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“How to Have Sex with Girls on Pixiv”


A guide detailing how to seduce girls using top Japanese artist community site Pixiv was recently published.

From the pages of rag “Uramono Japan”:

pixiv-sex-guideTickle the ego of artists by praising their unpopular art!

1. Register and make a profile on Pixiv.

2. It’s best to up some art to your profile (doesn’t matter if you just found it online)

3. Search for the title of a manga, Dragonball or whatever

4. Find pictures with no ratings, etc.

5. Find a girl whose pictures have not been favourited (MyPic) by other users

6. Get friendly with her

Once you have found one send her mail along these lines “I saw this picture of yours – there was something very intriguing about it, I soon came to like it. I draw as well [doesn’t matter if this is a lie], so let’s get to know one another.”

Unappreciated artists receiving admiring praise are unlikely to question your motives.

After this you can strike up an exchange outside the site, and then later ask her if she’d like to visit an art gallery to see some new picture. Then go to a bar – one in three will generally accompany you back to a love hotel after drinking a bit.

Observers are quick to point out flaws (though not, sadly, colossal ethical problems) inherent in this method, not least of which is that anyone capable of executing it could probably manage a girl through normal channels.

Those doubting the efficacy of this method, or at least that there are enough creepy stalker types around trying it on to make it a real problem, can refer to the below announcement, in which Pixiv warns users that there are people using that very unhealthy method and not to trust them – anyone found at it will have their accounts terminated, they say:


However, they also published this in one of their artbooks:


[They got to know each other through Pixiv & MyPic]

6 months later…

“I’m 3 months pregnant.”

“What!? But you said it was OK!?”

“Make sure you take responsibility.”

[Low birth rate issue cleared]

Mixed messages indeed.

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