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Top 10 Seeds of Jealousy


Japanese men and women asked to rank what makes them jealous of their friends offer up an unsurprisingly materialistic list, with some significant differences between the sexes.

For jealous women:

1. A wide circle of friends

2. Lucky

3. Nice body

4. High income

5. Rich family

6. Cool or cute

7. Nice skin

8. Gift of gab

9. Lovely spouse

10. Popularity

The survey is once again too polite to say “large breasts,” although it can probably be inferred that this is the major component of a “nice body.”

For jealous men:

1. High income

2. Luck

3. Popularity

4. Gift of gab

5. Rich family

6. Good at work

7. A wide circle of friends

8. Clever

9. Lovely spouse

10. Cool or cute

Similar sentiments seem to be felt by both genders, with the very conspicuous exception of the number one spot in both rankings – money and friendships are, not surprisingly, valued rather differently across the sexes.

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