Top 10 Reasons for Becoming an Otaku


A survey of Japanese otaku and/or fujoshi reveals the reasons why they became creepy otaku in some detail.

Those surveyed were mostly high school students, and overwhelmingly female – thus the statistics are as much applicable to “fujoshi” as they are to “otaku,” although the survey questions referred exclusively to “otaku.”

The rather nebulous nature of the term “otaku” also means all kinds of otaku could be included in the statistics, not just obsessive anime fans.

What led you to become an otaku?

1. Manga (26%)

2. Anime (17%)

3. Friends (16%)

4. Games (8%)

5. Siblings (8%)

6. Boys Love (3%)

7. Novels (3%)

8. Seiyuu (2%)

9. Movies (2%)

10. Mobile Internet (2%)

Domination by manga is perhaps unsurprising given the scarcity of anime broadcasts at normal hours, showing that manga rather than anime seems to serve as the major gateway to the lifestyle.

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