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Japan Self Defense Force Moe Recruiting


Japan’s army is harnessing the power of moe in a series of anime styled recruiting posters, produced in collaboration with anime studio Ufotable and distributed to schools in the hopes of  securing recruits.

The MOD’s official page (actually an initiative of the Tokushima Provincial Cooperation Office) for the campaign is here, in case anyone is having difficulty believing this (which seems unlikely).

The objective is said to be to “give schoolchildren and students a poster they’d like to put up in their rooms.”

For those wondering, the lady in the picture is an air force Staff Sergeant wearing a JASDF summer uniform.

According to some reports applicants for SDF positions are actually far in excess of requirements, suggesting the PR value of affixing a pleasant female face to the nation’s armed forces may be of rather greater utility than the rather dubious value of recruiting anime fans…

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