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Top 10 Things You’d Look for in a Schoolgirl Girlfriend


Japanese males asked what it is about a female classmate they think might stoke their interest give a list which on closer inspection yields enough plot material for the average school romance gag manga, something which might well be more than mere coincidence…

The qualities a boy might look for in a girl classmate:

1. She’s cute

2. She has a cute smile

3. She’s casually kind

4. She doesn’t stand out but on closer inspection has a nice face

5. Her voice is cute

6. She has a good figure

7. She’s meek but will strike up a conversation

8. Her hair is silky

9. Her uniform is always well turned out

10. She exudes a mysterious aura

Just what that mysterious aura might be is not clear. Otherwise, the list provides few surprises – Japanese men apparently prefer cuteness over all else.

Languishing near the bottom of the list were such glaring faults as “she often speaks her mind,” “she’s a bit bad” and “she often reads books in recess.”

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