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North Star Xbox 360 Port Hell: Loads 8s vs 62s


North Star Warriors seems set to enter into the shoddy port hall of fame – some benchmarking tags its load times as 8 seconds on the PS3 versus 62 seconds on the Xbox 360.

The various permutations of install and DLC are summarised below by way of careful investigation:

Xbox360 (DVD) – 44.344
Xbox360 (DVD&DLC) – 61.895
Xbox360 (HDD) – 19.169
Xbox360 (HDD&DLC) – 38.088

PS3 (HDD+BD) – 6.822
PS3 (HDD+BD&DLC) – 7.706

The DLC in question is somewhat obligatory.

The major graphical difference is apparently just a brightness change:


The ad:

Although the Xbox 360 version’s performance may be an irrelevance in Japan, the game is due an international release, so a reverse Bayonetta style fiasco may yet be be in the offing.

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