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Who Says American Comics Don’t Have Sexy Art?


The quality of American comic art is often compared unfavourably to that of Japanese manga, particularly considering its preoccupation with muscle-bound superheroes, but the illustrations presented here seem to demonstrate this is not the case…


Unfortunately for the reputation of American comic artists, all these were in fact drawn by a Tokyo-based Japanese illustrator, Sana Takeda, now quite well known for illustrating a wide variety of American comics.

Those interested in seeing more of her art would do well to pay a visit to her homepage.

Whatever can be said about the quality of American comic art, the largely justifiable perception that such comics consist almost exclusively of juvenile superhero yarns which have been endlessly respun for over 50 years whilst being subjected to the most draconian of “voluntary” censorship seems unlikely to dissipate any time soon.

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  • I’m friends with some American comics artist and I can tell you one thing, there’s a LOT of cheesecake art that they do. You might not find it in a Marvel or DC comic, but pick up an Action labs, Zenescope or maybe even an Image or Dark Horse comic and you’re going to see cheesecake.

    But I do love the irony in featuring a Tokyo based artist. Hard not to laugh at that one.

  • sorry but they are apples and oranges. I love both, i connect far more with manga like berserk and comics like The Dark Knight, eternal struggles(not that i’ve faced any real “eternal struggles”) than i do with with manga/anime like DBZ, or comics of superman (i still connect but more in the, “no matter how much power I attain, still gonna have to fight just to wake up in the mourning” stuggle).

    I love them both, but to compare them is childish. manga is different from anime is different from Comics is different from Comic-based animation and movies…

  • i dont understand why nobody has touched on the cultural differences between american comics and japanese manga. American comics come from a time when things were more wholesome and invariably the early comics were about stereotypical american values. Even with the censorship changing in America, the values of Americans still pervade most classic superhero comics. More mature themes and more universally palatable content is a fairly new thing and we are still learning a great deal about comics from the japanese market and their fantastic mangaka’s and the consumers.

  • Anonymous says:

    They are like clones. Same body, same face with different “battle suit”. They are sexy, but I feel like its just one person. Boring.
    Also too close to reality. They lose the potential to do something unusual with their faces like japanese characters do. If they are this close to shopped photos I rather watch real woman.

  • Mainstream America does not respect “comics” as art, nor does it cartoons, or voice acting. And thus, what we get here is utter CRAP. Because people with talent are steered elsewhere.

    So we get cheap doodles for a laugh, while anything better is usually imported or outsourced.

    I think if America improves, the stuff WILL look more like the “anime” style, because I think a lot of the conventions of eastern are are universal in their appeal.

  • Anonynous says:

    Seriously??? Adam Warren??? That guy's artwork fucking sucks. I mean, I've always respected anime-style + western-style marriage provided that it's done right. Adam Warren's art-style looks like he's trying to create anime aesthetics with western tinge but ended up picking the Ugly Pencil of Suck. For fuck's sake, look at this:

    or this:

    For a western artist that marries eastern and western styles properly, look no further than Jason Chan. That's how you do anime+western art.

    For those retards who go "DO NOT WANT! NOT MOE!" on western-style art, go fap to your stupid Lucky Star or K-On pieces of trash. It's idiots like you that turned me off the anime scene recently. I like me a good anime art but close-minded pedophiles like you are the reason why anime is always associated with sex and hentai. You don't fucking know good art if you think that all the moe shit being spewed out of Japan these days are praiseworthy.

    Detractors of western-style art need to check out Jo Chen and Frank Cho, aside from the ones already suggested by the other anons already. Maybe, just maybe, you'll get a little of class instead of being cooped up in your rooms all day fapping to lolis.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously??? Adam Warren??? That guy’s artwork fucking sucks. I mean, I’ve always respected anime-style + western-style marriage provided that it’s done right. Adam Warren’s art-style looks like he’s trying to create anime aesthetics with western tinge but ended up picking the Ugly Pencil of Suck. For fuck’s sake, look at this:

    or this:

    For a western artist that marries eastern and western styles properly, look no further than Jason Chan. That’s how you do anime+western art.

    For those retards who go “DO NOT WANT! NOT MOE!” on western-style art, go fap to your stupid Lucky Star or K-On pieces of trash. It’s idiots like you that turned me off the anime scene recently. I like me a good anime art but close-minded pedophiles like you are the reason why anime is always associated with sex and hentai. You don’t fucking know good art if you think that all the moe shit being spewed out of Japan these days are praiseworthy.

    Detractors of western-style art need to check out Jo Chen and Frank Cho, aside from the ones already suggested by the other anons already. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a little of class instead of being cooped up in your rooms all day fapping to lolis.

  • Funny thing is anime and manga is american influence “Disney” yet improved by japan “Like most things”, So most of the people talking here needs to do some research before saying harsh things about america. I say 90% of you typing wish to be here in the first place.

  • I believe comparing the two is simply unfair, since everything is unique and has it’s own style. Actually, if it weren’t for the inspiration from American cartoons, the anime you love today probably wouldn’t have been invented.

