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“Rape Games Threaten Japan’s International Standing”


Japan’s cabinet and Prime Minister have been told they should ban “depictions of sexual violence” by the government’s Gender Equality Bureau, a cabinet level office.

From the minutes of the Gender Equality Bureau’s Gender Equality Planning Committee comes a complaint by minor author Kanna Kouzu, a member:

[This follows her complaining that police statistics show a long-term decrease in crimes involving sexual violence – she insists any decrease is because fewer women are reporting crimes to police, though without offering any evidence]

Lastly, there have been media reports about portrayals of sexual violence in advertising, manga, magazines and the like, and even on the Internet.

As a result, Japan has been receiving severe international criticism and this is a major international issue. There are extreme virtual depictions in PC games and similar, and internationally this is really a source of major criticism.

I think there’s such a thing as freedom of expression, but along with the child porn issue I’d like to see the government as a whole institute comprehensive countermeasures.

You really should consider this matter as it affects our position in the international community.

The “international criticism” to which the member refers?

No nation has protested to Japan about its “hentai” industry – in fact the only significant incidences of this so-called “international criticism” have been centred on a feminist group proven to be liars, a UN feminist body closely associated with that group, and a brief CNN muck-raking campaign run by an adulteress inexplicably keen on lecturing others on proper morality.

Japan has genuinely been receiving severe and sustained international criticism over its support for whaling from governments, media and pressure groups alike (all of which it has completely ignored), and yet no members have bothered to push for a ban on whaling.

It seems rather clear by now that pressure for a ban has nothing to do with international criticism and everything to do with the authoritarian tendencies of Japanese politicians intent on strangling the nation’s creative industries out of sheer intolerance and moral hysteria.

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  • thunderlord says:

    i say to all of them fem groups to go to hell and burn there selfs. they r and “USA” has distroyed the old times with there equal gender BULL SHIT. i never have or will soport any equle rights BS exsply when it comes to women. because of this we cant injoy r Hentai and women have become way to goddam lazy and lost there place as the women.. buch fem groups someone nees to subment them x3

    i die with out my henti and only groups like them say anything about it if they looked over then that i think jap has 1 of the lowist rapes and or sex crimes.. so ya.. >_>

  • As a girl, I can see why they actually came up with something like this but..


    Things just wouldn’t be the same if they keep on removing and banning stuff. Those creepy, bizzare stuff are what made Japan well, Japan. And seriously, what is the government thinking. It’s like they’re trying to screw over one of their last economic powerhouse.

  • Why these people are retarded in regards to fiction has already been beaten to death.

    I just want to point out how misguided and sick they are. Sex by definition is a consensual act between two or more people of any gender. Sex can not be a crime, as it is always of free will.

    There is no sex crime. No sexual abuse. No sexual assault. There is fondling, molestation, and rape. These are not consensual. They are crimes of malice and violence.

  • Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape

    “Is anyone gonna do anything?”


  • Let’s be dead straight honest here, the fact and the truth is, the hell why should other country be bothered with it? it’s Japan’s own issue. For sure the world is not blind for what Japan is right now, if it’s a sex country then so be it. In this modern age, no one would really care about it, either some will take advantage of it or just go blind as long as your diplomatic standing with the country profits you, and we all know that Jap is one of the leading country when it comes to technologies. It’s a good bribe actually, one country wouldn’t interfere with your shit as long as business is good.

  • The fuck is wrong with them?So many crimes in the world,including child porn and raping,and they only care about FUCKING DRAWINGS?

    Too pathetic,why do people even pay attention to these losers?

  • One can only hope that these sick games and the pervert culture in general can help lower the number of real-life victims.

    Does it make these games, etc any less deplorable? No.

    Does the whole pervert culture on the internet hurt Japan’s standing? To an extent, sure – it’s hard to take Japan as anything but a joke country after seeing a website like this. Then again I guess the pedo’s who come here are mostly from the English-speaking world, so yeah.

  • Women are only good for fucking anyways, the japanese are just portraying the truth in game form.
    shame shame shame on anyone who thinks the hentai industry causing any sort of problem for anyone.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Trash and hype from the “Modern Women who seek to destroy Men”…

    Even way back when “Women’s Suffrage” (The right to vote) was a big issue and various “Liberal” voices were really going out on a limb to argue for better treatment for women, more rights, etc. a “Dark Side” of this movement was noticed; A pure, insidious hatred of all men and the seeking of their destruction, be the man a nice caring “Prince Charming” or a drunkard wife-beater. In short, some of the voices, and the one’s that tended to have the most influence/power were ones that would literally kill all men if they could.

