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Osaka Bans Boys Love Manga as “Harmful Publications”


Osaka has classified a variety of boys love (or yaoi) manga as “harmful publications” and placed restrictions on their sale and distribution.

The new restrictions, previously covered here, ban under 18s from buying or reading the publications in question, which in practice means the rags will be consigned to the “adult corner” along with actual pornography. Their circulation will likely be adversely affected as a result.

The standards for inclusion as a “harmful publication” are extremely easy to apply – if more than 10% of the pages, or more than 10 pages outright, deal with sex the manga can be classed as harmful. 8 magazines have so far been designated as such.

For a thick magazine with many hundreds of pages, 10 pages of content dealing with “sex, etc.” may well be a very low proportion of the overall content, making a large number of publications potentially bannable.

Osaka’s governor recently began talking about adopting copycat legislation based on Tokyo’s loli ban, but it went further by singling out BL manga.

Just why it is necessary to ban girls from reading stories about homosexual men has never been effectively explained – the stories cannot promote sodomy amongst girls as they are incapable of performing it, and nor is it likely they are turning girls into sexual predators intent on raping men or boys. Most girls of that age are already sexually active in any case.

Sheer moral hysteria, for its own sake, seems the only plausible explanation.

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  • One sentence: GET OVER IT!

    This is utterly ridiculous. There is nothing ‘harmful’ about yaoi. Its not hurting anybody. I agree that it should be for 18+ just to be fair to other things that have sexual content and have an age restriction on them, but to BAN any of it? That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.

    You guys can ban, denounce, complain about anything you want to, its not going to stop GAYS from existing. Its not going to stop people from writing it or fantasizing about it or drawing it. So just give it a rest and stop being stupid. I’ve seen a lot worse and I bet anything you OSHA people have WATCHED or BOUGHT a lot worse yourselves.

    Doing something like this is only going to create more hate against the homosexual community because people will have no way to understand and attempt to accept it. I state again, stop trying to make something disappear just because you don’t like it, its not gonna work. Homosexuality, Bisexuality, Transsexuals, all of it will exist you can’t STOP people from feeling how they feel. It doesn’t work that way.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if someone already mentioned what I’m about to say, but someone said this was to drive attention away from catholic-priest molesters in japan correct?

    You do happen to know that Japan’s form of Catholicism is very different than the original western compliment. If I’m correct they incorporate bits of Confucianism, Hinduism, etc and other religious theory in Christianity sector of Japan. Also the priests in Japan are allowed to marry.

    I doubt Catholic-priest molestation is on a high in japan. SO what would there be to divert attention from?

  • Hooray for Gender Inequality!

    Double Standards are disgusting, don’t you think?

    I’m confused whether this proves the politicians are conservative, discriminative or just stupid.

    Either ban Everything or nothing

  • Well at this rate japans visual media economy is going to crumble and their won’t be any traces of our beloved visual entertainment.
    If I were you I suggest getting new hobbies now to prepare for the manga apacolypes. knitting is pretty fun we could do that.

  • I will agree that this and the Tokyo ban is stupid, can’t they simply order this stuff from outside of Osaka and Tokyo if the ban there passes. Oh and if they really want to buy the stuff they will. It’s not like they can’t hope on a train and buy the stuff outside of those city’s.

    Censorship be dammed..

  • So they’re making it illegal to sell ero-manga to underage girls… the horror… ?

    It’s not like they’re cracking down on the artists. It’s not like they’re banning anything with gay themes. There’s a time and place for moral outrage, but it’s more surprizing this wasn’t already in place.

    Now… I don’t especially care if kids buy this stuff or not, but… really, the impact seems miniscule; it’s just a little bit more like every other country’s laws now… in Osaka specifically.

  • if they do it they do it they will lost a lot of money that enters with the yaoi,and if they do it they will lost with te yuri,lolicon , chotacon(not too much)and every single eechi anime or manga.

  • Anonymous said:
    Way to go moron, let's just make the baseless assumption that I'm a guy so you can pull that "you're in denial" shitty argument on me.

    It still stands, you're a damn homophobe who doesn't know the fucking difference between 3D gay porn and yaoi. I've watch the first on several occasions and read the second almost every day and they're intended for different audiences.

    And yes I have read hentai and yaoi with traps and they look like girls. You're attracted to their looks, not their dick so stop freaking out about your sexuality.

    thank God I was afraid i'd have to start voting democrat

    • In all honesty my fujoshi sisters in Osaka mustn’t have raised such a fuss if this bill got pass this easily and quickly.

