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Kiss×sis Incest Fellatio Action


The third episode of Kiss×sis delivered even more intrafamilial ero action on the heels of last week’s surprisingly explicit episode, with lucky protagonist Keita getting yet another chance to enjoy an extended session of pseudo-sex with one of his gorgeous sisters.

As with previous episodes, there are a good amount of screenshots below detailing a good portion of the show, but as this is already the third episode and those who were yet to make up their minds about watching the series themselves have already likely made up their minds, screenshots rather than story can perhaps precedence.

The episode starts off with a brief flashback of Keita’s to his shounen days, when his loli stepsisters were already hard at work trying to seduce him (presumably their parents weren’t around at the moment):


The girls’ finishing move:


Back to the present, Keita finds the situation more or less unchanged:



Just as before, the twins squabble over rights to be their brother’s playtoy:


(Lest someone be forgetful, that’s Riko on the left above, with Ako on the right)


Keita eventually kicks them out, but at least they make these cute faces as chibi:


A cute pic of Ako in an apron, bringing her brother food:


Keita refuses to thank her properly, however:


A good shot of Riko waki, as she listens in on the two of them wistfully:


Riko eventually overhears something in the restroom; she decides to make like Ako and try to make something for her brother to eat:


Back at school, Keita’s friends look on jealously at all their other classmates having better luck with the females than they:


(The meganekko above looks especially moe, in a sort of mid-90’s shounen series manner, no?)

As is their wont, Keita’s friends move the conversation onto his incredible luck at having two beautiful sisters waiting at home for him:


After Keita denies his very obvious fortune, his cute loli admirer Mikazuki finds them:


She offers Keita her handmade chocolate covered banana, which strikes the guys as being slightly odd:


Thinking Keita is unfamiliar with the treat, Mikazuki helpfully demonstrates the correct procedure:


Fortunately, we get a good long close up of Mikazuki doing her task:


(Enlarge the image above to see a generous dollop of loli saliva!)

Mikuni, Keita’s other female acquaintance at school, shows up to add to the fun:


Mikuni completes her job as being the resident raep victim when Mikazuki drops her banana:


(The full text scrolling above reads “Unable to Comprehend.”)


At the funhouse that is Keita’s family home, Riko accidentally discovers something of her father’s:


(The top image just says “Bad at English”)

She eventually deciphers what “Sweets” means, and comes up with an idea to help her with Keita…

The episode’s CM bumpers:


Riko’s idea involves lipstick:


A tube (?) of lipstick she’s replaced with chocolate, in a fairly overt maneuver to get her brother to simply try the “sweets” she’s made:


Keita understandably relents, giving us a good slow scene of the siblings sharing saliva:


Ako, cooking dinner downstairs, is alerted by some mysterious sixth sense (perhaps the patron saint of incest?) to just what’s going on upstairs:


Back to the makeout session:


(Be sure not to miss yet another delightful saliva-shot above!)

The two get into the spirit of the moment pretty well, and Keita sits his sister on his lap for easier access:


Ako, on her way to investigate, is temporarily foiled by her sister’s Engrish blockade:


Ako has some trouble, giving us this lovely shot:


Upstairs, Keita and Riko keep at it, with enough saliva flowing about that pointing it out in parenthesis is probably unneeded by now:


Riko tries to ask for a break, but Keita, possessed by the same burning fires of incestuous love as he was during his escapades with Ako last episode, refuses to give up the comfort of his sister’s lips and pulls her back in:


Another lovely shot:


The two eventually make their way over to Keita’s bed:


Lucky Keita gets yet another invitation from one of his sisters to enjoy what’s usually called “familial skinship” in anime:


The inside of Keita’s mind, which is naturally working at a very base level by this point:

Of course, neither sister is about to let themselves be one-upped so easily:


Ako is somewhat incensed (see the flames) and makes the two go without dinner, but things wrap up fairly well, considering what was just going on in that house.

The end credits roll, interspersed with a few of the episode’s key scenes like so:


It is somewhat difficult to focus on the credits with an OP and ED such as this show haves, and the ED song credit above isn’t performed by the sisters’ seiyuu at all, but it should be worth pointing out that Ako is played by 竹達彩奈 / Ayana Taketatsu, the same voice as Azusa Nakano from K-ON! (!!)

Taketatsu’s other roles are fairly few, but she did also do yuri Miharu in Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. Riko’s seiyuu, 巽悠衣子 / Yuiko Tatsumi has an even smaller list of past roles, but do some unnamed character voice work for K-ON!, as well as for Chu Bra!!


The next episode teaser, “Qualifications of a Lover”.

It’s foolhardy to trust the ‘next episode’ preview for most shows, and Kiss×sis only delivers a voice-over with the spinning toy thing above to distract our eyes, but it shouldn’t be too risky to happily assume the next episode will be another 3P tag-team romp similar to the first episode, as it follows up two episodes which each focused on just one of the sisters.

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