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Muslims “Warn” South Park Creators “You Will Be Killed”


A US Muslim group has incited a storm of controversy by issuing what is widely considered a death threat against the creators of popular satirical cartoon South Park for their inclusion of Mohammed in a recent episode.

In the 200th episode of South Park Islam’s prophet Mohammed appeared wearing a bear suit, as well as under the safety of an all encompassing black bar.

US-based Islamic group, “Revolution Muslim,” known for its support of jihad and al Qaeda, said in a statement on its website that the episode had “outright insulted” Mohammed, and then issued what can probably be construed as a weasel-worded death threat, mentioning a Dutch film maker murdered for daring to criticise Islam:

“We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid, and they will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh for airing this show. This is not a threat, but a warning of the reality of what will likely happen to them.”

The site also played a sermon by a US born Muslim preacher and al Qaeda member whilst showing pictures of the South Park creators, in which Islamic scripture is used to justify the murder of critics:

“Harming Allah and his messenger is a reason to encourage Muslims to kill whoever does that.”

They also helpfully provided the addresses of the various companies involved in the show’s production. The site has since disappeared for reasons unknown.

Legal experts say the group is carefully wording support of terrorism to ensure it remains legally blameless.

Mohammed has appeared on South Park before without incident, as have most other religious figures worth lampooning, though that was before 9/11.

Since then networks have been reluctant to deal with criticism of Islam, say the creators of South Park: “Now, that’s the new normal. Like we lost. Something that was OK is now not OK.”

The actual reaction from outside the US appears to be to simply ignore the existence of South Park altogether – the show is apparently either insufficiently inflammatory or simply too hard a target compared to an obscure Danish cartoonist.

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  • “US-based Islamic group, “Revolution Muslim,” known for its support of jihad and al Qaeda”
    Why are they free and not in jail or back in their holy land of mudhouses?

    Man these guys a like Stargate’s Ashens; they talk of peace, come to your country, settle, reproduces like rabbits, and when the time will come, will strike.

    A happy world is a world without religion; and if not possible, at least without muslims.

    Primitive belief, primitive way of thinking, primitive customs. They do not belong to this age. I bet they came back with Ash to our time, when he screwed up again with the “clatu verata nictu” formula.

  • heh -.-‘god damn jews. I wonder if this news is REAL or FAKE … and it seems to be … FAKE. And in case its real :/ those “jews” may be some 12 yo that don’t like the creators makin mohamed or ahmad or wtf is that name sound bad.

  • Anonymous says:

    I get so fucking tired of these muslim pricks – I agree with a previous poster WWIII will fuck them right up.

    We are playing Mr. nice guy while we occupy their territory and kill their dissidents despite what any liberal media outlet may feed you. If we were to conduct our war there as they would conduct a war on western soil then the streets of Afganistan and Iraq would host not a single living soul, just the bleached bones of a rabid nation that bit the hand of the wrong stranger.

    Further conflict at this point seems to be an absolute certainty.

  • Amerika would be better off to nuke all that’s muslim. Like i read before here, the ‘old’ generation wasn’t that bad like the ‘new’ generation who threatens to kill you if you just say something about that ‘pussy’ Mohammed.

    But hey, the whole entire world is really fucked up. I’m glad i wont be living anymore in 100 years. How fucked will the world THEN be?

  • I just watched second episode of "Rainbow" anime, and it made me quite angry. Little very cute girl there is sold to worst possible ugly, fat pervert. I have strong feelings of justice and something like that happening to little girl always enrages me. Maybe thats why I despise muslims and their sick law that justifies underage marriages, which they argument as tradition and religion.

  • Get over it and stop taking it so seriously, Matt and Trey did not single out your religion. If they did not make fun of all other religions/popular current events and only your religion was targeted that would be completely different and I would be 100% behind you on your complaints, but they didnt single you out so stfu and either watch the episode and laugh like me, or dont watch it. Is that so difficult?

    Your religion is no more important than any other persons religion, where was your rage when they made fun of my religion? I watched that episode too and laughed my ass off, I didnt cry to the networks and make death threats like a juvenile little kid.

  • Those bastards that made that show intentionally put the cartoon of Muhammad cause they know that most muslims will act harsh about this matter and make the muslims looks bad. They had planned all of this from the start, wat a bunch of bastards just dont know when to stop huh?, I hope they will get bullet in their brain.

