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Falling for 2D Girls “Worse Than Cheating with Real Women”


For some Japanese women at least, not only is having a boyfriend fall for a 2D character considered cheating, it is regarded as being worse than having an affair with a real woman or going with a prostitute.

Several Japanese ladies in their thirties were interviewed about their thoughts on the matter:

“If my boyfriend fell for a 2D girl it would be absolutely gross.”

“If he went with 2D I’d really feel there’s a problem with me, as a real woman.”

“I’d be totally shocked. I think I’d think the problem was with me and I was lacking something. It’s just like a man with a girlfriend pursuing a fake romance with a hostess or going with a prostitute, isn’t it?”

“If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

Possibly deep seated insecurities about competing with 2D girls are one of the reasons Japanese women despise otaku so completely.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Hmm. . .there’s only one thing i can say. . .please. . .don’t mix up 2D with 3D. . .both have their advantages and disadvantages. . can’t you all just accept and agree with that.

    and don’t throw all the blaming on someone else, what i have seen in this massive amount of comment is you all just trying to throw all this matter to someone else.
    why can’t any of tries to think and give comment on others point of views. Why does otaku exist? Because people who look down on someone who love animes exist, they say that having a hobby such as that is disgusting.
    Isn’t that going to make theme more desperate and leading them to otaku’s life??

    “because 3D woman just going after a guy with wealth” well i don’t blame them, that because you guys didn’t choose carefully. If you guys know that she is a money sucking ***** well, just dump her, leave her and search for someone better.

    and for the ladies, if your BF is going into 2D girls, well then, that’s means there are something about you girls that you a lack, why don’t you all sit down and try to reflect yourself.

    well i don’t mean to scold you all. I just want to shares some of my opinion. So no hard feelings, okay. . .?? Peace!!

  • Anonymous says:

    “If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

    I have to agree, you just can’t compete with a 2D character, they’re just too perfect. Not that it matters, they can’t get the 2D character anyways. Also, even married men have an ideal girl that they can never get their hands on, its nothing new.

  • Anonymous says:

    I feel sorry for those women if that happens to them. :\ Men are so picky. Well, a guy who thinks they’re too good for 3D women usually has the personality and body type that I don’t care for anyway. It’s a win-win, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous says:

    My girlfriend doesn’t care as long as it’s 2D.
    I think she can’t stop laughing when she tries to imagine that I like some 2D girl more than some idol.
    If it was a real woman she would kill me though :p

  • cckawaiilove says:

    i can understand why some guys would fall in love with a 2d character rather than a real woman but at the same time it scares me. I'm only 25 and i fear my boyfriend of 6 years is starting to like 2d girls more and more each day. Yes i can understand that a lot of guys feel hurt by real women and can take comfort and companionship in 2d characters but trying to compete with that is heartbreaking. I do everything for him. I cook and clean for him but also try to be the perfect girlfriend to him by taking up his interest, i don't ask for things, play video games with him, always having sex and giving him blow jobs when he wants to. i don't even say a thing about his porn. But still my heart sinks whenever he would rather masturbate to hentai than have sex with me. Yes i gained a little weight cause we had a baby together and i work my ass of everyday to stay in shape but still, how can i compete with 2d. so yeah, to me having my boyfriend fall in love with a 2d girl would be worse than a real person because after working so hard on this relationship and pouring all my self into it at the end of the day i will be no where near as perfect as a 2d character and will constantly feel like i'm not enough. that's why i even joined this site, to try to figure out why he's so into them and how to be more like an anime girl to try to keep there. bite my head off now

    • Anonymous says:

      > bite my head off now

      Sure. I call that fake.

      Now in the unlikely event this story is based on truth, I can infer two possible explanations:

      – It is probable that all you do for him is some kind of compensation for giving him crap on various occasions. I had a girlfriend like that: would do wonders for me because she realized she was often just plain mean and hurtful to me. I tried to handle it, because, well, she always did make up for it. Bottomline, I didn’t really want all these make-up niceties, what I wanted is for her to stop giving me crap.

      – The guy might just simply be mentally incapable of appreciating 3D love. Though formulated differently it is a common symptom of depression, for instance: life too stressful, everything too complex, cannot cope with the complexities of real persons and the responsibilities we have to them. Good news: depression can be very effectively treated by specialists.

      • Anonymous says:

        Bullshit. I’ve seen a fair share, taken half a dozen different prescriptions (and I don’t mean generic off-names either). None of it did shit. Some people are just immune to certain drugs.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well statistically the response to treatment of depression is promising. Now there are always subjects on which it won’t be effective.

          I know what it’s like. Though it is not depression I have my lot of issues, and after the 5th specialist and being so tired of uselessly trying so hard to behave myself I nearly killed myself, I just gave up any treatment and went for the best I could get while keeping my issues as is.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s because even some non-virgins genuinely want the feeling of love instead of just ‘making love’ (which I prefer to refer to as ‘having sex’) from time to time. And lacking that, at least some warm illusion of it.

      (Actually, here’s a probably more common reason: not all women are tight-ass about playing 2D being the absolute weird sex offense, and thus it is a sexy hobby not worse than another. Some rare instances of it can even be shared with your partner.

      Now if you’re satisfied with your relationship and 2D would risk breaking it, sure, there’s little reason to go for it.)

  • Anonymous says:

    You know, if that happened to me and my girlfriend said she were lacking something, I’d go along the line of:

    ‘Well of course you are, you’re lacking loving me and at least comforting my weak heart with illusions of warm feelings. You’ve always been fully aware of that, and if you’d stop a moment and ask yourself you’d realize you don’t have a a problem with it.’