  • The big problem I have with western comics is that they still like to use “stock” poses for their supers, right up to fight scenes. Granted these apply more to the more inferior hacks, and I’m very well aware of Japan suffering their own case of ‘MY ATTACK CANNOT MISS IT IS STRONG STRONG BAD’ disease, but… still. I’ve not read any comic where the fighting actually feels real while overpowered, and not as fake as WWE matches.

  • America/Europe definitely has some good comics outside of the mainstream corny realm of the marvel/dc superhero universe.

    Check out DMZ, Preacher, and most notably 100 Bullets from the Vertigo Comics group. These series among others put out by vertigo, feature amazing art with adult themes and sexy women. The versatility in american comics is almost as diverse as its japanese counterpart. Just some treading away from the mainstream is neccesary. Not all manga are cookie-cutter like Jump stuff (read tekkonkinkreet for something with a style resembling french comics) and not all american comics are cookie-cutter like dc/marvel superhero stuff.

    • Also, Loli/Pedo stuff is NOT COOL. Glorifying underage women in a sexual nature is wrong on so many levels its noteven funny. Pretending to be a pedo on the internet is not cool either. Just because Japan glorifies rape and molestation of underage women doesn’t mean its right to jump on the bandwagon. Where I come from in N.America ‘skinners’ (pedo’s, diddlers, rapists) get hunted down and likely murdered and are beaten to a pulp in prison. Wake up and think about what your saying or reading/watching, these are children you are glorifying sexually, its morally wrong and illegal. You cringe and criticize someone for having kiddy porn but the lolicons are getting off on the same principle. Its not cool, and I hope that you get beaten to a pile of goo in prison.

  • …I’m amazed that in a post of sexy Sana Takeda art, you don’t have the “Heroes for Hentai” tentacle rape cover that pissed off all the comic-reading chicks in the US a couple years ago. It was epic.

  • if you fools didnt know that was a that japanese artist that did that vampire comic a while back, you dont know shit about comics.
    the fact that this was written up only now that takeda is getting full comic deals with marvel just goes to show that.

  • We’ve had Fanservice in American comics, even superhero ones, for decades.

    Super heroines have always been scantly clad sex goddesses. Wonder woman, some of the green lantern girl, Power girl, Xmen girls, catwoman, ms Marvel, etc.

    And that’s just marvel/DC stuff. Independent and smaller comic companies have even more. There are hundreds of examples in dozens of different comic lines.

  • I believe that most of the guys here are not familiar with the works of Bruce Campbell, Amanda Connor, Adam Hughes and of course the late Michael Turner, who was the original creator of Fathom. Most of these guys draw intensely sexy women.

    If the difference is cuteness, then I have to agree that American comic books don’t usually go for moe. They just don’t have moe in comics. They have moe in cartoons but not in their comic books, unless it’s a comic book based on the cartoon.

    • Thanks to all the Christians that run the US, if a kid was found to have a comic with just some slight suggestive themes. Expect that comic and the creator and whoever made it to be sued or tried i should say.
      Good old land of the free huh

        • I was addressing the issue as to why sex is bad in the US, you never hear Japan being the religion crazy nation that tries to ban it’s peoples freedoms.

          If you had a problem with what I said, too bad but don’t go and spout BS.

          American Christians – 78.4%
          American Jews – 1.7%
          American Muslims – 0.7%

          Jews don’t believe Jesus is God.
          So no it is not.

  • The cool thing about American comics is that there can be numerous art styles unlike how anime and manga are mostly similar. I kno i kno, every manga artist has a different style but these styles dont differ from each other as much as American comics do. I’m not bashing manga for I love both manga and comics, but i would like to see some variety in my Japanese art.

  • There have been some strong and interesting titles in American comics. However, these are very rare and generally are not in the mainstream.

    I’ve always feelt some regret that American comics, which are really the birth of the genre as a whole, are often not created with inspiration and courage.

    Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if many American comics were artful, insightful, thoughtful, honestly funny. I then think: Wouldn’t it be interesting if these comics were faithfully made into animated shows?

    America would be better for it.

    • Uh. Everywhere has crap just as much. 90% of anime/manga is shit.

      There are tons of lesser known and excellent comics/trade paperbacks. American comics ARE artful insightful thoughtful honest and funny. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Compare something equal like fucking Naruto and X-men.

      Except X-Men has gone on and diverged into many different kinds of comics covering all sorts of mature topics. So really your comment is just total bullshit.

  • I have to disagree. Many American comic artists are quite talented, more so than the rampant fifty-cent manga artists that crowd the scene in japan. This comic artist just seems to be Japanese; just because he’s good and he’s Japanese doesn’t mean American comics suck. Correlation-Causation or whatever.

    …Heh. I should start reading comics again. Those look kinda awesome.

  • Sankaku updater needs to stop being an disgusting intolerable weeaboo. Sure, anime is great and there is great manga and grorious nippon, etc. but compare the average manga page to the average comic page and its an embarassing blow out. Manga cannot, will not, and never will compare to comics.

    This is coming from someone who hates comics.

  • US Comics inspired all the bullshit the Japanese are eating up these days. That’s how it’s been for-ev-ar.