    • Just like how when people take/try to take things a bit too far (in this case the Muslims) deserve a bullet in their brain, whether they have a sense of humor or not? This logic of yours is very very very flawed my friend.

  • Religion is generally a setback to sane behavior when taken to extremes. If you get annoyed by a joke about your God or religious icons to the point you have to kill some1 then either your faith is too weak or your religion is just a lame excuse of a sect.

    Luckily I know some good Muslims that aren’t idiots like those extremists or I’d really think bad of the religion as a whole.

  • I’ve been a fan of this website for awhile but never posted a comment before . I like this website but there is one thing that bothers me about this site . The comments always seem to be filled with so much hate . Sometimes about women , other times about Muslims , and also Americans . I’m just curious whats with all the hate on this site ?

  • The first video was removed. Copyright’s a bitch sometimes. <_<

    I remember that episode of South Park where they show Mohammed. I don't remember it that well, granted, but as I recall they didn't disrespect him. If anything it was more of a knock against mormons. But really this reaction is no surprise.

    The episode where they showed the Japanese fishermen killing a bunch of whales and dolphins, however, I'd like to the reaction. "Fuck you wharu! Fuck you daruphin!" HA! The entire episode is more a satire on Whale Wars than the Japanese but I don't think that's how they would see it. Even the bit at the end was a pop shot at the U.S.

  • Ah, Muhammad (PBUH). The original lolicon. When he’s not raping 9 year old girls, he’s inspiring faggots like Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee to murder cartoonists.

    If Muhammad was alive today, I would kill the motherf**** myself.

  • Sooooo, what?

    If Matt and Trey are killed (unlikely, since those Islamic bastards are pussies), then we’ll have to go on a McCarthy Era-like Towelhead-hunt, right?

    Oh my god, that would be awesome.

  • Even though the Prophet was bashed on that episode of South Park for being untouchable figure in Relgion that can never be shown or be made fun of.It seem thats the Tray and Parker wanted you people to realize that It shows that the Prophet in all his glory can be made fun of even if you didn’t like it.

  • “The religion of Peace” my ass.

    I am so tired of these knuckle-dragging cavemen and their threats and terrorist actions. I say we send them all to Allah via mushroom clouds. And I mean all of them, even the non-militants. As far as I am concerned they are just as much a part of the problem. They should be condemning these statements and actions.

    Kill’em all and let Allah sort them out.

  • Hmm… all my comments were removed. That’s fascinating.
    I expected better from the same sankaku complex that recognizes the irony in the South Park episode.
    Guess you guys are no better than the muslims – though I appreciate not being killed for it.

  • fuck muslims – period-dot-bingo.
    If you’re a “moderate” muslim, take a look at your religion and try to defend it.
    The impetus is not on me to be understanding, it’s on you to reform your religion or leave it.
    No moral relativism to Christianty since you could only look very stupid trying to find evidence (even of fakes claiming to be Christian) who have committed anything bordering on the atrocities of islam.

  • Why is not in a death list Agnes Chan and the group “Equality now”?
    They say that Mohammed was a inmoral for marry with a children, they called him “an example for pedophiles” and then say that “Islam is the religion of suppression of women’s rights”.
    If I was islamic follower of the laws I would kill them.

  • Hey tom cruise has seaman on him !

    Butters: Hey Stan isn’t that Tom Cruise
    Stan: Hey, yea it is tom cruise. Guys check this out Tom cruise is a fudge packer
    Tom: I’m not a Fudge Packer!
    Butters: How come your packing fudge Mr Cruise?
    Tom: God damn I’m not packing fudge, I’m a very important actor who’s here on a fly fishing trip.
    Garrison: Oh my god is that Fudge Packer Tom Cruise!

    LOLOLOL i loved this episode

  • I say Mat and Trey should make use their second constitutional right, in full force, and now its personal. American style.

    That means they should carry a few guns just in case the muslims try something funny.

  • Fanaticism is always wrong, we need to be able to separate BLIND FAITH with REAL FAITH, and also critics makes people better, we need to develop tolerance in other peoples culture so world peace could actually materialize

  • so when they didnt show him, they got in trouble..

    and if they did showhim, they woulda still be in trouble..

    makes on wonder whatll happen if every iteration of “MUHAMAD” in the script was changed into “XENU” or someshit.

