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13-Year-Old Bride Killed by Sex


A 13-year-old girl forced to marry a 23-year-old man has died after the injuries he inflicted on her during sex proved fatal.

The Yemeni couple were partnered in an arranged marriage as is common in the country, but when it came to consummating the union the girl suffered injuries to her genitals, described by doctors as a “tear,” which resulted in internal bleeding which later proved fatal.

Reportedly the girl was married off to the man in a sister-swapping agreement between two brothers keen to avoid the cost of buying their brides outright.

As in a number of Islamic nations, child marriage is widely practiced in Yemen, and shows little sign of being abolished despite international outrage and child deaths – laws establishing age limits have been repealed and efforts to re-establish them have met widespread opposition on religious and social grounds, with supporters of a ban being branded apostates by religious authorities.

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