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Hideo Kojima: “I’ll Challenge the Industry’s Ultimate Taboo!”


Metal Gear master Hideo Kojima has made a bombastically enigmatic twitterance in which he promises to “challenge a certain industry taboo” whilst warning that “I may have to leave the industry if I mess up.”

His missive comes by way of a tweet, proving the character limit really does unfairly favour Japanese:

My next project will challenge a certain industry taboo.

If I mess up, maybe I’ll have to leave the industry. But there’s no escaping it – I can’t pass otherwise.

I’m 47 this year, and it’s been 24 years since I started making games. Today I found a companion who’ll undertake this risk with pleasure. It’s still only one person, but it’s a good start.

Speculation appears to centre on some form of erotic venture, although there is plenty of potential for this to be something much less exciting, or simply mere bombast.

Less charitable observers speculate as to whether he might finally make one long cutscene in place of a game…


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