  • i have been wondering a bit… why mohammed is so big NO NO. seriously. even some of my muslim friends doesnt know. i mean like yeah there is jesus? yeah he was prophet too. why its okay to show him and blablabla what about moses? yep. there is buckets of prophets who have done maby bigger things than he did. if you think clearly…

    so seriously why all hype so much about it?
    why mohammed is only prophet you cant show or even talk about. others prophets are like *lulz. gtfo fags*?

  • Since when did these people become a race? You can’t be racist to muslims. Unless they are idiots and think they are an entire specific race. Will people stop claiming muslims are a race, you are not a race and thus no one can be racist against you.

    We can critisize you and we will do that. Muslims are the ones threatening to kill. Why should they be able to do that and I can’t? Just because they have an imaginary friend who can’t do anything for himself since he’s not real?

    Allah/Jehovah/God/Whatever sounds quite useless if he can’t kill the “blasphemers” himself. Oh wait, sorry, forgot he’s not real 🙂

  • Muslim people are the most dumb people ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    they always take everything with violence!

    Muslim are enemy of GOD and Enemy of world!

    we don’t need your shitty violence, go away you fucking ISLAM, muslim, mohamed is just a man hole cleaner!

  • this will happend when they are not believing in god..
    and still.. when something happend… they will blame god themselves..
    its only matter of opinions..
    Is there any muslim here, who can say: “Mohammed and Allah are great, but if you think they are nothing but piece of rubish, you have the right to think so.” Huh?
    if i were a muslim… i will say yes… y not…?
    even got some ppl agree the mohammed is a great leader..
    ppl opinions not made religions…
    its all god made..
    its changes nothing..
    its normal for ppl angry when their idol trolled..
    even ppl will get mad if the gf/bf being targeted..
    so its normal.. but the killing part is not..
    god gives ppl brain to think…
    if ppl practice any religion without thinking..
    well.. fanatics..
    and if u all want to talk about what type of source..
    (bible,quran) make sure to study it first..
    or else it will lead to confusions… for no brainer at least..
    and this is what are no brainer produced..,or use brain in incorrect way.. south park..
    they will not know what will happens…
    ppl will kill each other..only for this…maybe.. 🙂

  • That site is down due too a DDOS attack.
    A little message from anonymous saying, fuck you muslims we aren’t afraid of you!

    I am all for freedom of religion, but this is bullshit…
    You don’t hear christians making deaththreats when a joke about Jesus comes up

    • Islam is relatively a young religion. It’s still in the angsty/bitchy teenage phase, much like Christianity was during the crusades. Give her a few hundred years, and she’ll be fat, lazy, and complacent.

      • The cursades which were a response to the Muslim invasion of Anatolia, you mean? So… which is younger? Was this before or after Caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah ordered the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Do you have any idea what you’re talking about or do you just like the word “crusades”?

  • And some people ask why do we judge muslims so severely. As a nation, they have the most dense accumulation of fucked up religious, political, moral views, intolerance and other fucked up things. They think people should die for not sharing their views. And they think they are right.

    Now, I agree there is alot of people there who can think rationally, but they are sheer minority.

    Is there any muslim here, who can say: “Mohammed and Allah are great, but if you think they are nothing but piece of rubish, you have the right to think so.” Huh?

    I thought so. Fucked up nation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nation ? what the heck are you talking about

      more than 1 billion people around the world are muslims including tens of thousands of white people

      that’s like saying all christians belong to the same country

      “Now, I agree there is alot of people there who can think rationally, but they are sheer minority.”

      how did you know that no i mean seriously how many muslim countries have you visited in order to make that conclusion

      i live in a muslim country and people here don’t give two shits about this whole southpark incident some of my friends don’t even know what the fuck southpark is and others watch it and know about it and simply don’t give a fuck.

      as for me i don’t believe in god or allah or mohammed
      or any of that bullshit but since i live here it bothers me when people keep making these generalizations because when they say “lolz all those crazy moslams are crazy and terorasts lolol”
      that includes me too and a shitton of people who just want to live their lives peacefully and without knowing that they are hated by half the world for shit they never did or say

      now about all those “hurrr WWIII let’s kill all moslems” comments
      many muslim countries are close allies of the west and have shared interests and it’s not like all the people who are pissed off by the west are just doing it for no reason the west has colonized many muslim countires in the past and now supports israel and it’s crimes even people inside israel know that so if you think that some muslims hate the west because it’s fun and edgy you’re wrong

  • “Harming Allah and his messenger ….”
    Wow, Allah can be harmed by a simple cartoon?
    If they did a cartoon of me, i wouldn’t giv a dammn at all.
    Makes me bigger than Allah, I’d say.