    H.G. Wells called them “Hyenas in Petticoats”.

    We are seeing the results of their “Success” now. Most notably in all the divorce and disrupted relationships. Women are “Liberated” in much of the so-called “Developed” world but at the same time “Protected”. But, they are eternally “Unfulfilled” by this new “Freedom/Power” and the Hyenas get them to take it out on men.

    It’s part of the controller’s agenda.

    The first step was to break up the “Clan/Extended family”. A “Satanic Mill” industry has little power over a group of people that share good and bad times together. Striking workers can take years off while they carve crafts to sell or do subsidence agriculture if they belong to a larger household that’s self-sufficient.

    The replacement to that was the “Nuclear Family” that was strong, but dependent on the livelihood of the single adult male. The only problem they had was it enshrined the “Working middle class” and the elites were not content to live like kings, they wanted to be gods.

    So they pushed the “Liberation” thing on women to break apart the family as they increased prices and lowered wages for both parties.

    “Divide and Conquer”. Set class against class, men against women, race against race, so they fight each other while they can be robbed and enslaved.

    The issue here is just a “Surface” of that. But it’s the vilest women striking out in any way against the men they hate and seek to destroy and will continue to try to destroy him no matter how nice he is. In this case, they don’t care about the “Facts” they hate that some men literally would rather have pornography and masturbation than even talk to them.

  • Utter bullshit and hypocrisy. This argument, if indeed it can even be called one, could be discussed ad nauseam and still get the same conclusion, that these people don’t think it through before blabbering their ass off.

  • I play cooking mama, Am I a chef?
    I play gta and kills stuff, Am I a murderer?
    I play eroge, Am I a rapist?
    I play bomberman, Am I a terrorist?

    What makes them think eroge is the cause in the first place anyway, any proof? I don’t know, something like surveying imprisoned rapists and ask them whether eroge was what motivates them?

  • Everyone thinks Japan is a country of freaks and weirdos anyways. Take away the rape games and then people will just think that they’re gullible freaks and weirdos easily pushed around.

  • Japan doesn’t just kill whales for profit but in protected waters aswell. But the whaling is a little of a seperate issue than the mangas of babies being raped, or guro hentai, or most hentai where the little schoolgirls are violently raped and then by the last page are all bubbly with their raper and adoring him. Maybe Japan does deeserve to sink.

  • Seriously rather than focusing on Japan’s rape games the U.S. should just be focusing on “real life” child pornography happening in the U.S., we’ve already have our problems full with our debt and it’s only gonna get worser if the U.S. don’t pay attention to it.

  • “this is a major international issue”

    No, WAR is a major international issue. The starvation of millions is a major internation issue.

    That people have rough fantasies is NOT an international issue.

  • Japan SHOULD be more like the US.

    Declare Agnes and everyone in EN enemy combatants and enemies of a terrorist organization, take them to black site facilities, and enhance interrogate them for WMD information that they don’t have but who cares….they’ll confess…they always confess.

  • I love how the weaboo who writes these articles thinks he can say: “No nation has protested to Japan about its ‘hentai’ industry” and right below it is a link to an article that says “UN Demands Hentai Ban.”

    Epic weaboo fail.

    Glad to see Japan’s starting to deal with its whole, “everybody thinks we’re candy-land for sexual deviants” problem. And to everybody on this site who says “Yeah, well Japan is teh bestest place on earth and I wanna goso I can marry Nene. Kawaii!” The average Japanese person would hate your pasty white wapaneese ass, like most people in your own damn country probably already do.

    • Except it’s not the nations of the UN but a feminazi comittee that works for it. In other words, learn to read before making stupid assumptions. That’s like saying the US protested it when it’s just Equality Now and probably a few groups of religious nutjobs.

    • I think the only failure here is your understanding of geopolitics – last time I checked, CEDAW was not considered a nation and nor is the UN. On the other hand, a variety of heads of state have said disparaging things about Japan’s whaling industry, not just the green puppet groups within the UN – ah, but this was a troll and hence not supposed to be replied to!

  • This is a simple choice:
    1) Continue releasing rape games to feed the needs of people with rape urges.
    2) Ban rape games and see their female population fall victim to people with rape urges that no longer have games to turn to.

  • What part of fiction without boundaries do you not understand america,grow up already it doesn’t hurt people when it’s in fiction.
    And japan don’t let yourself be fooled by these confused people.There isn’t as much rape in japan as it is in america.Even though that part is what the feminist want us to believe.They are evil liars or creators of rape lol.

  • And so the attempts to bring down several hentai games with rape continues. Not that I’m bothered with any rape in movies and as they are used for a purpose, whether to add to the despair being brought down on that person in they story or other things.