    There IS a stagnation in the US comic industry now b/c the comic book companies have been hiring artists willing to work for the least money (i.e., twats who just got out of art school and only know how to draw anime-style blehs and mehs).

    I don’t hate anime, I don’t hate the Japanese, and I’m not at all patriotic; I’ve grown up with comics as an artform and have seen them slowly poisoned with a lazy art-style.

  • marvel has more than half asian workers. seems like they can adapt or they should and need to adapt! Its easily recognizable from the first pic that its not american art through the eastern-coloring and obvious less detailed line art. easily recognizable from the chin, from the chin!, from the chin!!!

  • XD all these pictures were the work of a tokyo based japanese illustratorn amed Sana Takeda.

    She knows how to draw =D

    Now if she could whip up a few pics of Emma Frost and Psylocke =3

  • How is this even an issue? Sexy artistry that is completely American-produced and American-originating has appeared in American comic books for decades. Any intimation that manga art inspired a trend in American comic book art in this sense is just ridiculous.

  • Sandalphon says:

    Personally, I’ve always found incredible how real American comic art look. However, that same realism takes away from the ‘fantasy’ feel of it. Characters being as art-wise realistic as they can be, they also are not expressive enough.

    In the end, reading an American comic feels like watching a movie with corny designs and bad actors that can’t muster the slightest bit of emotion to make itself present on their plastic faces.

    In contrast, Japanese manga has achieved such success because, unlike comics, it has not been limited in its character designs by what should be realistically possible, hence the weird colored hair, impossible hairdos, superdeformed art, chibi art, impossible face expressions among a hundred other traits.

  • I agree with taz0x, i was looking at the pics before i read what was written there and the first thing i think was “it has alot of japanese feeling in it”, the way the camera angles are made, the drawing of emotions, more lively faces,the sense for motion.

    There are for sure many American comics that are great without a doubt(Battle Chasers) but the feeling remains somehow allways dull for me, maybe its becouse the japanese artist’s arent so constricted to reality and dont fear to draw and experiment with other things, sometimes even crazy ideas yet the ppl fall for those even tough there are many things in manga wich let ur brain stop to work when u think “whats this”. I think those things make a fresh wind and make the comic more lively,interesting and inspiring.

  • “Whatever can be said about the quality of American comic art, the largely justifiable perception that such comics consist almost exclusively of juvenile superhero yarns”

    Yes because moe shit like Lucky Star and shounen shit like One Piece is the pinnacle of mature story telling and anime fans only read mature manga for mature people such as yourselves.

    Stupid shoddy Americans giving us shit like The Watchmen, Lucifer, The Sandman and other obviously shitty stories while superior Nippon gives us masterpieces in story telling like Bleach.

    Seriously shut the fuck up with that bullshit. Both sides have their good and bad and they should be enjoyed for their own respective strengths. Overarching generalizations are stupid. I read both manga and comics and I see them for what they are, sequential art works. The orientation and subject matter may be different but they overlap more than you give them credit for and they’re the same goddamn medium.

    In fact superhero comics are more intelligent than their Japanese counterparts. I see two Japanese equivalents to Superhero comics, 1) are super sentai that reflect the more traditional superhero ideals and attire (Mask and spandex) and 2) Shounen jump shounen stories where the superhero premise of being granted powers randomly and deciding to fight for good (minus mask and spandex) and both of these are hilariously shallow with little character depth past “Generic boy with generic shounen boy traits gets powers, fights progressively stronger fighters while hardening the very generic resolve of protecting his Nakama” and the Super Sentai are stupidly cheesy. Watch the Kamen rider series and then read Punisher Max and tell me which is more mature.

    For intelligent superhero comics look at the Watchmen. That shit has complex themes about morality, vigilantism, community and immunity etc. That’s just the tip of the ice burg. The only real Super Hero anime/manga Ive seen that’s really impressed me on the level of those big comic names Ive mentioned is the Fate/Stay night series where Shiro and Archer’s struggle of principles and they’re variances in all three arcs were intelligent and well thought out.

    Seriously shut the fuck up. In b4 some weeaboo is pissed because I insulted lucky star and downvotes my post.

    • You know why I hate American comics? Because EVERY FUCKING GIRL is a fucking Mary Sue.
      They all have big boobs and gigantic hips, Angeline Jolie-lips and the same mid-length hair (just in different colours).

      Oh, and the same goes for the men. It’s the same body, just with a different spandex-suit and haircut.

      And what good does it do that you compare it with freaking CHILD MANGA (Yes, I said it. Shounen series are aimed at YOUNG BOYS), when you should be using examples from seinen and josei?