        • i live in asia “indonesia”precisely i know a bunch load a moslems i took a school who have a shitload a moslems and neither all my non moslem friend like the moslem faction because frankly they are stupid obnoxious and think like they a better person than we are.
          in “lebaran” the most important days for moslem we cannot eat or drink in street,except you like to be gangbanged by a bunchload jobless sonufabich,and at 6 pm and 4 am they usa TOA and say this “ALLAHUAKBAR ALLAHUAKBAR”for like 40 minutes
          so yeah overall i think moslem is stupid in my country and i like to think in the other country they re like that too

  • hurricane567 says:

    I’m not worried, I’m pretty sure Trey and Matt take their 2nd Amendment rights seriously.


    Trey and Matt will shoot your asses dead with lard-coated bullets, bury you in an unmarked grave, then laugh at you like Cartman while eating Snacky Cakes.

  • Muslims must really be insecure, uncultured… arg the list goes on. Like Classical literature poked fun and games at famous figures b4 like john Milton, paradise lost or Dante Alighieri, dantes inferno. Its called a satire. Ug fuck im getting tired of this b4 i rant anymore ill just stop

  • Well, need I remind people that Christians and Jews have done stuff like this as well? Threatening people because they dislike something that they do or because they won’t adhere to their religious tenets.

  • Why can’t we insult them when they kill our kind. wtf?!
    They kill a shitload of us and we can’t even take a shot at them wtf?! It’s not like we’re blowing up their places and crap. Besides Jesus was in southpark too! Someday someones gotta say enough, someday someones gotta take a stand against them..

  • Middle Easterners were a million times better when they worshipped several gods and their women showed flesh. We should invade Mecca and restore it to its polytheist origins, burn the burkas, and celebrate with some pork.

  • Honestly, I’m muslim myself and this does offend me, but I won’t kill you because of this. The most I’d probably do is tell you that I find this offending and would appreciate if you could remove the inclusion of our prophet in your episode of South Park.

    • And I would like to ask you to think again. South Park is satire, a reflection on the culture it comes from and is received by, a mirror held before the viewers’ faces (including those that don’t like it). So before you ask to cencor our view on reality and contribute to your religion’s notorious reputation of intolerance and backwardness, you should try to heave your ass into the 21st century and remember one fundamental guideline of the Internet:

      DON’T … FEED … THE … TROLL!

  • Almost all major religion was made fun of on the episode, so why should Islam be the exception. Why should they be given a break just because they cannot take a joke.

    So far they are the only one to threaten death because of a cartoon.

  • What does this have to do with Japan?

    You’re just a filthy EDL/BNP yob who likes to poke his fat, pink nose into anything that has to do with Muslims and Islam. Your site is nothing but a trove of filth for the masses of undersexed, imbeciles that you cater to.

    Toss off and focus on your daily lolicon/paedophilia

    • right…. and what have you’ve done bitch?you neither a lolicon nor a pedophil because frankly you cant have them! even with your religion support,you cant even have the woman in your age of course!you’re a NEET, a moslem NEET if i must say.Well? what you got for a choice then?? became a gay,oh right !! your religion prohibited that!guess what?? your only choice is look for a nearest gun aim at youre mouth and pull the trigger,i hope you happy then.with your 72 virgin,oh right i hope theyre are dogs because i’ve been told you love them

    • Funny you should mention that, because never has Artefact promised he’d only write things about Japan. This is America, he can write whatever the fuck he wants. So why don’t you crawl back into your cave and buttfuck a camel you fucking towelhead.

  • They threaten violence over any sort of criticism and they wonder why the rest of the civilized world thinks they are uncivilized savages.
    Getting all butthurt over a cartoon Muslims are such pantie waists.

  • Meh. The creators of south park have a good point. People have kind of become cowards in the face of islam because they’re scared of terrorist incidents. What a bunch of wimps we’ve all become…

    • This is true. Islam is the only religion in the world which the saying “Forgive and Forget” is almost non-existent to its RADICAL believers (Not meant to insult normal non-radical Muslims).

      Animosity is the result of Muslims self centeredness. In America, a Muslim would be insulted as a terrorist and feared. Why? Because its people do cause problems and commit terror acts.

      Every belief has its haters and believers should know how to respond in respect.

