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Minori: “Come to Japan to Play our Games, Foreigners!”


In an update to its standard “foreigners go home” unwelcome page for non-Yamato barbarians, eroge publisher Minori has updated with a lengthy screed essentially telling fans to come to Japan if they want to play their games, and to get lost otherwise.

Their full statement to foreigners is not worth reproducing here (and it is entirely in Japanese, of course), but the gist of it is that Minori considers its actions in crudely shutting down an unauthorised fan translation entirely justified by internationally agreed WTO regulations regarding the treatment of translation copyright (Minori is entirely correct in thinking this, and acting well within its rights).

It then goes on to give its supposed rationale for stopping any international release – it is worried about its legal obligations to ensure its software is properly rated overseas, and that it is fully legal (it appears they are concerned about loli content, although they say nothing specific); they also claim to be worried about their “many, many” overseas fans falling foul of censorship laws in their own wretched nations – a familiar claim.

They also say “We are saddened to so often be called a bunch of foreigner-hating racists – we are only pursuing the cause of world happiness.”

They part with a jolly suggestion to fans:

“Inhabitants of foreign lands! Why not come to Japan? As long as you play our games in Japan, and are over 18, there’s no risk at all! There are lots of shops in Akihabara. It’s a bit hot in summer, but it’s a nice place all the same – we’ll be waiting for you!”

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  • I start to wonder if those Minori guys just act like that only to get more publicity.

    >countries changing local laws for the sake of ergo is very unlikely
    >people learning to read japaneise -one of the hardest languages in the world- just for the sake is also very unlikely
    >people going japan just to buy eroge also unliikely especially if they do not know how to read them.

    Piracy is a bad thing, but makes complaining about fan translations when they do not do international releases is also unfair.

  • It’s not worth it to fly all the way there just to play a game.
    Besides I would not fly coach if I’m going to be on the damn plane for 11 hours.
    I’d rather pirate the shit if I wish to play it as that is too much effort and cost.

  • 1. MangaGamer were interested in picking up, among others, minori’s (Artefact, it’s “minori”, not “Minori”) titles, so taking down fan translation may have had some serious base behind it. However, from what I can tell, it was made the worst way possible, and the following shitstorm would definitely hurt possible English release.
    2. If there are no plans to release eden* in English, I have absolutely no idea what good it does to minori.
    The whole RapeLay/Equality Now reference seems BS to me: eden* has nothing similar that could get minori into trouble (at least, nothing more than other companies have in their games).
    Based on minori perfomance, 1. seems unlikely (unfortunately), that’s why all I see so far is a preemptive killing of foreign market. Such short-sighted behaviour makes me sad.

  • You know.
    minori just says
    “If you want to play eroge, you should change your country law.”

    You should fund a company and make a contract with minori, import eroge, translate it and censorship to fit local laws, publishing in own name.

    You know.
    Eroges are illegal in western country now.
    minori(and other japanese eroge company) just want to let them alone, just want to avoid “moral crusader’s attack”.

    If nothing happen, they may ignore the fun base translation (like “doujin”).
    But trouble happened, they have to act “social responsible behavior”.

    It may be crime to play eroge, posses eroge in western country.

    You have 2 options, change the laws or escape from “eroge-illegal country”.

  • But I thought Japan didn’t want me in their country since I’m a foreigner. And I’ve been obediently kindly staying out of their country like they want, and if I even had an inkling of weeaboo desire to go visit another country, I wouldn’t be out of the closet about it!

    Why are you giving me an invitation when you don’t want me there?

  • “…we are only pursuing the cause of world happiness.”

    Saving the world with the power of eroge. Now that’s something I can get behind. Though I’m not going all the way to Tokyo just to play a video game. Through a search on, I found that the cheapest economy ticket cost exactly $1,188.20 (at the time of the search there are 4 tickets left) from NYC to Tokyo. Fortunately I live in New York but I live some 7 hours away from New York City. I kinda wish they’d hurry up and build that high-speed rail.

  • darkmind35 says:

    Ahem… Anyone here knows what the effect on nnl’s ef translation project will be (if any)? They were going to release the translation in few days but the only thing at their website is this “we rise again” video… ;( something to do with with minori fucking things up?

