Top 10 Cutest/Coolest Hobbies


Which hobbies do Japanese think are the cutest/coolest to pursue? Survey responses seem to indicate hobbies with a perceived air of sophistication are just the thing…

The ranking:

1. English conversation

2. Horse riding

3. Piano playing

4. Diving

5. Tennis

6. Violin

7. Home cooking

8. Baking

9. Interior decoration

10. Japanese tea ceremony

Gender differences between responses were slight – in particular, English conversation came top in the eyes of both men and women, demonstrating that the English conversation school industry still maintains an air of cosmopolitan glamour and cultivation despite its obvious lack of efficacy in improving the English language abilities of the Japanese.

Fortunately for the self esteem of Japan’s hard-pressed otaku, the survey did not even bother to include doll fiddling and figure fancying, so the lower ranks were occupied by comparatively innocuous hobbies such as karate and dog styling.

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