    I mean, I know it’s not about logic and reason, but damn, what would they get depressed about -_-°…

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, too much time on our hands leading to the awareness it’s nothing near truth. Something the pro-3D can’t reach as they’d rightfully rather spend their time fucking pussy than thinking about how non-ideal human nature is.

      • Anonymous says:

        And if you’d actually spend some time interacting with people, you’d find that human nature, despite its flaws, is still far more ideal than a static 2D drawing in a monitor screen.

        Grow up and stop hiding behind your PCs or DSes or anime girls.

        • Anonymous says:

          > is still far more ideal than a static 2D drawing in a monitor screen.

          non-romantic realtionships sure are. Sexual relationships too.

          But romantic relationships mostly suck, at least for some people so lacking they cannot bring what it takes to build them on.
          Regarding hiding and PCs and DSs, it seems only one of us knew all that.

  • Anonymous says:

    so yeah let’s just ignore the fact that a good 75% of dating relations is based on crap NOT related to their actual suitability for a relationship and more related to looks, social status, etc, etc.

    really, it’s funny how people imply that otakus can’t get girls because there is something wrong with them, but in reality, they can’t get girls because they’re otakus – they aren’t socially desirable, and thus they are rejected regardless of what redeeming qualities they may have.

    and since all the female otaku seem to be into yaoi bullshit, male otaku don’t have much of an option.

    • Anonynous says:

      “A good 75%”? Do you have an actual basis of this or are you just pulling shit out of your ass?

      Most relationships do not start with the whole “I see within you you a light of wonder that I do not see with anyone else; let us be in a serious, healthy relationship together!” thing. Of COURSE attraction is related to looks, social status, etc. at first! That’s what everyone, sees: the outside! It’s true, even for you otakus. Do not deny the fact that you get attracted to your 2D objects of worship precisely because they’re drawn to be all moe and beautiful and crap.

      But see, the trick (and this is where most everyone fails, by the way) is sustaining that initial attraction or spark and try to veer it into something deeper. This is where a stable relationships takes root, and pretty soon, the material and physical won’t factor in as much anymore. This is the interaction between man and woman that is not (and will NEVER be) present in a 2D “love”. This is the reason why some of us here promote real-life relationships with women, because this something that goes beyond admiration or attraction. Like an enlightened anon said above, you get to feel and appreciate all aspects of them — the hair, the stomachaches, and the sickness — and you just find yourself becoming a part of their lives. And do you know why this happens? Because there is interaction between you two. And I do not mean pressing a button to make a stupid selection on some window.

      Saying that you otakus can’t get girls simply because you’re otakus is a fatalistic and frankly pathetic point of view. Why? Because I’ve seen guys who are not attractive at all and yet they get the girl everyone else has the hots for. And no, it’s not because they’re rich. It’s because they have confidence and and believe us when we say that that factors in a lot. Contrary to what most of you morons think, women are not materialistic. That’s only an image propagated and projected by 20th century media who still see women empowerment as a dangerous thing.

      But of course, if you all just go out and experience the world through your eyes instead of being brainwashed by Sankaku Complex and the internet, you’d know this by now, eh?

      • Anonymous says:

        “Of COURSE attraction is related to looks, social status, etc. at first! That’s what everyone, sees: the outside!”

        Yes. The problem is of course that most people who would regularly visit and/or post here just aren’t going to get their foot in the door. They simply don’t have what it takes to make that all-important positive first impression to get to the point where some girl would actually give them the time of day– and for some, will never have what it takes because for example they are ugly and not just grossly overweight like a lot of people who live sedentary lifestyles are. Some of them just don’t have anything to work on and are 100% fucked. The only thing these people can really do is hold onto that fantasy or worse try to overcompensate for it by overworking themselves to near death and then have some parasite who only cares about their money suck them dry of what they’ve earned through the horrible modern legal system.

        Humans very much still base most of their decisions on animal instinct. Physical appearance is far and above the most important thing for both genders. This shit is biology 101. No need to hold it up in some mystical way or make it seem like it’s some kind of matter of actual skill. It’s just a matter of haves and have nots. At least be honest about it.

        • Anonymous says:

          “The problem is of course that most people who would regularly visit and/or post here just aren’t going to get their foot in the door. They simply don’t have what it takes to make that all-important positive first impression to get to the point where some girl would actually give them the time of day– and for some, will never have what it takes because for example they are ugly and not just grossly overweight like a lot of people who live sedentary lifestyles are.”

          And whose fault would that be? Theirs. Like I said, there are people I know who’re not that good looking but still score with women because they’re confident in what they can do and with themselves. And everyone gets a chance at this. Being proactive and taking initiative is the key, and not being fatalistic and say, “Ah I can’t do it. But at least there’s Nene/Konata/whatever shitty 2D replacement”. I’m not making it to be mysteical. But skill and confidence? Oh yeah, it definitely is.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an otaku.

      Never stopped me from getting a date IRL with ACTUAL girls and not just Miss Rosie Palm.

      It’s just a matter of trying, you bunch of idiots, there is eventually bound to be at least 1 girl willing to see you for who you really are.

      But, hey! I guess being scared s**tless of relationships works better for you.

  • Anonymous says:

    There are bad people from both sexes. Women can be materialistic, just like men can be heartless horn dogs. Nice partners, just like everything in this world, are rare. But have you looked at yourself in the mirror first, before criticizing others of whatever sex?