  • I did read Ms. Marvel Comics issues before I believe that was around the Marvel Civil War thats not really Ms. Marvel thats Moonstone. They do try make her into this Sexy Hero but really is she a bitch if you really want good example of a Sexy Hero try She-Hulk god knows Marvel Comics try so many times to make her look as sexy and laughable.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    American comics are full of “Sexy” art, most notably the “Bad Girl” glut of the late/post “Comic book boom”. Just look at some of Adam Hughes stuff…

    Let’s also note Adam Warren who’s “Dirty Pair” work got so popular it’s “Illegally” imported into Japan, not that it enjoys too much commercial success in the USA… He’s doing a new series he publishes direct to graphic novel called “Empowered” that jokes about Superheroes and puts in plenty of “Sexy” without descending into real porn, I guess “Ecchi”…

  • you know when i was looking at all these i thought “hmmm, usually in american comics they’d have WAY more definition and detail on like facial structure and muscles and what not”, but when i read the last bit, it all makes sense. the only message i get from this is that true american art can’t be as sexy as japanese ones. someone needs to prove this theory wrong

  • Manga is fun, but I’ve yet to discover anything with any real depth to it. Dave McKean’s Cage’s and Gaiman’s Sandman are fucking masterpieces in the medium. I can’t believe anyone with a half-brain would declare manga is better than western comics. How about Garth Ennis, Frank Miller, Enki Bilal, Alexander Jodorowsky, or fucking Grant Morrison.

    I want one example of a mangaka that weaves such a complex narrative into their work as any of the names listed above.

    • People usually compare Japanese manga with American, this isn’t the same with comparing it with “Western”.

      Most manga fans, when presented with French comics actually take to it pretty well.

      Anyone with half a brain can see that Frank Miller isn’t a great writer. His work can be enjoyable but for anyone to say he makes complex narratives, that person must surely find a plastic bucket to be a complex narrative.

      Having Neil Gaiman, to be declared a master in the medium and then ignore manga writers who weave complex, coherent narratives such as Kentaro Miura, Osamu Tezuka, Naoki Urasawa, Hirohiko Araki, Katsuhiro Otomo and many other masters is to be just plain ignorant.

      There are many more manga writers who have weaved complex narratives that operate in a realistic setting (which actually takes more skill because you can’t resort to “oh this is all in my head” and everything that happens in the story has a real consequence). The same can not be said about Neil Gaiman, actually.

  • “Unfortunately for the reputation of American comic artists, all these were in fact drawn by a Tokyo-based Japanese illustrator, Sana Takeda, now quite well known for illustrating a wide variety of American comics.”

    Looks at half of the comments on this board again.

    Nice one…

  • Heh, I started reading the article thinking “poor things, it’s a Japanese drawing for sure”..

    And I second the comment here: Sexy they can draw. Cute they can’t.

    The drawing surely is beautiful but I prefer the nipponic style. And the juvenile superheroes part is so true although some of these characters are over 40 years old now lol… Not that Japanese animation doesn’t focus on youngsters but at least they don’t recycle their characters over and over.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I love Manga.

    Before I was into Manga, I was into american comic books. However…what I hate about American Comic books is that they change artists all the time in all of their series. It’s never consistent, I mean, most of the time the stories are the problem because they go through like multiple writers and artists.

    For example: X-MEN it started around the 50s or 60s (I dunno)It’s gone through so many writers through the decade that it is dojinshi-fest but where they are contract to follow many stories previous to them.
    Also Superman, Batman, Justice League, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, etc. falls into this mosh pit of storylines… x_x;;
    The Whole American Comic Book System is !@#$ed up. Great Ideas, but horrible follow through.

  • Honestly, the problem with american comics isn’t the quality of the art. In fact the quality of comics and manga is unimportant. The problem is that american comics sacrifice storytelling for the art itself. The average american comic book is no more than 10 – 20 pages long, while a manga (in a volume) is more around 60 – 80 pages. Americans do everything in color which is too expensive to allow for good plot development. That’s why many characters and stories (i.e. spiderman, wolverine, etc.) have been around for at least 3 decades while new characters and stories aren’t created. Since manga is generally completely done in b&w, it’s cheaper to make and deeper storylines can be incorporated into the art.

  • BOOOOOO bag of shite….!

    main reason I now HATE american comics, total BS storylines, Venom working with the good guys WTF?

    Oh unless uncle Stan has changed Venom’s origin, like he did with the atrocious Wolverine movie….

    WAR OF THE MARVELS??? more like “couldn’t come up with any new storylines” rehash of SECRET WARS??

    Stan Lee used to be my comic idol, but now, he is an old hack……

    my fave pic of that lot no.1

    Ms Marvel takin down Spidey, Wolverine AND Deadpool, no frickin way, her vastly oversized breasts would get in the way for a start, Spidey might take it easy on her cause she is a girl, but Deadpool and Wolverine would just tear her to pieces. Again BOOOOOOOOOOOO.!

  • For the record, my preference for manga over western comics isn’t because it’s better or of higher quality; if anything it’s be opposite… the level of detail in american graphic novels tends to be overwhelming. I feel like the art is distracting me from the story and the story is distracting me from the art. In manga, the art is simple because only most important visuals are drawn.

  • Michael Turner was my hero during my puberty years in high school. His first comic – Witchblade cemented him as one of the best chick drawing artists in AMerica, and won him an Esner eventually.

    Unfortunately, he is dead. From Cancer. Very young death of a very talented artist. I felt sadness.

  • This is a double trap gallery since:
    Thinking it is good => Because a Japanese peson draw it
    Thinking it is bad => Because it is a Western comic
    Either way, this whole gallery is just literally screaming:’American Art SUCKS!!!’

