Gantz creator Hiroya Oku has angry words for the nation’s NEETs after having apparently having suffered severe injuries at their hands, though fortunately only to his pride as a mangaka.

The exchange as it took place on Twitter:

My wife’s MMO friend asked me ‘If you’re a mangaka why don’t you give me a job as a seiyuu?’ What the hell does she think a mangaka does?


That person now wants to become a mangaka, at 30, and asked me what software to use to do it. Talk about underestimating things..


There are too many damn NEETs in this country who treat life like some kind of joke.

The 2ch response:

Shut it. We know, even if you don’t tell us.

This guy’s a bit weird, isn’t he?

Maybe you end up like this if you don’t have experience of proper work.

What does age have to do with becoming a mangaka?

A normal person probably couldn’t tell the difference between a NEET and a mangaka anyway.

Your wife’s playing MMOs or whatever? You should have shut up after that.

A lot of NEETs will be dying in the next chapter of GANTZ, won’t they?

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