Teen Rape Victim Petitions for RapeLay Ban


A 14-year-old American rape victim has started a petition to have “rape games,” specifically RapeLay, banned. She was sexually assaulted at age 8 in a crime which had occurred before the game was released and appears to have had nothing to do with adult games.

Quoth the girl:

“This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”

Apparently no one told her the game was never released in the USA and has already been withdrawn from sale – most copies now circulating are themselves already illegal by way of piracy.

South Carolina news picked up the story, doubtless hoping for some easy Japan-bashing controversy ala CNN:

The petition resides here – although heavily vandalised, be warned that the mass media will likely simply report the total number of entries, irrespective of their validity.

Considering the US leads the world in producing games centred on the most heinous and enjoyable acts of murder and carnage, the sheer hypocrisy of any criticism of Japan prior to a ban on violent games in the US hardly needs mentioning.

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  • Anonymous says:

    USA where everything is won with lawyers and media…..
    I regret the fact that if true, and why only now she rang to say something?
    Want their 15 minutes of fame even if like the fat girl, unhappy
    Hmmm maybe a chance on american idol…

     .. even here in Brazil is still wasting time blaming this game!

    F you bunch of hypocrites and fat girl!!

  • IF rape fantasy games get banned, then virtual murder games should too, since on the sliding scale of wickedness, taking the life of other ranks slightly higher rape. First-person shooters, arcade kung-fu games…you name it. Next thing we know, fictional characters in novels will soon have ‘human rights’.

  • Okay guys I did some research for relevant web sites related to this story:

    Here is a copy of the intial video along with a comments section (much emptier than here)


    The following day, gamers responded:


    As for the facebook group discussed, I am not sure which in particular so I’ll post the two english ones I found:
    *http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=88024885224 has 387 members and is operated by Amber ‘weiland’ Boicourt of Des Moines
    *http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=435658305706 has 183 members and is operated by Rebekah Lefebvre of Hopkins Academy

    It makes me wonder if Elena Lyons (when they say it it sounds like Helena Lion…) has a facebook herself. Could not find anything conclusive so probably one of these:
    These two seem cute so am guessing is not her:

  • Hmm… This doesn’t make any sense at all… Voilence and murder is allowed in games, why shouldn’t rape? No one is getting harmed irl anyways…

    Pff… “Hello I was stung by a bee at the age of 6… now all bees have to die” <— same logic


  • Anonymous says:

    this lil bitch probably sum twilight fat ass fan girl. i feel srry for the guy who raped her. nigga must have been blind or must havbe been mistakeing.n for all the dumbass out there saying ” ur mean for saying this shit” u no wat go fuck urself she trying to get our stuff takrin away, n cnn is being a bitch n helping. dam american news broadcasters. there lucky they didnt get busted for haveing an illegal download of the game. again fucking american news broadcasters. fuck em, der i said if u agree tell me. fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck.

  • What a wuss. I was raped too but that was the past, I’m not gonna dwell on it.
    She just wants to use it to be a whiny bitch and try to get everyone’s sympathy. No reason to go try and ban a game that is already not being sold. >_>

  • As someone who is a victim also I can see where she’s coming from, but realistically she blowing this shit way out of proportion in the same matter as everyone else. “Let’s ban this game because it has rape” hey while we’re at it, let’s put a ban on rape porn, rape as the main idea in novels or better yet anything having to do with sex that isn’t involving the missionary position, in the dark, for the purpose of procreation. Hey let’s ban violent video games too for for teh lulz. Fuck this bitch and anyone stupid enough to be up in arms about about this game, shit’s getting old.

  • GothicMuffin says:

    really? =/ sigh
    if i could slap her i would
    so many things wrong with this
    1. its just a game
    2. she can try and sing one line of a song and she thinks shes a singer
    3. no one gives a %$@* in this world
    why do you think people make these games?
    so that in reality it doesnt happen
    yes i know some people take it too far but cmon
    not everyone is like that
    if i could give her advise it would be
    1.stop complaining its stupid and meaningless cuz no matter what its gonna be there weather you like it or not cuz lets face itin this world whats right to some people is not right for others but who cars

  • Why are we listening to a kid? Of course we know rape isn’t a joke. It may seem that way because we use it in context of video games but when I’m forced to submit to a horde of whatever, there is no other way to describe it. “I got raped.”

  • This girl is evil. One thing that I can’t forgive is a false accused. I REALLY HATE THAT!!! I hope she will face a consenquences, other than the one she had. BITCH! WHY WOULD THEY WANT TO RAPE YOU!? ARGH, DAMN YOU!!!! LIKE THE ONLY GAME THAT IS A RAPE-H-GAME IS THIS ONE!! YOU FUCKING BITCH—————-!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God, I will be laughing at this in Oregon. I am for one, a girl, who lives in Oregon, two I have not played rapelay, but its a GAME, not real, so I’m ok with it(I have played Lamanto)Three, I do feel sorry for the chick, but damn lose the fat and stop singing, Four, go after the person who raped who insted of a video game. Five, I wish people would leave Japan alone with their animated porn, there are more pressing matters like real one’s out there. Six, why the hell are people still going after the Japanese, WWII is over with long ago, get the stick out of your ass and call it good. (Also, I love German, Italy, Japan, and almost every nation under the sun, America is number one in my heart, but with the useless shit that comes from it, its rather hard to make anything out of it.

  • Obviously these feminists don’t know the meaning of ‘opposite effect’

    Games like this produce hikkikomoris and NEETs that stay at home and fap.

    And having an outlet for their fantasies actually prevents them from doing the real thing.

    While those who try to do it will be like ‘sooo… how do I click on a skirt in real life?’

  • coldfire01 says:

    I tried to imagine myself in her shoes.

    My boyfriend dumped me because he is playing these games.
    What is wrong with me?!

    Maybe because I’m not beautiful. I am singing the song “survivor” so that I can show the world that I am worth something.

    I need attention. I am a disgusting pig that no guy can love me.

    (stopping the imagination)
    phew that is some negative girl there. Or is it just me

  • Frankly, the girl should be blaming society for her getting raped. If the poor shlob in question had been able to proposition children and find a WILLING CHILD to have sex with…. I’m betting she couldn’t have been raped!