  • HELLOOOO! That solution been obvious since several people wanted to go to Japan. Of course, be aware of the fact that you’ll need a heckload of money to even stay there for a while!

  • Most of the butthurt comments are pirates or NNLs in disguise.
    Their conditions are the same: make contact with us and license it the cool way so we’ll allow a translation.
    If you’re so much of a fan you want to translate their games and release it here, you should be prepared to pay at least that much. If you just want spread it around in torrents, get lost, faggot.

  • I don’t think they are refusing us, it’s us refusing them… or more specifically our countries.

    If their games contain something not looked well in our countries, its our coutrys problem. They do not want to get themselves involved with any lawsuits.
    Theres basicly no reason to go to markets you are refused or hunted.

    What they are doing is subbtly and politely (not kindly) provoking us to change our countries. As long as this isn’t looked into, it will stay at this level of “smuggling”.

    And of course theres another solution… move to Japan, as they already seem to suggest…

  • As a very specific type of vampire that can only enter into a country when invited in by a nation’s pornography providers, this makes me extremely happy.

    But for you humans, I expect that shelling out US$2000+ to go buy a couple eroge is probably not at the top of your vacation priorities.

  • If some moral person say “That’s illegal ! That’s your products!! It’s your responsibility!”.
    If companies ignore that kind of speaking, they dive into more serious situations.

    That’s happened in raplay and other eroge companies.

    Moral people now chorus and chorus “That’s have to be prohibit”.

    minori(and Japanese companies) just want “let it be”.

    Piracy isn’t reason.
    US (EU) law and moral people and, maybe court justice, jury, news media… majority of people think “It’s illegal child porno”.

    In the western region, we shouldn’t play any Japanese eroge.
    Those are illegal now, and moral people may attack Japanese eroge company and crash them.

  • lol, to be honest they seem to be going about this the best they can. In light of variation on foreign laws, it really is easier to ban access from outside people to completely reduce the chance of someone from another country viewing their “illegal” material (per that foreign county’s laws). Of course this is a huge over reaction, but they seem to just be trying to cover themselves and anyone who would be enjoying their product.

      • Yeah, minori’s products are child porno in western country, if you have, you are criminal because “possessing child porno”. Jury may plea guilty.

        Though, in Japan, it’s just a game,just CG, not child porno.
        Of course that’s sexual, but anyway just a text and CG illustrations.

  • For the purposes of this Directive:
    (a) ‘child’ shall mean any person below the age of 18 years;
    (b) ‘child pornography’ shall mean
    (i) any material that visually depicts a child engaged in real or simulated
    sexually explicit conduct; or
    (ii) any depiction of the sexual organs of a child for primarily sexual
    purposes; or
    (iii) any material that visually depicts any person appearing to be a child
    engaged in real or simulated sexually explicit conduct or any depiction of
    the sexual organs of any person appearing to be a child, for primarily
    sexual purposes; or
    (iv) realistic images of a child engaged in sexually explicit conduct or
    realistic images of the sexual organs of a child, regardless of the actual
    existence of such child, for primarily sexual purposes.; —

    With these kinds of laws becoming the norm in the west, I wouldn’t act any different than Minori. Why risk bringing moral crusaders into glorious Nippon and in the end not being able to sell any explicit material anymore? Their message isn’t a FU to foreigners, it’s a FU to western moral values.

    • Agreed. We need to get all these moralfags in the west to STFU first and make some sense of our laws before nagging an English version of moonspeak games. Without that it really doesn’t matter if Minori sells internationally or not.

  • You also have to think about the fact that visual novels cost a lot more in Japan even than most video games do here. There aren’t many people in the west that’ll pay $100+ for a game like that. Marketability would be very niche. How well are official English translations of eroge doing in the west doing anyway?

    From their perspective I’m sure they think it would be too much of a bother, and not a very profitable one to officially release the game overseas.

    What gets me is the fact that they won’t allow their product shipped outside of Japan (via Amazon etc.), you’ve got to proxy it as far as I know.

    If you’re not going to release it overseas, why do you outright ban the product? That’ll kill whatever sales you might have gotten.

    With that out of the way, copyright laws over translation are awful; it’s nearly impossible to prepare a “safe” translation profile when applying for a job.


  • Why you all ignore the main problem?
    This isn’t a piracy – profit problem.
    This is a political – legal problem.

