Top 10 Qualities of the Ideal Husband or Wife


A survey of Japanese men and women reveals just what qualities it is they seek from a prospective husband or wife; the results may very well not be surprising…

For women:

1. Stable work

2. Kindness

3. Desires children

4. Health

5. Compatibility with your parents

6. Good at housework

7. Saves money

8. Is serious

9. Independent from his parents and family

10. Possesses fortitude

The survey’s wording is too polite to say “he has lots of money” (although other surveys are not so circumspect), so it is reasonable to equate this to the “stable job” requirement.

For men:

1. Kindness

2. Good at housework

3. Desires children

4. Understanding about your work

5. Understanding about your hobbies

6. Healthy

7. Compatibility with your parents

8. Calm

9. Possesses fortitude

10. Doesn’t interfere all the time

Leaving aside the desire for a reasonable personality shared by both sexes, quite a gulf between the expectations of the sexes is evident, with women rather concerned with what their partner will do for them in material terms, and men apparently more concerned with what they can avoid having done to them by their partner.

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