Girl Sold 7-Year-Old Sister for Gang Rape


A teenage girl has been arrested for selling her 7-year-old sister to a group of men at a party, allowing them to gang rape her.

The 15-year-old New Jersey girl met several young men she knew one afternoon, who invited her to a party at a crime-ridden inner city apartment building.

She was with her 7-year-old stepsister at the time, and decided to take her to the party.

Once the party got underway, with in the region of a dozen participants, the girl began selling herself to partygoers and had sex with several of the men present. She then gave her sister some money in exchange for letting the men touch her.

Police say then men soon progressed from touching the girl to viciously raping her:

“It went from touching to straight out assault and rape. They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone.”

Once they were finished with the little girl she dressed and left the party. She was later discovered crying outside and taken home, where police had just arrived after her parents reported her missing.

The child was taken to hospital and the girl was subsequently arrested and placed in a juvenile detention centre.

She has been charged with aggravated sexual assault and promoting prostitution, amongst other crimes. Prosceutors intend to have her tried as an adult.

Police are also intent on arresting the party-goers who participated in the rape, and the local mayor is also keen to see action taken:

“The police are taking this personal. I know there’s a place in hell for all the people that participated in this and I’m sure they will get there.”

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  • These ass holes should be strangled with their own intestines however even though we as humans should pass judgment we should get facts I’m just saying this based on the facts I have. Back to my earlier statement no gods are going to do anything so we should. But get all the facts people or at least all you can. I have. I teaser he’d this before commenting and in addition I think everyone in this news has been punished so we all should stop commenting which is my main reason for commenting in the first place so why don’t you all stew on that

  • I always loved the thrill of perverson and fantasy at the same time..I think being addictied to drugs created a pervert in me….When ever i get high on adderall i would sit there at the computer and jerk off to the sight of little girls preeteens in biniki looking sexy…I have this sick story of molestion…Here it is..My little girl is 10 yrs old now,the perfect age tiny frame .slender,she looks her age ,she looks like natlie porteman at 10 yrs old……anyways.ive been devorced from her mom for 1 yr now and I get her every weekend….This weekend is the time im gonna molester her by getting her high on adderall and cocaine to where she would like to become my girl and ride daddys face and cock…

  • Courvossier says:

    Anonymous said:
    "your genius astounds me.
    but then against racists are know to be extremely stupid."

    Thats usually the stereotype, but its actually usually the other way around. Racists actually look at statistics and crime rates, while liberals cover their ears and vainly try to promote equality.

    "Racists are known to be extremely stupid" – So it would seem. Judging by this troglodyte of a poster who apparently thinks people can be grouped into two categories: "racists" and "liberals" – as if anyone who denounces their hatemongering must for some reason be a liberal.

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    a place in hell for people like these? what a load BULLSHIT! If these people believed in God (reguardless of the faith) then they wouldn’t be doing this kind of shit! Bibles often say fear God if these people believed in hell and God then they would know that this shit pisses him.

  • Anonymous says:

    Okay yeah first off Black people rarely next to NEVER are involved in this kind of sick shit less you forget there are whites,hispanics etc also. Just because you see New Jersey and Crime ridden? please spare me. Go through those neighborhoods and you’ll see those lil white pot head kids and all that so let’s NOT call races here shall we.

    • Anonymous says:

      They wouldn’t. One of them would have had a ‘pang of conscience’ and refused to take part in this if it was actually a rape.

      As I said before, I am betting that the girl went with the 15 year old KNOWING what was going to happen, and was stupid enough to try to ‘leave’.

      To be blunt, you don’t try that when you are going to a party knowing that you are going to have sex with men, unless you are ASKING to be raped.

  • Anonymous says:

    You have GOT to be kidding here! What sister would do this to her little sister? I mean, taking her to the party where BOTH of them were on the menu when the little girl knew what was going to happen is one thing…. something like this is totally another.

  • Anonymous says:

    (joke comment)
    “Big sister, you’re so mean!”

    (serious comment)
    These perps are bad wastes of good oxygen.

    They care only for their twisted pleasures, regardless of the costs to others.

    Drugs and booze involved? I don’t see that as a mitigating circumstance. They’ve been told that people get stupid when they’re using drugs and/or drinking. They’ve likely *seen* other people get stupid from drugs and booze.

    Yet, they willfully “made” themselves stupider.

    They should bear full responsibility.