  • For me cute > sexy.

    Certainly, American comics look beautiful from an artistic perspective. But when it comes to the attractive women, they’re drawn to be sexy. It’s just not my style.

  • Weeeeeeell… Ok, it’s look very cool, I admit that… The color and Design is better that other American Comics… But… well… For “sexy” design, I prefer Manga, sorry xD…

    P.D. I am not the very super expert in American Comics, but I Know the basic… but… who is Gioiello?

  • “he largely justifiable perception that such comics consist almost exclusively of juvenile superhero yarns which have been endlessly respun for over 50 years”

    Seriously, you want to throw stones like that? Like most anime doesn’t rip off the ones that came before it? All Mecha shows are EVA clones, Moe is the SAME SHIT ad nauseum, Naruto, Bleach, and DBZ are the SAME FUCKING SHOW, same goes for POkemon, Digimon, Yugi-oh, and their ilk, also combine all this with the fact that all anime has been ripping off Disney ever sense we dropped the goddamn bomb and your glass house is nothing but sand!

  • From a quality stand point American comics are light years ahead of most Mangas which are still in black and white. Mangas have more quantity but the art is like something you would find in the newspaper funnies section.

    • Manga is not made up of those moe-blob only, mind you. There are those like Ikegami Ryoichi (池上 遼一) who made excellent art you can’t find in the newspaper funnies section. It’s not good to over-generalise everything. Manga and American comics; they just have different styles.

      • Thats true but then you can’t hold all American comics to the same standard of Archie comics. On average the quality in American comics is far more detailed with vibrant colors than most Mangas which are black and white.

        Now Mangas typically are larger and some have better stories since they are more fleshed out, but the art is far simpler.

        The writer of this article tries to make a point that the artist for these comics is Japanese yet if he had any clue about Amarican comics he would know that this art style is pretty standard in all modern western comics.

  • Though I watch anime and enjoy reading manga, I prefer the western art style over Japanese. Unlike the western art style, manga seems to over exaggerate elements of the body (eyes, chest, and head to body ratios) to be cute, sexy, or etcetera where as the western comic style seems to stay on the realms of being realistic and can be beautiful and well drawn at the same time.

    • There is so much ORIGINAL good work being done in American Comics its noteven funny. You just arent looking for it/dont know where to find it. If you want a starting place, go buy or look at anything released by Vertigo comics. Hellblazer (constantine, was made into a film), Sandman, Preacher, 100 Bullets, DMZ, Watchmen, all are Vertigo books. From there check out some of the Dark Horse stuff and whatnot.

      Its true that the american superhero comic is played out, and cliche (something like Jump manga). However TONS of quality work is being put out there by people like Frank Miller, Garth Ennis, Mike Carey, just to name a few.

  • amazing its pretty obvious everyone is going to claim eastern art is better than western when you only show one western artist work verse a display of many eastern art pieces…why dont you actually do some home work and actually attempt to post something more than post Miss Marvel comics or atleast get some from an artist that has more western style… better yet next time try finding some art from people like Alex Ross, Ivan Reis,and David Finch for starters. Also there is more than just the Marvel and DC superheros for comics, Series like Y the Last Man, Fables and The Walking Dead have some excellent art that do not have the “heroic” elements that superheros comics at times over use…

  • Way to generalize an entire medium into “silly superheroes, lol”

    (Most) Superhero comics are bland. Manga has the same issue (Shounen action series like Naruto or Bleach)

    But I’d rank Preacher, Transmetropolitan, and Sandman over 99% of the manga I’ve read.

  • I think it only applies to male superheroes being the muscle bound.
    And after reading allot of peoples poor reasoning on here of why they like Japanese art better.
    Maybe that’s why the west generalize anime and manga to be nothing but porn.

  • America’s art fails in one major point – it’s realistic
    We want our 2D girls to be perfect.
    We don’t want some 2.5D hybrids. We know how reality=3D looks like therefore 2D is much better because it’s a new better world.
    Manga art is light and pretty, US art is only heavy.

    • I wonder how Rouge would fair against the current post herald of Galactus Miss Marvel (aka a “silver surfer”). If you didnt know, Miss Marvel is the one that Rouge got her flight and super strength from.

      Personally I thought the old school Image comics were the best. Who else would cancel a series by killing the whole team (Stormwatch). (It could be said that the end of the uber uber older than me DC comics Teen Titans series was just as hardcore) Or have a character who actually had “abilitys” but never fucking used them (the grifter from wildcats) even when he got blown to all hell and took months to recover.

      Image aka “wildstorm” now a subset of DC comics is also the only company I know of that has “ended the world” and kept it that way. At least for the past 2 years, longer than anyone, along all comic lines, not just in one book.

  • Hey faggots look up the following artists: Dave finch, Mark Silvestri, J. Scott Campbell, Ebas, Mike DelBalfo, Edbenes(Benes), Stjepan Sejic, and Micheal Turner.


