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Haruhi Otaku Invade School


Obsessive Haruhi otaku engaged in a pilgrimage to a school location used in a music video accompanying the recent Haruhi movie, and featuring in the anime proper, have so plagued the school, apparently feeling they have the right to trespass freely in pursuit of good photography, that the school has had to post a warning advising them that trespassers will be prosecuted.

Nishikita High School’s warning to the invading horde runs thusly:


It appears recently there have been a number of people entering the school in order to take photographs and engage in similar activities. Taking such photographs from outside the school grounds is by no means a problem, but for those unconnected with the school to enter the grounds without permission is a crime.

From here on we are considering taking harsher measures such as reporting such incidents to police, so please take this into consideration in future.

Translation: “Get lost Haruhi otaku!”

Aside from featuring in the video and being the model for Haruhi’s school, the school also has the distinction of having been attended by Haruhi creator Nagaru Tanigawa, although it is not unreasonable to presume this has very little to do with its current popularity – that dubious honour goes to the below video.

The offending music video, shot at the school and featuring Minori Chihara (Nagato):

Their worry at the sight of a slathering gaggle of Minorin/Nagato fans is perhaps understandable.

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