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40% of Internet Losers “Have Never Kissed”


A survey of Japanese Internet users reveals 40% admit to having never dated or kissed.

The surveyors first asked 131 male members of their own site “How many times do you normally date a girl before you kiss,” finding that 70% fell between 1-3 times.

Then they decided to find a bigger sample, going with a 2ch-based online survey of 2,000 usersof all ages, asking the same question: “How many times do you date before you kiss?”

1. I’ve never dated/kissed a girl! – 39.5%

2. We kiss on the first date – 19%

3. We kiss on the third date – 16%

4. We kiss on the second date – 10.6%

5. We kiss on the fifth date – 6.2%

Presumably the survey did not include dakimakura, monitors or DSes.

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