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Free Eroge se.kirara Pulled Over Simmonsing


Eroge se.kirara, formerly distributed free on NicoNico Douga, has been pulled over plagiarism concerns.

The cessation is described as temporary so its return can be expected – details and the download will be available on the game’s homepage.

Those unfamiliar with its content can peruse the previous article.

Publisher Max Factory became aware the game apparently freely plagiarised certain photographs in its backgrounds:


How did this come to light? The same way the photograph was appropriated, it would appear – simple search for “hokenshitsu”:


Incidentally, the game itself is said to be good – on 2ch a great many players entirely new to eroge report having a great time, indicating perhaps a freely distributed game is an effective way of introducing new players to the genre.

Players report the game also includes a special route, much in the vein of a certain recent title:


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