    Hentai games and mangas are illegal in some country.
    If you want to play the games, you should establish the company translating the games, publish the games publicly, censorship the contents to fit the local laws, and take the accusation risk by feminist or CNN, and etc…

    In japan, hentan games are legal products (people sometimes frown, but legal), why don’t you translate and publish in legal way at your own country?

    • There’s little need for that. Importing is rather easy now days. Pretty much any1 can import games from japan, it may be expensive but rather easy in the end.

      The problem with visual novels is that they are still rather obscure. Getting new audience trough fan translations (and maybe even trough piracy!) could help a lot. Some games might anger the feminists (well so does porn but what have they been able to do about that? nothing?) but there are plenty games that might turn in to a new boom just like anime/manga did.

      The popularity of these games outside japan seems to have exploded in recent years, thanks to great translations for games such as Umineko, FSN, tsukihime, Ever17, YMK etc they may still be pretty obscure but so far future is looking pretty good.

    • the difference is Nintendo actually sell the product to you in your language.
      Microsoft’s products are available to buy online or at most computer stores.
      itunes again is open to every one.

      Minori is different they go to painstaking lengths to stop foreigner form playing don’t sell out side of Japan don’t have any local company translating the games they even put locks in there games such as needing to be in Japan’s time zone and have Japanese windows installed. not just Japanese settings.

      • Nintendo doesn’t release all of their stuff in English, what are you talking about? Ever heard of Tingle?

        Plenty of iTMS songs are limited to certain regions, blocked behind credit card country-of-issue restrictions.

        There are plenty of region-locked things that are not sold outside of certain regions ever. Xbox 360 games, Wii games, DSi games, etc.

        American PC games such as The Sims have OS language-based territory restrictions. DVDs and BDs have region codes. Valve’s Steam service invalidates CD keys if you buy them from the wrong country. The list goes on and on.

  • You remember “Iowa manga trial”.
    Already hentai mangas are illegal, next are hentai games.

    minori says “These are illegal in your country. Don’t play or play inside Japan.”

    This is a social responsibility, isn’t it.

    • You’re an idiot. Handly got in trouble for buying stuff like manga that involved animals rapping children. There not a jury in the country that would find that obscene.

      But a game like “Ef- A fairy tail of two– you’d have to be blind to argue it lacks artistic merit.

  • It makes my blood boil when people beat around the bush like this; just be fucking honest, tell us to “GTFO FILTHY GAIJIN”. I’d appreciate it more and would think better of Minori if they did that, instead of giving us this two-faced pussy excuse.

    Get a set of balls Minori, it’s not like nobody knows you’re xenophobic.

  • Yeah, no problem Minori. Let me just book my $1000 flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Then spend a few thousand more for lodging and other expenses I’ll likely tally up for a week or two. No problem, Minori. We’ve all got money to burn in this currently world economy. And it’s obviously a logical action to do this for the sake of an eroge.

    Wait…no it doesn’t. Hey Minori, stop being xenophobic ignoramuses. There is decent money to be made if you choose to localize your games overseas.

  • Thats pretty pointless because when you go back to your own country you can’t play it because of the region locks In the exe file Unless you know how too hack an exe file You can’t play outside Japan anyways And I wouldn’t want too be there for vacation… I would get Residence and a house.

    • Go into region settings in your control panel. Set your non-unicode program language to Japanese. Reboot. You can now play Japanese games, unless they REALLY go the extra mile to protect them.

  • I really think minori should reconsider their position.

    Would they really want more filthy gaijin crowding up the place on top of the hordes of equally creepy domestic otakus?

    If they realized this, they’d undoubtedly decide it’s best to just allow piracy to go on uninhibited.

  • ok, I’m in japan right now so…

    how about giving me a ‘ero-visa’, so I could stay in japan MORE THAN 3 FUCKING AUTHORIZED MONTHS to play eroge, ha ?

    I would gladly help the japanese industry if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass to get a visa and to find a job here when you are a gaijin

  • Not saying their games aren’t good…

    However if they produced a really good eroge, something that was killer app, they could charge a premium for an English version and the nerds would line up to hand over the money.

    It’s like… the exact opposite of what they should do.