    They clearly are menaces to the rest of society, and as such, should be removed for the protection of that society.

    A bullet to the head is a quick and easy solution, but I don’t want to be part of a society which accepts state-ordered killings as a quick and easy answer.

    Instead? “Sentence ’em to transportation!” “Send ’em to New Van Dieman’s Land!”

    We need sustainable, self-sufficient penal colonies on other worlds.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, we don’t. What we need is for pedosexuality to be made LEGAL (totally legal) so that things like this will not happen.

      If these guys could have found a WILLING loli that young, I DOUBT they would have resorted to raping one.

    • Anonymous says:

      What if a 20 year old got an STD? DUH, you just get TREATMENT!

      This is one of the STUPIDEST statements I’ve ever read on here.

      As to AIDS and other ‘indelible’ STD’s…. we wouldn’t be having problem with those if we would PUT AN INDELIBLE MARK ON PEOPLE TO WARN THAT THEY HAVE THOSE DISEASES!

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow, what an idiot. So does this mark magically prevent said person from committing the act of rape? No? Then I guess that didn’t help much did it. Does this mark appear as soon as someone contracts the disease, because loads of people have no fucking idea they have an STD. Asymptomatic carrier, ever heard of it? She would get treatment? Yes because inner city New Jersey doesn’t sound poor at all. Guess her sister is pulling down a fortune from all that whoring.

  • Meltyblood says:

    Japanese Hentai has nothing to do with this.
    Japan has always had these kind of games and crime is very low in japan because of almost no firearms.
    even if they were to they would go to prsion.
    Just the media trying to put blame on something.
    Its like all backwards in countries.
    In usa we see sex bad but guns good?
    In other countries its Sex good/ Guns bad
    and besides japans laws are diffrent the age of consent is lower of than usa.

  • Meltyblood says:

    Got to love it in jersey where crime is always at a all time high just as like philly was.
    stuck between camden and trenton.
    and the people in the middle of jersey are so blind to even see what happenes.
    Dirty jersey

  • There’s nothing wrong with the 15 year doing what she does. Not sure about involving the 7 year old although like everyone else on the planet she probably got involved with the best of intention.

    However the 7 yr old will probably grow up to be a sexual deviant amidst years of therapy.

    It’s really like reading a hentai book or something. Older sister gets revenge on mom for leaving dad and marrying the new husband who brought a new kid into the fold.

    It’s the ultimate fuck you right back to the parents.

  • Azure Xuchilbara says:

    “The police are taking this personal. I know there’s a place in hell for all the people that participated in this and I’m sure they will get there.”

    Heh…You first mayor…

    You and the fuzz are just jealous you couldn’t get in on the fun…

    See you in Silent Hill~

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Yeah, this is really sick…

    It’s right out of a “Montana Meth Ad” actually. Matter of fact, I might think it’d be involved.

    METH is one of the many reasons I usually call America AmeriKKKa… They have a “Drug War” that waxes and wanes, but overall is just stupid and cruel. Meth, a drug that “Won” the second world war and was used on both sides, then was a perscription drug in the USA for a while, was totally ignored until it became epidemic as they went on a “Holy Crusade” against Marijuana. Meth was popular among low wage and hard labor workers and totally tolerated since those jobs had no “Health Plan” just “Mandatory Accident insurance” and it helped the people work real hard for a decade or so, then they’d get laid off with no prospects regardless so any effects of the drug were of no worry.

    It’s just that the Drug Warriors had mostly “Won” their crusade ensuring America’s pot came from Mexico and fueled drug Mafias more powerful than their government. That and that social services were getting overrun by “Meth” situations.

    So, only after the drug was entrenched and epidemic did they pretend to fight it. And all they really did was make it harder to cook it at home, ensuring more money to go to the Mexican drug lords.

    So I use “AmeriKKKa” not so much literal racist KKK but “Stupid, bigoted, reactionary and violence prone” way.

    And it is personal because as a kid I remember “Communes” getting harassed by da Fuzz and they’d do things like rip up tomato plants as they beat the men and waved guns at the women, even if there was clearly no drugs there. While they did that, guys like Ames (not the only paid traitor) did far more damage to any strategy the USA planned than dozens of “Subversive Groups” could have.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it couldn’t. The whole bullshit of ‘permanent damage’ just from being fucked is exactly that, bullshit!