      Then again it’s a restriction more than a ban, which I can accept. If regular porn and hentai are restricted to 18&up, so should yuri and yaoi porn.

      • Exactly. I tried to say about the same thing, but my post seems to have vanished into thin air, unlike the two others that were posted right away.

        I was basically saying this isn’t such a moral panic, it just means that BL – and not just BL, but BL porn – is finally recognized as porn, and classified like any other.

        It’s wasted outrage. We should go after the changes that actually restrict artists’ expression and people’s freedom to buy – not flip out when one prefecture decides to stop selling porn to kids…

        • Uh… yeah, anon – that’s why I said not just BL, but BL porn.

          “The standards for inclusion as a “harmful publication” are extremely easy to apply – if more than 10% of the pages, or more than 10 pages outright, deal with sex the manga can be classed as harmful.”

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    The standard “Moral Panic” argument.
    They don’t care ’bout nothin, till it affects them, then they want to destroy it. Of course, they only go after affects of symptoms, never examining the root causes of any problem (or absence thereof) and make things worse but never better. And these win too often because those that argue against the solution to the problem, who argue for the accused find themselves accused themselves like any classic “Witch Hunt.” Might Google “The Satan Sellers” on Loompanics for a sick insight into the 80s “Moral Panic” in the USA.

    Was an aspect of pornography that appealed to women doing any harm? And what will they do if denied/deterred in their choice of pornography?

    I think with “Equality Now”‘s Jihad, we’ve got lots of people vowing to become REAL “Sex Criminals” if they are going to be treated as such for 100% fiction and so have to risk penalties for REAL “Party Van” for having comic books with silly doodles. (Based on their site whining about the threats, etc.) If they can afford to and maintain the obsession long enough for one of these “Otaku Rooms” we like to gawk at here, they could rather easily rent a run-down shack/apartment on the outskirts of town (longer walk to work would cut the pounds anyways) with a basement they could turn into a “Cellar Dungeon” perhaps full of bright candy colored “Bondage Toys” a little smaller than norm for “RL Lolis”? It’d be “Chester the Molester”‘s dream…

    Now, I don’t think the women will do this. But, they actually might take it out on the “Otaku”. The “Hard core nerds” they usually ignored (hated and feared, but ignored) might be blamed for “Taking their Yaoi” because they drooled over far sicker, viler stuff. So instead of just ignoring them and only hassling/embarrassing them if they asked them on a date in front of friends, they’d go out of their way to make them miserable. This would lead to them getting even more withdrawn and crazy, and as I said in my last block of text…more prone to a type of “Revenge” on “The modern women who seek to destroy men” as the “Great one” warned us about. Along the way, they’d do things like sleep with a creep who’d beat up the “Otaku” for them and otherwise become women unsuitable for marriage, to manipulative and controlling for any man to ever trust.

    Just IMO.

    —–A little off topic below, please forgive….

    Just curious, ’cause this really, REALLY ain’t mah thang, but is there any “Shota” out there that has the older guy bein a CATHOLIC priest?

    If I understand right, the “Yaoi” is more a “Gay” thing and generally appeals (in Japan) to women!? but the “Shota” is young boy that appeals (is bought by) to gay men and pedos, right?

    Something to look up, cause Mike Diana’s “Priests F-Ck little Boyz!” picture is getting a bit dated and is crude-deliberately. Need some new fodder for various ‘passarounds’ and don’t want to do it in my art style:-)

    • For your TLDR request, Rule 34 states there IS porn of it, no exceptions, I’m sure there’s plenty of drawings, stories, and RP’d videos with midgets playing the choir boys if you search Sentrillion– err, Google long enough.

      Shota does not necessarily appeal to gay men and pedos exclusively, assuming you mean male pedos. Loveless is a classic yaoi shota, you’ve got a virgin 12 year old built right into the story, but it is clearly meant for women. Many yaoi stories that appeal to women are shota, because they involve the “protect the younger purer generation” theme with a 30 year old and a middle school boy stories.

      The main difference between male appeal and female appeal shota is how fast it spirals into sex scenes. Female shota can even be (almost) “pure”, no sex scenes at all, just kissing and groping, while male oriented shota, and yaoi in general, often is just a wham-bam-thank-you-maam kind of affair.

  • Anonymous said:
    You're a fucking moron. Yaoi and BL is made by women for women; homosexual guys don't really like yaoi. If you had ever checked 3D gay porn and yaoi you'd know the difference, instead of being a little homophobic boy.
    You're attracted to traps, which are basically girl with a gender slapped on. It doesn't mean you're gay, since if you were you'd be chasing after manly adult men and not a bunch of dick-girls.

    keep telling yourself that. When you can admit who you really are we'll be here. If it has a wiener and you like your gay/bi.
    But you can always choose who you fuck so if you are bi but only act on the chicks like how I do you can still vote republican and be all hetero.