  • You get that dick out of your ass and stop calling me a foreigner and we’ll talk minori.

    I could call you an asian but I don’t. I can be polite and nice at the same time unlike you. Prick.

    • Meh… if I’m in Japan, they can call me gaijin all they want. Like most insults in Japan, it’s about the meaning and how it’s used. Like if you use a high honorific on someone inappropriately, it’s sarcastic and insulting, but if you mean it, you’re kowtowing to them. If someone’s like “go home, you fucking gaijin!” I’d take issue with their attitude, but if someone just used the word… well, it’s not untrue, I AM an outsider. *shrug*

  • they are pretty sly.first they block out foreigners from accessing their site,then they make it so that people who want to play their games have to move to japan.this in turn forces the person to live and work in japan thus circulating more money into the japanese economy.thus the person will make a living and be able to buy more games then eventually the person will turn into an otaku and hikikomori thus cutting off their source of income.then the parents will have to come to japan to support the bastard thus in turn making them work and live in japan thus stimulating the japanese economy even other words,this isnt by minori,this is a ploy by the japanese government to get more workers into japan

  • Let’s see… I never even heard of these guys until they gained international fame by being dicks to foreigners…

    So $800 at the cheapest, plus food and accomodation to play one of their shitty games, or I could just ignore them and go with any of the other hundred eroge publishers, or any number of skilled doujin groups… HMMM… tough choice!

  • -__- cause, you know, we all have time, money, and willpower to cross the Pacific (and a few other things, depending on where you live) just to play their games. And last I checked, Japan isn’t so receptive of foreigners coming overseas to live anyways. At least, most people wouldn’t just buy a computer and rent a hotel room for an extended period of time to play eroge and then go home.

    I don’t mind them asserting their right to tell fan translators to cease and desist, but vandalizing wiki’s and then telling them to come to Japan is rather stupid of them, as is their claim as to why they don’t want to release internationally.

    “We are saddened to so often be called a bunch of foreigner-hating racists – we are only pursuing the cause of world happiness.”

    Practice what you preach and maybe people would believe that. So far all their actions seem to imply otherwise.

  • Man, I wish the Japanese weren’t so anti-foreigner. I’d love to live in Japan but… I can’t read it, I can’t speaking it except for a few phrases, and I can’t understand complicated Japanese >_< Japanese otaku think they have it tough, try being a foreign otaku. You have to pay for expensive shipping up the wazoo for merchandise, manga is more expensive, you get shit for not buying the anime/manga if you viewed it online cuz you're not made of money, the majority of cosplayers are not sexy (crossplayers make me sad DX), and you can't play a lot of eroge. It's even tougher for me cuz I'm female and people look at me like I'm crazy when I say I'm an otaku(and I have to explain to them what an otaku is). Jesus, Japan can you let me have my yaoi and otome games in english??? You'd make soooo much more money because there's a lot more english speaking countries then japanese speaking countries.

  • “Inhabitants of foreign lands! Why not come to Japan? As long as you play our games in Japan, and are over 18, there’s no risk at all! There are lots of shops in Akihabara. It’s a bit hot in summer, but it’s a nice place all the same – we’ll be waiting for you!”

    Better yet, why not let us have our fan translations? It’s so much easier for all of us! And it costs less! In fact, there are only benefits from that! We won’t have to waste time and money booking plane tickets and checking into hotels and all that shit just to play some fucking games, when we COULD and SHOULD be able to play it right in the comfort of where we already are!


  • BlackEpsilon Says:

    I hope I can find my password soon in the mass of emails living in my inbox…

    But I don’t want to play your games, Japan. I want to ogle your women and read your manga. Of course I don’t know Japanese…so I guess I go to japan to ogle your women, no?

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Well…can’t say I blame them for fearing foreigners’ access to their games. For all we know history will repeat itself with some idiots selling their games Amazon, and then CNN going on make ridiculous news report accusing (without evident) Minori games encourage men to rape underage girls, and then spineless Japanese governing bodies land their hammer on them, and it would be game over for their company.

    I kinda understand their ‘what happens in Japan, stay inside Japan’ logic…

  • it’s a trap.
    I don’t believe what seems to be two-faced liar. i think minori is just trying to make themselves looks good by promoting their facist content on contrary to “superior nazi-axis” understanding by a simple paradigm shift that actually confuses overseas baka gaijin.