    My friends were chatting it up about this issue I figured they would have plenty to say about this trifiling issue. As for me, I definitely understand just a bit of how stupid this all is ( I say stupid and other general words too much.) I get the despite hentai games filling up the nation, there have been less crime rates in Japan like some sources say, but Kanna Kouza says that the decrease is because women have been reporting fewer rapes to the police and also adds the hentai problem to be an international issue that is straining their international standing. Ok, fewer crime rates is the result of women not reporting their rapes as much which hentai with rape has something to do with it and is seen as an international problem like Kanna says. Something feels off on this one……

    • Just because you’re not fond of these contents, it doesn’t mean others have to be like you. That is a selfish perspective of things. On the other hand, even if the contents depict females being violented and abused, it’s still illogical to assume that that has an impact on real life without providing verified proof of such claims. People who engage on the activities practiced in these media have a mental problem anyway.



  • Japan has larger internal problems than worrying about international criticism at the moment. Two specific problems that have plagued the country:
    1. Population growth – either relax their immigration rules or give incentives to couples with no children to have them. Otherwise their pension plans and various other social nets will collapse.
    2. Economic instability – Japan has been rocked by two sizable recessions within the past two decades and many are still trying to recover from the first one… hence the many working poor in the country…

  • hey,which one do you think is more likely

    1 – human try a rape game and get interested in raping he try raping people.

    2 – human originally a raper try playing rape game and fell the game is more interesting so he stop raping people

    i know the world is gonna over soon but i hope its over in soft landing hahahah

  • This is so Idiotic! Their now blaming Japan cause these morons can’t seem to control the rapists and molesters of their country! They fail so Epically the explosion’s so big that the edges are too far to be captured by their peripheral vision!

  • Hurm. Sure, fictional rape is depicted rather often in hentai-related products. But there’s the REAL answer to the decrease in reports of rape: With all the rape simulators, would-be rapists can satisfy themselves, never having the need to leave their swivel-chair for any other reason than food. Another reason why less are reporting it could be because chikan fear the women who might possibly have been inspired by the many (so-called) heroic feats that women around the world have done.
    However, fictional rape is also present in alot of pornography made in Europe, America, and probably a bunch of other lesser countries of which make very little money from porn.
    My general point being, or rather, tl;dr: Why would they take care of the less realistic choice of the two? Better publicity, perhaps? Or because America has a bigger population and more people would complain about their porn being banned?

  • Rapes are gender equal in hentai: males get raped, females get raped, lolis get raped so what’s the problem? I don’t see the gay community having a cry for them having yaoi rape. Women need to grow up.

  • Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world,so those critics and moralityfags should think twice no maybe thrice or even more when addressing issues such as this.The people who play these games have more self-control than those asshole of a politicians making such accusations when you can probably catch them spending their nights in a nightclub/redlight district discreetly.

  • SanCom Citizen says:

    That’s complete BS!! How could some sexual depictions in a video game harm women?

    This whole preoccupation and protectionism of fictional girls/women over REAL women with REAL problems is preposterous!

    In fact, these so called “Feminists”(who are in reality, nothing but moral crusaders) are an INSULT to REAL feminist who have championed for REAL equality between the sexes throughout the years. (Susan B. Anthony anyone?)

    To all people who are crusading against anything that’s sexual; WELCOME TO 2010! Have we not advanced beyond our childish demeanors and primitive ideology?

    The truth of the reality is……we are all hentai. Sex is wired in our brains; in the brains of both men and women, whether you like to believe it our not.

    AND NO, don’t give us the poor freakin’ excuse that Rape Video Games contribute to an increase in rape(just like how the critics in North America said that Grand Theft Auto will increase violence…”ooo let’s protect the children”. There is no factual evidence to support your claims. End of Story!

    Come on humanity….TIME TO GROW UP! Time to look behind our past failures and move forward. A YES on the ban is a YES for retardation. Any Sankaku member would agree with that.

    For all those who are Feminists or self-proclaimed believers of equality, here you go, I have a good set of websites illustrating REAL people that need REAL help:

    Those who wish to say hello to me(otherwise spam), my email is @

    Good day

    There is a or few groups which want to shunt Japan’s animation industry. They want to take over. Anime is start getting some part in cultural influence.

    There is a nation which wants to Japan to become as theirs in terms of expressing of sexuality. 
    More like from religious point of view.

    Tighten up freedom of expression and make false arrest
    easier to take out person who is hated from ruler.
    EX.arrest with simple possession.(make it up)

  • Oh God…. not this shit again. >_<

    I wish this sunken moralfag bitch would mind her own fucking business. No one’s getting hurt by anyone playing these games. And if she wants to keep them out of the hands of kids who might not know better than to differentiate from fantasy and reality, then all well and good for her. But leave my hobbies and harmless pursuits the fuck alone!!

  • you know if there was a rape game where you raped men they wouldn’t give a flying fuck about it.

    you can say all you want that it is about sexual violence, but no.. it’s because there are women in it.

  • The only thing this is happen is because all japan H got demand at any part of the world but not much people care about western H because most of their characters look like old fag only… even some of their female character also got muscle… wtf…

    Hail japan H!!!

  • This fucking blows, should they really blame Japan for THEIR morality problem? If they don’t like it, they can just fucking ignore it, not start a war against it and against the people who supports it.

    • You make it sound like Heroman is a bad anime.

      If you’re using Heroman as an example then you could also say that America wants a good image towards Japan since Stan Lee was the one who created Heroman.

  • Wow, fuck, has ANYBODY even READ the article before commenting? No nation has given Japan flack over it’s porn. The whole this is another “Because we need to show our power as officials” thing the government’s doing, and they say it’s “backed-up” by international criticism when the only ones who give two shits are feminist lairs and some CNN bullshitters.

    It’s the same as the previous “There’ll be no depiction of a child what-so-ever in anime/manga” incident that recently got overturned by Japanese mangaka speaking out. This’ll pass, too. Somehow, someway this’ll fade like all the other bullshit they’ve tried to pull.

  • Its laughable that people still think games cause everyone to loose all of their sanity and attempt to re-enact whatever they just played. Its just because its about a serious crime that it becomes a “major issue” even though nobody is actually getting hurt as a result.
    Do racing games make all of us go out and start driving like hell? Do shooting games make all of us go and start Halo-ing up shopping centres? Does any game involving murder of any kind (and theres a lot) make us kill people?
    No no and no. Theres a few people who do and if they played a game involving whatever crime they did, they immidiately blame it, even though people have been committing said crimes for as long as people could be called people. Blaming games because you found GTA in the killers house is easier than examining his entire lifestyle and possibly finding out he was just fired, made bankrupt, cheated on etc etc etc….

    Fucking pathetic. Keep bitching on “committees” and “organisations” your arguments are invalid…. heres a cat pushing a watermelon out of a lake.

  • Japan have shut their doors before, and the way shits keeping up they would, if it wasn’t for them being so resource starved, let them find a way to farm easily and gain resources themselves, or all the old people die off, it may happen.

    I like how they all use the fewer crimes are reported anywhere there is explicit material, and without citing any evidence.

  • TehBoringOne says:

    Hmmm… In the midst of all this Sexual Violence in electronic media, feminists taking banners and such, I’m starting to wonder…

    Is there some kind of issue related to the government that people “shouldn’t” be aware of because it could make life difficult for individuals in high offices?

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but it happens all the time… The media is very good at diverting people’s attention from important matters.

    Then there’s the real international criticism Artefact talked about.

  • We must make a petition about this…. How about we make a blog of how we love Japan as it is? After all if the hentai industry closes down tons of otakus and hikikomoris MIGHT run amok…. As all you guys know, the porn and gaming industry is whats keeping their sanity at normal level. Remove that….


    • You saw the rage the hikkimori got when his internet connection was cancelled.

      Imagine if everyone like that heard hentai was banned.

      The Hikkimori revolution would look and smell like a zombie apocalypse.

  • Shitty ass countries will continue to poke at Japan because of their hentai just to cover their own ass’ and lack of ability to control their own populace and spread international drama to make it look as if their saving the world, so to do this they will take a country that has the lowest(or lower than theirs) rape/violence/whatever per capita and accuse them of being worse then themselves.

    • TehBoringOne says:

      “No nation has protested to Japan about its “hentai” industry – in fact the only significant incidences of this so-called “international criticism” have been centred on a feminist group proven to be liars, a UN feminist body closely associated with that group, and a brief CNN muck-raking campaign run by an adulteress inexplicably keen on lecturing others on proper morality.”

      You clearly did not read the article, did you?

  • I really dont see why an adult game with rape is such a big deal when killing is a recurring theme in alot of western games. When it comes down to it, i see violence in cartoons and games as more of a threat than sexual themes in 18+ h movies and games.
    Atleast i for one would rather get raped by someone inspired by rape lay (if i was a girl) than cut into pieces by someone that played Man Hunt.
    I mean shit if i was in America i would even be scared meeting some guy with a gun that had smoked some crazy stuff and thought the zombie apocolypse had started.

    • The reason is simple: femnazis and jerks with useless moralisms are trying to pushing their own, absurd ideas over others and, unfortunately, there are a lot of idiots giving attention and firmly believing in their bullshit.

  • Japan should just ignore what other countries (or in this case, feminazis and moralfags) have to say about them. Every country hates every other country. Even if Japan gets rid of their rape-games, those other countries will just find something new to hate about them.

    • Fact is, hentai/manga is only “world changing” to people who don’t like it. Since they probably grew up with american comics, and it’s sheltered, censored view of life, they’re shocked to see anything even approaching adult content in what they see as a “childs” medium. They just won’t accept it’s a medium of expression, not strictly a child’s entertainment medium.

    • The data clearly reflects that fictional porn has no or very minute consequences, but real porn has damaging consequences. Look at all the violent porn featuring real people that comes out of the us (no pun intended lol) and then look at the reported rape numbers in the US and Canada vs Japan and their censored porn and fictional porn.

    • Darkrockslizer says:

      Those politicians should not forget that Japan has some more urgent problems to attend, like, ENDING A FRIGGIN 20 YEAR LONG PERIOD OF ECONOMIC STAGNATION, MAYBE!?

      …just sayin’.

        • Y’know, one of the many reasons I never went out and started beating the crap out of (more) people I hated, was because Video Games were an excellent catharsis.

          Could it be that hikikomori never wanna pursue a 3D relationship because they have their 2D ones, and rapist game lovers don’t really need rape?

          There could be a correlation there, somewhere.

      • The argument from the article makes total sense. Since rape never happens or is portrayed in other countries, Japan should worry what they will think. /sarcasm/ Japan has a lower rape rate than these countries that will supposedly look down upon them. That bitch’s argument is fucking bullshit, and do you know why? Because any non-retarded country doesn’t give 2 shits what video games they’re playing, the only thing that they care about is money and power. As long as it doesn’t threaten economic or political interests no one cares.

      • Japan has the second largest economy in the world, and it’s been stagnant for 20 years? Not doubting what you’re saying, i’m in no position to comment, just wondering where it’s gonna leave the rest of us when and if it takes off.

        • ಠ_ಠ Think about what you just said….no where in the world needs a guy like bush….then your international standing would really go down. The rape games wouldn’t even matter at that point because focus would be taken off of the games and put on the japanese bush. They would try to figure out what the idiot would do next…hmmm or maybe a japanese bush wouldn’t be so bad….they wouldn’t be known for rape games anymore…┐(‘~’;)┌

        • It is true that Japan has a lower report of rape crimes happening in Japan, because not many Japanese women don’t report it when it happens to them, the only thing Japan worries about is that not many men or women want to get married.I do agree on one person point Japan makes porn games while Americans make violent games,in the case of Capcom which is a Japanese game company thats been known to make violent games manages to sell there games in any market.

        • Since when did america care about international standing?

          Japan’s known for rape games.

          We’re known for civilian massacres, torture, war crimes, flouting the geneva convention while prosecuting people under it, and not punishing soldiers who rape 3d women.

          America has SOOOOOOOO much credibility when it moralizes it’s bullshit to japan.

          The Japanese need a guy like bush (only when it comes to ero games) and go to the gender equality forum while playing pigeon blood or some other REALLY hardcore hentai game on the forums projector television.

          That’d be the fuck you the christian taliban needs!

        • This issue of “international standing” is pretty unimportant in the U.S. People haven’t suddenly started associating Japan with rape games, and a good portion of people don’t like those whale wars jaggoffs.

          They really need to work on reproducing, or becoming more tolerant of foreigners. If I recall correctly, the Japanese could face dangerously low birthrates by 2050. Whether they decide to increase migration or make more babies, they’ll need strong government action.

        • “You see many american games where the object is to brutally torture someone?”

          Actually anon 05:53 20/04/2010, you ever play that one mission in GTA: VC?

          That Punisher games interactive torture scenes?

          Beating a god to his knees, then ripping his head off in GoW3 sounds a little like torture…

          Legacy of Kain. People chained to walls. Brutal kill = health.

          Want more examples, Mr. “USA never has evil stuff”?

        • “So a japanese rape game is worst than an american war genocide terrorist game”

          Are you even serious? The two things are not comparable. The only thing as deplorable as rape it torture. You see many american games where the object is to brutally torture someone?

        • So a japanese rape game is worst than an american war genocide terrorist game, don’t get me wrong, i play various types of games, and one thing is certain, the politics and censors couldn’t fight against radio, tv, and movies, so games and internet are a lost battle for him