  • To everyone here all raging about those stupid sand niggers and towel heads being butt hurt over a cartoon:

    You’re being just as fucking stupid by generalizing and thinking that EVERY MUSLIM ON EARTH is angry over this

    PROTIP: they aren’t

    what we have here is a single segment of radical muslims on their crazy website. You see those crazy KKK websites on that thing called the internet? Do you then think that all americans are like that?

    No. so to the editor of this article and everyone: stop being fucking stupid and generalizing

  • As a Christian…

    I only find this part of the post funny because of the 4th Crusade, which involved the Roman Catholic church against the Eastern Orthodox church. Christian against Christian, and it forever separated the two factions in animosity. In this respect the crusades were probably not “awesome” from a Christian standpoint.

  • People shouldnt make this into such a big deal. The Feds will take care of this problem.

    Also, this article seems to put an intent to make a religious group look bad. If South Park made a poor parody about Japan or Anime will people here write the same things? Or will there be overwhelming hate?

  • this is stupid… EVERYBODY both on and off t.v has ridiculed a god and only laughter came from most of that god’s followers. why the hell is it such a big deal now? humans are stupid and ignorant, not for following a god, but for letting damn jokes actually get to them, im ashamed to be human… its not just islams either, its everybody. its funny really, they laugh when a different race or religion gets made fun of but when its your own, pp go berserk! christians, catholic, islams, etc… jeez ppl, get a sense of humor

  • Lol! And it’s the Muslims in U.S. that are the ones that bitch about it. Of course, they would have to line up with all the other people who want to take down South Park and wait their turn (soccer moms, feminists, etc etc).

  • It’s simple, really, how humans work.
    SP bashes Christianity, Christians say the show’s satanic and what not, while the rest don’t give a shit.
    SP bashes Islam, Muslims go berserk and wage Jihad against SP, while the rest don’t give a shit.
    SP bashes Scientology, the followers sue SP, while the rest won’t give a shit.
    It’s all amusing, really.

  • Was just watching the second part of that episode. Funny shit, but this is even funnier shit. I’m sure the creators of South Park were expecting exactly this kind of reaction.

    These muslims (No, I won’t capitalize that shit) don’t deserve respect for their beliefs if they get all butthurt when some trolls are kicking their asses with a point. Especially when they support jihad and al Qaeda, those fucking bastards.

      • Damn Maidniac, you must be damn old since YOU killed so many people in the crusades.

        Being concerned with what happened 800 years ago, or even 100 years ago is ridiculous.

        Really it’s just as pointless as someone being all “Yeah, you used a bunch of stone tools you cude crinkled ape handed homo habilis.”

        It’s not relevant in any way to the here and now and doesn’t excuse one culture’s bad behavior because another acted poorly 800 years ago. For that matter general Muslim bad behavior isn’t even excusable because of contemporary Christian bad behavior.

        Being a backward fucktard is what it is, independent of what other backward fucktards did or do.

        • savantique says:

          “racism is basically selective prejudice” – it’s this kind of ignorance about racism that it’s no wonder why people treat the issue as nonchalantly as you do. Animals have no concept of race. Race is a social construct and racism is what Hitler’s M.O. was all about.

        • savantique says:

          Racism is an ignorant term? Since when? It’s a matter of fact and if you think it’s scapegoating these religious extremists then you need to look up the definition of the word.

          The only one here who appears ignorant is you. Christianity and racism aren’t even in the same fucking ballpark. The reason I brought up racism in the first place was because you made the grandiose claim that history has no bearing on the present.

        • Stop making excuses for backward cultures.

          Also stop using ignorant terms like “racism” when discussing cultures and religion because race isn’t even a factor even though everyone tries to play the race card any time a useless shitty culture or religion is questions.

          I don’t feel that attacking Christianity is racism against whites, and I doubt anyone else would ever thing that as well.

          Does what happened 800 years ago shape today, yes.

          Does what happened 800 years ago excuse backward cultures treating women like property? No.

          Does what happened 100 years ago shape today,

          Does what happened 100 years ago excuse backwards cultures from forcing 13 year olds to marry 70 year olds? No.

          Blame goes where it belongs regardless of what X Y or Z did, is doing or will do.

        • Well nobody really bothers killing historians now do they, besides historically speaking in the past few decades has muslim terrorism impacted present day life to a point that we live in terror.

          Besides racism is basically selective prejudice, and it’s why animals survive. “ahh big animal, run away”; “ahh small animal probably food, wait it’s red probably poison.”; and they’ve survived for centuries we should uptake on that, “ahh rag-head, get rid of him.”.. Simple neh?

