Activision: “PS3 Will Outsell Xbox 360”


Activision has said it expects the PS3 to outsell the Xbox 360 in 2010, a sharp turnabout from its previous threats to dump Sony.

The estimates come from internal Activision console sales estimates, with Activision thinking the PS3 will enjoy a 9 million unit increase in install base in 2010, versus 8 million for the Xbox 360.


Leaving aside the issue of two loser companies fighting over a distant second place to Nintendo, Sony still has some way to go before catching up to Microsoft – total global sales stand at approximately 40 million Xboxes vs 35 million PS3s.

This may not however take into account the actual install bases, as there is some suspicion the Xbox’s high failure rate and large number of blocked consoles inflate Xbox hardware sales somewhat – Activision’s sources seems not to think so, however.

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  • Anonymous says:

    well if this would offer some brief lapses of hope. Wii’s games are just as easily sold via piration as much as xbox 360 games are. Microsoft’s doing something to stop this however and well nintendo’s way of doing this is too much of a fail to even remember. Ps3 still gets $$$ via it’s games though. Too bad it took a long time for them to actually be sold as a buy-able product on the gaming market.

  • Anonymous says:

    What the fuck does it matter? All consoles did very well this generation. 360 is still in second place by several million and there’s no chance in hell PS3 will outsellf 360 in America. Most of 360’s games are geared towards Americans anyways. Out of 20 friends of mine that have a 360, only 1 bought it from a break. 6 of ours have broken. 5 of us got it repaired free.

  • Anonymous says:

    If PS3 sales do exceed Xbox 360’s, it’ll largely be because the lot of Xbox 360 owners (and possibly Wii owners) will finally buy a PS3 thanks two the price drop or expected price drop this holiday season, like me. I’m no fan boy, I enjoy owning and playing games on multiple consoles, I just don’t have the money to put out for them.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s unlikely they’d loose that suit. Worst case scenario for them, they’ll settle with some money outside. Why? Simple: court is likely to see their point of doing it only to prevent possible piracy in the future, using the rampant piracy on the PSP as an example.

      • Anonymous says:

        @ Anon 23:00 :

        “A year after you bought a car from us, we took out the spare tire and A.M. radio, to quote-prevent piracy-unquote.”

        Very few people use their A.M. radios or spare tires, but, they PAID for them, and for the manufacturer to remove them after the fact, is pure theft.

  • Anonymous says:

    One needs to also factor in the amount of people who’ve purchased a Playstation 3 as a cheap Blu-Ray player, people who have no intention whatsoever to purchase any actual games.

    Much like the number of actual Xbox 360 repeat purchases, that’s a number that largely goes ignored in the console sale wars. My own anecdotal evidence suggests that roughly a fifth of the people who bought a PS3 did so for the Blu-Ray, but that’s hardly scientific.

    More telling, perhaps, is that at launch, the PS3 actually sold more consoles than they did games – ANY games.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, at launch, you are correct. The PS3 has gotten more and more quality games over the years since then. I hope you’re not one of those people that keep spouting that “PS3 and PSP have no games” BS still.

      • Anonymous says:


        However, I do think the number of people who buy replacement Xbox 360s and the number of people who buy PS3s for a cheap Blu-Ray player are very probably equivelant, if not skewed towards the Xbox 360’s favor thanks to the new chipset the system has.

        The issue with being another trojan for a format like the PS2 was, is that this time the PS3 has remained one of the cheapest Blu-Ray players on the market while also being one of the best, thanks to Sony being the manufacturer. Even today, if you want a cheap, reliable Blu-Ray player, you get a PS3.

        And yes, the fact it can play games is something some people do see as a bonus. However, when the sell through for those people consists of a game every couple of years, they don’t contribute meaningfully to third party sales and companies like Activision don’t really factor them into their business plans.

  • Anonymous says:

    The wii is only selling so much because everybody is buying drivekeys for it. Nintendo doesn’t care if their games are being pirated. They only want their system to sell. I still buy 360 games because I haven’t figured how to mod it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wii games like Mario, Mario, Mario, Pokemon, Zelda, Pokemon, WiiFit, Pokemon, WiiSports, Zelda, Metroid, Mario.

        Oh wait, those are all first-party games. No wonder third-party support consists of casual shovelware and shit. Why bother spending millions developing a quality game on the Wii when your chances of making it back is a 50/50 gamble? Spend a few thousand on a party game and rake in whatever you can scrap.

