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Police on Transsexual Groper: “All Her Victims Loved It”


The arrest of a “female chikan,” a near mythic object of fantasy for many male Japanese commuters, has resulted in more than a few dreams being shattered after it was revealed that the chikan was not only a woman, but had also apparently been groping scores of men, all without so much as a single complaint.

In fact, Kyoto transport police had marked the “woman” out as a “suspicious chijo” (chijo is the feminine form of “chikan,” or a female pervert in other words) and launched an investigation into her habitual antics since she had come to light the previous month.

This explains why an officer was watching over her when she was arrested, still at this stage appearing to be a woman.

After the arrest it took some time for police to realise the suspect was actually a man – for all intents and purposes he appeared to be well turned out lady of medium build, with long shoulder length hair, careful makeup, female business attire and a suitably feminine voice and bust.

Police were completely unaware of her secret “Everybody at the station thought we had a woman until it came to questioning her.”

Once it became apparent that their suspect was male, the first thought of police was that they were dealing with a crossdressing homosexual maniac predating on innocent male commuters.

Questioning the suspect soon revealed a rather more complex situation however: “I have gender identity disorder. I’ve been diagnosed with it.”

With the suspect’s name already legally changed to that of a woman, the police mood softened: “In fact I feel a bit sorry for her” – note that with Japanese generally lacking in gendered pronouns, police are easily able to skirt round the issue of what to call “her.”

Police also frankly reveal why it was they had to hunt down the groper themselves: “The victims all likely thought they were being groped by a woman and so were delighted. There wasn’t a single complaint or report filed about her.”

Just how many of these delighted men have gone on to spread tales of their delightful abuse at the hands of a female chikan, little knowing that it was actually a crossdressing man, will perhaps never be known, thankfully for those concerned.

The suspect expressed the usual deviant lust so characteristic of chikan in explaining the motive for the crimes: “I was lonely. I wanted the warmth of a man.”

As a first offence, many such gropers have charges dropped but the offence held on file, and this case is especially unusual in that none of the victims actually seemed to object to the assault.

However, police are still not buying any of the “vulnerable transsexual” sob story: “That is that and this is this,” they say, and they intend to press further charges if possible.

Reportedly, their prisoner was held in a male cell.

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