“75% of Ero-Gamers are Pirates”


Three quarters of eroge users are pirates, with otaku as dishonest and opportunistic as normal people, says a source privy to industry insiders.

From a Twitter based exchange with light novel author Asai Lab, who reports he has been asking around in the eroge industry:

I’ve been speaking to people in the eroge industry. The 2007 market was about 30 billion yen in size ($330 million), over 2 million users. But of that only 500,000 actually buy anything. 1.5 million are pirates. An industry with three quarters of the users being illegal is pretty surprising.


The next thing about the eroge industry: With 75% of users pirates, it’s a given that the people in the industry suffer – creators are paid less and some aren’t even paid on time. They also live in fear of second-hand sales at places like Sofmap.

On top of this, user numbers are decreasing. That is to say, the legitimate users are decreasing in number…


Another thing is that there are no titles which keep selling for years and years, so-called “long sellers.” Sales are determined on the three days following release.

Why? Because most users are nothing but pirates waiting for the release. A pirate release ahead of the legitimate release spells doom for sales.

People in the industry dismiss the notion that otaku are good people as a fantasy.


It’s the same for BL games – fujoshi are no different.

Makers try to stem the tide a little by padding out the games with dummy files, but they get circulated all the same.


The piracy numbers are clear from traffic analysis. Sengoku Rance sold 100,000 copies, but there were 1,000,000 downloads of the patch. So the amazing truth is that 90% of the users are pirates and now only 10% are legitimate.


The industry fights back with limited edition packages and download sales for older titles. Illegal downloads increase as well, even with serials, but it’s better than nothing.


They also put out consumer editions [non-ero console ports] – these increase brand loyalty. Merchandising also comes into play, which is low risk but also has triflingly small profit margins of 5-7%.

Mainstream PC gaming overseas is now also a pale shadow of what it once was, with publishers increasingly shunning it in favour of console releases and subscription based online games.

NPD statistics for US retail PC game sales show sales at $538 million in 2009, versus $1.6 billion in 2001, although this excludes digital sales from DRM reliant services such as Steam.

Pirates and most Internet media typically claim DRM itself depresses sales, but the DRM and lower piracy rates offered on consoles now easily guarantee sales which dwarf anything on the PC, and claims that easy piracy does not result in lost sales seem to defy common sense, although publisher claims that all pirated copies constitute a lost sale are hardly to be believed either.

Without access to consoles or effective technical impediments to piracy, it appears the eroge industry faces a bleak future indeed.

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  • Anonymous says:

    this is mostly due to not many u.s. releases of these games. I mean the only store that even sells anime or cosplay in my towns is 20 miles away and they DONT sell ero…..wtf am I surposed to do?

  • Anonymous says:

    I would argue that 75% of ero-gamers are pirates because 90% of ero-games are not sold outside Japan. And don’t give me any BS about J-List… That is a very small share of the ero-games that are available. I would gladly pay for an English copy of Artificial Girl 3, but the developer won’t make it… hell I cannot even buy the Japanese version, because they don’t sell it outside Japan. SO I pirate every ero-game that looks interesting to me (that is not sold on J-list) that I can find an English patch for.
    ALSO, God’s honest truth, the moment that any game that I am currently pirating comes on sale in English at a store or e-store that will sell to me here in the USofA, I will gladly empty my wallet.

    • Very true. Most people who make claims about piracy don’t actually look into the situations, and thus have a tendency to reverse cause and effect; unfortunately, this faulty logic is then applied as a reason not to localise games, which has a direct result of causing more piracy.

      Many companies choose not to localise games because those games are already being pirated in potential target regions; due to this, they think the games won’t sell in those reasons. Unfortunately, they fail to realise that the games are being pirated BECAUSE they aren’t available in those regions; if they were, most players would buy them instead of pirating them. [This also holds true for, among other things, translated ROMs.]

      Additionally, a growing trend is “free demo” piracy; this is where a potential customer pirates the game, and uses that copy to determine whether they’ll actually buy it. If they like it, then they buy the game, and usually end up becoming fans of the series (in which case, they usually buy other games in the series without buying them). This is especially common when games are remade; people will pirate the original, and use it to determine whether to buy the remake.

      And of course, there’s the whole DRM fiasco. While some games use nice DRM (by which I mean “not full-fledged malware”), some DRM is inconspicuous (such as Steam DRM or old-fashioned CD keys) and/or come up with their own, unique DRM (such as Serious Sam 3’s infamous DRM scorpion), a large number of games just use things like Starforce or SecuROM (both of which are bona fide malware (case in point, StarForce installs its own software without your consent, disables all SCSI hardware in your computer, opens major security holes, and has a tendency to outright destabilise Windows); that’s even without getting into how StarForce can DESTROY CD DRIVES, and how the StarForce guys UPLOADED TORRENTS OF Galactic Civilisations AND Sins of a Solar Empire TO SPITE Stardock Software FOR NOT LIKING DRM; yes, that’s right, StarForce is not just malware, but a protection racket that HELPS people pirate your games if you don’t use their “DRM”). And when a game uses “bad” DRM (as in, either the “malware” kind, or just overly restrictive in general), people pirate the game as a form of really half-assed boycott: They don’t support the company using DRM and want them to change their actions, but they want to play the game anyways, so they just play without paying. [Not to mention that when a game uses “malware” DRM, pirating the game is actually LESS likely to destroy your computer than buying and installing the official version; the pirated version has the DRM removed, so any paying customers are effectively being punished for NOT pirating it instead.]

      The short of it is that if they released localised, DRM-free versions of their games, they’d actually see a lot less piracy than they see now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Shit, who would pay $80 for porn? You can get 2 normal prostitutes or 1 high class with that. Paying $80 to just jack off repeatly in front of the computer screen is just unreasonable.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    On a side note, 99% of eroges are boring, lifeless pieces of shit not worth the asking price and many of their publishers do not offer game demos, which is also the reason for PC game piracy, and Steam’s popularity, skyrocketing.


  • ROFL at the Konata pic.
    Really this is hard to judge as their target audience tends to pirate to try and then goes and buys the real thing so they can leave it on a shelf unopened.

    Many are over priced they’d have a lot less piracy if the games were not $80.

