Top 10 Fashions You’d Secretly Like to Try


Japanese ladies asked which fashions they secretly fancy trying yield up a telling list of contemporary and not so contemporary Japanese fashions, most of which will be instantly recognisable – in the event they are not some helpful illustrations are included.

The ranking:

01-age-jou.jpg1. Age-jou dress and high-rise hairstyle [these extravagant fashions are associated exclusively with cabaret club girls]

02-princess.jpg2. A dress fit for a princess like Marie Antoinette

03-taisho-shoujo.jpg3. Romantic Taisho or retro Showa period Japanese attire [early to mid twentieth century Japanese attire with western influences]

04-oiran.jpg4. Oiran [oiran were high class Japanese courtesans, along the lines of geisha but with a greater emphasis on sex]

05-maid-plus.jpg5. Maid

06-goth-loli-plus.jpg6. Goth Loli

07-mori-gal.jpg7. Mori gal [“forest girl” – a style defined simply by it looking as if the wearer belongs in a forest setting]

08-lolita-plus.jpg8. Lolita

09-anime-cosplay-yoko-plus.jpg9. Anime cosplay

10-bunny-girl-nagi.jpg10. Bunny girl

Once again an almost universal hatred for otaku is hard to reconcile with a secret desire to cosplay many Japanese women seemingly hold.


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