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Teachers Beat Student for Dyeing Hair


Three teachers who beat a student who dyed his hair for half an hour have been warned not to do it again.

The Miyazaki prefecture middle school in question had organised an outing to Kyoto for its students.

One second year student arrived at the assembly point, a railway station, with his hair dyed, a breach of the school’s dress code.

Once they arrived at their destination, three teachers took him to a room in the party’s hotel and ordered him to sit seiza style.

They proceeded to beat and kick him for half an hour as he sat in this fashion, including blows to the head, as punishment for daring to defy the dress code, and once they were finished they took him to a barber’s shop and had him shave his head, supposedly with his consent.

Outraged at their son being treated in this manner, the boy’s parents complained to the school, which apologised. The teachers were given an “oral reprimand.”

The parents also filed charges of assault against the teachers with police, but courts suspended the indictment as “the teachers were remorseful.”

Needless to say, had the student hit a teacher he would likely have been arrested, and had they beaten a female student for violating the dress code they would likely have been arrested as well, suggesting there are a number of double standards at work.

Anyone looking to reduce child abuse in Japan might do well to crack down on teachers rather than works of fiction – it seems Japanese teachers more often than not get away with beating and raping their students with scarcely a dent in their career, and recent events demonstrate even a headmaster suspected of possessing child pornography can expect to retain his position, such are the perks of civil servants and a strong union.

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