  • FMPhoenixHawk says:

    Wow…. That’s really a good idea. Let’s all move to Japan to play their one game. [/sarcasm]

    I’m not advocating piracy (Because it is wrong), however, if you’re not going to export the game, then don’t be surprised when people pirate it. Hell, if they got off their asses and exported the game themselves, think of the money they’d get. I’m surprised they haven’t seen the potential cash cow here.

  • “Inhabitants of foreign lands! Why not come to Japan? As long as you play our games in Japan, and are over 18, there’s no risk at all!”

    No risk… just CERTAINTY that I don’t know Japanese well enough to play their games. And, they don’t do translations or allow fan-tranlation project outside or withing their country. So… how on Earth would going to Japan solve the “not being able to play their game” issue? Minori reps are out of their friggin’ minds.

  • Klingengeist says:

    If they pay for the ticket and hotel ill take their offer. 😛

    Btw i would like a hot summer, the last one sucked…
    Also if they think japanese summers are hot they have never been to Dubai. ^^

  • Make the entire country of Japan speak English. Translate your game to English and sell it that way in your own country. Then we will consider moving there to buy it.

    Or did you think if we buy your game in Japan, we’ll somehow, miraculously be able to understand it without a translation?

    It totally doesn’t matter where, and how we buy it, what matter is it BEING IN ENGLISH.

    And why the hell do we need a physical disk in the age of internet? Ever heard of “pay for download”? You can distribute it to the entire world from your website. It only takes a translation…which some group was nice enough to do for you for already, how about using it? Wouldn’t cost you much to use it most likely either.(ok, maybe now it would, after all the evil and rudeness you did against them)
    Of course it’s not gonna happen if your are afraid of stupid non-Japanese loli laws…if your site is in Japan, why the hell do you care? Or do you pray to Allah every day even in Japan because some other country’s law you never visited says you have to? Of course not. It’s not your responsibility, it’s the downloaders’. And they will get it from illegal sources if they want to, so in the end they’ll get what they want, but you won’t get your money, is that your goal?

    Idiots, when will they wake up to reality?

  • That will be an awesome statement when visiting the country or getting a visa.
    I see it already

    “Why are you visiting japan?”
    [ ] Visiting Familiars
    [ ] Business
    [ ] Vacation
    [x] EROGE

  • “that Minori considers its actions in crudely shutting down an unauthorised fan translation entirely justified by internationally agreed WTO regulations regarding the treatment of translation copyright (Minori is entirely correct in thinking this, and acting well within its rights).”

    They would be justified in taking legal actions (C&D letter, other legal procedures).

    But they were NOT justified in damaging the website. I don’t know if they had to hack it to do what they did (very illegal) or the wiki website the translators set up just allowed anonymous or even registered users to completely delete content (bad security measures on the website’s part).

    In the end, I bet the translation project just goes underground a bit more without a central website and eventually a patch is made available somewhere else.

  • Actually, Minori is working with the Japanese government. Japan is very effected by the global recession and only otaku tourism can save their economy.

    You virgin weaboo are their last hope.

  • But it’s in english too.. minori’s site..
    They didn’t seem to aggressive about it in the english message, just annoyed by feminazis.

    I mean, it even says:

    “…If you do so, we might be able to recover the “Freedom of speech” and the barricade lying in between us would be taken away.

    Please help us.”

  • If they pay for the ticket I’m there.

    Otherwise what they did could be in accordance with WTO law…but they also bitch slapped their fans and probably ruined any chance of their series being liscenced by an american eroge translator.

  • cloudninja says:

    I really don’t understand why they just don’t say…

    “To all foreigners. DO NOT BUY/PLAY our games!”

    Seriously they would lose nothing from it, no PR, no Sales, and their image will go up.

    The idea that they want foreigners to come to their country to play their games is sad attempt to seem “nice” and makes NO SENSE!

    Japanese are Xenophobic by default. The idea that they want foreigners to come and live in their country to play their games is not true. They want the opposite, for us to stay out, and rarely visit if even that.