        • savantique says:

          “Being concerned with what happened 800 years ago, or even 100 years ago is ridiculous.”

          Let’s see your flippant remark be taken seriously among qualified historians. You would do well to remember this quote as made famous by George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

          Social sciences cover, but are not limited to, the impact both history and the effects of interaction have among people. Racism is alive and well today in America and it is a byproduct of less than half a millenia of slavery.

      • People here are uninformed. The reason for the Crusades was Conquest. Simple.

        Also, if the Europeans didn’t defend their turf, all of you will be Muslims now.

        To support this, search the history of Romania. Saladin, or one of the Muslim leaders, attacked and conquered Romania from its Christian rulers. If the rest of Europe didn’t go up in arms, then lets say South Park wouldnt exist at all.

        • Muslim faith never left the middle east until the Otoman invasion (which was promptly ignored by the “Christian” west mainly because of the beef between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches.
          That’s right kids, the “oh so holy” Christians ignored their brothers in faith and practically let the Muslims on the European continent.

          If it wasn’t for this little invasion, the entire hordes of Muslim immigrants had no way to cross Constantinople all the way until commercial flight became commonly available.

          So if you have to blame someone, blame the Roman Church and it’s political games.

        • Well we can’t let a thing like centuries stand in the way of a good ole blame game. I wanna yell “Christians MURDERED innocents in the crusades,” and other favorites like, “White people made black people SLAVES.” No No we shouldn’t ever let things go and realize that these events have absolutely no basis on anyone’s life today. For christ sake there is still a holy war going on in the middle east and slavery still persists in Africa and other countries, but instead of addressing issues of the here and now let’s focus our collective attention on some shit that happened centuries ago.

        • Kitsune9Tails says:


          Someone seriously needs to back to history class and reread the chapter on the crusades.

          That being said, yes, it was quite a few hundred years ago. Kind of old hat.

      • Hundreds of years ago you prick. If that’s relevant, why isn’t the fact the Prophet was a pedo just as relevant?

        Oh, no…Mo didn’t rape a 9 year old girl, see…everyone did that back then. If that’s the case, then I posit that everyone was killing each other over gods or money or land and that’s just what everyone did back then.

        Muslims kill Muslims right freaking now because they don’t interpret their holy book the same way. Sufi’s are persecuted and killed just because they like to party and pray to Allah.

        Screw your moral equivalence.

        • yes maybe… but even now moslem still marrying off a little child,should we marrying off a little children too? even now the moslem still killing other people who doesn’t believe in mohammad,do you think i should kill other people who aren’t christian or catholic?? i guess i could do that you know? if usa/pbb/europe declare a war to moslem i too will raise a hand,even i live in asian

        • Let the 21st century Crusades begin…!

          Heres a Q for you what year do the Muslims call it, coz if it is 2010 ‘AD’ there are secretly worshipping a false god [in their eyes] since the anno domini is a reference to Christ, not some non existent man who ‘heard voices’ and thought “ooh it must be a divine being, I’ll write it down and fuck people up for all eternity”

          Islam[e] is a false religion, I mean their “god” couldn’t even be bothered to talk to them directly, instead used a crazy man to do it for them.

          Another crazy Q, maybe the reason that the muslims don’t want pictures shown/drawn of this muttlamehead is he is JESUS CHRIST and it would blow their cover……

          “Gather the ships and the faitfhul we sail for the land of the heretics…”

        • Maybe we should start it again, it was awesome then it’d probably be more awesome now. Maybe we’re missing out maybe killing is fun they do it a lot to a lot of ours, we should to a lot of theirs too…

  • fucking rag heads.

    tired of them bitching about every little joke made about their bullshit religion. They aren’t special… they’re extremist fuck tards who destroy and kill everyone who disagrees with them.

    a.k.a: big whiney baby rag head losers

    fuck off and die

      • Er…wot? Jews and Christians have been mocked on shows like these like hell! Yet you never see some Christian/Jew go homicidal just because they couldn’t take a joke. You wanna know why? Because we (yes I am a Christian) are told by our scriptures to essentially “turn the other cheek”. If someone has wronged us we don’t take matters into our own hand because we know that someday karma will come knockin’ on their door and take sweet retribution on their asses.