    The console DRM usually is less invasive then PC DRM because consoles are not general computing devices ie they don’t have cd burners etc so not shit like securom or that festering pile of dog flop Assassin’s creed 2 has.
    The article also is inaccurate since piracy is easy on consoles too there’s an entire industry around mod chips.
    Would microshaft had to ban people on XBL if there wasn’t?
    I consider everything but the Konata pic which made me lol a waste of band width.

  • Anonymous says:

    I myself as an ero-gamer as well cant deny the fact I depend on pirates… since knowingly all to well getting eroges shipped to my country is illegal <_< just so when you know how bothersome red tapes are

    • Anonymous says:

      lol i get your point xD but cant agree completely, there was 1 eroge that made into a nice anime, “True Tears” and i think Clannad (aldough i dont know if it was the novel first) well meaning Clannad Afterstory honestly, that one was beautiful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Strictly speaking, Clannad was never an ‘eroge’, since no ‘adult’ version was ever released. It is a visual novel/datesim all right, but without, ahem, porn.

        And to tell you the truth, Clannad VN >> Clannad TV.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, I do ‘pirate’ ero-games…. but only because there are no reasonable ways to get these things even in the United States where I live, without paying 100+ dollars for a game that would be 20 in Japan!

    Now, DLSite games? THOSE I buy on a regular basis, because I can download them and play them, 99 times out of 100, with no problems on my computers.

  • Anonymous says:

    admit it, lol.
    you guys won’t buy them even the price is like, 20$. and every pirate users says like, what you guys are syaing.

    “the game expensive” “the game is crap”.

    lol, just be honest and say “i’m too stingy to buy them”

    • Anonymous says:


      If those suckers cost 40 bucks top, I won’t mind spending cash on it. Hell, A LOT OF PEOPLE WOULD.

      Set up a god-damn download/pay service. Being eroge, some people just don’t wanna be caught dead taking one off the shelf and having to face the initial justification from the cashier and other buyers lining up along.

      That, and as many have lamented earlier, the quality doesn’t match the price.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ugh… $20 is actually steep in some places. E.g. I’ve seen Dragon Age: Origins for as much as $25. In most cases, DAO would be more wise investment then some crappy doujinshi eroge, don’t you think? That’s why question of quality is of importance.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll just leave this here.

    As a side note, in some countries eroges are damn hard to buy legitimely. E.g. either you need to order from abroad — being unsure if the package will make it through — or visit abroad. In any case overall cost may rise up to 500%, which is god damn much.

    And here’s another more generalized point: legit PC games in some countries are messed up with crappy translations (sometimes to the point of unplayability). To get a decent (english) version, you need to… right. Either get a pirate copy, or order it from abroad — being unsure if the package will make it through.

  • Anonymous says:

    I buy eroge that I really want (when i’m in Japan). There’s no justification for paying for 90% of the titles that are released in the first place. The eroge markets never take risks to make something new that I think would be worth paying for.

    In a given year, there’s maybe 1 or 2 titles that I think are worth the price they charge while the rest of them are an afterthought.

    Anything written by Takahiro (Maji de watashi ni Koi shinasai, Tsuyokiss, Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga ore de) is worth it in my opinion for a number of reasons I won’t get into. The ones who get specific fan followings becuase they have a proven track record won’t bitch about piracy too much. I mean naturally it’s there but they’ll make enough money due to the quality of their titles.

    The eroge production costs are very small relative to a western PC game title or a console title. Anyone can make one. The Doujin industry is revolutionizing eroge. Unfortunately it also means anyone with a computer, sketchpad and photo shop can make an eroge and then bitch about piracy.

  • Anonymous says:

    Japan doesn’t want my dirty gaijin money, so I’m not buying any eroge that isn’t by Propeller or Nitroplus.(Well, maybe Muv-Luv Alternative would be the exception.)

    • Anonymous says:


      You’d have said 60% contain adult rape fantasy, you might have been onto something, but not that. You’re just a little bitch who wants to attack something they can’t understand and that they group together with something worse.

  • Anonymous says:

    While we mateys may enjoy the booty

    Our days be numbered as less people make games.

    Truthfully though, while we pirates are cheap, many of us wouldn’t buy it anyway if we could not pirate them like the cheap fags we are.

    And if getting it from being cheap fags is easier then the right way, this happens.

    Stop trying to justify being pirates.
    You’re either:
    1: Too Poor
    2: Too Cheap
    3: You want to play it but either you:
    – Think it is too expensive hence: Too Poor
    – Don’t think you should pay because:
    * You can’t read the original language OR
    * Too lazy to/can’t get it from store/online/import:
    * Hence not paying for because:
    – You get it for free so…
    Hence : Too Cheap

    It might truly not be worth the money, but if you don’t buy it !AND THEN! pirate because of that reason, you’re too cheap 😛

    Technically if we are all law-abiding, if we can’t get the games legally ourselves you would give up. But it’s a guilty pleasure as we all know heh.

  • Anonymous says:

    “An industry with three quarters of the users being illegal is pretty surprising.”

    Not in America…here we have the Gardening Industry, the Fast Food Industry, the Voting Democrat Industry, the Construction industry, the Moving Industry, the Plumbing Industry, the Laundry Industry, thee Being SMELLY Industry..,

    Those are all like three quarters Illegal, if not more.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve bought all my games since 1982. Lately I only play live MMOs and have bought all that software as well. The Playstation 2 games I bought recently were all rehashed old stuff, just cant play that thing no more. The computer games (single player) I’ve bought really stink and no longer follow a path of games I like. Just don’t have time any more for the garbage.

  • Anonymous says:

    iPhone game devs esteminate piracy rate to be at 90%.

    So, your average ero-gamer is less piratish than casual gamer.

    Oh, and there is the real kicker – 90% iphone apps users are pirates, but only 10% of iphones are jailbroken. And yes, you need jailbroken iphone to run pirated content:D

    This tells us two things:
    1. Even very effective and draconian DRM won’t save your system from having 90% piracy rate. DRM really doesn’t work, period.

    2. Mere 10% users generate all your piracy. Loses from piracy are not 9 times your legitimate sale count, but 1/10 of your legitimate sales.

    Losses from piracy are overestimated by factor of 90!!! Divide whatever developers are claiming by 90, and you will get reasonably accurate number.

  • Anonymous says:

    seriously, if eroge is a piece of crap, why do they still continue to make this software? It’s because there is still people out there wanted to play. And if you don’t really want to play, fine then. But still there are people who play and follow the story like otakus and fan. Whether the characters are all made of ‘cardboards’ and ‘voices’, it’s still a product of an artist.