    Hard to find a good partner? Get up and grow over it. Great relationships takes great efforts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do look in the mirror and I will indeed criticize myself a lot, and refrain from criticizing most people. Still, the fact holds that people that are not me lack some capacities too.

      And more to the point, the fact holds that while I don’t deserve to get much from 3D, 2D will be nice and giving to me anyway.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sadly, it’s not gonna happen. Most articles here pander to the sad otakus who’d rather fa to their “2D waifus” rather than take responsibility and face real life.

    • Anonymous says:

      a friend of mine studied in japan and he said that the japanese men told him, the only thing whats worth less than a “gaijin” are women… aaand he was an european so nearly every women on his campus tried to date him, haha^^

  • As a woman, I’d rather love my partner with all the flaws included than a fictitious being that I’ll never get to speak to. A deeper, more grounded understanding of love comes from being able to accept a person as they are – all the hair, stomach aches and sickness included – and still being in love with them after all of that. Granted that doesn’t mean I don’t like 2D myself, but I can’t see myself replacing my love interests with something so perfect that I can’t reach out and feel a heartbeat under their skin.

    Some of the comments in here frighten me, though. Not because I see myself as inadequate, but because I wonder how they came to the conclusions that they did about women being selfish, horrible creatures while they themselves are humans that can do no wrong. I’d like someone to explain that, please.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a guy and I agree with you . A lot of guys on here seem to think they are perfect and gods gift to women . They think everything is the womens fault cause surely a guy can’t make any mistakes . How they got such a grand view of themselves when they most likely struck out repeatedly with girls is beyond me . Everyone has flaws men and women . The ignorance here is amazing .

      • Anonymous says:

        Never have I once thought of myself as being perfect or an ‘ideal’ partner. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons I have never pursued a relationship is because I have a lot of mental issues, and am nervous around people in general.

        • Failure to relate to people… that is the ‘problem’. While not a problem when you are jacking off in your room over 2D girls, it is a problem when you have to deal with a real person, romantically or otherwise. Some people I know here are like that, they just can’t handle people, so they run away from them.
          I have a wife and a little girl. We are soooo happy sometimes, and other times I want to run away. That is what life is about. 2D can’t give you happiness, YOU give yourself happiness that YOU create in your own mind. Do as you wish, but in my life, I like the script that my family writes for me each day much more than the script I would write myself.
          That said, people are hard to deal with, and if 2D is your choice, you are free to make it. Just don’t expect it to do anything you can’t already do yourself.

        • Anonymous says:

          You and a lot of people has this problem. But the problem is, even thought both sides of the sexes has their own difficulties and flaws, both sides should learn how to get rid of unreal expectations or blaming the other, while having more compassion for each other.

    • Anonymous says:

      They think that they are so sensitive and can be so understanding, as well as understand women a lot, while their sensitivity would go away the minute a girl shows flaws that aren’t the perfect flaws they expected in a girl.

      Both sides can be selfish, and people need to get over it and grow up. Coz the good things in life is rare, a good partner is rare, and everyone should look at themselves before blaming the other sex.

      • What I’m seeing mostly – especially with the men posting here – is that they expect a perfect relationship to simply blossom with no effort on their behalf whatsoever. They list off all the reason why 2D is better than 3D, and all their reasons lie in their selfish desire to do nothing to nurture their relationship. They expect these fictitious women to wash them with compliments, to act cute, to do NOTHING but create a shallow romance that the men rarely participate in at all but to be the stand-in boyfriend. These men’s standards are so high, and their tolerance for failure so low, that it makes them impossible to hold a standing relationship with at all, let alone a romantic one.

  • Wow speaking as a girl who’s never experienced romantic love yet I dunno how that feels, I can only imagine. I don’t know what be worse losing a boyfriend to a 3d girl or a 2d one… Well when I think about it I think 3d cheating is worse. With 2d you already know you can’t win, the characters are written to be perfect, while a 3d girl would probably make me ask myself “What does this bitch have that I don’t?!” But still, if my boyfriend fell in love with a 2d girl over me, that would be a devastating blow to my already dwindling self-confidence. Especially if I tried my hardest to make him happy, which I would. I’m a hopeless, lonely romantic. I’d just hope he didn’t fall in love with a character I liked, because it’d be the equivalent of him sleeping with my friend… But if this really happened I’d probably sink it a deep depression singing “Just Be Friends” to myself, sobbing alone in my room. Then when I’ve cried myself out I’d probably look at some yaoi and cheesy shoujo while playing “RIP=RELEASE” to cheer myself up. Then I probably think about the 2d guys that are so much better then the scum bag who left me and how they’d never leave me like he did. Further lowering my already not ideal vision of men. Which is ironic on so many levels. But when (if) I ever get a 3d boyfriend that’s why I’ll try to avoid comparison to 2d guys because we all know we can’t compare to 2d. I just want a kind guy who’s decent looking and loves me for me, that’s all I ask for. Yet reality isn’t as kind and ideal as the 2d world is…

    • Quote”I just want a kind guy who’s decent looking and loves me for me,…”

      This is the problem, the two are so very rarely found in the same package. So he has to be decent looking? Already he has a ladder to climb. Good job, stupid girl.

    • I think if that happened, it’d probably be that they ALSO crushed on a 2D character, and you’d also have to ask yourself what you have that they don’t – that’s easy – being. You exist. It’s not automatically an indicator that they prefer 2D to you.

      But, you already know this culture, so it sounds like you have a pretty levelheaded take on it generally.

