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Otaku Fist Fight over Yui Figure


Witnesses report otaku K-ON! fans at one Akihabara store were so desperate to get their hands on limited supplies of a Yui figure that they resorted to fisticuffs and had to be broken up by security.

The figure in question was Alter’s PVC rendition of Yui Hirasawa (now sold out everywhere it seems).

A witness report:

A shop assistant went to put some stock out on the shelves, and there was a sudden onslaught of K-ON! otaku who were waiting for it. The stock disappeared in an instant, and a couple were running around screaming:

“GAHHHHHHH! That one’s mine!”

“Get lost, I’ll beat you down!”


Pretty amazing. The guys who were arguing ran off down the stairs to the second floor at the back and started brawling.

A security guard came pretty quickly and sorted them out.

Sadly no one thought to video the event, but in any case such happenings are all too likely.

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