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Idol Mangaka Xià Dá “Stop Fussing Over My Looks!”


Belle mangaka Xià Dá, suddenly projected to idol status after photographs of her came to the attention of online otaku, has made it clear she is unhappy that people might judge her by her looks and not the quality of her manga.



She is less than delighted with the huge fuss made over her loli looks (she is 28) – “I’d rather people not make a fuss over my looks,” she says.

As a proud and professional mangaka, she seems aghast at the prospect of becoming a mere pin-up for the onanistic attentions of otaku admirers: “My readers have been with me for 5 years. It’s got nothing to do with the fuss online.”

She is of course correct – her translated manga is now serialised in Ultra Jump, and it seems few had any idea what she looked like until very recently.


She is also said to be a complete otaku with no interest in anything apart from manga – she spends most of her time drawing manga, eats meals at her computer and reports discomfort at camera flashes thanks to her degraded eyesight.


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