      • Oh yea, I have no problem with guys liking 2d girls during a relationship. I’d probably have and maintain my crushes on 2d guys. I’d just be devastated if he wanted to break up over a 2d girl. I don’t think all guys will automatically choose 2d over me. But I’d probably wanna know who they’re like, see if I can pick up a few of the qualities of the 2d girls he likes. Chances are I’d probably already have a few of them, since he choose to go out with me. I’ll try to be a lil more positive, since a lot of the time I just feel like there’s no one out there for me. But I’m sure if I try I’ll eventually find someone ;D

  • Anonymous says:

    “If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

    What makes them think they can compete w/ an idol, aside from the fact that they’re 3D?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the point of the article is many male otakus feel that women cannot compete with their 2D fantasies, and this is explained by the fact their fantasies are shaped exactly as they’d wish by body and by soul. This is an feat 3D women cannot possibly reach.

      Now many would read the very numerous aspects in which women may lack in perfection, as ‘flaws.’ Remember, men’s flaws, and otakus’ flaws, are completely irrelevant to the discussion.

      So in the end it feels like we discuss women’s flaws and nothing else.

      • I’m a fattie, but my wife has great tits, and freckles on her back that I love… 2D couldn’t give me the originality that she does. She is real. Every time I want to see either, I have to give her some love in return. Fair enough.
        I guess that is just too hard for some people.
        Keep fapping, don’t make kids if you can’t take care of people.

  • Anonymous says:

    i rather take the risk of being cheated than just fap to 2d moe characters 😛
    and anyway, why don’t fap to 2d and have sex with 3d

    poor women who have boyfriends who “cheat” them with 2d (in my opinion it’s no cheating and i guess my girlfriend sees it the same way, i mean, i wouldn’t feel betrayed if i know she would fap to porn, i rather would join her, muahah)

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve noticed one thing with all these “2D > 3D” kids. Their main reason is always women are money-grubbing bitches.

    Is that no. 1 in the brainwashing program done by Sankaku Complex to its members?

  • Anonymous says:

    If he falls for 2D he must not know that 3D can bring real sex not just the idea of it.
    Maybe he weren’t such a loser he wouldn’t need 2D.
    Ya really must fail at life to need company from a 2D character.
    So unless 3D girls can turn into moe anime characters, this will forever go on.

    • you are talking to a brick wall.
      he needs 2D.
      he cant do the real thing.
      i love fantasy. sometimes i fapp to it. but my family is where i get my “life juice”. i just like the time off from a nagging wife, with some impossible nymph who caters to my every wis…

      shit, have to wash the dishes. its my turn tonight. she would be pissed if she woke up and had to wash dishes… sorry, real life intrudes…
      leave him to fapp and type shit about his life choice.

  • Anonymous says:

    Silly Asian girls 🙂

    I would much rather my boyfriend fall for a pretty 2D girl than some porn star or something, in fact, I’m more guilty of that at times then any of them men i end up dating.

    • Anonymous says:

      Silly weaboo girl 🙂

      You worry like this because you are certainly a wretch. Fat/ugly/both. If your boyfriend had any bit of self esteem he’d find a hot chick and you’d be left without whatever poor excuse for sex weaboos have. (Pro tip, its hard to have good sex while living with your parents)

      • Pro tip, we all see your lame ass being towed by your over-inflated ego. You can’t see the silly weaboo girl, yet you presume that she is worse than your 2D ‘partner’.
        You’re disrespecting others in a way that makes me think that this is the only way you can deal with real people.

        Get back to jacking it, manuke.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wasn’t there an article a few weeks ago that a similiar theme only with the difference that woman thought it would be better if they were betrayed with 2D girls as the men couldn’t actually betray them.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh look another article solely posted to make all the sad virgins comment about how much they hate 3D women despite not knowing any, and speaking as though they know every woman who has ever existed ever. And speak about ‘all japanese women..(insert past sankaku article of similar nature)’ despite having never been to Japan once or talked to a japanese girl.

    I just feel bad for you guys that honestly believe everything that is posted on this site.

  • Anonymous says:

    The fact that a man is resorting to ‘cheating’ with a 2D woman means there’s something utterly wrong in the relationship (woman not satisfying him ect).

    From the looks of the sample the women interviewed are 30 year old office women so either they’re fugly (likely), bitchy (likely), they set their standards way too high (very likely), or all of the above.

  • Anonymous says:

    On the flip side – – Every 2d girl any man has fallen for would of gone under the same treatment by countless thousands. Technically, 2d girls cheat on everyone who presses the right buttons.

    Unless he drew it himself of course.

    • Anonymous says:

      thats on the assumption that every single same character is actually the same, should there be an ID tag thats slightly different, it would make it a different character that just happens to have the same name, and look the same, and say the same things :).

  • SnooSnoo says:

    “If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

    So they are saying they can compete against idols?

  • Anonymous says:

    well curiously enough i experimented this on first hand.

    In a time in my life, i prefered 2D girls to 3D. Because they don’t demand our attention, suffer with our actions or make shit happen. They exist to give the user pleasure, as much as they desire and can imagine.

    So in that 3D hardly can compete with 2D. That worries me, because despite all the good about 2D girls, they aren’t real, and can’t subsitute real relationships. Still they are succeeding in doing so.

    To real women the only thing left is to play with their strengths.

  • Anonymous says:

    Then the problem is you money-sucking girls. The table clearly shows the results that 2D women are better than you (the comparison between 2D and 3D women [at least in Japan]).

  • Anonymous says:

    You can’t compete with an ideal.

    However, if I had a cute Japanse girlfriend, I can’t imagine myself being pulled by a 2d girl.