        As a side note, enough with saying all “rag heads” are psycho killers. I happen to know a couple muslims (who btw hate radicals just as much- if not more- than anyone else for effectively ruining their religion’s appearance) that don’t give half a shit about people making jokes about them, because they accepted the fact that the world is just full of arrogant twats eager to mock someone’s beliefs merely because they don’t understand it or think they know everything. In fact, what pisses them off even more than people crackin’ wise at them, are people now cowering in fear and pissin themselves whenever someone says something that even SOUNDS like Islam, Muslim, Muhammed, etc. making remarks like (and SP got this dead center) “Ooh, is that all right?”

        Ultimately wot I’m tryin to say is, believe whatever the fuck you wanna believe, let people believe whatever the fuck THEY wanna believe, and quit being a pissy lil’ cunt whenever someone rags on your religeon (it happens to EVERYONE, get over it!).

    • yeah, talking about things unrelated before you get to the main point.. surely the creators are just a bunch of a**holes
      never get to like south park really.. why bother when there are animes, more interesting, well-drawn, and not make you dumb

      • clearly a comment from someone who has never watched more than a handful of episodes.

        south park is one of the most intelligent shows on tv right now, especially when it comes to politics, religion, jew jokes, and current issues.

        when it comes to the animation, its bad on purpose, that’s its charm. and it lets them get away with some of the most hardcore things on television.

        but i dont completely blame you, most people can’t get past the animation and Terrance and Phillip.

    • No…they don’t care about that.

      They like to make funny shows that skewer everyone and everything.

      They are a bit pissed off that the only thing they’ve been censored on by the network is anything Muslim, however.

      • Some people are saying that the network didn’t apply the censorship, but that the creators did because they thought it would attract viewers.
        I’m not sure it’s true, but at present we only have their word for it, and the censorship applied to this episode appears inconsistent with previous censorship of this show on this network.

  • south park creators getting in trouble for what they make? whats new.
    muslim radicals threatening people who go against their faith? whats new.
    this is why i hate religion it screws people up

  • when did men become so stupid goodness im glad i never got into religion it all just seems so stupid when people take something they dont know about and use it as the guide for there lives(if you call that a life)

  • Aren’t they supposed to put themselves to death for using tools of the devil ie: any thing electronic including phones, doorbells, AC and heating, cars, motorcycles, computers, remote controls, wire, paper, cameras, vcrs, refrigerators, waterheaters, tv radio satellite dishes, flashlights?
    So, how can they know what was shown somewhere if they have to kill themselves to find out?

    • I wish they all got eradicated or at least their religion. I mean the people who use religion as a tool of manipulating people of course.
      Islam didnt used to be a bad religion of fanatical terrorists, but some asses did turn it out to be such religion.

        • It’s worth noting that, between most of the online streaming sites dedicated to South Park being DMCA’d out of existence and the official site being forced to time-lock and region-lock its content, and the sheer controversy surrounding this episoide, the “200” episode of South Park has become the most downloaded/pirated episodes of South Park of all time. TPB trackers alone estimate the total number of seeds for the episode to be in the [i]tens of thousands.[/i]

          So yeah, this two part episode is going to get a [i]hell of a lot[/i] of exposure, and Trey and Matt wouldn’t have it any other way.

      • it better. i hope it becomes more mainstream. personally im a HUGE fan of south park and the Family Guy eps even says that if you pull 1 eps for something then whats to stop them from the next?

        basicly is jesus suddenly going to become untouchable if people start killing in his name? im doubtful since people wouldnt take that shit but NOOOOOO becasue there islamic we better back off because “there fuckign crazy”

        god bless the balls of the creators! at at leased someone is taking a stand about EQUALITY! lol

        • Anon 16:09: They prefer the word “Concerned persons” to “Racist”. :p

          Once major muslin clerics, imams, and what-have-yous begin saying “these hostile people are not of the True Faith, we reject these terrorists and they shall never realize the glory of the lord and Mohammad, their suicide condemns them to (Muslim equivalent of hell).” THEN, and only then, will I respect the religion.

          Sure, Xians are pretty bad too, but at least other people will call them on their shotacon. Muslims act like scientologists… except, you know, with yahweh and not xenu…

          You know, at one point in time, I thought Muslin was just a type of cloth. Why can’t we go back to those days? :p

        • “Why oh why y’all have to be racist?? Moderate Muslims like me is NOT a terrorist, & we don’t marry girls under 18 years old.”

          …well, I can’t start by saying “Muslim” is not a race.