    • Way to go moron, let’s just make the baseless assumption that I’m a guy so you can pull that “you’re in denial” shitty argument on me.

      It still stands, you’re a damn homophobe who doesn’t know the fucking difference between 3D gay porn and yaoi. I’ve watch the first on several occasions and read the second almost every day and they’re intended for different audiences.

      And yes I have read hentai and yaoi with traps and they look like girls. You’re attracted to their looks, not their dick so stop freaking out about your sexuality.

        • The correct term to define such individuals would be “pansexual”,meaning they don’t care about things like penises or vaginas, but about the person in general.

          Heteros are exclusively attracted to the opposite sex without exceptions; the same with gays and the same sex.

        • Not bisexuals, just that when you see a sexual act you might be turned not necessarily because you want to do the same (as in if you’re a guy you see Hideyoshi getting some), but for the mere fact it’s sex.

          A lot of beauty traits can be applied to both sexes too, so there’s nothing wrong to think a person of your same gender is handsome/pretty.

        • Because regardless of gender a person can be very beautiful and arousing to either sex? or maybe because the forbidden always seems more interesting than plain old vanilla? Bah personally I don’t make a big deal out of this, everyone can be attracted to beauty and sexual acts, even if not your actual preference.

          But you gotta admit traps look exactly like girls (down to their wide hips), although that’s not much of a surprise or hard to do given the ambiguity of some anime drawing styles.

  • Anonymous said:
    I massively doubt that the girls reading BL manga are at any fault for what's happening, and neither do I think that the sort of radical feminists that are pushing for the current bans have ever even read a manga (i.e. right now they're not in need of anyone's sympathy, let alone yours)

    They're winning this war, and we won't stop them by cheering for bans that target female-oriented erotic fiction.

    Actually many shota trap manga are aimed at guys not girls. Yaoi that features a bisounen drawing style are aimed at girls.

  • The fact that they banned or restricted BL mangas means that if they managed that, there might be a chance that they could ban yuri mangas, loli mangas, and what ever else they feel like fucking with. Art should not be censored especially if there is no ground to even ban it. yaoi isn’t something I particularly like, though for some reason I do like traps, but anyways even though I don’t care for it, I still think it should have the right to not be subjugated and censored for no reason at all. It’s like they said in an episode of South Park when Cartman was trying to take down Family Guy, “Get them to take one episode off the air because it was to offensive, then that gives ground for another group to get them to take another episode off, and another, and another until it get cancelled.” This is pretty much the same situation, ban something like BL mangas, and that gives other the ground to ban what ever else they don’t like or agree with, such as loli or yuri and what ever else. It’s all bullshit really.

  • Now we have a banning contest thank to the ceaseless effort of EN,CNN and all the mother fucker who dance their tune. It’s nice to see how much people in the US can influence Japan, pity!

    • It’s ironic how with all the glorification they have over their badass yakuza and samurai they pretty much bend over when a foreign country (most of the time USA) tells them to do so.

  • “Just why it is necessary to ban girls from reading stories about homosexual men has never been effectively explained ”

    Well have you noticed how dam hard it is to keep women from watching all the fag shows on tv? Can’t even delete all of the channels showing them, so the real question is “”why the hell do females watch shows and love to watch shows full of male quears?””

    Thanks for the chance to bring up a life times of problems with females and quears.

    • The same reason guys love to watch girl on girl porn. It’s hot; it’s full of handsome dudes and almost no bitches in the shows.

      Instead of being a dumbass with double standards, it would be wise to accept that homosexuality and watching it go both ways. Moron.

  • Strawberry Suicide says:

    Not my BL!!!
    Those sick bastards!!

    Anyways, I don’t fear the future…Manga – may it be mainstream or ero – has a HUGE fanbase all over the world which means even if legal publications get under strict censorship or ban, on an illegal dimension every genre is going to live on…

    May it be activists or crime investigating organizations they are powerless to control this worldwode net of otaku, even now they are only able to track down a very tiny percent of readers/consumers of the ‘questionable’ contents/merchandise…

    It’s sad that politics & activists rather to turn they attention on the REAL problems of todays society, ban/restrict such as ‘drawn material’ completely avoiding the healthy reasoning of down-to-earth otaku and not to mention CENSORING/RESTRICTING FREEDOM of speech…Paradox in the most epic way…