    It’s time to realize that the hysteria against pedosexuality is what is leading to most of the child rapes. Well, that and heterosexual men who are cut off from sex by their significant other, see the girls as ‘vaginas on legs’ (something that pedosexuals, by and large, do not see them as) from lack of sexual gratification, and your imagination can go from there.

  • You guys do realize the comments about her being fat, or “we should rape her again” are not helping OUR situation at all? If anything, it just gives the media more excuse to attack otaku/gamers/eroge, for being immature rapists.

    • No, it doesn’t. The fact is that this girl needs a slap in the face and a serious sit-down as a wakeup call to realize why she was raped.

      It isn’t because of pedosexuality, it is because of the hysteria, laws, etc. against pedosexuality today.

      As I said in my last posting, if the person in question had been able to find a WILLING CHILD or (if they are actually a heterosexual) not been cut off from sex by their significant other…. SHE WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN RAPED!

    • People use it to defend a game involving mass killings. And yet the media and feminist groups are ok with that. It’s used to defend games, movies, and books that have extreme sexual connotation, or racist statements and acts.
      By your logic, it’s ok to use it to defend these, but not defend rape, when these types of messages are much more problematic and widespread.
      Your argument is invalid.

  • I wouldn’t go as far as hating her, but… there’s absolutely no evidence linking rape eroge (or any kind of pornography, 2D or 3D, depicting rape or not) to actual crimes committed against actual people, so I’d say she’s trying to blame something, anything for her own situation. Doesn’t make her a bitch, just severely misguided.

    And media vultures fancy that like nothing else on this world.

  • I’ll be absolutely open with this;

    I was sexually assaulted at the age of 7, but I am not going to attention whore by using this game as an excuse to try to make my voice be heard. The game, while being something very strange and weird, isn’t harming anyone and it’s been completely blown out of proportion. I mean by a LOT.

    Seriously, she needs to get over it.

  • SanCom Citizen says:

    I do feel sorry for what happened to the girl, but banning a game isn’t going to solve your problems(especially when this raped incident happened BEFORE the game was initially released, only in JAPAN).

    Games have no correlation with the murders, homicides and rape that occur in the US, or for that matter, in the world on a daily basis. Get your facts straight honey, or you’re otherwise going to get trolled, hardcore.

  • This game is only perceived as wrong by people who think that imaginary characters are protected by human rights. This game is already stopped, you ugly fat attention-whoring, cuntpickle. Rape, like most bad things are never a joke, and most people don’t think that. However, the repercussions of cases like these are hilarious. Anyone who attempts an unjustified attack on freedom of expression needs to be ridiculed, not pitied, like most Americans will.

    Who would rape that anyway?

  • The guy you are controlling with in the game does die in the end, so there’s some moral in the game after all: thou shall not rape!

    CNN should play the game ’till the end first and decides whether Rapelay is really that horrible; CNN is really using double standards here if CNN said this game should be banned (which is already banned), but killing in games like GTA, CoD, MoH and an unlimited list of shooting games is okay? Rapelay was just a silly game which was made for a very small niche market with outdated graphics, so just move on. It’s not like Rapelay was gonna released on the Wii, the best selling videoconsole of the past several years. That would have been devastating if the neighbors, friends and the kids are playing with it: “the motion control works so well….”.

  • I don’t like the thought of rape, but I have played RaPelay. It’s not bad, despite it freezing up on me when loading scenes and crap.

    It’s idiots like these that make the internet a stupid place. I want my sanity back.

  • the fact that rape is done with a click of a button is exactly why the game is bad. it’s like fucking button mashing events in god of war, where is the fucking fun and/or immersion?

  • I hope that 14 year old gets raped again and again and again. Fuck her and her censorship.

    Censorship isn’t the way. Proper education is. I let my younger brother play eroges. I don’t see him raping women.


    Jesus! She doesn’t even look like she’s gotten raped before. Bitch needs to get her facts right. Most otaku wouldn’t touch her, am i right? Would you rather rape her or your dakimura?

  • crazy fat bitch…
    it’s not games that rape ppl… game is game, just like dream or fantasy, ppl who have problems to differ reality and games should be helped and sometimes are.

    surviver? she wont survive for long if she makes more of those “crusades”, before someone rapes and than kills her. fortunately i live far far away from her.

  • Dear feminists,
    Stop using “fictional works of art” as a motive for your ulterior motives (ban everything good and legal in this world). And, why not go for REAL criminals? (REAL rapists, sex offenders, regardless of gender)

    PS. we hate Attention Whores

    the world

  • Seriously shes an attention whore who knoes nothing of what shes talking about. at least look it up before you complain and i can’t rly beleive somone would touch that…

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  • 3DPD , she is fat , ugly and cant sing.
    srsly , her logic is false and we need to knock some sense into these feminists.
    Otaku of the world , lets all knock some sense into feminists of the world.

  • why would someone rape _HER_
    come on ? seriously ?

    i just cant imagine it.

    propably some attention whore who was blaming someone for having raped her.

    and why the hell is she singing ? come on

  • dam shes an idiot…

    this is how i imagined the report should have gone…
    “a fourteen year old idiot, wants to ban a game called ‘rapelay’ which has already been banned.” *cough stupid cough*

    This Double negative, the banning of a banned game has has seemed to cause the release of the ban on the game rapelay by banning the ban!

    Idiot fourteen year old girl & Equality Now: “fk, didn’t see that coming…”

    now that would have been hilarious!

  • …..
    Anyone else think this girl is an idiot? I feel sorry for her getting raped, yeah, but a few things.
    1. It isn’t even sold here in the U.S. anyways, and they pulled sales of it in various places already.
    2. the game was released after her assault….
    3.When they finally show concrete proof that rape games cause rape rates to go up, THEN I may decide to give a damn.

  • Dear feminists and miss who got raped and blaming something totally irrelevant to your unfortunate incident,



    Get a brain morans.
    misspell intended, please seek google help for enlightenment.

  • Rape is not a joke,petition made, therefore rape games should be banned.

    By that logic and my shallow knowledge,
    let’s take something most people would know, grand theft auto, and an aspect of the game is murder.