  • rev effect says:

    im kind of on the same page as the anon above me. i own both the 360 and ps3 but i play the 360 more mostly because there were more games for it that i liked to play than on my ps3. i even play my ps2 more than the ps3. the ps3 does have some good tittles but most of them dont have that great of longevity to me which is what i am looking for in games these days since i dont have much to spend, i could really care less about graphics because sooner or later that game is going to look like crap compared to what comes out after it. gameplay is what matters the most.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder what Activision is basing this on…. Maybe they have some kind of killer game in the works that is going to sell all those consoles?

    Personally, while the PS3 has quite a few games, mine sits around collecting dust because most of the games on the system are not relevant to my interests. I have a total of four PS3 games, plus a few more I look forward to getting such as Ar Tonelico 3 and Atelier Rorona. My 360 title collection is over 35 now, but I didn’t intend it to work out that way, it just did. If the PS3 had G.Rev and Cave shooters along with games like Idolmaster, I would be happy to use my PS3 more.

    Aside from the obvious titles like Disgaea 3, Eternal Sonata, etc, what are some compelling cute titles to pick up on the PS3 right now?

    • TehBoringOne says:

      I know nothing of cute titles, as I simply don’t like them. However, regarding your question about what Activision has under its sleeve, I hear they made a deal with Bungie for a new IP… Maybe that’s what they think will end up selling more PS3s.

      Although I think the new IP will be multiplat, so I could be mistaken and Activision talking out of their asses.

      • RunnerRed says:

        when microsoft replaces your 360, they send you a refurbished model, most of the time. That implies a second hand device with same hardware, as subject (if not more) to failure as your first, and if your model was a non-hdmi, you probably won’t get hdmi 360 (even if this is the third or fourth replacement for the same console).

        So, in the end, first versions buyers need a 360 with more recent and trusty hardware, even if they have been using it in a perfectly legal way. So, expect major sales on the final price drop, i say

      • Anonymous says:

        heh microsoft didn’t cover the defective replacement console they sent me for the other defective xbox i bought. you talk like you think MS will replace any xbox out there

      • Anonymous says:

        Except when it’s a chipped box, then the warranty is void, also quite a few xboxes get blockef from online-play, which get people to buy a new one.

        Still, in the end the most interesting number to look at for developers would probably be game sales for games available on both consoles, where AFAIK xbox is bigger than ps3, indicating that there are more active xbox players than there are ps3-players.

  • Anonymous says:

    Microsoft and Sony are still like flies to Nintendo when it comes to making all the money. If nothing else Nintendo will always be the handheld king. Hell i consider the ds the best console of the generation right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s simply impossible for the PS3 to surpasse the XBOX. For two reasons: PS3 doesn’t breakdown as easily as Xbox, the Xbox get blocked, Xbox are less expensive and the Xbox can be easily pirated.
    Developers will in time prefer the PS3 in terms of profit, because even if it’s harder to develop in PS3 than Xbox, a least for now there isn’t any piracy in PS3. I never understood how developers prefer a system that can easily be pirated over one that isn’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      My xbox 360 did fail once. After that it had no problem at all. Albeit the frustration in which I couldn’t play my games for 3 weeks, microsoft took care of everything including sending the shipping box, and shipping the console back to me without a dime spent from my pocket. Pretty good for console replacement if you ask me. Quite hassle free too I might add. And now after sony released their patch which doesn’t let you play games online or new games unless you update, my ps3 slim have been stripped of its ability to install other OSes. I’m still holding onto my ps3 receipt in case there is a development in the lawsuit of recent.

    • I think it has more to do with the xbox elite versions that came out later on.
      A lot of people I know traded back their old 360s for a new one, which hasn’t happened at all with satisfied fat ps3 users who already had a large HDD at hand.

    • Anonymous says:

      ps3’s actual sales numbers are also inflated. for the majority of the ps3 buyers within the 1st year of launch were adults looking for a blu-ray player.

      I know a large number of adults that own a ps3 and a single game. (resistance: fall of man that came packaged with the game.)

      sorry for being a fanboy butt hurting that the xbox 360 version of games are still outselling the ps3 version of games unless it is obviously made on the ps3 and ported over poorly like FXIII

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? Because, y’know, with a 3-year free replacement warranty, and the console only being out 5 years, it works out you only should’ve bought one replacement console.

  • I wonder how those numbers are really supposed to mean anything?

    So many games come out and are only Japanese releases. Then there is the anti X Box mindset of so many Japanese. But then Japan is hardly the world.

    And selling 3 X-boxes because the first 2 failed hardly counts as 3 installed customers eh.

    Then there's the weird power of the Wii and the Handheld zone.