    However in a few years this whole fuss over lolicons and rape games will get boring for the major audience and to gain popularity and mass attention the ones to ban thoughtlessly stuff they don’t even try to accept/understand are going to turn towards other ridiculously stupid issues…The Japanese ero industry is atm the tool for their means…

    We have to get trough this phase with pride and strenght then laugh our asses off as these idiots try to wash their hands clean after messing with a whole generation/subculture…^^

    Though still…
    Fujoshi of Osaka should unite and show these homophobes who wears the pants in this relationship o><o

  • “If you were gay that it’ll be okay
    I mean ’cause hey I like you anyway
    Because you see if it were me
    I would be free to say that I was gay
    But I’m not gay”

    That’s called equallity, without hentai and yaoi the women would be as unhappy as the men


    Just saying, WTF are the fujoshi in Osaka doing?? certainly there should be a more than reasonable amount of them to prevent this shit??

    Ok they just restricted the adult scenes to 18 and up. I can deal with that, if other adult material is restricted to 18 and up then everything should be so (that’s equality). I’m just afraid this will give them green light to do jerk-like moves like what Tokyo wants to do with the loli ban.

    I do find extremely stupid that they think less than 10 pages of sex will not be harmful. Believe me, if you’re a fujoshi and you only got 10 pages of yaoi sex, you’re gonna stay 190% focused on those 10 pages instead of not giving much of a fuck if they are 100 pages since IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL.

  • BASTARDS! This is discrimination again women! Fucking dumbass feminists rage over something as harmless as loli, but when real discrimination like this happens they’re no where to be found! This is both prejudiced against yaoi loving women and gay men. So I’m assuming yuri material is getting the same treatment? If you’re under 18 you can’t buy it and it’s moved to the adult section? No?! THEN REPEL THIS DUMBASS BAN! I’ve never really gotten angry enough to say this, but the Osaka legislature is full of SEXIST/HOMOPHOBIC PIGS! I hope my sister fujoshi in Osaka are as mad as I am, cuz this is injustice!

  • Why didn’t they just proove that what the feminists are doing is wrong because they are not accomplishing the true purpose of feminism because they are too lazy to commit to a harder fight so the laze about looking for small shit to bitch about to ruin other people’s lives.

  • So whats next a Yuri ban?

    Seems like they are just trying to ban everything full circle or will Yuri be excluded because 90% of the people doing the banning are male, i don’t see a reason to ban Yaoi (yes i’m a straight male) as i’m of the opion that whatever floats your boat without causing any actual harm is really none of my business, will be interesting to see what happens next.

  • Of course they are harmful they turn people gay and make the population shrink.

    Don't think it turns people gay? I used to be totally heterosexual now I'm bi, Von Bridgette and Maria are responsible.

    • You’re a fucking moron. Yaoi and BL is made by women for women; homosexual guys don’t really like yaoi. If you had ever checked 3D gay porn and yaoi you’d know the difference, instead of being a little homophobic boy.

      You’re attracted to traps, which are basically girl with a gender slapped on. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, since if you were you’d be chasing after manly adult men and not a bunch of dick-girls.

  • Well, that’s what you moronic, do-nothing “true” feminists get for your inaction against the loli crusaders. You let them loose and unchecked, and now they start intruding on crap that you like.

    What’s more ironic is that the governments actually started legislating against Boys-Love/Yaoi shit BEFORE the loli.

    Fitting, really. You have ZERO sympathy from me.

    • I massively doubt that the girls reading BL manga are at any fault for what’s happening, and neither do I think that the sort of radical feminists that are pushing for the current bans have ever even read a manga (i.e. right now they’re not in need of anyone’s sympathy, let alone yours)

      They’re winning this war, and we won’t stop them by cheering for bans that target female-oriented erotic fiction.

    • Hey, birthrate declining, economy not doing too well, femnazi’s and bullshit moralfag groups at their necks. How could they not go down bit by bit with all that weight on their heads?

  • I bet they’re just doing this to get back at feminazis for trying to ban loli. I wonder if they can defend themselves against the incoming fujoshi riots.

    For whatever reason they decided to make all BL 18+, I think this was just stupid. Hopefully they undo this as soon as possible.

  • Shippoyasha says:

    It’s really sad to see much of the world get taken over (or at least tried to) by the various right wing, kneejerk, censorship-heavy, anti-free-speech, anti-equality, moral/religious factions now.

    Japan needs some kind of a civil movement that protects the manga/anime culture as well as goes against the various government takeover of the moral center.

  • Well, as much retarded as it is, this is not a problem for those manga which are already explicitly hentai, because those are already porn, so they can already be sold only to adults, right?