    I do not hear anyone saying gta should be banned.
    I do not know of any gta ban petition.
    Therefore, murder is a joke.

  • @ That fat ass pile of flabby shit:

    FUCK. YOU. If you don’t like it, fine. Don’t play it. But just because you don’t like, doesn’t justify you taking it away from everyone else.

    Besides, RapeLay is old now. And it has been gone from public eyes for a long time too. The game never even came out over here in the U.S. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

    Bottom line: Shut the fuck up.

  • “She was sexually assaulted at age 8 in a crime which had occurred before the game was released and appears to have had nothing to do with adult games.”

    This quote speaks for itself. Even without Jack Thompson, this whole thing doesn’t make any sense, does it?

    Common sense is dead. Long live common sense!

  • Eh if something happens to you your always going to be more sensitive or critical of the situation. Making fun of her or demeaning her is just wrong. At the same time even if you have been through something bad you need to teach yourself how to separate yourself from fiction. Its like a DUI victim being overly sensitive that a movie contains a scene of drunk driving or GTA4 allows you to drive drunk and get drunk.

  • So…how was did a 14 year old stumble across a banned copy of a game involving pornography? I thought you had to be 18 to legally view porn in the US…

    If she actively searched for the title, she might have violated the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act…

  • kajunbowser says:

    Sorry “little” girl, you fail so hard. You can’t even get this game in the North America anymore. Furthermore, what happens to be produced in a foreign country and can’t hurt you is no worth your time to hog the airwaves. Lose some mass, and then we might pay attention (maybe).

  • Let’s see…I was raped when I was 15, and I am really disgusted that this girl is speaking on ‘my behalf’.

    I’m not even bothered but Rapelay, especially as it’s a game in Japan that’s now illegal. It’s just a game. A game is not reality.

  • psssh all this rapelay stuff is good publicity, i didn’t even know it existed till i saw it on CNN, then of course i was interested so i had to play it, and i have to say its quite well done

    I don’t see what these people thinking banning is gonna do…. Not like smoking pot is legal in USA but people still do it

  • Okay, Who’s with me with wanting to rape this bitch again. Just another attention needing bitch out of nowhere! She was raped years ago who gives a shit about what games come out now!

    Reply if you hate this bitch as much as I do!

  • My god, some of you people have no tact at all. Didn’t it occur to you that maybe she started overeating after she was raped to ensure she’d be unattractive to anyone else who’d consider doing it to her in the future?

    I bet you feel real big now, badmouthing a girl who’s barely a teenager. If she hadn’t gained weight you’d all be talking about how she was such a cute loli and how much you’d want to give her some “healing cock.” Am I right?

    And before you go off on me, yes I agree she’s focusing on the wrong thing in her crusade. And I’m wondering who let her know of the game to begin with.

  • wow just wow whod wanna sexually assault her? who the fk in there right mind would assault her? and y would she attack the game? itsa game theirs like 1000 game more like that so ya… its kinda useless and ppl dont take rape seriously because they havent been raped and haven’t seen it.

    • I agree with anon here.
      I’d rather do a cat then a fat-ugly 3D hippo disgusting bitch like her.
      She can’t sing for shit, and I bet she can’t make a sammich either.
      The 3 main reasons why a female should be tolerated, she has none of those qualities.

  • LanceRayne says:

    i am still waiting for someone to say something that DOES connect games to any type of destructive behavior. if anything at all it falls onto the parents to tell the children what happens when the lines of reality and fantasy are crossed. after that let’s all become the crowd hysteria and see what happens. quick reminder watch Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori for the results. HAHAHA
    /jeer @ retards

  • It’s sad to hear she was sexually abused, but it’s obviously completely misdirected efforts at stopping rape.

    Even if you consider a game like rapelay completely weird and strange, you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion it’s harmful.

    Stuff like rapelay is meant for sexual fantasies. Everyone has weird ones so GTFO.

    • at least argue the stupid points of her argument. Going out late dressed provocatively isn’t reason to be raped. That’s still fucked up.

      There are plenty of other dumb shit in this piece to dog on.

  • So using a mouse to rape fictional game characters is worse than going out there raping real girls?
    Great logic!

    I’ve actually played the game and I liked it. These people may think I’m now gonna rape real girls but I don’t mix games and real life like they seem to think.

  • I couldn’t even watch the video had to stop once the singing came in also the visuals weren’t very good. How is this related to rapelay? When she was 8 years old that is was 2004 AD. Rapelay came out in 2006 and it currently only sold in Japan and was ban in the foreign markets because of amazon trying to sell it online.

    How the heck does she know about rapelay? some of her feminist adult gave it to her a underage kid? The game probably rated for 18+.

    I played the game the into is all text and when the real game start you basically start doing what other porn game does. I just load a completed save game and the girls are all demanding to being played with. I couldn’t read a word of it. Its such a hot game like in ever?

    This is more like they are using this as a usurper of power by drilling on morbid-fears to weaken economies for the axis of evil GS gangster. Just like Supreme Chancellor the Sith lord wanted to usurper power by staging a fake trade wars with the repubic to ask all republic and demoncritic to gave him all their powers to end the war and then in peace time he will relinquish that power aka obama/nwo/central bankers.

  • Well I wake up and the first thing I do is find out that another attention whore is bashing Rapelay. I doubt there’s anything I can say about this ignorant cunt that hasn’t already been said a dozen times in these comments already.

  • Was is wrong too and you have a lot of games, movies, books, etc, about that. We have the right to do with our imagination as we like. If you feel offended just watch somewhere else. That´s life, assholes.

  • See, this could be bad, it’s one thing for deranged middle-aged feminists to decry something as immoral, which they tend to do of everything that stands in their way, but a young girl, still young enough to be considered innocent, that could really fuck things up, regardless of what one might think of her reasoning she is 14 years old so she’s still isn’t considered to be an adult mentally anyway so that’s no detraction, but her sentiments, her emotions, are full and mature, and that’s what people are going to focus on.

    I hope this ends well for us.

