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MangaGamer Announces More KiraKira, Higurashi, 50% Sale


MangaGamer has announced it will be publishing English versions of KiraKira Curtain Call, a sequel to the original, and that it is now up to the 6th chapter of Higurashi.

In addition, for a limited period it is holding a sale with prices on a range of titles reduced by as much as 50%.

The new KiraKira is set to be released on the 30th, whilst the new Higurashi is due on the 15th.

Edelweiss Fantasia, a fandisc for the original Edelweiss, was also released recently, and is available in a bundle with the original at a reduced price.

Both come in the usual MangaGamer format of uncensored imagery and English text with Japanese audio, where appropriate (Higurashi lacks voice or ero).

The sale itself is a fairly substantial one with titles going for as much as €25 off their usual prices, and covers “school-related” titles, but only lasts until the 7th so those wishing to take advantage will want to be quick and visit their site, which also has free demos for those unsure about the quality on offer.

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