    Seriously, they are attacking translation sites (which they have every right to do, i don’t think they are over reacting), and giving out this kind of “crud” as a negotiation, they should just stop the masquerade and just bluntly say “Fuck you FOREIGNERS. EROGE IS ALL OURS!! *insert evil laugh*

    They don’t want our business, that’s fine, just don’t pussy foot around it. Please just wall off and arm the guns, and don’t let anyone outside in.

    I dunno I just hate people that are two faced, being nice to you but insulting you with every word they say. It really STEAMS ME OFF! *rarrr* D:<

    • THIS^

      I’d have a much better image of them if they actually told us to “fuck off” without beating around the bush.

      I hate people who mask their nastiness and hate with seemingly innocent words.

  • Anonymous said:
    I may be crazy over them, but with whatever they are doing now, they are just alienating their fans.
    I’ll be waiting for the day when they declare bankrupt or have horrid sales like what Ubisoft have for Assassin’s Creed 2.

    This is my original statement, didn’t login just now.

    Well, whatever it is. I shouldn’t use the term “fans”, but rather “Potential customer base outside Japan).

    Anonymous said:
    Why do you sound indignant over the fact that a company values profit more than you being a fan?

    You are talking to me right? The main page is not updating for me, so I have to reply via the forums.

    Anyway, irregardless whether it is the Manga, Anime or Visual Novel / Eroge industry, they have to expand outside of Japan if they want to secure a larger customer / market base.
    Yes, they may initially target their own market (From here on I’ll refer to the Japanese Market as “The Market”)at first. But if you consider The Market limitations when it is saturated, wouldn’t it be logical if they expand internationally?

    Next, even assuming The Market is not saturated, it is impossible to rely solely on the Home Market since there are various factors which can lead to reduced sales (said product not suited for The Market). By expanding internationally, this increase the customer base (as well as potential ones) which translates to an increase in sales. Also, the said unsuited product for the Home Market has a sales potential in other markets.

    To summarize the two: A larger market (or a potential for it) = More Sales (or potential sales) = An increase of profits (or potential profits)

    As for minori’s actions, whilst thus it is in their legal rights to issue a copyright infringement notice, what they did on TLWiki is unacceptable (ethical issue regarding professionalism). Anyway, by removing the fan translations, it potentially reduce sales / profits.
    Yes, while we all know that minori has no intention of expanding into foreign markets, they have not considered the possibility of the need to expand in the future. This type of thinking can destroy them when they ever intend to expand internationally in the future (remember Ubisoft sales for Assassin’s Creed 2 after the initial & pre-order sales).
    The potential customers will probably think: They f**ked with us in the past, so why the f**k should we care about them!? Let’s just get other products from the other companies instead (The “There are alternatives out there mentality”).

    Now lets take a look at another example. I’m sure most people here know about the Shakugan no Shana series by J.C Staff (the animation studio of the series). How do you (you is used to point the question / statement on a personal level) know about it at 1st? I believe you knew it from streaming websites, fansubs and other P2P distribution methods.
    Now lets ask, how many of you here bought merchandises because of the animation? Whilst I do not know the exact amount, I believe at least a good handful of people actually bought the merchandises thanks to the piracy (legally, it is considered as copyright infringement).
    However, whilst fansubs, P2P, etc…, would potentially reduce sales, the publicity gained from it can instead help to boost sales (free advertising if you look at it this way). This would allow the company to earn profits (other than DVD sales, the other merchandises such as figures, cups, etc…).
    Did J.C. Staff try to take legal action against the fansub groups? No, they instead used it a potential marketing channel. With such “free advertising”, the company can earn even more potential profits then if they did take legal action.
    The above is from my personal observation.

    Regarding minori doing whatever they are doing now, I will simply not comment. However, if they continue what they are doing, they are potentially screwing themselves in the future. Lets just hope they will quickly realize that.