        • You can’t be serious. Get your facts straight. You do know that the enslavement of african slaves was the idea of a Spaniard priest, right? While I don’t like religion that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point is that people use any means to justify their beliefs and religion can justify anything as long as you interpret it a certain way.

        • Not all modern muslims are idiots, just like not all modern christians are idiots. It’s just that many religious leaders change shit for their own benefit, and many people swallow that without even thinking about it. There are both idiot muslims and idiot christians (and idiots of any other religion), but at the same time there’s muslims and christians (and people of any other religion) that are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. There are idiots and nice people regardless of religion. People can be brainwashed like this even without religion; it’s just that religion is the most commonly used tool for brainwashing. Don’t say all people of a certain religion are idiots just because some of them are.

          @Anon 20:32:
          That brings us to the next problem. As I stated above, religious leaders change shit for their own benefit. Nowadays, we have countless perfect copies of our religious scriptures, but back then, it wasn’t like that. You could just change the scriptures themselves as you liked, and there’s proof that this actually happened in history (different copies of the same scripture don’t always match up). At a certain point (I think it was around 300 AD?), there was a meeting of religious leaders where they combined scriptures into the current package known as the Bible. They could even decide what scriptures were ‘real’ and which ones were ‘fake’ back then! The problem nowadays is that still a lot of religious people believe their religious scripture is perfect, even though everything’s been modified by people over time.

          I think the epistles (among which Timothy) were a clear case of ‘hey let’s include this one, this guy agrees with us’, and Leviticus (and, in an even worse way, Deuteronomy) were modified (if not even created) by religious leaders of that time.

          @Anonymous 21:04:
          Rules for stoning people are written in Deuteronomy, not Leviticus. Also, it doesn’t say husbands should worship their wives, just to take good care of them.

        • ^

          guy who wrote ‘amazing grace’ started aboloshing (no i cant spell) slavery

          Martin Luthor King was Christian

          could carry on….

          +you are taking the verses out of context since leviticus rules are generally not taken in christianity (it also says stone a lot of people)

          and 1st Timothy also says that Husbands should pretty much worship their wives and treat them well (not rape them etc.)

        • I don’t see why the muslims are scaring the shit out of us. We can nuke the hell out of their country if we wanted to. They don’t know what it’s like to be hated by the world like the Jews.

          The third world war will be the end of the muslims.

        • You are joking right?

          However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)

          1 Timothy 2:12
          I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet.

          And there are TONS of similar verses. Get your facts straight.

        • @15:57

          you realise….that it was organised religion (christianity) that kinda…you know…gave women their rights….?

          …as well as free black slaves…?

          im being neutral here with regards to christianity but i just wanted to point that out…

          as to muslims….lol…when will they learn we wont stop stereotyping them as bombers and killers until they stop?

        • *Waiting for another racist comment for Muslims

          *Sarcastic & facepalm*

          Why oh why y’all have to be racist?? Moderate Muslims like me is NOT a terrorist, & we don’t marry girls under 18 years old.

          Wut a bunch of racist bastards…

        • On saying that im not against muslim leaders in that Mohamed consummated their marriage when his wife was 9. Did she die from having a sexual relationship with him? No thats cuz back than muslims maybe I dunno were good caring to their fellow man? Also he married her when she was 6 and he waited 3 years…that deserves some merit.

          The new gen muslims are corrupt and literally find ways to twist their teachings for their benefit.

          Im ok with arranged marriages no matter how young the girl is but let the parents decide compatibility not by financial backgrounds (everyone knows its fucking true) but by what they know about their children. Money really has corrupted huh. People who say let the children decide and im like FUCK you its their way of life let them deal with it just do it for the right reasons and not money.

          support female equality but that is because I am a part of that culture… our culture started out with women being treated badly to… or all you ignorant people forgetting about that. We fixed it ourselves so let the muslims fix it for themselves… like stop saying what they are practicing is down right wrong, cuz its not, its just greed got too powerful.

          ORGANIZED RELIGION IS CORRUPT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT. do not blame muslim faith blame the people.

        • .. i gave up on muslims a long time ago. I have nothing against the great muslim leaders its the followers I gave up on…

          They twist around every word to make it more *cough* “beneficial” *cough* to the rich powerful, and the ones with cocks…

          No offense but…when you twist around your Religion’s words to benefit individual people there is some serious shit going down. Religion is suppose to change the people not let the people change the religion…