    We all have our own ideals, I suppose.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t understand how guys can fall in love with a 2d character . They can’t love you , have sex with you , talk with you , or even just look at you . You talk about how shallow girls are . How about the fact that a lot of guys here look first to how much money a girl will spend . Your just as shallow as this real girls you talk about . Man talk about hypocrites . They are actual girls out there that don’t want your money but your love instead . It seems to me that you like 2d girls cause they offer absoluty no resistance and are programed to agree with everything you say .2d girls are just for fantasy . Nothing more

    • Anonymous says:

      yep most of you guys are hypocrites and are butt hurt because you have ridiculously high standards and can’t take being rejected by girls that are out of your league (which are probably many). Have fun fapping and developing zero social skills. Lulzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Anonymous says:

        Either that, or you’ve been friendzoned by every girl you’ve liked because you’ve never dared to be forthcoming about your feelings, and settled for less than the main price.

        In other words, it’s your own damn fault anyway.

        • Anonymous says:

          It isn’t for lack of trying. I simply refuse and lack the patience to put up with the bullshit any longer. This may be just a cop out, but I just don’t give a fuck anymore.

    • stillcode says:

      Alright, so let me answer more seriously.

      There are two kinds of men who choose 2d. Those who can get real girls and those who can’t.

      Men who are able to get 3d girls but choose 2d have made a cost/benefit analysis. They’ve come to the conclusion that the cost of being with 3d outweighs the benefits, so they choose 2d.

      The men who are unable to get 3d turn to 2d because being with a virtual girl is better than being completely alone.
      Think of it like a woman who can’t get any man in real life so she turns to having an imaginary relationship with Johnny Depp. It’s fantasy right now, but as the sophistication of dating games increases so too will the depth of these 2d relationships. Image a game like Love Plus but instead of cute girls you can schedule dates with Johnny Depp (or insert favorite celebrity) and have a virtual relationship. There’s a lot of lonely women out there who’d take that route if not for copyright infringement. Right now, most women who can’t get a man are content to just soak in a bath and read a romance novel.

      • Anonymous says:

        Kind A (according to you) – are immature. They want love but they can’t handle the pressure/responsibilities that come with it so they are willing to settle for a semblance of one, even if it’s really laughable and pathetic. Normal people, on the other hand, decide to move on and make something out of their lives because it’s too damn short to be wasted on fictional DS/PC/anime characters.

        Kind B (according to you) – creepy and pathetic. It’s one thing to admire or like a fictional character. It’s another to actually consider “the growing sophistication of 2D relationships” just because they don’t have the balls to actually be with real women.

        • Anonymous says:

          Admittedly, but then again why would you, and besides, what was the point again?

          What do you do when you encounter a disabled kid, ‘hey kiddo, you don’t have legs but I do, ahah. Why the hell don’t you run for the bus, oh, I see, you can’t! How lame are you? Crazy immature creep!’

        • Anonymous says:

          Why would we not look down on people that look down on themselves already?

          After all, it’s a consensus among psychologists that only people with crushingly low self-esteem are capable of investing their emotions on fictional constructs, whether they be anime characters or anything else.

        • Anonymous says:


          Can’t handle the pressure/responsibilities? More like can’t afford. And who the fuck is putting all these pressure/responsibilities on the relationship in the first place? (Hint: it’s not the man).


          And why the fuck do you even care? With or without a fondness for 2D people like you will look down on them anyway. It’s better that they actually be happy, even if it’s a simulated happiness.

    • stillcode says:

      “They can’t love you , have sex with you , talk with you , or even just look at you .”

      Let me fix that for ya.

      “They can’t have sex with you.”

      And for that you’ll just have to wait for Love Plus+.

      • Anonymous says:

        No you didn’t fix it . In fact you broke it beyond repair . No matter what you say or what your arguement is . It isn’t going to change the fact that a 2d character cannot love you . Just because your stuck fapping , whispering sweet nothings , and pouring your heart to an inanimate object it doesn’t mean that it can love you back . Face it can’t love you back you sad pathetic , fapping lil man .

        • Anonymous says:

          The problem is that most of these reports hold true in Japan! Women only after a man’s salary? Article’s from Japan. Women having high expectations? Why, it’s an article from Japan.

          These weaboos and otakus immediately assume all these things that happen in Japan are true everywhere else.

          Well, I’ve news for you, morons: THEY ARE NOT.

          So stop thinking all women just want your money or whatever negative light these articles from Japan make women into: the world is a big place and women, -REAL- women, are much better than your fictional 2D lolis.

        • a good and bad point

          take a look at the way dating and marriage work in japan.

          the women there are complete cunts, and the guys actually had there dicks tun into clits and have almost become pussies.

          i dont mean to sound like such a prick but its true.

          look at some of the fucking polls here.

          specifically the way they look at men, popular searches made with husband and wife, how many confess to cheating on who they are with, and the fact that men give all the money to the women and they get less than 100 a week to spend is fucking sick.

          with that, or a one sided love of a 2d, you have to understand why 2d is so appealing to them

  • Anonymous says:

    Enlighten me,

    How can one develop “feelings” for a 2D “girl/woman?(it is in fact a bunch of algorithms hidden behind pixels bunched together to look like a girl/woman”

    Isn’t the popularity of “2D girls” based of the fact that they require no emotional, time, or monetary involvement in the first place?

    If anything “2D girls” are simply objects which reflects the pinnacle of men sexual desires which allow easy sexual release without the often mentioned inconveniences of real life women.

