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Creepy Otaku Seiyuu Stalking Map


Even by creepy otaku standards, the latest stalking of seiyuu Eriko Nakamura, best known for her role as IdolMaster’s Haruka, is extreme.

After she posted about a trip around the sights of Kyoto on her blog, she soon had her entire route plotted out in chronological order by the ubiquitous creepy otaku stalker legion all seiyuu are seemingly blessed with.

The map even goes so far as to not the exact time of each visit:


Thankfully for her, otaku are still limited in the speed of their hunt by her provision of information, at least until Google decides to create a real time street stalking service.

Just the latest in a long tradition of obsessive behaviour by seiyuu otaku, though still marginally less unsavoury than the practice of monitoring seiyuu blog Christmas photographs for signs they might have been taken on another day and thus be evidence of unlawful boyfriendery.

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