  • Never have I heard such ludicrousness. They are jumping on this game like it brainwashes people to make them raep. They are retarded. It’s been proven that videogames don’t make people raep, or murder or any of that. If they are inclined to do it, they are gonna do it. I’ll bet her raepist never even played videogames. He just wanted her fat ass and he got it. I don’t think raep is a good thing, but fictional raep is. Just like fictional murder is. We all watch action movies where people get merc’d all the time and we don’t bat an eye. We watch porn where people have sex all the time. We watch people pretending to hurt other people. IT’s all fiction. Just because I play the game doesn’t mean I want to sexually assualt anyone. Neither does anyone else. Stupid bitch needs to get her priorities straight. Don’t blame the game, blame the rapist.

  • Why can’t anyone ever understand cultural differences? Besides, the only way to get the game (now) is to torrent it, so all these news organizations have just broken the law, if they have the game. And, if you wanted to get it in the US, you would have to import it. Therefore, you would probably have to like this kind of thing, not find it on accident.

    I won’t say anything on her weight, or her looks, but I will say that she is an attention whore, and an ignorant idiot. Probably now racist, as well, assuming all Japanese (or Asian) people are rapists who play these games.

    And in this country, where freedom of speech is so “important,” the media, and people, choose to censor other people. Forcing our “morals” on other people. How very American.

  • Just a stupid little bitch trying to get attention…got the news by the fags in CNN and now wants to be the first “actual victim” of a RapeLay player (and I bet that the poor sucker that raped her doesn’t even know the game).

  • If anyone needed rapelay to learn how to rape someone else or for it to encouraged them, then you seriously fail at life.

    We might as well ban facebook/myspace/etc because it could encourage stalking which could lead to rape, murder and more.

    I do feel bad that she was raped, and appauled that people are making fun of her. But usually rape victims stay quiet instead of coming out like that. What does the world have a shortage of rapes all of a sudden now, and she needs to be that one brave person who speaks for everyone?

    Also a lot of rapes could have been prevented with some common sense and more supervision by there parents.

    • She played a game which is already banned and yet she been telling the news and she Quote “First I was afraid
      I was petrified Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side But I spent so many nights
      thinking how you did me wrong I grew strong I learned how to carry on and so you’re back from outer space….(Then the News cut her short clearly it shows News Editors were from an age where Disco sucks )”. Okay for some reason the girl needs to know that the game is already banned the game company that made the game is no longer making it.

      The only thing is that game is Bootleg nothing more so go ahead can claim to us how you got a copy of the game?

  • I like that bitch.

    I was bit by a dog once.

    So now I have a liscence to walk around my neighborhood shooting every dog I see…to protect the children.

    Protect the children?
    Protect the children.

    Mission accomplished.

  • Rape is not a joke? Doesn’t seem to be a problem with ATHF, Family Guy, Boondocks. Shit, I’ve even seen implied rape on Tom and Jerry and the Powerpuff Girls, and everyone’ favorite cartoon implied rapist, Pepé Le Pew.

  • MazeReaugh says:

    LOL shes retarded and by the looks of it he got her while the gettin was good before she blimped out. but UGH so many retarded fucking people in the US who desperately need to actually get there facts straight. what are they going to do ban the game in the US?? totally wont happen and if it does how the hell are they supposed to enforce it lmao

    and she ruined a good song. WHEN WILL HER RAMPAGE END!!!

  • I’m sorry, but RapeLay is a great game. It was like the FF7 of H-games. And I still, like many of you, don’t understand why the media is putting their attention on this game; inadvertently (or purposely, lol) advertising this game, which I think is great (if only the game is not banned already). Just think about the millions the maker of the game would earn!

    Anyway, I’m playing RapeLay all over again and enjoying it just like I have before thanks to CNN!

    P.S. I bet those ppl just want an excuse to play the game, haha

  • My motorcycle was stolen once – keep enjoying Grand Theft Auto, everyone! The thief made the choice, not the game.
    It’s also not unheard of for murder victim families to protest violent games, and we all know how well that goes. To change the precedent for rape games and ban them would be hypocritical.

    To be honest, I don’t even like them, but… I just don’t buy them then.

  • god this stupied fat bitch dont know shit, don t hate the games bitch just be lucky you got fucked while you where good instead of a fat whore, and why the fuck does cnn always got to make a big deal about stupied shit, and why do they got a copy of the game?

  • So, an underage minor is looking at graphically explicit material on the grounds that she is a rape victim and that just makes breaking the law okay. Then, she sends her story to CNN, where they illegally download the game and then do a bit of modding to it (Watch the video, Manaka’s dress color is gray in one of the shots). So, if you’re involved with mass media, you can be a hypocrite and break the law while speaking out about breaking the law. Damn, I chose the wrong job.

    Reiterating the other comments, playing RapeLay doesn’t make me want to go rape a whole family.

  • ”The game allows the player to rape women and underaged girls”

    Pixels, damn it! It allows players to rape pixels!

    BTW, it’s apperent the girl has no life if she found rapelay on the Internet. Oh, and she’s fat-ugly.

  • First the game is only available as a Demo if your going to go after a banned a game thats already banned then by all means go ahead and tell the Media a lie about this game little girl.

    Its not sold in the US or any country anymore it maybe only be bootleg. February 2009 Amazon pulled it from its UK marketplace after receiving complaints from users,the game company Illusion later removed references to the game from their website and ceased distribution of the game because of protest the fat chick is a little late to go after that game.

  • Ugh…cmon 4chan why don’t you make yourself useful and use your no lives to explain to this girl why she is being retarded.

    I love how the reporter says the game can still be downloaded online without mentioning the fact that doing so is considered ILLEGAL.

  • Well, I’ll start out by saying that I have been raped. It was, and still is, the worst experience I’ve ever had. Rape is no laughing matter. It destroys lives and rapists need to be prosecuted.

    Now for my opinion of the game.

    The whole petition is idiotic. While I don’t necessarily agree with the subject matter, it’s a GAME. It’s not real. People who choose to rape in real life do that of their own free will. A game can’t make you rape anyone.

    Banning this game will do nothing to stop rape. Rather, it will probably just make the game more desirable because it will be illegal. She should be petitioning something useful, like stronger rape laws.

  • We MUST sign the petition!
    It’s for the sake of the future!
    If we don’t sign it, in the future more unfortunate victims will be raping a fucking ugly piece of crap like that pig and lose their manhood for the rest of their life.