    So, although “2D girls” are great in the way that they allow us to fantasize freely, I don’t understand how you can “fall” for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow someone who actually thinks outside the box. The words we speak with, the way we talk, think, act is ALL UNREAL as it was invented by something that is real, just like storytelling…So people need to stop stereotyping(because obviously we seem to do that a lot on the internet to make ourselves feel unique and superior) and go on with their lives for once. Those who are arguing about people not having a life are the ones who truly don’t.

        The english language(along with many other languages) is FICTIONAL, yet it takes over our very lives.

        • Anonymous says:

          Though it’s probably an excuse indeed, the philosophy is nothing near flawed. Useless maybe. Not on this topic maybe too (well, depends on reality patterns of the subject, I’d say). Flawed not.

          > there is no such thing as a FICTIONAL language
          Klingon, Sindarin, Quenya? Think about what you write, dammit.

        • Anonymous says:

          Awwww… isn’t this cute. Trying to justify yourselves with flawed philosophies.

          While the language through which we understand the world around us is ARTIFICIAL (not fictional, there is no such thing as a FICTIONAL language)it is still a language created to understand and interpret the NATURAL world around us.

          While we may in reality only perceive it through electrical signals, the human brain is still perfectly capable of recognizing fiction from reality (except in cases of extreme insanity), and is also able to consciously distinguish an impulse generated by a REAL environment from those generated by a FICTIONAL one.

          Also, while the senses of sight and hearing can be stimulated by today’s current media, it is a matter of fact that your senses of smell, touch and taste remain unstimulated by a 2D girl. There is still no discernible way to trick your brain into completely buying the illusion offered by 2D.

          The reason being, they lack a BODY. Unless you wanna bring out the inflatable dolls, in which case, that thing? Still cold, lifeless plastic.

          Add to that the lack of true interaction and emotional reaction from a 2D girl, their lack of intelligence, in the best of cases, they can only react according to preset parameters and they’re general lifelessness. And all you got is a hollow illusion at best.

          So, even when your romance with a 3D girl turns out to also be an illusion, it is still accompanied by the bonus of fully stimulating your 5 senses and accompanied by an actual live person with a PULSE. So, even if it turns out 3D romance is also a hollow illusion, it is at the very least a better, more fulfilling (mentally, physically and emotionally) illusion.

          So, the only real explanation as to why anyone would choose 2D over 3D is because romance with a 2D is easy, devoid of all pain, and custom made to your own little selfish desires, it doesn’t trouble you with having to think about the wishes and emotions of another ACTUAL person. It doesn’t show you your own flaws and shortcomings the way an actual relationship does. It moves along certain preset parameters that are easy to figure out and follow through, and require almost no effort on your part. And even if you fail, you can just start over.

          In other words… those who pick 2D because do so because, it’s easier, because it’s made to your desires, tailored to your own taste, and because you can forget the part in romance where you make an actual emotional commitment to make another person other than yourself happy, because it’ll never hurt.

          In short, you pick 2D because you’re selfish, lazy, cowards, incapable of loving anyone. Not even yourselves. Because if you creepy 2D loving people (I won’t say Otaku, because not all Otaku are that pathetic) loved yourselves at all, you’d give yourselves the chance of being loved by an actual person, who see you for who you are. And not a lifeless videogame in a plastic screen or a plush or a doll or whatever it is you’re calling your waifu nowadays.

        • Anonymous says:

          Are you stupid?

          Even when you fall for a 2D girl, you’re following a lifestyle IMPOSED BY SOCIETY. You’re pretty much letting the producers of an anime company determine what your ideal woman should be like for you, you’re basically following their instructions like a drone, and you buy into their notion of a perfect woman so much you can’t even be with a real woman anymore.

          Also, actual life is only boring to those that are not out living it. At the very least I can say MY LIFE is not at all boring. Hell, at times it can be too damn entertaining.

        • Anonymous says:

          I laugh at how butthurt otakus immediately downvote posts that show how pathetic they are.

          Wake up, you morons. Live actual life, not this imaginative world you want to live in.

        • Anonymous says:

          I feel no ‘compulsion’. I am able to keep my hobbies seperate from my social life, and yes, I do have one. I watch regular tv, and the news, and even seeing fictional characters’ (played by real actors) attitudes towards relationships as an indication of how fucked up our personal relationships with each other are, not to mention all the drama within my own family. The ratio of good, decent people is severely deficient (sp?).

        • Anonymous says:

          1. because they’re not real
          2. because they’re not real
          2. they still need all your money as you feel compulsed to buy all their character merchandise
          4. they do, when your family and ‘friends’ see how much of a loser you became

          Protip: I know tons of living, breathing women that do none of these things. Maybe you could try to meet some instead of forming your opinions of the entire outside world from what’s fed to you on sankaku complex.

        • Anonymous says:

          2D girls don’t cheat on you. They don’t give you STDs. They don’t treat you like shit. They don’t need money or jewelry to know you love them. They don’t try to seperate you from your friends and family.

  • Tallgeese_VI says:

    “If he went with 2D I’d really feel there’s a problem with me, as a real woman.”

    Heh, I might agree with this one.

    Sometimes girls can be a pain and demand whatever they like, forcing the guys to gave up on them (money minded ladies) & etc…

  • OtakuWrath says:

    Otaku love 2D girls because real girls are cold to them. normal guys love real girls. they need to piss off acting like Otaku are the future so the future looks grim… nobody cared until Otaku started being happy with perfect 2D girls, now the real girls that teased Otaku are still trying to fuck with them.