  • The only manga I read are

    Grappler Baki
    Kamen Rider
    Kamen Teacher and stuff like that. Manga has too many characters that look the same these days and too much moe crap going on I hate the current state of anime no originality anymore just same o same o with exception of a few.

  • Sheesh hasn’t anybody looked up Zenescope, Vertigo, or the Dark Horse imprints?

    Grimm’s Fairy tales
    V for Vendetta
    Sin City

    Seriously, there are plenty of excellent American comics. Hell in the Hellblazer Trade “Son of Man” John Constantine ends up seducing then fucking a lesbian.

    • V for Vendetta – Alan Moore, David Lloyd, both British.
      Hellblazer – Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, John Ridgway, all British.
      Lucifer – Neil Gaiman, you guessed it, also British.

      Good old American comics.

  • Speaking as someone who was an American comics fanboy for over 20 years, I currently find the art AND storylines in manga and anime far superior. With the exception of a brief period in the late ’90, American comic books have just been the same old same old. Like our (U.S.A.) culture as a whole, the current majority of comics are cranking on just a wee bit too much testosterone and mindless arrogance. I totally agree that the cookie-cutter “model” look is lame as shit, and not even my type of girl. While manga also stylizes to a degree, I find there are more various and realistic body types and , frankly, sexier IMHO.

    I have not even gone into a comic shop since February of 2009 (to buy the last of the Cerebus the Aardvark “Phonebooks”). But there is a great manga/anime shop on South Street in Philly (Philadelphia, PA, yo!) that I have been spending all my money at instead. Just hit 1.5 TB of sweetfresh anime. (Don’t even get me STARTED on American ANIMATION. ehhh!)

    In terms of cute, sexy, philosophical, realistic or believably fantastic, the Japanese are top kick.
    I ain’t a Fanboy anymore, baby. I am a proud Otaku!

  • amazing its pretty obvious everyone is going to claim eastern art is better than western when you only show one western artist work verse a display of many eastern art pieces…why dont you actually do some home work and actually attempt to post something more than post Miss Marvel comics or atleast get some from an artist that has more western style… better yet next time try finding some art from people like Alex Ross, Ivan Reis,and David Finch for starters. Also there is more than just the Marvel and DC superheros for comics, Series like Y the Last Man, Fables and The Walking Dead have some excellent art that do not have the “heroic” elements that superheros comics at times over use

  • Nobody says American Art sucks. It’s American interpretations of Japanese art that suck.

    Or Japanese changing tehir art to mimic American Art that sucks.

    Stick to the original source material and everything is fine.

  • Uhhhhhhg Artefact. Way to be a douche. There are plenty of sexy American comics characters. Anyone SMART wouldn’t have fallen for this post anyway, the artist involved clearly has way too much Japanese influence to be considered an American comic artist. And then I was right!

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    the analogy that the difference between anime style and western is that one is cute and the other is hot, is open for debate.
    because in the last 20 years, I've noticed from smaller independant publishing houses like Viz and Darkhorse & Image have gradually evolved from cheezy to elaborate, and even stunning in the way the subject matter is portrayed.
    there are several western artists, american and european that have learned and or have been influenced by Japanese artists and their own inovative and cutting edge techniques. To leave the traditional western style of comics in the past. Because, during the years that DC and Marvel were suffering plumeting sales – it was Anime & Manga that were getting the market share, simply because anime and manga were drawn more beautifully, strikingly and stunningly better than western comics.
    Then there were also the various genres of anime and manga, that were more sophisticated as well as simply enteraining. But basically better written.
    Because the american readership had been getting sick and tired of the same stories being rehashed, with nothing but muscleheads fighting over the same issues, as well as letting their egos do their talking.
    American comics were getting stupider and dumber.
    At least until Viz, Darkhorse, Image and a few others started producing better titles with vastly better art, Because those pecker heads in charge at DC & Marvel wouldn't give in to the newer and better….. Okay some of the titles were kinda weak in the writing dept. but they were getting the hang of it and improving.
    The characters were getting sexier and drawn better.
    The old title Heavy Metal did contribute greatly in influencing sexy western graphic novels, and comics.
    Twenty years ago, not all titles were just about sexy and superdudes and dudettes in super sexy outfits.
    Because comics aren't "just for kids" anymore.
    One example would be the Sandman by Neil Gaiman, (okay I have it in the first printing I confess) but when it was released, it gradually became popular among the adult readership, not because it was sexy, but because it engaged the mind and because it was very well written. There were some issues that were even drawn in the more sophisticated manga style as well. – *no I don't have any dupicates to sell, nor is my copy/collecting available either – maybe when I'm ded.
    Unfortunately a lot of the current style – while better drawn, a lot are still just porno bimbos and muscle heads, as well as mutants that couldn't possibly exist except from under the artist's pen/pencil.
    Its rather ironic that while certain special interests are nit-picking about Japanese Anime & Manga being blatantly pornographic.
    That western graphic novels and mainstream superhero comics are skirting the fine line of western porn, with the exception of "Adult Only" graphic novels and Explicit Adult Comics from western publishers.
    The "BANs" that have been reverberating in Japan, is basically bullshit.
    When there are American and European artists that are producing material that is even more graphic and striking in comparison.
    Suffice to say, it all depends upon – your point of view.
    o.0* !!??
    yes Anon, the independent publishers largely ignored the code coz it sucked back then, and eventually everyone else got with the program so the code got tossed by the wayside like some cheap trick.

