Schoolgirl Panchira – “That’ll Be $60!”


The lascivious behaviour to be undertaken by Japan’s precocious schoolgirls takes the form of an inexplicable act of schoolgirl exposure, the girl in question apparently demanding $60 for a glimpse of her precious pantsu.

The incident reportedly took place in Wakayama prefecture as a middle-aged area resident was walking about town; he was approached by what appeared to be a middle or high schoolgirl.

He was shocked to find that instead of striking up a conversation, the girl instead struck up skirt, laconically telling him “5,000 yen.”

All he could get out was “What are you doing?” before the girl had trotted back to her two waiting friends and left the scene.

Whether a new marketing ploy for her pantsu, a random act of exhibitionism or a half-conceived act of extortion, nobody can say.

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