      The only time, coming from the medical books I have read and doctors I have talked with, that children who have been vaginally penetrated have ‘permanent damage’ is when something other than a dick has been used on them, like a stick or pole of some sort, metal or wood.

  • tingle said:
    hate to sound racist but I suspect this is black people in the projects


    If that loli and rapers are black, then there's now way COMIC LO will use this as material for their next issue. Jap readers can tolerate brown lolis but not charcoal black lolis. I heard that COMIC LO uses rape incidents/cases in japan and other parts of the world as 'inspiration' for their 'story' and drawings.

      • Anonymous says:

        Who says that SHE involved the girl? The girl might have INVOLVED HERSELF, we really don’t have enough information to decide or not!

        To the people who are saying “NOT POSSIBLE!” Very possible. I knew a girl in elementary school 23 years ago who was…. well, a slut. She would allow ANYONE to touch her genitals.

        Her parents simply raised her with the idea that it was okay for anyone to touch her as long as they wanted her to.

  • Bitch needs a bullet in her head and so do the guys that did it.

    $1 a bullet, $20 should solve this problem…

    People like these better hope I never become ruler of this world… The night skies will be lit with the pyres of burning rapists, murderers, molesters, and the evil.

    • I’m leaning towards chemical castration and force sex with a horse or similarly endowed animal like a donkey as by scale they’ll experience exactly what the little girl experienced.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agree totally. The fact is that NO ONE should judge in a case like this until they get all the facts.

        I’m willing to give 50/50 odds that we find out in a week, tops, that the 7 year old girl KNEW what was going to happen at the party, and things just went too fast and too much for her, and now she is crying rape.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed… I am not going to pass judgment until I get ALL THE FACTS! The fact is that the little girl might have KNOWN what they were going to the party for, and things just escalated too fast for her and now she is whining rape.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ya know, I don’t like his idea one bit. But your stance of “who are you to pass judgment?” really irks me.

        If not a human, then who? God? Allah? Zeus? Deities do nothing. Never help us get over our own shit… But then again, maybe that’s because they don’t exist.

        Getting back to the point, if not judgment passed by a human, then by whom?

        I’d say his is not the most mature of minds, but hell… At least that Sarkazmo guy is showing more empathy towards the little girl than any deity has ever done…

  • drunkspiderman667 says:

    actually its not uncommon for girls around 15 to be huge whores. im not surprised that this happened at all. ive heard worse that goes unreported. young girls sell them selves and then it all goes wrong and they get raped.

    i SERIOUSLY doubt that this young girl was new to this behavior.

  • Anonymous said:
    Horrible, this should be done for free.
    None should pay for rape kids, free world, free rape.

    To the jail these capitalists pigs.

    You better stay just as your name says.

    • Icy! I am very disappointed here! 🙁

      This is the first time ever I wanted to downvote you (if others hadn’t beaten me to the punch)!

      Time to change the Logic processor chip in your cranial motherboard.

      • Tex_Arcana says:

        I’m hardly the product of the best parenting in the world, but at 15 I was at least not this coldhearted.

        Parenting only goes so far- eventually people have to decide whether they’re going to do as they’re told, or as they think is right, or do this.

      • Anonymous says:

        There isn’t really any guarantee that the parents RAISED her to be that way. I know some parents who have tried everything they could to raise their child right, but once kids get in middle school I’ve just seen plenty fall into the wrong crowd and do all sorts of horrible things.
        I blame teenage rebellion, not wanting to do as their parents want them to. It’s a typical teen thing, even if all don’t do it. Just this girl took it a bit too far.

        I also don’t understand why people have automatically assumed the 15-year-old was abused and that’s what caused it. It didn’t say anywhere in the original article that she was.

  • TehBoringOne says:

    …………Fucking little bitch.. I really hope they jail her and I hope those disgusting imbeciles go to jail and meet up with some inmates that will give them the same treatment…

    • Anonymous says:

      i feel sorry for the little girl, she dosnt now any better, the older ones a bitch and probably had planed to sell your sister from the start, cuze the parent reported her missing so fast. oh and dont tell me im wrong on that last point, how brings their younger sibbling to a party?

    • should read the source more often.
      Conclusion probably had an abussive mother and was just selling herself.
      Oh and she messed up selling the child,i wonder if she had a choice at it?
      Most of those men are probably from single mothers.