  • Sigh…

    Let’s see how far this goes. It probably won’t be long before governments are actually institutionalizing thought crime, at this rate.

    And then? Well, then it’s time for organized revolt. Hey, it worked for Cuba. Sort of.

  • Meh, I guess picking on manga and games are the trend now. Oh well, later on this kind of action against manga and games died out and then these idiots(feminazis,moralfags)will go out to find other harmless issues to make news off (giving rights to inanimate objects like stones, winds or donuts) we will see the rise of these kind of manga again… or other form of entertainment of these kind might comes out.

    • Those who are “morally superior” always try to find whatever the current trend among young people is and try to get it banned. Remember rock-n-roll, and how it was going to send us all straight to hell for listening to satan’s music? It’s all the same basic principle. Nobody cares about rock music anymore, because the people who grew up listening to it are the ones making the laws now, and they are trying to ban videogames and manga. Once all the otaku grow up and start making laws, they will be in a position of “moral superiority” (ie: I am older than you) and will start trying to ban new things that they are afraid of that weren’t around when the otaku were growing up.

      That being said, it is important that this ban get repealed, because while the spotlight hopefully moves away from manga sooner rather than later, the law will stay behind, and we don’t want hysterical laws like this grandfathered into the Japanese legal system.

  • AHAHA that’s equality for you EQUALITY NOW!
    ban what guys like and we ban what you like! MUWAHAHAHA
    but on a serious note… banning doesn’t help anything… it just makes some things more tempting because Humans want what they can’t have

    • Although I really don’t like yaoi (or traps), I don’t see how it to be harmful. what kind of harm do they expect??

      *Guy walks by yaoi manga on a rack and glances at it*

      “damn, i am gay now. i think i will go rape me some men”

      Edit: Also it will encourage people to look it up online instead of buying it.. further killing the market and economy

    • @ DFC 18:10

      Government: “We’ve heard your concerns about [issue of the moment], and we’re ‘doing’ something about it!”

      (government proceeds to do something stupid)

      Politician: “I could get some big-time mileage out of [issue of the moment]! Who/what can I target that is a minority and/or powerless, relative to the people whose votes I want to win by exploiting [issue of the moment]?”

      (politician proceeds to do something stupid)

      “Issue of the moment” can be… anything. The War on Poverty, The War on Drugs, The War on Terrorism, The War on War (oops, that hasn’t happened yet), “global warming”, “global cooling”, “greenhouse effect”, “carbon footprint”, “Internet addiction”….

      Gee, it looks like many of these items are being invented and publicized by governments and corporations who wish to distract the populace from the true issues… ya think?

    • I sometimes wonder if we’re making some sort of a full circle, from religious zealots in centuries past to freedom of speech and expression movements in the last century right back to bible thumpers and moral faggotry.

      • Do keep in mind that man always craves what he doesn’t have.

        I’m really looking forward to what will be the moral norm in 10 years, and where people like us will stand in society. Very interesting times we live in. Yes, things like this happened before, but since man doesn’t have genetic memory history tends to repeat itself.

        • i don’t like yaoi, but i dont think this is necessary. i suppose if you take a troubled city/state/country filled with blind people, they are going to point the finger at everything until their troubles(and freedoms) are gone. precision is the key. find out what causes problems and turn it around. manga does not cause problems.


        • I think this is just some politician making a “statement” so that voters will think he’s acting in their interests. Of course, they always aim for easy targets rather than attack a -real- issue.

        • Yea they’ve also been starting wars over it. Its got nothing to do with morals anyway. Nothing at all and they can’t say it does and make me believe them. They’re doing it because THEY don’t like it and they have the power to try and stop it, that’s the only reason. I bet at least one person or more in OSHA is in the closet gay or bi or something along that line.

      • It’s not like the stuff will cease publication. You just have to be 18 to buy. However, that said, it’s pathetic to ban a bunch of books that are pretty much harmless. So a bunch of young girls like swooning over the romance of two guys. Big deal.

        How about stopping girls from selling themselves through cellphones instead of worrying about them reading about gay men?

        • “It’s not like the stuff will cease publication. You just have to be 18 to buy.”

          That’s a rather narrow view. All sales to girls under 18 will be lost leading to a decrease in revenue. It’s also likely that many women over 18 will not want to be seen buying manga from the adults only section which will lead to a further decline in sales.

          This lost revenue may mean that it is no longer economically viable to publish boys love manga so it is possible that many will cease publication. Those that continue to be sold will likely have to have the content adjusted to meet these new requirements.

          While they’re not banning boys love directly, they are still essentially banning it by taking revenue away from the publishers.