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Chinese Soup Made from Rubbish

Rubbish Soup

A Chinese food stall caught serving the liquids collecting in the bottom of their rubbish bin as soup has disgusted Chinese observers.


Rubbish Soup

The horrified witness who photographed the scene described what was happening:

“All the waste went into the bin as well as the liquid from the sink – and the chef was topping up soup bowls using this rubbish. It was really disgusting and it’s no wonder so many people are sick eating from such stalls.”

Local food hygiene officials claimed to have taken action against this “recycling”:

“We have confiscated the stalls license and the owner will be prosecuted. He said he did not realise recycling oil as it floated to the top of the liquid in the bin was an offence.”

As the oil was quite possibly made from sewage in the first place, it seems Chinese diners would scarcely be any worse off if they were to just boil themselves a bowl of sewage as soup and eschew the pretense of hygiene altogether.

With even the most rudimentary ethical standards of not outright murdering their customers completely absent from the bulk of Chinese businesses, China and the world beyond can be forgiven for worrying about the direction Chinese economic development is taking them.

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