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Sankaku Complex Browser Search


Frequent users of the search features on the main site or Sankaku Channel may be interested in some new functionality enabling searching straight from most major browsers in only two clicks, with no plugins or other devilry required.

Either site can be added to the browser’s standard toolbar search engines with the equivalent to the “add search engine” feature (with the site open in the window), like so:


Sankaku Channel’s tag based navigation and tag autosuggestions are particularly useful when used in this fashion.


Most browsers support adding custom searches with this common standard, especially Firefox, which happens to be what over 60% of visitors to the site use, along with Chrome and IE (currently neck and neck for 2nd place loser status with about 14% each).

Definite loser browsers Safari and Opera (each with 5%) do not support custom searches using this method, so users may wish to ditch them in favour of a quality browser like IE.

Autosuggestions are also available from the mini-browser’s search form (top left of this page), and from the search field on the Channel proper, with no action required. These also display the number of posts carrying a particular tag.

The search page for the main site (the form is at the top of every page as well) also offers the ability to conduct several different types of searches, currently without autosuggestions.


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