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Dancing Goddess Kozue Aikawa Sexy Beyond Compare


NicoNico dancing girl Kozue Aikawa has lately been enjoying huge popularity thanks to her skillful dancing, lithe frame and charming smile. Few can deny she is dangerously appealing – her dancing antics can be scrutinised below:

For those wondering, she is 18 (and so safe for consumption in all but most of the English speaking world), and Kozue Aikawa is not her real name. She is 151cm high and her favourite colour is pink. Her favourite Vocaloid is Kagamine Rin.

Previously she has danced with the traditional anonymising mask (and in fact still does):

She is a member of the “DANCEROID” NicoNico Douga dance unit, which also includes the familiar Minka Lee, as well as Itokutora – their homepage.

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