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Hideyoshi Goods Threaten Confusion



An assortment of Baka to Test merchandise, mostly featuring the deceptively alluring young Hideyoshi, is becoming available, firmly demonstrating the booming popularity of a character of uncertain gender in a skirt.

Be warned in advance that none of the links given below lead to any store that offers international shipping.

These two snapshots of Akiba otaku shops from Akiba@OS show several of the new Baka to Test goodies:


The red sign simply states “New Goods Corner.”

Note what seems to be To Aru Kagaku pillowcases, and a Sora no Woto mug.



Likely the most amusing product, the above tee (official website) asks a complicated question:


  • Male
  • Female
  • Hideyoshi

The shirt runs to ¥2,900 (over $30 USD), a normal price for these types of shirts but perhaps pricey to many.

Still, it would make for an excellent mark of trap-loving pride for the year’s upcoming convention season!

A closer look at the image of Hideyoshi:


For otaku who would rather keep a strict female-only diet, this cushion cover of Mizuki Himeji might be interesting:



A Mizuki T-shirt.


There’s also a tee of Kraut tsundere Minami Shimada.

Getting back to Baka to Test’s main attraction of feminine ambiguity…


Mugs are a staple of character goods, and this design looks as good as any.

The cap fitted over the mug is a sort of lid that comes included.

Akiba@OS also pointed out a prototype Hideyoshi figure due sometime next month from small figure circle Go to Garage!!:


One would hope this prototype receives some more work on the face (particularly on the eyes and eyebrows) before coming out, but the rest of Hideyoshi looks nominally good.


A surprise under the skirt?


Plushies, a decent enough cheap alternative to figures if one is desperate enough.

For those with deeper wallets however, the obvious Baka to Test merchandise has to be the lovely dakimakura pair from Nijigen Cospa:


The very nice, and appealingly busty, Mizuki dakimakura.


The previously announced Hideyoshi dakimakura.

Both makura go for about a hefty ¥9,000, but as international buyers would need to make use of proxies or auction sites to get their hands on the goods here, the real price will be even higher for many.

Domestic buyers can visit Nijigen Cospa’s webstore.

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