    • you can’t possibly apply that same logic to minori. minori (as i understand it, ’cause quite honestly i’ve never heard of this company until today, but i’ll assume they just make some fucked up eroge’s) produces EROTIC content, but with your example the content itself is way too general, it doesn’t offend anyone like a porno game.

      what minori is doing in my opinion is the best they could have ever made. people are stupid in the first place for translating and doing all this shit without legal consent, and distributing it to the public via internet. but with your logic in mind because the fact that the games were released with translated patches, it gained fame.

      however these games were only INTENDED for audiences in Japan, since it is viewed fine there. Americans are fucking retards in that general sense. seriously equality now??? fucking how retarded can you get? “VIrtual women has the same rights real ones do”??? by their logic EVERY GUY WHO WAS SHOT IN VIDEO GAMES HAS RIGHTS, did anyone complain about that shit? no, obviously ’cause they’re fucking idiots. it’s all virtual for god’s sake, FICTION!!! and they get offended by Japanese rape games? It wasn’t even intended for international audiences in the first place!! like if you don’t like it then don’t buy it.

      the topic is changing a bit here but i’m sick and tired of this people complaining about these genre of games. seriously have they not noticed that Japan has one of the least rape related cases in the world?? if anything America should be doing something about their fucking porn.

      Anyway getting back to what i was saying, if minori sells games internationally, and is bashed for it because of its content, why the fuck would they continue? so they said “no we’re not gonna allow this”, and like it says in the little message on the site, “We should not have such a hateful relationship between us (the company) and the fans (私たちとファンの皆様は憎しみ合う関係であってはなりません。)” so they’re just avoiding conflict and the bashings they’ve gotten in the past. and i’m sure (since it is an eroge producing company i’m assuming), they probably already have enough revenue and consumers in Japan to keep the business going, there is no need to expand.

      • Seems that most of the Japanese know nothing about the world. Its like they are treating “The rest of the world” as a single country.

        Just because some flower hat organizations or tv channels desperate to get new viewers are against japanese erotic games doesn’t mean shit.

        I find it hard to believe that everyone in japan thinks positively on these games. Its natural that there are always some flower hat grannies or other close minded people that are always trying to censor everything they find “wrong”.

        //however these games were only INTENDED for audiences in Japan, since it is viewed fine there. //

        viewed fine in japan by many you mean… The games are also viewed fine by many people in the world, but probably the most common opinion about “hentai games” is that they are no more harmful than porn which is in fact the biggest or one of the biggest industries in US.

        Japan needs to realize that they don’t really need to care shit about what CNN or UN says about their games. And the fact that the views of some people are not the views of everyone.

        • UN? Who cares about UN? If the US can give the middle finger in the Iraqi invasion, why can’t Japan do the same? At least, Japan’s not gonna overthrow some government(that was undoubtedly inhuman and cruel themselves. Hate to admit, but Saddam got what’s coming to him) and cause long lasting unrest by being a major source of illustrated porn.

          But yeah… politics makes the world go round, and common sense makes little influence when democracy is manipulated by the older people with obsolete ideas and mentality.

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          > Japan needs to realize that they don’t really need to care shit about what CNN or UN says about their games. And the fact that the views of some people are not the views of everyone.

          While you speak the truth, sadly, not many of them realize this. Or the ones that do never speak up about it.

          If Japan would simply take on a whole, “This is our country; Mind your own bullshit” attitude, we wouldn’t have to worry about the multitude of bans and such that are sprining up all over the place.

          Still, there’s nothing that we can do about it. There’s especially nothing that I could do as a foreigner and all that. The only ones who can do anything at all are the Japanese who live there.

      • Ikuhisashiku says:

        > like if you don’t like it then don’t buy it.


        Anyway, on to my actual post.

        Even if you’ve only heard of their company just today, and even if you’ve only just read the recent articles posted here, even you have to admit the way they handled matters was a bit childish, at best.
        They don’t bother to warn the translators in the slightest. Minori simply comes in and deletes all of their data.
        Then, HOURS later, they finally post the reason as being “copyright infringment.” I’m not saying it’s not true, but they could’ve posted it faster or something. That way, the translators wouldn’t all be going, “Where the f**k did all our work go?”
        Frankly, it shouldn’t have even reached that point at all. They could’ve sent a warning ahead of time and talked to the translators in a reasonable manner. But do they do that?
        Instead they choose to argue with the translation group. Then, after sufficiently dragging their company’s image through the mud, they pull out their secret weapon and resort to legal action. Basically, they used it as a threat.

        It was simply too childish. Even though they were within their rights, per se, there is still as such thing as “professionalism.”
        The way they handled it was way too unprofessional.
        Plus, it doesn’t do much for their whole “xenophobic” image at the moment.