  • Anonymous says:

    If you want to get rid of piracy, then release your game as Donationware, without the dreadful DRM.

    Pirates can’t pirate Donationware or Freeware, & software crackers have no reason to crack games without DRM, thus 0% of piracy! If your game worth something, gamers will donate money to you as they deem worthy.

    Other alternative would be include used pantsu from highschool girl with your overpriced eroge game, which pirates can’t download from Internet!

    • Anonymous says:

      Their fans disagree. I think you just have to look past the piles of garbage to find the good stuff.

      For me, I think garbage eroge are those with super-clean art styles which make them look boring. With the banning of dark themed eroge, that pile of garbage is sure to grow…

  • Anonymous says:

    What the hell, eroge?

    I DON’T, and I WON’T pay for eroge, because for nearly 10,000 yen, what would I get?

    1. Mostly static pictures, with many don’t even bother to animate the mouths to the spoken script.
    2. Complete lack of interactivity. What the buttons are for? Advancing text and making choices that further advances player into more texts and more static pictures.

    Now, compare this to, say Resident Evil 5 for example, at 8,000++ yen at release;

    1. Fully 3D graphics, with facial animation you can argue against FFXIII’s quality.
    2. Interactivity to be expected from an action game.

    I know RE5 is a product of a big company, and you can’t really compare the two. Then again, price is what matters.

    Until eroges are made to the likes of Heavy Rain(this would be both surprising and amusing at the same time), no, I’m not spendin’ a dime for those.

    Exceptions apply for them 3Ds. I remember paying over 200 bucks for Tokimeki Memorial 3 for PS2(among the first 3D visual dating sim, though not hentai), and I don’t regret it.

    You want people to buy your shit? Invest more so people will think it’s got enough value to pay according to your price tag!

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    This is my IMO to the Hentai makers:

    “The best solution to any problem is to prevent said problem from occurring in the first place.”

    In short, instead of “Aieeee!!! Piracy!!!!” ask “Why are people pirating instead of buying?” and then research that question and follow through on the advice the exploration suggests, even if counter-intuitive…

    —For instance:

    1. How much do you guys charge for these things? Isn’t the price always premium, even for games that aren’t “Cutting Edge” in programming technology?

    2. Consider that if you charge less, it might be less worth the risk/hassle to “Steal” it.

    3. Also, plenty of new markets are opened by “Piracy”. Tons of western Hentai fans who got their stuff ENTIRELY by “Piracy” but which created a whole new market that now supports things like J-List and other distributors and also helped the “Mainstream” anime distributors get sales.

    My perspective is:

    1. The cost of the media is too high. Charging “Legit” customers more is not productive. Charge less, less incentive to steal. Less cost, easier to buy, more of a pleasant impulse than a needless luxury.

    2. Consider open, DRM free formats and pure electronic distribution.

    Yes, I said that. Your “DRM” will be cracked by the pirates in…seconds? On the other hand, Joe Average is hesitant to sign his name/e-mail in a dozen different places that he bought “Loli tentacle Guro 3D action part 2” and have his computer shake hands over the internet every time he opens the software -and- frankly hates that he’ll have to pray he can play it years down the line when your company changes/merges, etc. with another…or disappears.

    2a-To protect your I.P. without oppressive DRM, just hide serial numbers and information in the files as the purchaser downloads. The hackers only look for blocks/barriers. They often buy them with fake credit and use different aliases. They won’t care when they torrent it, but the danger as in counterfeiting is not one person making a million $ but a million persons making one $. With codes that are really hard to find unless you know what you are looking for, you can very quickly trace and contact individuals who torrent them.

    3. Either go after or co-opt the torrent/viewing/distributing sites. Hentai movies, for instance, I love when I can use an AVS site and watch them so no long wait period ordering a tape that’s “Bobbit time” if the woman sees. I’d love to download and fill those nice huge cheap portable HDDs with tons of movies, H Mangas, H games without breaking the bank but also in a way I’m not feeling guilty I’m stealing…

    3a. Enlist your “Fans”. Let them “Rat” torrent sites (file lockers, etc.) out, let them get credit/amnesty/deals… Have a “Guilt” box where they pay back even some of the money they “Stole” in exchange for amnesty. If they played “Game X version 3” but never bought it from you, never stole a box from a store, it’s a “Virtual Theft”. It’s no guarantee that if they were unable to steal the game they would have absolutely bought it. Therefore, if they pay some of it later (focus on protecting newer stuff and re-selling old stuff cheaply) even $20 out of a game that was released for $80 that’s still $20 you wouldn’t have had in the first place. This doesn’t “Encourage Piracy” it’s already happening. But a lot of people feel guilty when economics makes them “Borrow” things then they steal in maxximus and they really will pay some of it back. Just say “Thank you! We forgive you. Please consider buying/budgeting our upcoming project at the next release. We’ll also give you $— off if you report torrent sites. Here’s a communication code —— that you use if anybody says you’ve been doing ‘illegal’ net behavior, you have our OK to look for our stuff and confirm.”

    4. Take a long, hard look at what your product is, it’s appeal, how good it is. Perhaps you are just flooding an already glutted market with the same ol-same -ol. Even in that case, you can still do it if you pull it off right. But it’d be nice to see new innovations used, though I’ve had few direct experience playing them… Maybe your stuff is superb and innovative and the only problem is the pirates. Maybe you could stand to tweak things or try things new.

    5. On that note, more translations and open more markets. Let us “Devil Foreigners” view your sites, in English and other languages and let us buy your software in a format we can use easily. There are very few of the types of games you make in the “Western” market.

    —–Well, I’ll get some “TL DR” trolls over this, but I didn’t type it pointlessly. I like Hentai stuff (most of it) and want it to adjust to the new economy.

    If any of you do work in these companies and feel grateful, maybe you’ll put “Dawn Slave” or “Muku2” to J-List for translation? I’d really like to play those games in English and I’ll buy them long as the price isn’t nuclear. US$20 each would be well worth it to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    Time to make ero games? Very little.

    Quality? Well it varies, but most ero games are visual novels which are one of the easiest and cheapest type of games to make and most around 90% of ero games are VNs.

    Price? Considering the effort that goes into these games, the prices are extremely high. VN’s shouldn’t be worth more than $20 unless they have something to justify the cost.

    Story? Oh boy, I have seem some pretty generic stories before, but… I can’t even think of a word to describe the laziness that goes here. And this is usually what is meant to define how good a visual novel is.

    Incease the quality, lower the price, and stop being so fucking lazy in producing such lousy titles and then wonder why they don’t sell.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think if I were into eroge games I’d be too ashamed to go into the store and buy it and too paranoid about internet purchasing. I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was playing ero.

  • Anonymous says:

    Games are expensive and money is scarce. I am a person who would pay fairly if an item is available in my area. But my current condition and the steep prices are a turn off. This then leads me to use “that” alternative, which I admit is dishonest.

    Also, if an item isn’t localized in your country, then isn’t it okay to download it? I think there are laws protecting people with this? (Yeah yeah, there are also global trade protection rules…this and that but still, I stand by what I know.)

    • Anonymous says:

      that is a very sad thing really. things not available in our country. sometimes, eroge is often illegal to import – it can even border on CP – the characters may be certified as 18 but they may look younger – so people can be charged.

      actually, they should look into relaxing copyright restrictions. acta – the anti-counterfeiting trade agreement, if it wants to achieve anything good, can establish less protectionist copyrights – a lot of countries including japan are in this treaty. isn’t increasing access in other countries a good thing? more customers can actually buy it?

      next ACTA meeting is in june. no one in the public seems to give a hoot :/

      (Bear in mind though, that ACTA has a whole list of horrid protectionist clauses. look it up. it includes additional infrastructure by ISPS to up monitoring network traffic for pirated content).

      • Anonymous says:

        I wonder what can be done to relax these trade restrictions though. With feminists and righteous politicians, free will is getting choked away. With the media being in government control, these issues aren’t even shown to the public, allowing the feminists and attention-whoring politicians to get their way.

        That ACTA thing is scary. I heard that they might give ISPs the ability to cut you off from the net if they “suspect” you of downloading porn or any software that they suspect is pirated. I think it was in the UK. Not even a 40 year old man will be able to stop them from cutting him off.

        ISP: You were downloiading pron…
        40 yr old man: I’m a grown man!
        ISP: You have a child. We will protect your child from the dangers of the internet.

        • Anonymous says:

          op of your parent comment here again. sorry for the length of this :< i've been looking at this for the past 3 months.

          ACTA has removed the 3 strikes from its clauses but ISPs are still going ahead with cutting internet without acta.

          some law stuff from around the world:

          UK: Digital Economy Bill and the dangerous cartoons act that prohibits anything under 18 in a compromising position.

          USA: DMCA – and going to move to ACTA and the handley case/

          ACTA info from wiki:-

          In October 2007, the USA, the European Commission, Switzerland, and Japan first announced that they would negotiate ACTA. Since then the following countries joined the negotiations: Australia, Canada, Jordan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.

          Canada: their own flavor of DMCA and Gov't introduces Bill C-22 (old C-58) – mandatory ISP child porn reporting requirement – from michaelgeist's twitter. and new border restrictions on lolishoter in your computers during border checks – look at anime news network. and remember the 2 twins who got caught for shoter – it's a sanCom article pls look it up.

          Ireland: Eircom is gonna 3 strike people out for dling copyrighted anything

          Australia: Proposed internet filter

          New Zealand: already passed the 3 strikes as well.

          the only 2 big countries clearly not taking part in acta: China and India

          more countries can be forced to join via trade sanctions and stuff.

          it is going to get worse. look at this youtube video for cleanternet (it's a satire on how blocking CP websites will increase costs and block ultimately, the freedom of speech)

          so otakus. move to japan. get a job. and start buying stuff. or give this up. cos a lot of naming and shaming is about to be done.

    • They think each downloaded patch amounts to a different game? Bullshit.
      The patches get downloaded way more often. Because you don’t find it when you need it. Because you lost it due to a HD crash. Because you reinstall the game and have no backup of the patch. Because…

  • Anonymous says:

    Well its not wonder as only way to get these titles are trough importing so most of those pirates are foreigners. But considering the fact that the popularity is this big Its starting to look pretty good.

    Now if only we would get more companies like Manga gamer and Jast release their titles as actual CD copies maybe the sales would somewhat improve.

    Would love to get a physical copy of Manga gamers Higurashi. However their DL only scheme is a bit troublesome.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eroge maker DO offer demos.

    However, only until one have finish the game to really think of the fondness of the game, which turns to purchasing.

    Its now a market of “try first, pay later”

  • The adverse effect of increasingly iron-fisted DRM on PC games sales is, in my experience, very real. Still, it only exists to the extent of prompting formerly paying customers to defect to the ranks of the pirates; this doesn't seem too common. As a general observation, I'm of the view that most consumers are honest and ethical (at least with costly items), while others are career thieves who WILL NEVER PAY FOR ANYTHING no matter what carrots are thrown in front of them.

    My closest friend is like that, and he makes no bullshit excuses for it. I appreciate his rare candor on the subject:

    "I don't wanna pay! If there's a way to get it for free, I'm taking it. You cannot stop me!"

    Services like STEAM are great & all, but companies who for some reason cannot access such distribution avenues might be better off if they stopped wasting time, money, and resources on futile attempts to force career thieves to do legitimate business. There's probably more product development and marketing that can be undertaken if so much of the expenditures weren't being squandered on rights enforcement.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who would REALLY download some 30+gigs a game?

        Blu-Ray’s capacity may or may not have been in their calculations when we think piracy. I think Sony didn’t really expect that at all.

        Think of it: Movies get pirated real well because they take relatively smaller rooms regardless of quality. We’re talking about games that are loaded with not just movies, but high quality, uncompressed audio in addition to lots of model and texture data.

        I refuse to believe that the lack of piracy for PS3 is because of the security of its firmwares(software related). We’ve seen them be broken in record time before. This is just a hardware problem.

        But hey, Sony must’ve felt justified eh? After having two of their previous consoles’ games being pirated to all hell. Good times, that was. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I think he was referring to PC games, not consoles. A console would be harder to hack cause you can’t access the data on disc as easy and if you do edit it you have to burn it to a new disc. And since the console won’t read your edited burned disc you have to mod it. That takes more work then a PC games, where you install and make a crack for your workarond.

  • Anonymous says:

    “claims that easy piracy does not result in lost sales seem to defy common sense”

    Why don’t you ask the chaps over at Stardock how well their games sell, considering they use no aggressive form of DRM whatsoever. And even had one of their games (Galactic Civilizations II: Dread Lords) be targeted by a DRM seller (Starforce*), because they dared to speak ill of DRM.

    *: Provided a link to BitTorrent search engine listing of the game on a forum.

    Now let’s compare that to the folks who legit bought Assassin’s Creed 2, who couldn’t play their game (which is singleplayer) because the Ubisoft Auth. server was down, meanwhile the pirates with cracked versions didn’t have a single problem.

  • Anonymous says:

    If they want less piracy, then
    -Make the game downloadable for money, with an easy and safe way to pay for it (paypal for example)
    -Make it have a reasonable price people without a job can afford (remember, people with a job and income have no time to play games…so $5 or something like that)
    -Make a demo version that lets people try it out first without buying
    -Remove every kind of copy protection, because those make your game inferior to pirated copies (which don’t have such limiting “features”), and it is also annoying…it’s like suspection your customers of piracy…do it long enough and they’ll just say…”yeah? You suspect me being a pirate after I wasted all that money? How rude. Then you don’t deserve my money, and I’ll just download the next game. I’m treated as a pirate either way, no difference.”

    Of course this is only for “normal” games…eroge is a bit different, it’s like porn…consumers want to keep it secret so they prefer to get it from illegal sources that leaves no visible traces in their back account.

    • Anonymous says:

      i would suggest get the fans help in the translations (no one really wants dubs) or do subs and release to a wider audience.

      and don’t neglect the fujoshi. women buy more things than men – they do most of the spending.

      but then again, doesn’t japan have a massive rental industry? isn’t that affecting sales as well?

      not counting the people outside japan.

  • domination says:

    It’s easy to understand why 75% are pirates.
    Just doing math!
    1ª Eroges are expensive and normally the game is crap (bad story, low on CG, etc..)
    2º Shipping costs
    3ª Know Japanese, buying a game in a foreigner language for what?
    4ª Internet connections are getting better!

    (You can pay for DL, but in the same time u can dl free translated).
    When i like an game i buy! Of course first i play it. I do the same with animes/hentai!
    Nowadays i don’t do more often coz of low budget!

  • I wanted to buy Kirakira from Mangagamer when they offered it for half price, but wasn’t sure about my debit card, because I still had a junior one. I got my new one, which is a MasterCard, so if any similar sale happens, I might just jump in it.


    and yeah, if they charged less for all eroges/VNs, maybe more people would be able/willing to afford them.
    (not pointing at MangaGamer, but universally)

    • Anonymous says:

      MangaGamer actually sent out a press release, and announced so on their twitter account: They’re have another sale on May 15-25th.

      Here are the details:

      Early Summer Sale Date & Time 
      5/15 10:00(CET)~ 5/25 10:00(CET)

      “Suika A.S+”
      49.95 Euros -> 24.95 Euros (Approximately US$32)

      “Suck my Dick or Die!”
      29.95 Euros -> 19.95 Euros (Approximately US$25)

      “Shera, My Witch”
      36.95 Euros -> 19.95 Euros

  • Anonymous says:

    internet is full of pirates.
    It’s no surprise about that piece of news.
    No wonder some company like Minori is protesting and detesting outsider.
    sales drop less food on their table.

    • Remember that crisis thing? With prices what they are its either buying eroges or buying food. So, if you can afford one eroge, you naturally want to buy that one you enjoyed the most. So you pirate everything and buy the best.

        • Yep, and don’t come with “but it costs money to make those games, so we can’t sell them so cheap”. Just try using old games for digital distribution. Those who are currently for free. With an english translation you can charge, like, one buck per game and still will make some profit. Just ask those guys that otherwise translate the new games for free.

  • Tokeijikaku says:

    Eroge are way too easy money anyways.

    It evades me how people can be satisfied with a bunch of grimacing cardboard cutouts in front of disconnected theater backdrops, with only a handful of relevantly (but shamelessly partially) illustrated events. They’re ripping us off, dammit!

  • Anonymous says:

    Just the way things are.
    Here’s another bit of truth: bawling about piracy and creating unnefective methods of fighting it isn’t helping either.
    Piracy can’t be stoped because it is the future.

    Developers needs to come up with ways of profitting from them considering the case scenario where tons of people will pirate their games.

    Lower prices, include ads, assosciate or create online DRM systems like Steam and D2D… there’s plenty of stuff out there.

    All the sucessful cases out there are not trying to fight against piracy, but rather living with it.

    The stupid unneffective practices usually comes from big corporations who got intoxicated with the oftenly exploited consumer. What the RIAA, MPAA and other organizations are doing isn’t saving the industry or protecting artists… it’s quite the opposite actually. Consumers are getting even less motivated to go after products, and it’s pretty obvious why if you think about it.

    What kind of business expects their costumers to be satisfied when they have to pay for overpriced products while being preemptively called thieves?

    The market will shrink, we will have a smaller number of titles and developers, but that’s how all things go eventually.

    If we take things from other perspective, the truth is that we currently have an absurd ammount of game companies and titles… including some very shitty ones.

    Same for music and movies.
    When people starts crying, or even treatening that we won’t have as many games we have today because of piracy, I say good riddance.

    We might have some significant losses out there, but all in all, musicians who do it for their love of music, game developers who do it for the love of gaming and so on will keep doing it – not because there’s money to harvest from people, but because the’d do it regardless…

    • Anonymous says:

      “Significant losses” already justify why we need to support buying. You’re an idiot for thinking it’s great to have a singular company churning out games than many companies churning out games. Even boycotting needs to be smart.

      Look how many stupid Call of duty titles have been released. They have been trying to milk it for all its worth, instead of coming up with a new game.

      But that’s really another story because these game companies are really big, and wouldn’t crumble to dust just because a few people stopped buying their games.

      Now what’s surprising to me are eroge game companies suffering losses. So now the trend of Japanese people is to circulate all these games and stop buying them. Interesting. Perhaps they should consider exploring other countries as an option. I’m pretty sure I WILL buy one if it gets released in English.

      Anyway, lemme quote something to you.

      “It’s not a bug in the game, but a bug in your moral code.”

    • Games and movies differ substantially from music and the same logic cannot be applied to them. It really does cost a fortune to have dozens of programmers and artists create a major multi-million dollar HD game, and the cost will only increase as sophistication increases.

      The medium of modern gaming simply isn’t valid except when done as a major commercial project – romantic notions of artists working for love might work for music where all it takes is a guy with a PC or some studio time, but not when dozens or hundreds of people are required to make a game, movie or TV programme.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t pirate my ero games unless it’s either something really old (that I may have even owned legitimately previously, like pre-windows xp shit) or there is no official english adaptation. Everything else I actually do buy. lol still waiting for Demonbane which I preordered like 2 years ago from that Jast USA/Nitroplus partnership. I’m sure there’s a pretty sizable market of others like me.

  • They fail to offer any kind of translation, charge ridiculously high amounts, and then are somehow surprised that there is a lot of piracy? Overseas people can’t buy these games in usable form. Native Japanese can’t afford them.

    Simple solution: offer easily accessible digital distribution, like Steam, and offer at least English translation, or allow games to be easily translatable (IE: easily edited and replaced texts)

  • stillcode says:

    I’m guilty, too. But, here’s something they should consider.

    Sell each game directly to the consumer over the internet. No middleman. No advertising costs. Make the games cheap at around $10+s/h and include physical merchandise such as dakimakura and cheap puramoderu.

    In addition, they should move their employees to a tax haven. That right there would boost their earnings about 100%.

  • Azure Sky says:

    Psychosomatic, you speak the truth! if eroge game maker’s want players to stop pirating, they should put more content and more replay value into it.

    no one wants to pay for a 5 hour, low budget eroge!

  • They can try to make up for the sales by selling more character goods like oppai mousepads and dakimakuras for their games. Put those in the limited editions and you should get a single otaku buying 20 copies of the game.

  • I’m against piracy, but I really would like to have more eroge’s since it’s hard to find anyone here, and I don’t really trust e-bay or similar sites that sell stuff in the internet. That’s why I stick to what I have available.

  • If they allowed me to buy all those titles targeted to fujoshi (hell, give me the male otaku titles too) in English I’d be willing to buy them. They don’t even have to worry about hard copies, just make them a translated download for international buyers. I might not have the space for a hard copy nowadays, but I sure as hell will fork the money for a download if that’s what’s available at the moment.

    Ironic that certain eroge companies blame the filthy gaijin for their lose of sales and piracy.

    • Umm… there’s quite a few translated eroge and available to the western market. Try clicking on the Sankaku advertisements sometime, as J-List and Mangagamer frequently have adspace here. Hell, Artefact even sometimes does articles announcing releases of high profile games.

      • Sifian please, do you think I don’t have any knowledge of j-list or jast-usa? I’ve checked all the licensed eroge years ago, and frankly most of them just don’t interest mew. I got a handful but the rest sound like cheap titles. I wanna get a licensed hard copy of fate/stay night, ever17, something that moves me; Not “Do you like horny bunnies”.

        • YES, it’s been years; playing three sisters story takes me a long time back.

          You’re talking about stuff from another website (mangagamer, I know about them too), and sadly I don’t have it good enough to fork over 50 bucks for Higurashi, which isn’t really a game more than a novel. I’m talking about j-list and what THEY have available, and right now they don’t have a lot of titles that are really ground breaking (I liked Yume Miru Kusuri, Enzai and Absolute Obedience).

          Fact is that from all the titles we have in English (which aren’t many anyways) they’re still not bringing over some really great titles, and the ones we do get once in a blue moon aren’t available anymore (ever17 which I regret not getting.)

        • Years ago?

          The quality of games picked up has probably drastically improved since then. KiraKira, Shuffle, Da Capo, Higurashi, Princess Waltz etc. really don’t fall into the category as the hentai centric stuff you’re complaining about.

      • Kyon Theorist says:

        No offense but, the translators don’t deserve the money I paid them for some of those games. Yes, I have paid for a few of them. I’m not asking for much, learn to use correct punctuation and have someone play through each scenario and fix formatting errors.

        Lines like:

        I lo
        ve you .

        are not hard to notice and fix, I’ve had to do it myself for games that had almost nothing worth mentioning as a story.

        • Anonymous says:

          Welcome to the wonderful world of royalties and distribution rights. The original developers are getting a good deal of what translators sell. PP and the likes are not just allowing them to bring their games to the English market out of the goodness of their hearts.

      • Anonymous says:

        Now, owning a physical copy of a hentai?

        If you live alone, congratulations! If not?

        This may be too naive a thinking, but perhaps, many people would rather keep porn as binaries so that they’re less visible? And of course, you don’t have to pay what you can pirate.

        You won’t be scolded for overspending and masturbating to drawn animated figures! Two terrorists with one FMJ!

        • Anonymous says:

          The people in the situation you describe must only be children living at their parents’ or are not real men.

          I’m married and my house is full of porn, eroge, everything. Half is mine, half is my wife’s.

          The only downside is I have to be careful not to start watching or playing something and find out it’s her trap or yaoi stuff… But otherwise, life is good.

  • It is not just erog tho, less money coming in means less money to create a quality product. The anime/game/movie scenes are feeling the pinch too. As time goes by holywood will be producing fewer and fewer big budget films.

  • SnooSnoo says:

    Maybe the fact that limited/first press editions of the game costing 9240¥ / 101.03 U.S. dollars has something to do with it.
    Sure if they were to lower the price the profit margin would drop more. I’m no economic analysis professional but I get the feeling people would avoid buying a game that costs 100 bucks these days. Hell even the regular editions cost 7140¥ / 78.06 U.S. dollars

    • Anonymous says:

      Shhh that’s a secret!

      While statics for what is essentially an underground market are going to be extremely innaccuarate, I’m gonna guess at some reasons why such a numbers could be real IFF they happen to be real.

      The 30% of actual buyers are adult reclusive otaku without girlfriends, the rest compromise a mixture of, teens and married man who can’t justify paying $60 for a porn game to their parents / girlfriend.

      They are making a product that is both highly desirable but highly embarassing and very expensive, and don’t forget, disposable. Because why are you going to fap to the same girls over and over?

      I know this has been repeated to death but, why don’t simply charge less for a game? Adults would feel less guilty about buying them and even trashing the discs since they would be cheap.

      There is, by the way, ANOTHER way around this, charge higher.

      You *KNOW* the initial consumer base of 30% like to share the game so they are essentially acting as distributors. Charge them highly and make less a fuss about piracy.

      If capitalism is right that 30% will stop sharing the games because it cost them too much, alternatively, if that 30% is as share happy as I think, they’ll simply start cooperating to distribute the game. At some point you be getting like 5 buyers, one per city, who will then distribute your game.

      Ultimately I think the main problem here is that the primary market for these kinds of games, teenage kids, are exactly the demographic you can’t openly sell it to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whatever, a lot of these eroge’s cost 30-60++++ dollars.

      Considering 96% of them are done within a few hours there’s very little reason to buy any except the good ones like Alicesoft and Eshully ones..

      • Anonymous says:

        it’s not just that they cost a lot of money but its a lot of money just to get off.

        though we are seriously spoiled when it comes to pron here in the west. thousands of hardcore videos for free with just a few clicks of the mouse.

        and its all a gamble, which is the worst. never know what you just spent $85 on. they are hardly honest too with their marketing (but who is?) i can’t stand games that have beautiful cover art only to be raging 10 minutes into the game.

      • Sengoku Rance, though an outstanding eroge, is still 8500+ yen even 3+ years after release. I don’t know how much new non-ero games are sold for in Japan, but ~$85 is completely unheard of in America, especially for a game that’s 3 years old.
        I mean, even if you consider how MUCH content is in Sangoku Rance, it’s still a lot to drop on one purchase. They should learn a thing or two from non-eroge and use expansion packs. ゜3゜

        • Anonymous says:

          thats just something you live with, if you can find something free that you’d normally have to pay for, most people will take the free thing. and going back to what marine said…when you end up stepping on a landmine/piece of shit game that you just paid $70-$100, your gonna be pretty dissappointed if not pissed off. That alone is enough to turn people from buyers into pirates. Theres no way to stop this from happening, it will continue to happen till they shut down or attempt to ban the internet(somehow i can see this coming as a future EN crusade), so trying to take some moral highhorse about stealing is just some self-gratification.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Yea. Even other ero-games would not be too far from the 8,000yen price level.

          That aside, one problem with the ero-game industry is many game titles are actually ‘landmines’, which the games got poorly written scenerios or lack of contents (too short), and often rely solely on nicely drawn (moe) game OP artwork and good OP songs to attract (or trick) people into buying them, which later buyers end up hugely disappointed, or even in rage because they blown 8,000yen on a ‘landmine’/piece of crap.

          The problem is ‘landmine’ titles are not only by small unheard of companies…but even companies that are well-known do it from time to time.

          Seriously…all it takes is stepping on landmine title once, and it would pretty much be enough to scare any legit ero-gamer into become a pirate…

        • Make it 20 to 25 bucks and I’m in. Also, make a english version, otherwise I can’t be in anyway.

          Oh.. and the good thing about pirating is, that customers get to know which titles are epic and buy only those. They should reflect a little on themselves, only 10% of their titles are epic enough to be bought, or so the article reads. Also, what is this with no long-time sellers? What about Tsukihime and Fate/stay night? I read the first and kind of want to buy (when available) – the second seems quite popular, too.

          On a side note: an eroge with the typical guy from the pokemon games and all the characters from the TV-series would be nice, but oh, I think you can’t do epic things like this, because of the copyright. Well, fuck.

        • [b]They are way too expensive considering making eroge is no big effort.[/b]

          The game engines basically didn’t change at all for Visual Novels or just marginally for 3D titles in the last decade.
          [b]Costs: Very low to low.[/b]

          You need pics and animations, but as we know the guys creating those earn less than a burger flipper.
          [b]Costs: Low.[/b]

          Game stories and music usually are quite simple and no big factor either.
          [b]Costs: Very low to low.[/b]

          Now you probably think: That makes sense, but what is the big cost factor? Make an educated guess…

        • lets see, the worst i know of is 200$ and that wasnt a limited edition.

          the best i ever seen on a non fail game was 100+ only offered for 80+ used.

          (all these are non limited edition prices)

          my absolute favorite was one that was 150$, good game but made in such limited quanitys that you had to pirate it to get it.

          and also used?
          i only buy console games new, and used is only when i cant find a new coppy. for the pc, if i cant get it new, i get it pirate because i hate supporting companies that bent consumers over the table. and FORGET download only, right now, they charge the FUCKING SAME as a store and you get LESS

    • Ok, I really don’t care about that fact. This is because most ero games are mainly pictures and voices, and lets be frank here people…. That isn’t worth the $60-$80 they try to make you s;pend to get the game.

      If they did a study between ero games that only contain images, and then games that contained animated scenes I’d bet there would be a lot less pirating.

    • The pantsu around her ankle is really what make the picture.

      You shouldn’t think of console and PC DRM as a single entity. PC DRM is bad, makes games not play properly or install at all. Console “DRM” works.

      Out of last 3 PC games I’ve bought, I’ve had trouble with DRM in 2/3, the one working being WoW expansion with a CD-key as the only form of DRM. This is unfortunate because it makes the pirate version a better product.

      • Artefalse says:

        The reason programs and games like these are pirated is because there is no incentive to buy the actual game. Also a lot of the time the are no pirate countermeasures like CD Keys or Online Activation. A great incentive to buy an eroge would be if the purchased copy provided a unique serial which could be used on the official website to access downloadable content. Another great way to lessen the pirate-to-consumer rate would be to release their own official translated copies. I’m sure all the things I have mentioned have probably been done but most of the time I see little to no effort of them providing a good pirate deterrent/consumer incentive.

        • Anonymous says:

          Eroge are already bundled with extras like artbooks, soundtracks, telephone cards with sexy art, and dakimakura covers. You get even more goodies if you pre-order before a certain date.

        • There is another good way to get people to buy games. One that can’t be pirated without great effort.

          [b]Bundle the games with special items that can’t be bought elsewhere. [/b]

          Figures of the main charas would work really good. Those are quite cheap to make, too.

          When you have game packs with 1 out of 5 figures I bet some otaku would buy more than one game. A sure win.

      • On the subject:

        There wouldn’t be so many digital manga/Eroge pirates if you would price reasonably. Of course no one is going to pay $80 for a game of pictures or $30 for a manga in a digital format. it’s software you and you need to price software accordingly. People aren’t idiots.

        If you would lower the price of an Ero to $20 and Manga to $10 or even $5 you would see a HUGE increase in sales because people will actually be able to afford them and justify their spending. You can NOT justify $80 for pictures of nude anime ladies when you click the link above for nude anime ladies.

        • Anonymous says:

          Eh? My #1 reason for not purchasing most eroge I like is that they contain content which could be considered illegal in my country of residence. I’d say the legal complications are the most difficult part of going global, as there are an amazing number of countries that can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality.

        • There are two main reasons why people don’t buy the japanese (ero)games.

          [b]1) You can’t buy the games translated
          2) The games are (way) too expensive[/b]


          [b]1) Translate to other languages and sell worldwide -> sell more
          2) Down with the prices -> sell more[/b]

          The industry still largely ignores the world market. When they don’t reconsider soon this will be their downfall.

        • A game like MW2 here is priced for 60-70 euros (more than 100$!) but even if it’s pirated it sells.
          A lot of pirates doesn’t mean that there aren’t legit people willing to spend money for a game.
          But that doesn’t mean those “legit” buyers are willing to spend this much for a crappy game.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Well, it’s hard to judge, actually. Because there are [b]three[/b] types of people:

          1) legitimate buyers
          2) pirates who can’t afford the product
          3) pirates who can but dl it anyways.

          Making games cost 10x less will decrease profit from group 1 by 90% while increase by unknown number in group 2. 3 remains unchanged.

          Surely market differentiation would be the solution here:

          1) 50-80$ is the best price for US etc;
          2) 10-20$ for 2nd and 3rd world countries where income is less and where most of the group 2 comes from.

          Same as they do with prices of coke.

        • Anonymous says:

          actually in north america, there are worthwhile games like left 4 dead 2 and modern warfare 2, they aren’t just games with a bunch of pictures like those said in your post. but there are still a borderline majority of pirates creating fake servers and illegal cracked clients.

          oh and these games cost like what, $50 and 60$ respectively
          or less

          if people see an opportunity to not pay money, they would take that opportunity, so it doesn’t matter if it is 5$ or 10$

  • “75% of Ero-Gamers are Pirates”
    And water is wet, what a fucking surprise.
    Newsflash, the human race are all human.
    If you mail out 100,000 'valuable coupons', you are lucky to get a single digit response in sales. Because people generally won't buy just anything especially common schlock.
    I'm a wargamer ie I kill cardboard (or the digital equal). No, shooters are not fucking wargames. Matrix Games and Slitherine (two giants in wargames publishing) recently announced a merger. I doubt you have ever heard of either. Matrix Games is as big to wargaming, as EA is in mainstream gaming.
    It's a niche in a niche market. And you would think, gee with a market that small, you would think the fans would be immune to piracy as it would be too tough on the producers.
    Wargamers can be cock sucking pirates just like the rest eh.
    So I wouldn't get too bent out of shape to hear that eroge gamers gladly rip off eroge publishers.
    They are not special, and eroge games are not unique.
    Likely the real truth is, eroge games were never really much of a real market, and all of those 'lost sales' never ever even existed.
    But thanks to the convenience of online downloading, people can freely download whatever shit they might have a minor passing interest in. I highly doubt they would give a fuck for eroge games if they weren't free download opportunities.
    I've seen a few eroge games. I have a buddy that can't resist downloading them. They suck over all as entertainment.
    I don't think my friend even actually plays them. Likely is only wanting to see the fuck scenes and nothing else.
    Frankly if I want to jack off to anime looking erotica, I can find a lot of images a lot easier than from playing a tedious game.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hate it when ppl cry over piracy …when its the software companies that are pirates…to bild a chair for 100$ u need to buy wood cloth glue and stuff…but to copy a game (that sels for 100$ also) infinitely they just need a little bit of electricity and a plastick disk …wtf

    • Anonymous says:

      And a few hundred slaves, which you can replace for free once they die of starvation and you get new ones to chain in your basement.

      Are you TRULY this dumb, that you can’t see that the money from the eroge price doesn’ts goes into “some electricity and plastic”, and instead goes into paying all the people drawing, animating, programming, writing, distributing etc etc etc etc. the game?? Do you think a fucking fairy shits it all ready on the fucking shelf of the shop????? Please kill yourself.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow kill myself, now whos the dumb one…all im saying is that, when the product is finished…they can infinitely copy it just like pirates do from the internet….duh mister dumb …im geting to the point that the prices are too high…and ppl were talking bout piracy in general so i buted in…and slaves are making dvds instead of a big ass machine ? oO wow i dedent know that …so please dont post if u dont get the poin…geez i gota go kill my self what a joke of a human being.

  • Anonymous says:

    Piracy rates on consoles are about the same. Thanks to OS hacking, its not too difficult. The only reason developers dont make PC games is because its too hard for them. Thats why games like that shit Strike Witches SHMUP are on Xbox and not PC.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, please stop being fucking retarded. Reducing the price of often over $80 games to $25 and under? You realize that that means they have to have a close to 0% piracy rate just to make the SAME amount of money, right?

    • Anonymous says:

      What are ya? Prophet?

      There’s no real evidence and guarantee that lowering the price won’t get them more buyers. Of course, to be fair, it also goes the other way, but you’re saying as if it’s set in stone!

      Look at eroges, and then look other mainstream games. You’d have to be incredibly bias beyond reason to say that standard-format eroges would worth more than a low-budget action game on PS2. I won’t deny that some eroges out there have super quality illustrations, top voice acting and surprising story, but personally I can’t see them being worth more than 50 bucks at most. And that’s being fucking generous.

      Hell, it would be an insult to other games that have more interactivity(any non-eroge, B+ to AAA level games ever) and just as deep if not deeper story(Heavy Rain, most Silent Hills). Don’t get me started on graphics.

      Eroge’s only novelty? Porn. Nothing more. The same porn you can get with a click away to the Internet. The kind of illustrated porn you see being made to be seen freely by illustrators all over the Internet-dom. 8 bucks for a hentai manga is more reasonable.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m not saying it won’t get them more buyers. It most certainly WOULD. But there’s absolutely no way in hell that dropping their price 75% would get them enough sales to make up for it.

        You’re that same guy from above, right? Please stop comparing VN gameplay to action game gameplay to compare the prices, it really is stupid. It’s like saying a book should be less wordy and have more pictures because a movie ticket costs less and they’re fully animated. They’re different things.