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N Cup Woman Spared Giant Breast Hell by Surgery


A woman bed-bound by her gigantic N cup breasts has been reduced to a B cup by surgery.

Her breasts grew abnormally large after the birth of her third child 7 years ago, in a condition known as bilateral gynecomastia. For the last 6 months she had been unable to even leave her bed.

Doctors feared her breasts might actually crush her lungs and kill her.

Fortunately, local media raised money for breast reduction surgery, and after a 6 hour operation, she was reduced to a B cup – 16kg of breast was removed.


She explains how her life has improved after being liberated from the giant lumps of flesh which so tormented her:

“It was awful. If I tried to get up I would faint because my breasts were so heavy.

Before the operation I couldn’t do anything, I just had to live with it, it got so bad that my breasts were touching my legs.

I have always had a small build, and the stress on the rest of my body was agony.

My breasts were growing by the day. I couldn’t move because my boobs and belly were the same size. My breasts became so huge my skin had sores and I had trouble breathing.”

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