      • Sad but fucking true. I seriously couldn’t imagine not beating the shit out of a guy who went to touch or rape a child. Personally, at this point, I like to

        1) smack the mom
        2) punch the dad
        3) shoot the rapists
        4) falcon punch the teen
        5) wipe the lolis mind of horrible memory.

        • Anonymous says:

          Uh, I seriously doubt it will be a ‘horrible memory’ for very long if people don’t remind the girl of it.

          I know people who have bee raped, and 2 days after the fact, if it hasn’t been brought up, they have already forgotten about it.

    • The story says they were walking down the street and she just took her to a party. Not knowing the character of her older daughter to be such a whore/pedo-pimp is a sign of negligence, but to assume she was watching or knew what was happening is a little presumptuous anon.

  • Anonymous says:

    “It went from touching to straight out assault and rape. They threatened to kill her if she screamed or told anyone.”

    Really, how do they know that?, why do they seem so confident that it happened just like they say it did? Maybe they’re taking it a little too personal.

    “The police are taking this personal…”
    Lol never mind. Stupid politician, since when is the police taking crime investigation personal a good thing? I’m sure they will be dedicated to the investigation, but how do we know they won’t be biased or even fabricate evidence just to appease their own sentiments on the matter?

    On another note, How many of us actually did not foresee this happening in the U.S. after reading the headline? I confess thinking ‘Japan’ after reading it.

    Just a sample of how biased some of us actually are, despite sex crime rate figures indicating such a scenario is more likely in the States than in Japan =|

  • Anonymous says:

    “your genius astounds me.
    but then against racists are know to be extremely stupid.”

    Thats usually the stereotype, but its actually usually the other way around. Racists actually look at statistics and crime rates, while liberals cover their ears and vainly try to promote equality.

  • Anonymous says:

    Here’s what we can do.

    Using genetic engineering, close little girls, which don’t have souls and aren’t real humam beings, according to the Bible.

    Then we can rape them all we want!

    Afterwards, slaughter them and harvest them for meat.

    Thereby solving all the world’s problems.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is a perfect example of why cartoons are bad and two nukes wasn’t enough.

    Seriously, all men are basically pedophiles. What’s with the campaigns against manga and games lately, seriously. Let us have our dreams.

  • Black, white or whatever, I can 99% guarantee you these kids come from a welfare family. It’s a whole different world down there at the bottom of the food chain, and as someone said above, this probably isn’t the 15yo girls’ first time around the block. Girls brought up in poverty are likely to lose their virginity 4 to 6 years earlier than girls in middle class families. They also have low self-esteem and less of a moral sense, among other problems. And she also probably thinks this is a good way to get guys to like her.
    Anyway, sounds like she went to make a little pocket money in her usual manner, and decided to augment it with a little “touch and feel” cash for her sister. Then shit got out of hand.
    I may be wrong, but I suspect alcohol and drugs were involved. Call me crazy, but….
    (BTW, even a cursory read of the article makes it obvious to anyone who has lived in a big city in America that the people involved were black. As does a google search.)

    • Anonymous says:

      So? Oh, and I was raised in a upper middle-class family. You know when I lost my virginity (I am male)…. at 3!

      The fact is that when children don’t have their parents sexual ‘morality’ put on them, they are experimenting EXTREMELY early with other children and even teenagers and adults.

      Oh, and from what I have seen, low-income children have SCADS of esteem, because there are tons of them near where I live, who I spend time with on a daily basis volunteering at local schools.

      Basically, you are perpetuating BULLSHIT STEREOTYPES!

  • Anonymous says:

    I blame the parents.

    An upstanding fifteen-year-old girl doesn’t just, out-of-the-blue, decide to start fucking men for money at a party. That takes a girl with either a lack of morals or serious psychological problems which need to be addressed.

    Either way, both of those are noticeable and a clear fucking sign that the girl has a lack of any sense of responsibility. The fact that she was allowed to steward her seven-year-old stepsister long enough for this to happen speaks to neglect on the parents’ part.

    Technically, the older girl is still a child as well, something that’s going to get lost in the shuffle here. Very likely she was out of her mind with drugs and alcohol, two things no fifteen year old should have in the first place.

    Parents need to learn to smack their kids when they’re out of line or some shit. I mean god-fucking-damn.

    • Anonymous says:

      First, if you have to ‘smack someone’ in order to get them to adhere to your ‘morality’ there is nothing moral about it.

