternity.

      tl; dr version.

      The government is purposely releasing dangerous criminals in the hope of them re-committing a crime.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hit the nail on the head. The fact is that pedosexuality and child pornography are used as a ‘boogie man’ by the religious idiots and politicians, in order to get people to give up their rights.

        Fact is that the people with IQ’s over 100 have realized that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality and are pushing for it to be legalized, because they have seen the very apt comparisons between the bashing of heterosexuals outside of marriage and homosexuals and the bashing of pedosexuals.

        • Anonymous says:

          >>Need I remind who starts wars, who kill other people for little to no reason, etc.?

          And need I remind you who’re responsible for creating a civilization, who makes rules that make a society thrive, who creates ideas that make the world better and execute them, and essentially shape the world into what it is today?

          I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the children.

          Wars and conflicts will always be there as long as life exists: it is natural! Blaming adults because of wars and conflicts is like blaming the animals for trying to survive! Wars are not just the result of opposing ideologies or just plain barbarism, some wars are waged because of survival, and it is in every living creature’s instinct to survive.

          >>Fact is that most adults have NO more ‘experience’ when you look at the F A C T S than children do. They just act like 18+ years = experience, ‘wisdom’, etc….. when it does not!

          Wow, you cannot be more wrong than if you go to a court and legally change your name to Wrong. Most adults do gain much more wisdom as they grow older, gain more experience, and venture out to the real world. Hell, when I think back to myself ten years ago, I can easily think of a dozen different ways I could have changed my life for the better given the knowledge and experience I have now. But then, I suppose thyis is lost to someone who has probably never gone out of their parent’s basement and actually, you know, lived.

        • Anonymous says:

          No, they don’t ‘know’ that they know better than children. They THINK that they do, when the fact is that most times children know better than adults when it comes down to it.

          Need I remind who starts wars, who kill other people for little to no reason, etc.?

          Adults, by and large. Sure, there is an example of that among children from time to time, but the fact is that is the exception to the rule, not the rule.

          You just wish to believe that children are lesser than you are, as I said before, and BRAINWASH them into adhering to YOUR MORALITY and YOUR CHOICES IN LFIE…. which you have no right to do!

          Fact is that most adults have NO more ‘experience’ when you look at the F A C T S than children do. They just act like 18+ years = experience, ‘wisdom’, etc….. when it does not!

        • Anonymous says:

          >>So, just because someone is over 18, they automatically become ‘better’ than someone under 18?

          >>And you wonder why so many children are being abused by adults, that is the source of that.

          >>The fact is that children are impressionable and are still learning…. but you are basically trying to say that my opinions have no weight and you are right just because it is you saying you are right!

          >>Pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, and I am going to keep on posting it, because that is bluntly the T R U T H…… in case you cannot read, that spells truth.

          Normal, well-adjusted ADULTS know that they know better than children, hence why they generally give more leeway to kids since they UNDERSTAND that these kids are still growing up and getting knowledge on how the world works via lessons, experience and guidance, up until such a time that children become MATURE enough to know the consequences of their actions and grasp the thorough concept of right and wrong (notice that I did not use a specific age in this or any of my past posts). Adults who do not know this are twisted and have a warped mindset and they are the ones who abuse the children.

          Did I specifically say your opinion does not hold weight? No. But they’re wrong, in the concept of what is acceptable in general society (you know, that core component in the world that essentially holds us together). Children are impressionable; they deserve to grow in an environment that is healthy and conducive to the formation of good values and morals so they’ll become good, well-adjusted, and contributing people of society. You wanting to stick your dick in them while they’re in this phase will not help.

          And THAT is the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, just because someone is over 18, they automatically become ‘better’ than someone under 18?

          And you wonder why so many children are being abused by adults, that is the source of that.

          The fact is that children are impressionable and are still learning…. but you are basically trying to say that my opinions have no weight and you are right just because it is you saying you are right!

          Pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, and I am going to keep on posting it, because that is bluntly the T R U T H…… in case you cannot read, that spells truth.

        • Anonymous says: