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Hikikomori Baby Butcher Stabs Family of 5 over Net Access


A hikikomori has brutally attempted to murder his entire family of 5, attacking them with a kitchen knife and successfully stabbing to death his father and a 1-year-old baby girl, and seriously wounding the others, after which he burnt down the family home.

The cause of this rampage was the family cancelling his Internet access after he became massively indebted using his father’s credit card.

The incident began one night when the 30-year-old unemployed hikikomori, who lived together with his family in Aichi prefecture as a recluse, found someone had cancelled his Internet access.

He stormed through the house with a flashlight and beat his sleeping 58-year-old mother into wakefulness, demanding to know who had cancelled the contact – his father had apparently terminated his Internet access after he amassed some $30,000 in debt from buying games and other items in online auctions whilst using his father’s credit card.

Enraged, the hikikomori grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began methodically stabbing to death the 5 family members at the home, first returning to his mother’s bed where he stabbed his mother 10 times in the neck and flank, after which he turned on her 1-year-old granddaughter who was sleeping next to her, fatally stabbing her 3 times.

After this he set about the rest of his sleeping family, killing his 58-year-old father with 4 strikes to his neck and thighs, stabbing his 22-year-old younger brother 10 times in the neck and abdomen, and viciously stabbing his brother’s 27-year-old wife, the mother of the slain baby, 17 times in the face and flank. His brother’s injuries were minor, whilst those of his sister-in-law were grave.

Of his victims, only his father and the baby died. Another member of the family, a 24-year-old brother, escaped the massacre as he was away at the time.

After he had finished stabbing his family, he returned to his room, took a lighter and set fire to his futon, with the intent of burning the house to the ground.


Police discovered him nearby, standing in the rain and dripping with the blood of his victims, whilst flames poured from the windows of his burning home. He was arrested and charged with attempted murder on the spot, later elevated to murder.

Witnesses described a scene of carnage outside the burning house, with neighbours frantically trying to save his blood soaked victims.

Reportedly he had lost control on previous occasions, with no less than 9 incidences of domestic disturbance reported to police. His family reported “he’d calm down after police came.”

A neighbour described not having seen him since he graduated from school 15 years ago – “After he graduated those 15 years ago, I never set eyes on him again.”

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