      Second, I am willing to bet that no one ever told this girl that it was WRONG to trick another person into going with her somewhere and then allowing someone else to force them to do something, sexual or not.
      I did tell my children that, because I knew that was a situation that they could very well find themselves in or that was possible to happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is only YOU saying that someone ‘fucking money for money’ has a lack of morals. The real issue is that this person does not adhere to the same morality as you, which is there choice to do or not do, and you have absolutely NO right to force your morality on someone else.

      Now, forcing her little sister into sex with these men? Yeah, that is wrong even to me, and something like THAT doesn’t happen ‘out of the blue’.

      I’m willing to give you 50/50 odds that we find out that the younger girl knew what was going to happen at the party, and things just went too far and too fast for her liking.

  • Yeah fire and brimstone and all that…bring down the wrath of god upon their immoral pedophile asses and the whore of a sister who sold out her flesh and blood…. But seriously WHY DO YOU CARE. I don’t give a fuck about some 7 year old girl who had an unfortunate event happen to her. As far as I’m concerned you humans can do whatever you want as long as you don’t inconvenience me I couldn’t care less. You fucks need to stop lying to yourselves…take a deep look inside don’t flinch from the truth…you either

    A) Don’t really care

    B) really wish you were one of the guys who raped her

    C) want to punish them just because you don’t agree with it and have the arrogance to believe that if you don’t like it obviously you’re in the right

    D) you just want to cause pain and suffering to another human but you hide it behind ideals and justice

    So stop being a pathetic little human who can’t face the truth about themselves. Bring on the hate…..humans are worse than cockroachs.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Anokoku, you guys don’t give a sh*t about that little girl. I think it’s just as bad as the common holding down and raping of little boys with a pare of scissors you call circumcision. And I guess you think the 50,000,000 little baby’s slowly and imaginatively murdered by raping their little bodys with sharp steel is justified because the gov says so?. You call these guys sick? they were at least following a natural desire. You on the other hand are sick of the worst kind, lusting for the blood and death of the most innocent. You say you don’t stand for abortion, well you sure aren’t standing against it.
      If your speaking out against anything else but abortion you fall under one or more of those categories Anokoku listed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don really care about god and that, and don’t wanna force my beliefs on anyone as a certain someone does pretending to be wise and mature (cough cough Anokoku cough cough anon 21:58) but as a man i try to imagine how would i feel if a cop calls to tell me that my 7 year old daughter was raped. I’m not Omniscient by any means, yeah i’m a little human (good lord what a shame) so i can only judge from my limited and biased point of view, and in all my selfishness, i really would like to make them pay, i don’t say it’s fair, i don’t care in the first place, but that’s what i would do, no time in jail will turn back time or make my daughter and myself forget about it, so at least i would vent my anger and frustration on them.
      You criticize people by saying they are narrow minded etc. but how could i say it… like, pointing at the dirt in someone’s face while ignoring the turd in your own, or something like that, just get off your cloud. Try to learn something instead of believing your own words for a change.

    • A) I have empathy for innocent humans hurt by evil

      B) NO, I’m not a sicko that takes the innocence of a child

      C) I want to punish them because they need to be and anything short of death is not enough.

      D) Typically, a bullet to the brain is instant death. Not much pain involved in instant death

      You’re the pathetic human that cares nothing for a 7 year old child that’s been scarred both physically and emotionally for life.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is no such thing as ‘innocence’. There is ignorance, and there is no such thing as taking that!

        The fact is that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with having sex with a child, coming from someone who had sex with adults as a child.

        Nothing in the slightest! The real issue is that these things are happening because pedosexuals cannot ‘get any’ from a WILLING child or teenager.

        Oh, and it is YOU that is saying that someone is ‘sick’ for having sex with a child, i.e. that is your OPINION…. and everyone has one and your’s, to be blunt, stinks.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m going to go with C.

      The fact that you think there’s any valid choice behind the decision to GANGRAPE A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL tells me one thing about you, fuckwit. You need to see a psychiatrist. Not a psychologist, because whatever the fuck is wrong in your brainpan WILL need moderating drugs to correct.

      There’s no freaking AGREEING or DISAGREEING to rape a child. It crosses one of those lines where the guys who do it really CAN’T be contributing to society as a whole. It’s not a matter of philosophy or opposing politics, where each side might well have valid beliefs which need to be weighed and considered.

      RAPE and CHILD do not belong in the same fucking sentence with VALID DISCUSSION.