    They are just pissed that they live shitty lives with their cheating boyfriends while Otaku are spending all their money on 2D girls and living neutral lives.. seems they made the wrong fucking choice, but its too late now.. Otaku already felt the stabbing pain day after day of having real girls tease them and tell them how disgusting they were.

  • moebius22 says:

    Women in general have a different definition of cheating than men. To a man cheating is fucking or sucking another woman. To a woman cheating can be a whole laundry list of things- even including watching porn.

    • Anonymous says:

      very well said man… they need to narrow down their defition of “cheating”! considering the simple viewing of porn (or fappin’ to it) as “cheating” is just as ridicolous as saying elefants can fly.
      by the way, most girls of the last generation, specially young ones, do not consider “watching porn” as cheating anymore. A tiny fraction of them still believe that though… but things are changing i guess.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        Still, things haven’t changed THAT much, sadly.
        Many women — my last girlfriend included — would still suspect you of cheating if you even hugged another girl/woman too long. It’s downright ridiculous and troublesome.
        The smallest thing could have you residing in limbo with your loved one. Then, you have to go to extreme lengths just to get her to let it go, let alone forget about the event entirely.
        (I can guarantee you that just because she hasn’t spoken about it for a while doesn’t mean she has forgotten about it. Not in the slightest.)

        Women are strange creatures….

  • HARDKOAR says:

    “If he went with 2D I’d really feel there’s a problem with me, as a real woman.”

    “I’d be totally shocked. I think I’d think the problem was with me and I was lacking something. It’s just like a man with a girlfriend pursuing a fake romance with a hostess or going with a prostitute, isn’t it?”

    “If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

    These three get me them, their down to earth and know what the fuck it means when we fall for 2D, they aren’t doing something the 2D are.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, 2D girls don’t smell and don’t drip. 2D girls don’t have hair under their arms and don’t have to be fed. Also, 2D girls don’t make us wait an extra 45 minutes while they do their hair and best of all they are always ready for ‘bed time’. Most of all, we probably have one or more figurines of the 2D girl to add to the visual pefection so ‘she’ is correct she doesn’t have a chance in hell of beating that.

  • I agree with the ladies. If the guy just likes the character a lot or has character goods and stuff, that’s one thing. But if he actually fell in love with a 2d girl to such extents such as trying to marry her, I would advise the woman find a different man. There would certainly be a lack of romance in their relationship if he’s chasing after ze 2d girls.

    • disagree with motaku96. if he actually fell in love with a 2D girl, she’s doing something very very wrong and should take some time to think about how she’s being outdone by a moving image on a computer screen, when she has real, physical breasts, a real, physical vagina, and presumably some other worth as a human being. Lacking that, she should probably kill herself, as she is of no value to the human race.

    • I just can’t stand people classifying “being able to hold down a man” as a desirable trait for women. I’ve heard this so many times from so many different people, just reading variations of it is enough to make me want to punch a priest in the face.

      No man is worth the trouble of being “held down”… and neither is a woman, for that matter. If keeping things together requires too much effort on either side, it’s time to just let it go. It’s not gonna get any better, no matter how hard you try to be “good enough for them to love you”.

      • Anonymous says:

        see, if these women thought like that, we wouldn’t be having these problems. Instead of looking at what she might be doing wrong, and shifting all the blame to said “otaku”. I guarentee she thought about it beforehand, and decided to add the “i guess i’m somewhat to blame” line in so she didn’t look like a total gold digging bitch. theres alot of good reasons why most people look at the 2D over them, 2D can’t cheat on you, wont talk down to you, looks perfect, therefor is pretty much perfect aside from not actually existing in reality. so if their bf’s are switching, they got fed up with being treated like shit by the real women.

        this is yet another good strike to the self-centered bitches of the world, maybe they might change, but i think i’d have a better chance of finding the end of the rainbow for my pot of gold.

        • Anonymous says:

          Errr… I don’t think you’ve ever tried admitting you use fleshlights.
          (Well, no, me neither. Never had one. But I predict it would be a very big deal.)

          I agree about your point, though. Above post didn’t have one.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s not even close. Dildo’s are just to help the girls get off just like men have with their hands or fleshlights.

          The men here are falling for a fake character. When dildo’s become cartoons then you can bitch about it.

        • Women use their dildos for hundreds of years and think that’s perfectly fine. Men don’t complain.

          Now when men dare to go after something other than women that is something completely different and women call them freaks, sexists and whatever else comes to mind…

    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      While I agree with this, you still have to question something that’s a little bit odd.
      If the woman in this case is dating the man and they were already in love and stuff, then how could she lose to a 2d character in the first place?
      For one thing, 3d has actual sex organs that you can actually have sex with. The closest you come to having sex with a 2d character is fapping.
      Two, how is it possible that a 2d character has more of a personality than you? How could something that’s not even real still pull your man’s attention away from you?

      I’m just saying.
      I mean, I know it’s not all the woman’s fault. Obviously, the guy would have to be a bit fucked up in the head to love a 2d picture more than his actual, living, breathing girlfriend/wife/whatever.
      But not all of the blame can go to the men. Some of it still belongs with the women.

    • The problem is it is hard to draw the line between falling head over heels in actual love with a 2D character and loving the character as a fictitious person. I consider the latter as a state wherein you like a 2D character but know that you cannot be with her as she is not real. You may as well have feelings for that character, but as long as you understand she is a fictional being, there’s no falling in real love. Therefore, you’re still on the healthy side.

