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Beggar with Louis Vuitton Bag


A woman begging for money so that she could eat whilst having a Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder has attracted a following of Internet detractors.

Spotted outside a bus station in Nanjing, the woman scrawled her plight in chalk before herself, saying she needed 3 yuan for food and phone charges, and any extra for travel expenses.

However, she had what appeared to be an expensive Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder all the while, earning her the name “LV woman.”

Reportedly, she studiously ignored a reporter who approached her to ask about her plight, until he went to take pictures, at which point she jumped up and shouted at him, saying she would destroy the camera if he continued. She then left but returned to her spot some minutes later.

Chinese net users leapt on her for her temerity, though some wondered whether she might be in real trouble.

Tellingly, just whether the bag is genuine or not seems not to have been a matter of great concern to her critics.

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