    • Well said. One other thing that turned me off of the big name hero comics was how the characters are the IP of the publisher, who then assigns whomever to write and draw them for a set of issues… I guess some people would like that, sort of like an officially sanctioned doujinshi or something, but I just can’t take that kind of thing seriously – and then it all becomes canon? What a confusing random mess that makes… and series that run on for decades on end, mutating, crossing over, jumping through time and rebooting.

      There is some great stuff that still has integrity from smaller labels though.

  • While looking through the rest of the American comic artworks, I had a feeling that some of the female illustrations look Eastern-like art. It became quite obvious that at the end of the paragraph mentioned a Japanese illustrator (Sana Takeda) who drew them.

  • Hitoritaka says:

    1)Who cares if it’s drawn by a Tokyo based artist? You wouldn’t call anime style drawings done by a LA based artist american, so these are still american style comic characters.
    2)The slight influences of eastern style are apparent.
    3)I agree with the before statement that both fields have great work. Anybody forcing a decision between the two is just a troll. Neither is better, they co-exist and cater to different interests.
    4)As far as difficulty goes, I believe that “american” style comics are more difficult to draw than most manga.

  • There are greatness on both sides of the ocean and youll be missing out if you ignore either, i feel sad for the comic-heads that wont read manga, and equally sad at the manga-heads that dont read comics (not everithing is silly heroes whit theyr underwear on the outside you know)

  • UncommonOtaku says:

    ok – thank you Artefact,…
    Besides the fact that you’ve mentioned the fore viewed examples were drawn by a non-american artist, I happen to know that a lot of american comics, have been largely influenced by the style of japanese

    • I’ve been unlucky so far with Manwha – great art, but plots that could have been written by hundred-sided dice. It can’t be a whole genre thing, but… art alone doesn’t make overall quality. (Can anyone throw me some titles of good ones to try? I’ll probably see it if the site doesn’t implode and eat the comments too soon.)

      • I understand what you mean. Sometimes it takes time until one`s fresh comment appears on page.
        No prob other than it is too late to edit when you finally see what you wrote.
        My comments are often long, so i have to accept that.

        • Actually I mean when you can no longer view comments on the frontpage story after a few days, so you have to chase it to the forums – and then there’s no way to tell if someone replied to you because nothing’s threaded – you have to randomly scan pages and pages by date posted just to find your own comments!

  • Wait, what? American comics have had quality art (and not QUALITY) for decades, admittedly the 90s were crap but there is fairly good art in almost every other generation. Though most of it is still crap.

  • I think the fundamental rift between Anime and American comics (when it comes to the more serious stuff) is that it’s a war between “Cute” and “hot”. Americans and to some extent Europeans like me, think that Hot is what’s good. The Japanese will like it more if it’s cute and be intimidated by hot.

    Many of you don’t know this but there was actually a sort of genre war way back in the 90s early 2000s where “Hot” was in a struggle with “Cute”. The sheer force of lolicon fandom defeated the guys who liked the older Oneesan/OL/Debutante types and that is how you ended up with the moe boom. The hot oriented games and doujins etc were all sexfests with minimal plot anyway. None the less I’ll never forget some of them, like the main heroine from Nymphomania. 

    This was an awesome game. You’re never gonna see shit like this again unless you look to like Nitro+ or something.

    • This.

      I’ve been really agitated for a bit in terms of what kind of personality trait that gets to materialize in a main heroin. Almost all well-known mangas feature the cute steroetype. Where are my MILFs!?

      …Well, they’re in lots of porn-oriented shit, but porn is porn.

      This is why I like to read manhwa adaptations of Im Dal Young’s scripts. Unbalance X Unbalance is a really good love story about a hot teacher and her bratty student. I’m still waiting for a more serious manga take on this story in the Japanese crowd, and I mean outside the porn genre.

  • Actually, there is a wealth of manga artists that do admire American artists work. Yes, this particular artist is Japanese, but of course most in the comic book industry aren’t. Oftentimes manga artists admire the high quality drawing present – the lines, shading, the emotion that the picture conveys especially with darker themed stories. And popularity has been rising in other countries for American comic book heroes following the release of them in movies.

    I happen to be a fan of both Eastern and Western and acknowledge both have their respective strengths. I do believe, however, that while anime/manga enthusiasts have the wider fanbase, Western comic book fans are extremely dedicated. (If you haven’t attended Comic-con yet, you’ll be in for a surprise that is assuming you can get in as they sell out months in advance.)

  • What the fuck is wrong with you people. Sure anime and manga have good art but comics have their good artist two. Look at Dustin Nyugen and Adam Hughes.

    But to each their own, I guess. You’ll never know what you’re missing.

  • How can anyone possibly insult the American comic book industry when the Japanese manga and animation industry is pretty much completely driven by “moe” bullshit, fanservice and sexualized little girls at this point?

    I mean, be objective people. Both have issues.