    • Ikuhisashiku says:

      I’m sorry, but I am missing a bit of background information here. What happened to Assassin’s Creed 2’s sales?
      Without that knowledge, the reference is a bit lost on me.

      I can assume that the sales were pretty bad, but it’s just assuming.

      • Assassin’s Creed 2 sales was horrible because of the DRM: permanent internet connect connection is required to play even in single player mode. Because of this, the sales for Assassin’s Creed 2 was horrible. Most hardcore gamers I know pirated it instead as they don’t like the idea of being continuously linked to the internet.

        This resulted in drastically horrible sales for Ubisoft. I know there are some who actually purchased the original game. Not long after, they dump the game aside since they can’t play when the game is unable to phone home. Key problem: as long as the internet connection has a problem (doesn’t matter whose end), it will boot them back to desktop (or CTD, Crash To Desktop).
        Because of the unhappiness about the DRM, Ubisoft authentication servers are constantly DDOS-ed by coordinated Ping-of-Deaths (it is still on-going till today) which results in legit gamers unable to play the game or it lacks freaking horribly. Of course, in this case, the sale was affected because of the DRM implemented which pissed the hardcore gamers.

        Regarding sales, I’m not that sure about actual sales figures but in where I stay, the hardcore gamers I know (and on forums) mostly pirate it as an act of retaliation or to force Ubisoft to remove the DRM. In shops in my neighborhood, shelves are filled to the brim with the game and it is sold at fire-sale prices to reduce losses

  • I may be crazy over them, but with whatever they are doing now, they are just alienating their fans.

    I’ll be waiting for the day when they declare bankrupt or have horrid sales like what Ubisoft have for Assassin’s Creed 2.

    • Let me take over ..


      Seriously though, do they mean come over to Japan during the vacations buy the game and gtfo or do they mean migrate over to Japan? We of course know the Japanese hand out Japanese passports like warm cupcakes.

    • They do realize that, and of course they aren’t really expecting any tourist rampage landing on Japan just to play their games. Read between the lines.

      How many eroge fans meet all the requirements?, money for plane tickets, paying a rent in Japan, buying games, buying food… no to mention having a decent level of proficiency in japanese language.

      As Artefact said, they’re basically telling us non-japanese eroge fans to fuck off.

  • The way Minori’s been acting and speaking, it sounds more like they’d welcome our money more than they would any of us.

    You need a Japanese version of Windows to play, and you need to be in Japan to play their titles.

    I’m all for moving over there, but if there’s no safety net in place, why bother? They’re doubletalking again.

      • We are pirates a.k.a. romantics. It’s only natural to think communistically. It’s the equal to piracy, anyway. Meaning anybody gets to be happy. We don’t think in terms like “want-pay-get”, but more like “want-get-pay_only_when_epic”. It’s a given our kind thinks artists shall please us or fuck off.

        Just think about it, there is more stuff out there, than any of us could possibly handle in one lifetime. So it’s a good thing when the epic stuff stays and the mediocre and worser stuff vanishes.

      • That’s just the thing: Minori’s words and actions are not for a profit. Letting Xenophobia (if that’s what it is) get in the way of your bottom line is never smart business sense.

        There are easy ways to make their products distributable to paying customers online, although I probably can see that some of those same international customers may turn around and make their copies of the eroge available illegally via bittorrent or upload.

        I usually buy my eroge by JAST/J-List and pay for a physical copy of a game title. Why? Because this way I can be sure I have it, and won’t have to worry about data loss due to some unforeseen Act of God. It’s just for peae of mind for me.

        Maybe Minori could, at some point work out some way for making their titles available by the same methods? Besides, limiting your market to one country is just silly, when there’s a whole world out there which may wish to buy what you have.

    • In no way is Minori forcing you to download illegal copies. That’s something you choose to do yourself because for whatever reason you simply can’t walk away from obtaining their product, which is generally a very silly thing to say.

      Seriously just don’t play their games–there’s plenty of other eroge out there just as good if not better, and even then if the hobby is too obnoxious to support then get a better one.

    • You realize that it was someone selling these types of games overseas that started the whole rapelay incident, right? Do you really think that they’d consider selling these games to us after that? A lot of their characters seem to be of loli design, saying “come here so your government won’t give a crap” sounds perfectly reasonable to me