    In short, DON’T fuck her, literally.

  • One day CNN is going to air a commercial for Saw 7 right after a piece on “latest in rape game news”

    And noone will be smart enough to see the ****ing irony in that.

    Sci fi channel had the 2 hostel movies playing only slightly cut a few weeks ago.

    Tying people up and torturing them A’OK as long as you don’t insert everythings cool.

  • Thanks for the cool game review. I feel like playing it too now… but well, if it’s illegal to play it then maybe I should find another way to ‘play’.

    By the way, it would’ve been nice if the reviewer weren’t so fat and ugly. Also I had to turn down my volume preemptively against ear-cancer. Thumbs down for that.

  • I’d like to join the moral majority because I have a deep fear that in this great big dark lonely world that someone somewhere is having the tiniest bit of enjoyment in their life….

    And by all that is holy and righteous I cannot let that happen.

    They’ll have to be guilt tripped and moral fagged into not doing what they enjoy…or I’ll have to go to more extreme and dickish measures.

  • If we ban rapelay for the rape that happened BEFORE it was released in japan….

    Then can we please ban distribution of the bible?

    It’s inspired a fuck of a lot more pedophilia than all ero games put together.

  • Could someone fuck that fat bitches brains back IN?

    What did a rapist play rapelay after watching back to the future and converting his delorian into a time machine?

    Apparently her rapist was a time travelling space pedo.

    We have to arrest Michael J Fox for inspiring gangs of time travelling rapists.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Before I checked out here today, I just got done watching some videos on CNN.

    Like I said, the “Modern women who seek to destroy Men” want men lobotomized, castrated and watched as potential rapist/molesters, but look how they behave with their “Liberation”…

    They want to be both “Protected” as “Weak, helpless victims” but then behave worse than their image of men and of course gain “Equal” or rather “More than equal” employment opportunities.

    This girl is being used by them, but she is also a perfect recruit. The total “Individual precious snowflake” professional victim. And these groups want to go against “Porn” not for any real fear that it’ll “Incite rape” but another measure of control over men. Lots of men would rather masturbate to porn (or use hookers, go on foreign tours, get foreign brides) than deal with women seemingly bent to degrade them and if they marry them do so only to divorce later. They love “Outlaw” types, but they like to first marry “Producing” males so when they divorce they can live off their income.

  • “This is a petition to stop the distrubution and selling of a video game entitled RapePlay, anyone including children have access to this disturbing and uncalled for game.You don’t have to buy it in a store, you can also download it on the internet and play it.This is very disturbing and wrong on so many different levels.This world and society needs to wake up and realize that descions such as these are what is exactly curupting and damaging children.We as a society are steering them in the wrong direction and need to act fast to stop these type of things.”

    Christ she needs to learn how to use spell check or actually spell and it’s not even entitled rapeplay… Clearly she did her research.

  • Rape is hurtful and not a joke, but it can be made funny. Im sorry that’s just how I feel, people need to quit making random things personal.

    My mom died in a car accident, but I still like a good car crash in a movie, laugh if I find it funny and see it all bloody and shit. It doesn’t make me feel like they are targeting me to make me feel bad, its a movie! its meant to entertain! I get over it and go about my day.

    Oh and yeah, we should bash Japanese games because clearly has no violent games or media, no of course not, America is the beacon of non violent shit ¬¬

  • “rape is not a joke”
    so they should ban it.
    But murder is?
    While games which focus on murder aren’t “banned”? really now?

    Also, i lol’d when she kept using the word “survivors”.
    It’s not fucking Left4Dead for god’s sake.

  • hmm… she was about to be rape.. maybe by his boyfriend.. but then her boyfriend saw and downloaded the game… he saw 2d is much CUTER and SEXIER than his girlfriend thats why he quitted raping her… then he left her alone…she was jealous about how her boyfriend treated her..thats why she needs to published the news and make her boyfriend come back to her … hahhahaah


    This video does nothing but promote the game and introduce it to people never knew about the game. Good advertisement technique!

  • she needs to lose some weight pronto!
    Don’t want to see emotionaly whiny fat girls in denial about their weight,because health issues will be a problem and there aren’t anymore annoying and worse pattients then really fat women.
    And about her singing,somebody needs to invalidate her and tell her to try better and harder.

  • First of all, That bitch is ugly as shit and her singing is an abomination to all those with bad singing in american idol.
    Second, what the fuck??? The petition says:
    “Stop The Selling Of The Video Game RapeLay”
    The fucking game has been withdrawn from stores you fucking idiot!
    Third, Like some others pointed out: because the game isn’t available anymore she (and CNN) must have (ilegally) downloaded the game from the internet. Why isn’t anyone concerned about that??? fucktards

    Do anyone know how to conatact this ugly buttface? I want to seriously bash her until she takes her own life or something…
    Seriously wtf

  • Man…. If only I was in a position to discuss this with her, or the news media. I have so many questions to ask. All of this seems like a perfect seed for ad hominem attacks. I can just hear them saying, “Oh my gosh! You can’t trust anything that man says; he plays sexually violent video games!”

    • No one realizes that the primary tools news media and organizations like Equality Now use to get people on their sides are logical fallacies (ad hominem, argumentum ad populum, etc, etc).

      The “sheep” don’t know any better.

  • The moment I heard her singing, I thought: “Attention whore”.

    A girl who claims to be a rape victim shouldn’t appear in a video SINGING!!!

    What the fuck is she thinking about!? “Hey everyone, look at me, I’m on TV!”

  • I am a girl.
    I was sexually assaulted when I was young.
    That has absolutely nothing to do with what happened to me. Rape in hentai games could not be further away from what it is in reality.

    …In fact, the game is haaaaawt.

  • “This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”

    But violent movies are a-okay, because we all LOVE big explosions and seeing people’s limbs get blown off.

    And when are they gonna ban all those ‘unsightly’ porn magazines? Surely all those women in them were being forced to pose naked and encourage men to rape women.

    If all of that were true, then America (among other countries) would be filled to the brim with murderous rapists and setting one foot in there would be certain death for any tourist — or anyone else for that matter.

  • From that girls Point of View, she probably finds that all possible items that might promotes rape is devilish and must be destroyed at once. We need to understand that she is victim of such evil act. The scar which will never disappear in her life.