  • “In 2001, Marvel Comics withdrew from the CCA in favor of its own ratings system. As of 2007[update], Archie Comics, Bongo Comics, and DC Comics are the only major publishers submitting comics for Code approval”.

    From the wiki.

  • One of the best essays I’d ever read by a fellow college student was a lengthy document from an art student about the “easternization” of western comic books, animation, etc., and how a drawing style originally influenced by the west would develop on its own, come full circle and play a major influence on the west.

    • Damn, kind of hurts to know that we can’t even take credit for this kind of quality work. Well…at least Greg Horn, and Adam Hughes do quality work. Now if only we could convince the industry to simply….do away with all the old bullshit, and start new, more interesting characters.

    • If you really think all American art is bad then you are blind and need to open a comic or two that have been made in the past ten years. Way ahead of black and white manga. Just blind fan boyism on this site.

      • I have read those since 1955, i think i can compare. Yes not all is bad, but the good ones are far apart in time. I thought American drawing was the best up to 1970, then came European style, mainly French, Dutch and Italian. But around 1982 i knew i had found the unending treasure. Genuine manga and related stuff.
        True, all Japanese art is not good. But good stuff there is thousands of times more them rest of the world has. And ever will.
        I hope time will tell i was wrong with that, but… not in my lifetime.

    • Haven you ever even looked at American comics? Yeah a lot are horrendous, but the same can be said about Japanese comics. On the whole the look a lot better than their Jap counterparts even ignoring the tendency to actually color things.

      On the subject of rehashed superhero plots: Don’t even try, it’s the same shit over and over on both sides with the exception of a few gems in a sea of shit. Though with japanese comics instead of superhero it’s “generic highschool drama/sex commedy”.

      • These was done by a Japanese artist. The artist has rendered quite well the worst and most typical faults in American “sexy” art: Very meager, bony, thin hips and scalloped crotch. Legs are attached to body too close each other, there is no place for pussy where it should be, or it must be drawn extremely narrow. Most often venus mound cannot be found. Whole area looks like a man`s one with manly genitals deleted. Generally, upper body look unproportionally small compared to hips&legs, with silicone boobs, which doesn`t help any. Legs are drawn too straight, skinny when not overly muscular. Faces look mostly like narrow manly types with overblown silicone lips.
        When i began to look at these pictures, by 4 – 5th one i thought artist had got some influence from Japanese artists on faces. But he/she has done very convincing representation of typical American “ero/risky” art in rest of the body, albeit in somewhat softer style than real thing.

      • it’s the simplicity of manga art, and the vast array of genre that attract me to Japanese comics. Marvel won’t ever do a comic about some little girl just wandering around doing random funny shit.

      • The art is good but I just don’t find those girls to be attractive. From what I’ve seen, almost all of the women in American comics look like generic playboy models and I just don’t think that body type is attractive regardless of how pretty the art is.

        • Define pedophile.
          Any girl under the age of 13 is fine with me. Around 14-16 they are little bitches, around 17-21 they are annoying as hell, 22-29 want only your money and 30 and above is out of the question anyway. (I’m not into adultery.) But when they are younger then 14, they are little angels. So, make your choice. But I’ll stick to 2D.

          The woman on the pictures in this post btw look like over 30 and aren’t desirable at all.

          [url=]Daddy’s little girl[/url], isn’t she cute :3

        • “@Hero you’re afraid of strong-looking women.”

          I’m not afraid of strong-looking women (my porn folder even has quite a few images and ero-manga featuring muscular girls), I just don’t like the way most girls in American comics look (especially their faces).

        • I’m all into the dominatrix-type and stuff, but those woman look just boring. Do not want.

          btw is it me or do these woman look way too old to be associated in any way with something desirable.

        • H-Ero, you just nailed it. I certainly wouldn’t say American comics don’t have sexy art. I would say that I didn’t find any of that sexy though.

          And Dia, I like stronger looking women than these. Just ones with nicer faces usually.

        • The comic book called Empowered, by Adam Warren is, personally saying, not that bad. Pretty nice every now and again and certain material certainly fap worthy.

          Though the artist does openly state that he’s adopted some of the aesthetics and styling of japanese art. Though combined it with a western style as well.

          I’ve seen a few artists every now and again who draw absolutely gorgeous items. They tend to either take their style up as far as they can, or attempt a symbiosis of eastern and wester genre.

          Those who try to purely imitate the japanese genre, in hope of attracting more people to their failed MOE drawings tend to sicken, as they never fully succeed at getting even the basic sensation appropriately…

        • I found them attractive. I didn’t even know it was a a Japanese artist.
          I’m pretty sure there are great American artists out there but they just don’t seem to like to draw women much….

        • Yeah, yeah, but I still think you wouldn’t turn down a Playboy model if one ever decided to hit on you.

          Anyway, both American and Japanese art styles are good for their own kind of storytelling. I was actually surprised at how much American comics had been influenced by manga until I saw that the artist is indeed Japanese… but I suppose that having hired a Japanese artist who’s able to retain some of the Eastern aesthetics in his work for Marvel is already a kind of influence by itself.