      • Anonymous says:

        lets not forget that “mental health” is still a concept brought up from natural behaviour, whereas being “ill” means u cant act like the whole, or u are an attention fag

        either way, here where most ppl debate about a so important topic as freedom of expression for loli-lovers, why is that my sankaku is still flooded with moral fags and health encouriers

        the fact that u cant imagine nor like the idea of being ill in this society doesnt mean its a bad thing and something we all must avoid, some ppl think out of the scale, just dont let others put their thoughts in your head, some of us like to remain ill =P

    • Anonymous says:

      And what makes them think they can compete with an idol?

      I mean, that’s like Stacy trying to compete with her mom for that guy who thinks that her mom has got it going on.

      • Anonymous says:

        > And what makes them think they can compete with an idol?

        They’re confused about what it means falling for an idol and think it’s the same thing as falling for the next girl, except the next girl is an idol. They think they’re within reach and they will answer when talked to, and that the idol’s real personality is way worse than theirs. So they can compete with this.

        They don’t understand it is basically the same as falling for a 2D, except the graphics are pictures and movies, and the idol rarely reads a romance script.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sad part is that they are scared.

      Not going to lie 2D girls may be fake but they will never cheat on you. They will never use you. And they will remain perfect as a bonus. And to be honest, about 80% of women just want a free ride while the man works his ass off.

      Sad to say but women from my point of view care about sex much more.

      Does true love exist? Maybe if it is 2 hot lesbians.

    • “If he is going to fall for someone else, at least make it an idol. You just can’t compete against a 2D character.”

      And the light of the truth has entered their minds.

    • Anonymous says:

      “You just can’t compete against a 2D character” Really? Either Japanese men have abnormally low sex drives, or these Japanese women must not be willing to get creative with their orifices.

      • @thanto_

        First i was talking anime not games.
        Second it was a slight exageration because there was a bit of sarcasm going on.
        Third There are anime aimed at teen girls, like fruits basket and Marimite.
        Fourth i’m a big fan of the novelist in fruits basket!

      • Wow, some of you guys are seriously brainwashed (either by this site or the internet in general). Are you assuming that’s what will happen if you go for a real woman, you’ll get taken advantage of so easily?
        Complaining about greedy, selfish women…since when were you fags so weak?

        Just be straight up with a girl and TELL her if she’s hypocitical, bias, materialistic…etc, she might actually respect you for it and become a better person. Sure, you might get slapped and dumped, but being told that kind of thing would stick in her thoughts forever…

        Besides…2D girls are still GIRLS
        They’ll bitch and get greedy, but will wait until you’ve switched your computer off first.

      • TehBoringOne says:

        It’s a bunch of problems, not just that they’re greedy bitches.

        Women are taught the importance of raising a family (most), but they somehow start putting lots of high requirements that not even a decent man with a standard wage (which is what most can aspire to) can fulfill.

        Of course, the existence of lazy asses that only want to marry to slack around the house, buying expensive shit and have fun doesn’t do much to help…

        Plus, Japanese men seem to be turning into fags…

        • It’s incredibly hard to have a real relationship with a real girl. I had several and all went downhill after a while. You’ve been cheated on, betrayed and abandoned? You’re not the only one.

          That may be why I gave up on long term relationships. Having a fuckbuddy here and there works surprisingly well.

        • Anonymous says:


          What the hell is wrong with you people?!! Are you seriously telling me that you’d rather have an imaginary relationship with a FICTIONAL character than an actual substantial relationsip with a REAL PERSON?!! HAS THE OTAKU COMMUNITY REALLY FALLEN THAT LOW?!

          Do any of you understand what LIFE is about?! Or have you spent so much time glued to your computers that you’ve forgotten the bliss of being with others?!! AND I MEAN ACTUAL PEOPLE!!

          GET A DAMN GRIP!! THIS IS PATHETIC!! I know that life is damn hard, hell, I’ve had my bad experiences in romance, I’ve been cheated on, betrayed, and abandoned by the women (ACTUAL WOMEN) that I’ve loved the most, but that is no excuse to retreat into your own pathetic little worlds and brood against the world and the female gender in general.


        • Anonymous says:

          You want perfect women, you want understanding, care and all the sweet perfect things, while you can’t even understand them and be understanding to them, and you can’t even look at your own imperfectness in the mirror. All of you that thinks that you could be a very good lover but it’s women’s fault for being like that and not giving you a chance: the sensitivity you think you have is selfish, and is gone the moment the girl is not perfect for you anymore, and her flaws aren’t the ideal flaws you think she should have.

        • Multiple problems with that idea, Minru:
          1. Women hate otaku. They wouldn’t watch anime themselves.
          2. Otaku don’t expect harems. That’s not even depicted in the popular dating games anyway.

        • The anime aimed at boys has a plain not to smart or athletic boy attracting a harem of hotties…

          The anime aimed at girls has the girl get a hot guy who is filthy rich and there is no hint that he might have a harem…

          Blame the expectations of both the male AND female japanese on anime!

          P.S. and all the chicks have enormous breasts unless they are loli’s.

  • Klingengeist says:

    Best thing about 2D girls/women, they dont stress and if they would you can shut down you computer or console. xD
    Try to “turn off” real ones…

    Also in 3d, girlfriends cost money, marriage costs money, wives cost money, divorce costs money.
    How goes the saying? Dont marry if you cant pay for the divorce.
    I think 2d + 3d ONS’ or prostitutes are cheaper (except if the 3d ones get pregnant and got your name/adress) and theres more variety. ^^

    PS: Love is the most abused word ever, many use it but most of them dont really mean it so thats not really a point. 😛