  • Suggestion: why she doesn’t give us a very detailed account of her rape experience, letting us know all the details, so we can compare it to rape games and be able to confirm if they are indeed diferent or similar to ay actual rape.

  • *facepalm*

    Watched video: *puke*…. tried to watch it to the end *hospital*

    If the PM and President look at this, I’m thinking “Girl, where is your evidence that raping 2D turns into reality 3D? And look at this petition, everyone of them has a point, you don’t. Oh btw, I got ear plugs on so I can’t hear your singing. It is hurtful.”

    3D creates to 2D, not the other way round.

    “Btw girl, I’m playing as well, this is to relieve stress :P”

  • I didn’t even know about this game untill the started to make a fuzz about it, so good job there CNN, you are now responsible for my sudden intrigue in this rapegame.

    Also, that 14-year old bitch needs to stfu, spend less time fighting pixels, more time in the gym, cause she looks like sailor bubba’s daughter.

  • someone must be feeling quite butthurt after being a victim of rape.

    why americans get so offended by sex and erotic material like rapelay is beyond me but killing and murder is more acceptable in the media?

    killing someone is more socially acceptable then rape?


  • Actually seeing this video makes me sad. It reminds me why I don’t feel pity for random humans dying in random incidents. Damn it, why does anybody still pays attention to the attention whoring media? *cries*

    On a side note: Giving this kind of victim rape sure can’t be fun.

  • Somehow these kind of news about idiots make me want to do atrocious things, fast, I need a rape hentai to calm down.

    Attention whore is attention whoring.

    Also, rape can be fun. For 4 out of 5 people involved in gangrape. I’d say it’s a good quota.

  • “Both the Prime Minister and The President will each receive a copy of this petition to remove this damaging and destructive video game from store shelves and the internet.”

    So I’m assuming when USA president and Canada Prime Minister combine their skills, they get enough power to delte the internets?


  • war games are wrong, it needs to be stopped, games like this shouldnt be put out there, killing is no joke its very hurtful, think about the other soldier’s family not being able to see his 32 bit colors again lol

  • shes using the english patch. which is a user made modifications (From Hongfire) for the Japanese only distributed and operated game. Which means… she downloaded illegally, and using modifications that break ToS. So… someone call the copyright police and federal police to catch her for downloading content illegally.
    Plus she hasnt been playing long enough, sooner or latter, she will find the protagonist in the game to be stabbed brutally or being run over a train..

  • I propose we form a satirical protest in name of anti-violence in video games. Perhaps once you have a wide support for such a thing, you unveil the stupidity of the action and make the comparison to other formats.

  • What a shocker. A video game, albeit a more adult video game, is under fire because someone was pushed into connecting A and B.

    Two things here:

    A. If you want people to be respected, it has to be taught by parents, friends, relatives, other people. Games are not the medium to teach this, and it seems people have given up on this concept in most regards which is sad. I also do not extend this to the internet because lets face it, we’re mostly in the business of insulting each other on the internet and flinging all sorts of things at our fellow man, but at the end of the day no one takes it seriously, and we all move on.

    B. The last line of the article is right. The United States, for all the good it may do, is hypocritical when it comes to certain things, and games where you disembowel half your enemies, slice all manor of limbs off, and might I and has simulated sex with hookers, gods and other women seem to never get a reaction, yet this game comes from somewhere else and we’re all like ‘OMG! Banned! 1111111!’

    I mean cripes you *SPOILER ALERT* have a half naked woman killed by a mechanism for a puzzle in God Of War III because she’ll keep it from rotating all the way, and you watch two half naked women feeling each other up as you simulate having sex with Aphrodite in the same game! *SPOILER ALERT*

  • “This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”

    Yay, let’s ban all the other games too. By 2012 all we’ll be playing would be Wii Fit and Flower. Let’s ban movies that fit the bill too while we’re at it. We should also go vegetarian.

    Speaking of which, is there any game out there where you could smash the skulls of cutesy looking animals? I’d want to try that before it gets banned.

    • The game isn’t being sold anymore and it was never sold or marketed in America so it’s none of cnn’s business. The petition is pointless as it says its goal is to “Stop the selling of the video game Rapelay” and the selling of Rapelay has already halted!

      Are they going to make it an illegal sexual offense to download a pirated version of the game illegally…
      Then it’ll be doubly illegal! CNN needs to be arrested for piracy.

      Actually cnn needs to just disappear along with all its hypocrisy, moral hysteria, propaganda and prejudice.
      The people at illusion must just be like the fuck @3@?

  • I gess no one not evan the news pickd up on the fact that she had to DL the gam ILLEGALY. SHE IS A PIRITE WE MUST BURN HER AT THE STAKE. If pirites are so bad why is no one punishing her? She stole the game and took it to CNN, now shw is a hero? I DL the game and im a lolicon/pirite/hacker? WTF!

  • what a bunch of bullshit. Its your own fucking problem you got raped.

    Its just games. No one gives a DAMN to ur feelings. and believe me, no human will wanna rape a fatass like you.

    and your singing sucks. Go get raped by a dog or something.

  • “This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”

    Correction: “Killing is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but harming others isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.”
    Is that what Japan should say to to Americans before they underst-…wait…they actually understand something? No way mate, that’s a lie.

  • lets banned all adult games and starting terrorist.
    then all things will only get better right ???
    No more raped or stealing or other bad things ???

    Talking like a wannabe Jezus ?? its evil its not right don’t tell me you never did something evil or bad ??

  • First show on news,nobody is shure if it’s true or not,get attention,post on sankaku,feminist come here checking comments using the usuall tactics disgusting blablabla because comments on her looks.
    This is all acording to keikaku.

  • Move along people, yet another dumb bullshit story about someone with a desire to get a moment of fame out of a non event based in null and void similarities to a real controversy that is not actually responsible.
    I can extend sympathy to the victim, but she has no case to blame this dumb game.
    Hmm after bravely trying to watch the video, I recant my sympathy.
    Sorry, you had a horrible thing happen at age 8 no argument there. Your use of that horrible event to steer attention to your singing is disgusting though.
    Just another tacky vulgar use of the news.

