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“How to Draw Pantsu” – The Translated Guide



Artists keen for pointers on how to draw that most indispensable of anime clothing articles, pantsu, might wish to examine artist Cauliflower’s Pixiv seminar on how best to draw them; naturally the guide might well be of interest to those who wish to learn about the finer points of pantsu creation (or indeed anyone who justs needs an excuse to scrutinise pantsu in fine detail).

A translation has been made available, as are all eight pages of the guide below…

A word of warning: Between obscure Photoshop terminology and obscure Photoshop terminology in Japanese there is always the possibility of misunderstanding. Anyone with relevant knowledge is welcome to offer revised translations.

That said, the translation is available on the Channel.

Cauliflower, the pantsu expert to whom we can thank for these fine images,ย  has both a Pixiv account, and also a blog, if you might be interested in seeing more of his work.


Just to give a general idea of the guide’s content, here is a translation of the above page’s main text:

Guidelines to Always Follow when Drawing Pantsu

1. The area of the elastic band over the waist and hips. Depending on the material of the pantsu and the length of the strap, the creases here vary.

2. Unless it’s extremely tight, you can put creases in this part. I usually put a lot.

3. The area where the rear cloth material joins the crotch. I feel that having these lines helps to make it feel more “pantsu” like.

The appearance of the fabric in the back varies with the type of pantsu. “Full-back”, etc…

The translated version.


In the event that anyone wishes to use the “soft” translation on the Channel as the basis for a fully typeset English version, please feel free.

Besides the above guide, there is some more art from the fine artist available on the Channel.

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