  • It is all grooming, where appalling behavior that would never happen to someone, happens enough that its made common so no one complains. Thats either side the attacked or the attacker. It is 100 percent grooming. When the legacy of nonchalant behavior is passed down the next generation has 2 groups one that prays on people and a group that is prayed on by these people. Look at the gang member families that live in the houses across the street, after 30 years of calling the cops, nothing still happens and they make 10,000 dollars a day prostituting and selling drugs and guns. The game is grooming people to be future servants in appalling behavior that if they did it to your daughter, you would grab a double barrel shotgun and blow the guys head off without fear of capture. Face it you cannot run. She may not have worded it properly, how can you expect someone who was so young to grasp the words when every night she goes to sleep knowing those sobs got away with doing it, like it was a game.

    • Sexual fantasies aren’t even in the same category as real shit. There just isn’t any evidence to support that 18+ people are mentally effected by these games. And IF it were legal, it would be over 18 to play.

      It’s a fantasy thing, it has no bearing on real life. People like to think of fucked up shit. It’s personal and has nothing to do with interacting with other people.

      Maybe you’re right, she was “groomed” when she had her freedoms taken away, now she wants to do the same to other.s

    • Try doing something productive instead of calling the cops whining. I bet you call them anonymously and bitch too.

      And you could be living next door that has a group of the worst criminals all having a slumber party daily. Calling the cops will not them arrested and kicked out of their house.

      So unless you have damning irrefutable evidence that is proof positive and able to be shown in a court of law that is serious enough to warrant a felony, calling the cops isn’t going to do any good so stop wasting years of tax payer dollars.

      Especially if your doing it anonymously.

  • No way, I live in Lower Sackville Nova Scotia. Rape is pretty uncommon here, and needless to say I can’t go down to my local wal-mart and my a copy of RapeLay, especially not years ago…

  • God damn it. If you want to show your horrible singing “skills” on TV, go to American Idol. No need to bash precious eroge just so you get a chance to show your fat face on the local news.

  • another victim hard at work!
    Move on with your life,real rape is horrible,but she lacks common sense,fictional rape of characters is not something people should take seriously,learn to control your anger into something else,rather relieve yourself and let go of the incident and stop playing victim attention game,get together with people you trust.

    And what grammar she has,ain’t they just trolling us all?
    Some feminist tactics with making up shit isn’t new.

  • I love how ne of their first satemens was that it was a non family member and that they fail to say how she came across it. Also does anyone else think that girls singing is shitty though it could just be because i’m sick. Still though i mean wtf this is basically over and done with and yet they keep dredging it back up,

  • [quote]”[i]This game is wrong. It needs to be stopped. No game like this should ever be put out there. Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously, but rape isn’t a joke. It is very hurtful.[/i]”[/quote]

    Right… how many other games does this apply to? Unreal Tournament? Grand Theft Auto? Super Mario Bros.?

    This reminds me of those who say “looking at 2D loli is wrong,” and yet say nothing about games like UT, where shooting people in the head is the only way to win.

    • reason why I say this is the girl is just using the game as a scapegoat for a horrible experience with no relation to the game

      though I do wish for her to try and forget the tragedy and try to live life without involving herself in censorship without proof

    • Rape is a horrible, terrible thing. To a rape victim, joking or glorifying it is on the level of personal insult.

      I can see why women are upset that such games are being made and sold for the purposes of getting someone off and making money.

        • The problem is in general that people that get offended easily need to pull their heads out of their own asses.

          Of course the presence of rape-games isn’t exactly the nicest thing in the world to an actual rape victim.

          But being offended, deeply hurt, or whatever, because of their presence, just shows a narrow mind.

          If I, as a German, got offended every time I saw a nazi joke, an ‘all Germans are still nazis’ joke, stereotyping of males, insults towards my hobbies, or anything else, I’d spend my entire life being offended at something.

          Same goes for a black friend of mine if he got offended every time he stumbled across a black joke on the internet.

          Sometimes, laughing about bad things is a coping mechanism, sometimes it is honest to good humor, sometimes it is seriously misguided, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who as much as utters a snicker needs to get jailed.

          I seem to be slightly drunk and loosing track of where I was going with this rant, so I’ll probably shut up now rather than let this spiral into chaos further still.

        • If you’re responding to me (16:58), 05:22, then let me clarify: I know that not all rape victims would be offended by RapeLay, but I can understand why some would be. That’s what I meant.

        • I’m into vore, but I’ve never murdered and eaten a real woman. I wonder why, hmm? Oh right, because reality and fiction are two different things.

          Give Anon 4:49 a twist, though: Rapelay doesn’t glorify rape. It’s a game you play alone, nervous of someone seeing it from your window. Major news networks putting on a girl for her singing audition just because she was raped (trust me, if she weren’t, she’d never get on the program), well, that’s glorifying rape right there! The game makes you nervous (admittedly part of the appeal), but the news makes it popular: Persona 4 features murders strining people up to radio towers. No copycats. But if someone did it in RL and the news did it to death like Rapelay, you’d bet there’d be copycat killers.

          Ban “news”.

      • You are now allowed to leave this site and never come here again. The fact that a lot of moral ethics fags are out there doing stupid shit such as this because they don’t think it’s right and so on makes me want to collect them at a single spot and give them the nuke. The fact that such people are as close minded as a cock in a chastity belt makes me want to kill them even more. To begin with games such as rapelay and so on were meant most probably for open minded people and people who have the rape fetish. Also rape can’t only be triggered by a game. Hate towards somebody is also a trigger but I guess it’s impossible for idiots as yourself to recognize another person’s fetish and interests. That’s just plain hypocritical. No matter how wrong you think it might be or not that’s not something you’re allowed to decide. All people have different interests and fetishes and even you probably have some oh so sick fetish that you either deny or don’t even know but that’d make you a even bigger idiot. People tend to be close minded and they think they’re always the right ones but when they get cornered they start bullshitting everything there is. “Rape is wrong” my ass. I don’t really mind rape and so on. Yeah. I am a man but I don’t really care about my gender when it comes to fetishes and people’s interests. Everyone is different in some aspect towards someone else. What he gets off to is his thing not someone else’s. The fact that company is pleasing that person thirst and making a profit from it isn’t in any way wrong. It’s just selling what people want to buy. And the fact that you sympathize with women that are upset over a game is even more ridiculous. In the first place games were meant to entertain people and let them have their fun no matter what type of game it is. Some idiots such as yourself just need to be punched in the face to open their eyes. You’re not really the person to decide whether rape is wrong or right and how terrible or not it is. A rape victim is just some stupid idiot that doesn’t know what moving on means. “Personal insult” my ass. If they can’t get over it they might as well just die while being raped. When you get raped you don’t need to stomp on that spot for years just so you can bullshit more. No one cares whether you got raped or not. Life can move on even without you so you might as well just leave it as it is since you know you can’t change it and that’s that. So what? Do you think games that have rape in them would increase rape rates? People who just bullshit about something like this are just an eyesore for me. “Oh noez I got raeped. Now I want to ban everything there is that has some connection with rape. Would you help me do it and console me because I got raped?” “Shut up bitch. You got raped. So what? Big deal. Move on and just let it be. You can’t change something that has already happened. Maybe you wouldn’t have been raped if you didn’t leave your home that day. Besides. Thousands and if not millions of women get raped every week or even day around the world. What makes you think you’re something special or different?” That’d be my response to a idiot like this.

        • “Sure I sympathize with people who get raped but do you think that sympathizing with them will help them get over it and live on?”

          Yes, I do. Better to be sympathetic than to say the stupid shit you did. Sure, you may say that you sympathize with rape victims now, but it seemed like you were condoning rape in your previous comment. Whether you were or not, it sure came across that way.

          I know that this is Sankaku, where it’s much more common to be sexually starved than to have ever been sexually harassed, but some of these comments still amaze me. “I feel sorry for the rapist”? “Who would rape that”? Can any of you saying that imagine what it would be like for this girl to read that, how horrible it would be for her? Just because she’s against this stupid game (which, as I said, shouldn’t be banned, but I also don’t think it’s a horrible travesty IF it gets banned) doesn’t mean that she deserves all of this abuse.

        • You do understand that a single rape victim isn’t the only one on the planet. Probably everyone beside him/her and his family don’t even care about the fact that he/she was raped. People have enough trouble on their hands to notice other people’s troubles. The problem isn’t that they got raped but that they couldn’t get over the trauma and just leave it be and forget it and never mention it again. The point I was trying to get through your head was that even if someone gets rape it’s not like the whole world will rush to help that person and since they don’t even talk about it to relatives they both want sympathy yet they don’t want to even talk about it. Or do you think that if you go on and on about how you got raped and continue to be sorrowful about it that someone will care and pay attention or help? It’s just a mental state they need to overcome yet they’re close minded enough to stay in one place and expect something to happen. Well sorry to have to say this to you but from the probably around 10 billion humans living on earth not even a thousand people care about someone who got raped. People have enough things on their own. Just because some totally unrelated to them person got raped doesn’t mean they have to care. It’s the victim making it oh no such a big deal out of it. Sure I sympathize with people who get raped but do you think that sympathizing with them will help them get over it and live on? Good luck. It’s not much of a issue of being raped rather than the fact that they just don’t give effort to get over something that happened in the past and do the most stupid shit.

        • You are a fucking moron. I don’t think this game should be banned, but I also have enough sympathy for rape victims that I can understand why they would want the game banned. “A rape victim is just some stupid idiot that doesn’t know what moving on means”? Are you fucking kidding me?

          Look, I don’t give a shit about what you fap to (I have a little bit of a rape fetish myself), but you’re spewing shit about a topic you clearly know nothing about. I hope you’re trolling, but your RAEG and bawwwing convinces me otherwise. Fuck you, you scum.

        • Ikuhisashiku says:

          Most games like this were never intended to “influence” a person in the first place. They’re meant to be played by people with some level of common sense and maturity. And, when you get right down to it, videogames have no real effect on people.
          If they did, then why don’t all the Modern Warfare 2 players start picking up the nearest gun and shooting each other for no apparent reason?
          Or why don’t all the GTA4 players start stealing cars and having sex with every woman possible?
          OR, hell, why don’t all the pac-man players, which is just about everyone with any sort of access to technology, start spending time alone in dark rooms eating little white balls?

          My main point would probably be that if you’re really that easily influenced by something that’s not even real, then you shouldn’t have access to these types of things in the first place. The thing is, the majority of the population (and the producing company’s target audience) isn’t that easily influenced. There’s an 18+ tag on these things for a reason, you know.

          TL;dr — the point is, games don’t influence us as much as these asswipes would have us believe.

      • “Rape is not a joke. People seem to think that it is. They don’t take it seriously”

        Maybe rape is a joke but people take it too seriously.
        Seriously… If everyone thought of rape as a joke there would be no problems. Hell… there would be no rape! Problem fucking solved!!

    • Makes sense actually. Used banning Rapelay as an excuse to get her on TV and have them record her horrible singing. If she’d want to promote banning Rapelay she’d do one of those long speeches CNN expects her to do but then cuts them and turns them into 30 seconds of facebook petitions.

    • She’s not the first person to be raped, and she won’t be the last. Rape has existed for millenia before Rape Games ever came out and will last up until the last rapist dies.

      Rapelay doesn’t make rape desirable in anyone’s minds except the people who can’t make the distinction between reality and fantasy. So even if you banned all rape games, or violent games in general, guess what? Rape and Violent Crimes will continue!

      ….. dumb fucks. >_<

    • Yo guys I just went on GTA and ran over 20 people and shot hundreds of civilians. wow this game has really influenced me.

      wow look at this game called rapelay.Wow I just raped 3 girls. This game really influenced me.

      WoW this game was sold to thousands of people. I wonder if the increase in rape will be connected to game sales? Wow I think rape actually went up .0001% that month of release. Game needs a ban right away.

      These fking people are idiots. Rapers don’t play games they fking rape people. Actually I 100% bet that none of the rapers actually played the damn game.

    • This idiot’s asking for nothing but flames, and most likely an attention whore where we don’t even know if it’s true that she was raped. It could be Equality Now posting a fake petition to gain sympathy.

      Oh, you can repeatedly “sign” the petition as well, so there’s no limit on how many you can sign.